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MicroRNA Gene Evidence category miRTarBase ID
hsa-miR-7-5p SNCA Strong MIRT000032
hsa-miR-7-5p PAK1 Strong MIRT000668
hsa-miR-7-5p EGFR Strong MIRT002289
hsa-miR-7-5p ABCC1 Strong MIRT003199
hsa-miR-7-5p IRS1 Strong MIRT003807
hsa-miR-7-5p IRS2 Strong MIRT003808
hsa-miR-7-5p RAF1 Strong MIRT004026
hsa-miR-7-5p CKAP4 Strong MIRT004057
hsa-miR-7-5p CNOT8 Strong MIRT004058
hsa-miR-7-5p CNN3 Strong MIRT004059
hsa-miR-7-5p CAPZA1 Strong MIRT004060
hsa-miR-7-5p ARF4 Strong MIRT004061
hsa-miR-7-5p PFN2 Strong MIRT004062
hsa-miR-7-5p PSME3 Strong MIRT004063
hsa-miR-7-5p HELLS Strong MIRT004361
hsa-miR-7-5p SRSF1 Strong MIRT004497
hsa-miR-7-5p SLC7A5 Strong MIRT004528
hsa-miR-7-5p IGF1R Strong MIRT005364
hsa-miR-7-5p PIK3CD Strong MIRT006777
hsa-miR-7-5p HOXB3 Strong MIRT006838
hsa-miR-7-5p PTK2 Strong MIRT006900
hsa-miR-7-5p HOXB5 Strong MIRT006902
hsa-miR-7-5p BCL2 Strong MIRT006904
hsa-miR-7-5p RELA Strong MIRT025722
hsa-miR-7-5p SETD8 Strong MIRT025791
hsa-miR-7-5p YY1 Strong MIRT053022
hsa-miR-7-5p SKP2 Strong MIRT053122
hsa-miR-7-5p PIK3R3 Strong MIRT053541
hsa-miR-7-5p XRCC2 Strong MIRT054557
hsa-miR-7-5p KLF4 Strong MIRT054913
hsa-miR-7-5p XIAP Strong MIRT108696
hsa-miR-7-5p CCNE1 Strong MIRT438133
hsa-miR-7-5p CUL5 Strong MIRT438162
hsa-miR-7-5p PAX6 Strong MIRT438195
hsa-miR-7-5p PIK3CG Strong MIRT438277
hsa-miR-7-5p TET2 Strong MIRT438629
hsa-miR-7-5p PLEC Weak MIRT004076
hsa-miR-7-5p SLC25A39 Weak MIRT025628
hsa-miR-7-5p SLC26A3 Weak MIRT025629
hsa-miR-7-5p KCNH2 Weak MIRT025630
hsa-miR-7-5p TCL1B Weak MIRT025631
hsa-miR-7-5p LUC7L2 Weak MIRT025632
hsa-miR-7-5p SNAP29 Weak MIRT025633
hsa-miR-7-5p SP7 Weak MIRT025634
hsa-miR-7-5p MAP1B Weak MIRT025635
hsa-miR-7-5p TUSC2 Weak MIRT025636
hsa-miR-7-5p BMPR2 Weak MIRT025637
hsa-miR-7-5p RPL15 Weak MIRT025638
hsa-miR-7-5p LYPLA2 Weak MIRT025639
hsa-miR-7-5p LCE1E Weak MIRT025640
hsa-miR-7-5p HTRA4 Weak MIRT025641
hsa-miR-7-5p MFSD5 Weak MIRT025642
hsa-miR-7-5p KRT80 Weak MIRT025643
hsa-miR-7-5p UHRF1 Weak MIRT025644
hsa-miR-7-5p GJC1 Weak MIRT025645
hsa-miR-7-5p ARMC10 Weak MIRT025646
hsa-miR-7-5p KCNK13 Weak MIRT025647
hsa-miR-7-5p RHBDF2 Weak MIRT025648
hsa-miR-7-5p TGM2 Weak MIRT025649
hsa-miR-7-5p KRTAP4-2 Weak MIRT025650
hsa-miR-7-5p SOLH Weak MIRT025651
hsa-miR-7-5p C11orf24 Weak MIRT025652
hsa-miR-7-5p MS4A4A Weak MIRT025653
hsa-miR-7-5p WNT8B Weak MIRT025654
hsa-miR-7-5p HPS6 Weak MIRT025655
hsa-miR-7-5p MATR3 Weak MIRT025656
hsa-miR-7-5p OR1A1 Weak MIRT025657
hsa-miR-7-5p PMEPA1 Weak MIRT025658
hsa-miR-7-5p AKR7A2 Weak MIRT025659
hsa-miR-7-5p GLT8D2 Weak MIRT025660
hsa-miR-7-5p PLEKHH1 Weak MIRT025661
hsa-miR-7-5p TMEM134 Weak MIRT025662
hsa-miR-7-5p SLC52A2 Weak MIRT025663
hsa-miR-7-5p KRTAP11-1 Weak MIRT025664
hsa-miR-7-5p TAPBP Weak MIRT025665
hsa-miR-7-5p FGF1 Weak MIRT025666
hsa-miR-7-5p EHD3 Weak MIRT025667
hsa-miR-7-5p LAMC2 Weak MIRT025668
hsa-miR-7-5p TIMM50 Weak MIRT025669
hsa-miR-7-5p CHD9 Weak MIRT025670
hsa-miR-7-5p EIF5A2 Weak MIRT025671
hsa-miR-7-5p PDGFC Weak MIRT025672
hsa-miR-7-5p TSN Weak MIRT025673
hsa-miR-7-5p ACOT4 Weak MIRT025674
hsa-miR-7-5p CYB561A3 Weak MIRT025675
hsa-miR-7-5p AP3M1 Weak MIRT025676
hsa-miR-7-5p GALNT2 Weak MIRT025677
hsa-miR-7-5p GFRA1 Weak MIRT025678
hsa-miR-7-5p PLEKHB1 Weak MIRT025679
hsa-miR-7-5p TMEM69 Weak MIRT025680
hsa-miR-7-5p ZNF625 Weak MIRT025681
hsa-miR-7-5p PCED1B Weak MIRT025682
hsa-miR-7-5p HSPBP1 Weak MIRT025683
hsa-miR-7-5p ANXA11 Weak MIRT025684
hsa-miR-7-5p RCC2 Weak MIRT025685
hsa-miR-7-5p DCAF17 Weak MIRT025686
hsa-miR-7-5p ALG3 Weak MIRT025687
hsa-miR-7-5p PHF16 Weak MIRT025688
hsa-miR-7-5p CANT1 Weak MIRT025689
hsa-miR-7-5p IGSF3 Weak MIRT025690
hsa-miR-7-5p PPP2R1B Weak MIRT025691
hsa-miR-7-5p NDC1 Weak MIRT025692
hsa-miR-7-5p EXOSC2 Weak MIRT025693
hsa-miR-7-5p ZNF555 Weak MIRT025694
hsa-miR-7-5p ADCY9 Weak MIRT025695
hsa-miR-7-5p KIAA0247 Weak MIRT025696
hsa-miR-7-5p C5orf22 Weak MIRT025697
hsa-miR-7-5p EIF4EBP2 Weak MIRT025698
hsa-miR-7-5p HDLBP Weak MIRT025699
hsa-miR-7-5p BCCIP Weak MIRT025700
hsa-miR-7-5p RSPRY1 Weak MIRT025701
hsa-miR-7-5p HMGN4 Weak MIRT025702
hsa-miR-7-5p ZFYVE20 Weak MIRT025703
hsa-miR-7-5p PTAR1 Weak MIRT025704
hsa-miR-7-5p CHAMP1 Weak MIRT025705
hsa-miR-7-5p OSBPL8 Weak MIRT025706
hsa-miR-7-5p TMUB2 Weak MIRT025707
hsa-miR-7-5p TSC22D4 Weak MIRT025708
hsa-miR-7-5p GRB2 Weak MIRT025709
hsa-miR-7-5p SERTAD2 Weak MIRT025710
hsa-miR-7-5p DNAJC27 Weak MIRT025711
hsa-miR-7-5p JPH1 Weak MIRT025712
hsa-miR-7-5p STK40 Weak MIRT025713
hsa-miR-7-5p DCAF12 Weak MIRT025714
hsa-miR-7-5p CLK3 Weak MIRT025715
hsa-miR-7-5p SLC6A9 Weak MIRT025716
hsa-miR-7-5p FNDC4 Weak MIRT025717
hsa-miR-7-5p EHD1 Weak MIRT025718
hsa-miR-7-5p SCARB2 Weak MIRT025719
hsa-miR-7-5p IDE Weak MIRT025720
hsa-miR-7-5p PPIF Weak MIRT025721
hsa-miR-7-5p DUS1L Weak MIRT025723
hsa-miR-7-5p ATF5 Weak MIRT025724
hsa-miR-7-5p ZNF655 Weak MIRT025725
hsa-miR-7-5p GPR19 Weak MIRT025726
hsa-miR-7-5p RNF114 Weak MIRT025727
hsa-miR-7-5p SIGMAR1 Weak MIRT025728
hsa-miR-7-5p KRTAP4-7 Weak MIRT025729
hsa-miR-7-5p ILF3 Weak MIRT025730
hsa-miR-7-5p IL12RB2 Weak MIRT025732
hsa-miR-7-5p ATP1B3 Weak MIRT025733
hsa-miR-7-5p PRDM8 Weak MIRT025734
hsa-miR-7-5p IGFBP4 Weak MIRT025735
hsa-miR-7-5p CHRNA2 Weak MIRT025736
hsa-miR-7-5p PPAP2B Weak MIRT025737
hsa-miR-7-5p UBE3C Weak MIRT025738
hsa-miR-7-5p BCKDK Weak MIRT025739
hsa-miR-7-5p DUSP23 Weak MIRT025740
hsa-miR-7-5p GRAMD1A Weak MIRT025741
hsa-miR-7-5p CDC42EP4 Weak MIRT025742
hsa-miR-7-5p KRT7 Weak MIRT025743
hsa-miR-7-5p CFLAR Weak MIRT025744
hsa-miR-7-5p ADAMTS17 Weak MIRT025745
hsa-miR-7-5p ANKRD31 Weak MIRT025746
hsa-miR-7-5p SERTAD4 Weak MIRT025747
hsa-miR-7-5p TSEN34 Weak MIRT025748
hsa-miR-7-5p POLR2E Weak MIRT025749
hsa-miR-7-5p MRPL10 Weak MIRT025750
hsa-miR-7-5p CCDC65 Weak MIRT025751
hsa-miR-7-5p TNFAIP2 Weak MIRT025752
hsa-miR-7-5p HOXC12 Weak MIRT025753
hsa-miR-7-5p WASF2 Weak MIRT025754
hsa-miR-7-5p TMED10 Weak MIRT025755
hsa-miR-7-5p GIT1 Weak MIRT025756
hsa-miR-7-5p VAMP8 Weak MIRT025757
hsa-miR-7-5p ZNF365 Weak MIRT025758
hsa-miR-7-5p ROR1 Weak MIRT025759
hsa-miR-7-5p C10orf105 Weak MIRT025760
hsa-miR-7-5p ATF7IP2 Weak MIRT025761
hsa-miR-7-5p TCOF1 Weak MIRT025762
hsa-miR-7-5p CRTAP Weak MIRT025763
hsa-miR-7-5p IGSF8 Weak MIRT025764
hsa-miR-7-5p CLN3 Weak MIRT025765
hsa-miR-7-5p HIATL1 Weak MIRT025766
hsa-miR-7-5p CASP9 Weak MIRT025767
hsa-miR-7-5p MFSD10 Weak MIRT025768
hsa-miR-7-5p MPDU1 Weak MIRT025769
hsa-miR-7-5p PHC2 Weak MIRT025770
hsa-miR-7-5p FAM89B Weak MIRT025771
hsa-miR-7-5p SLC39A11 Weak MIRT025772
hsa-miR-7-5p GINS1 Weak MIRT025773
hsa-miR-7-5p XPR1 Weak MIRT025774
hsa-miR-7-5p DBNL Weak MIRT025775
hsa-miR-7-5p MIF4GD Weak MIRT025776
hsa-miR-7-5p FLNA Weak MIRT025777
hsa-miR-7-5p TGOLN2 Weak MIRT025778
hsa-miR-7-5p RSU1 Weak MIRT025779
hsa-miR-7-5p HECTD3 Weak MIRT025780
hsa-miR-7-5p GLO1 Weak MIRT025781
hsa-miR-7-5p ZNF264 Weak MIRT025782
hsa-miR-7-5p DOCK5 Weak MIRT025783
hsa-miR-7-5p RAB11FIP5 Weak MIRT025784
hsa-miR-7-5p MARCKSL1 Weak MIRT025785
hsa-miR-7-5p NXT2 Weak MIRT025786
hsa-miR-7-5p LRRC59 Weak MIRT025787
hsa-miR-7-5p NR1H2 Weak MIRT025788
hsa-miR-7-5p EIF4E Weak MIRT025789
hsa-miR-7-5p OSBPL11 Weak MIRT025790
hsa-miR-7-5p NDUFA4 Weak MIRT025792
hsa-miR-7-5p POLE4 Weak MIRT025793
hsa-miR-7-5p KEAP1 Weak MIRT025794
hsa-miR-7-5p BTG2 Weak MIRT025795
hsa-miR-7-5p HOXA3 Weak MIRT025796
hsa-miR-7-5p PRDX1 Weak MIRT025797
hsa-miR-7-5p ZNF460 Weak MIRT025798
hsa-miR-7-5p ARL15 Weak MIRT025799
hsa-miR-7-5p MAPK9 Weak MIRT025800
hsa-miR-7-5p PTP4A2 Weak MIRT025801
hsa-miR-7-5p PDIA3 Weak MIRT025802
hsa-miR-7-5p ZNF805 Weak MIRT025803
hsa-miR-7-5p CRLS1 Weak MIRT025804
hsa-miR-7-5p CPNE2 Weak MIRT025805
hsa-miR-7-5p APLP2 Weak MIRT025806
hsa-miR-7-5p TMEM97 Weak MIRT025807
hsa-miR-7-5p GRINA Weak MIRT025808
hsa-miR-7-5p WDR45 Weak MIRT025809
hsa-miR-7-5p RPS19BP1 Weak MIRT025810
hsa-miR-7-5p ZP3 Weak MIRT025811
hsa-miR-7-5p MICALL1 Weak MIRT025812
hsa-miR-7-5p IL21R Weak MIRT025813
hsa-miR-7-5p KCNJ14 Weak MIRT025814
hsa-miR-7-5p SRM Weak MIRT025815
hsa-miR-7-5p C17orf78 Weak MIRT025816
hsa-miR-7-5p ZYX Weak MIRT025817
hsa-miR-7-5p ALDH3B2 Weak MIRT025818
hsa-miR-7-5p EXOC3 Weak MIRT025819
hsa-miR-7-5p TMEM38B Weak MIRT025820
hsa-miR-7-5p TSKU Weak MIRT025821
hsa-miR-7-5p TNP1 Weak MIRT025822
hsa-miR-7-5p RNF128 Weak MIRT025823
hsa-miR-7-5p ZDHHC3 Weak MIRT025824
hsa-miR-7-5p MEPCE Weak MIRT025825
hsa-miR-7-5p AUP1 Weak MIRT025826
hsa-miR-7-5p PRRT3 Weak MIRT025827
hsa-miR-7-5p CLEC4G Weak MIRT025828
hsa-miR-7-5p CXCL5 Weak MIRT025829
hsa-miR-7-5p BCL9L Weak MIRT025830
hsa-miR-7-5p DNAJC5 Weak MIRT025831
hsa-miR-7-5p GLDN Weak MIRT025832
hsa-miR-7-5p TMEM81 Weak MIRT025833
hsa-miR-7-5p GBF1 Weak MIRT025834
hsa-miR-7-5p AGPAT1 Weak MIRT025835
hsa-miR-7-5p EFHD2 Weak MIRT025836
hsa-miR-7-5p PPRC1 Weak MIRT025837
hsa-miR-7-5p ENTPD6 Weak MIRT025838
hsa-miR-7-5p MYEOV Weak MIRT025839
hsa-miR-7-5p TRIM14 Weak MIRT025840
hsa-miR-7-5p SDHC Weak MIRT025841
hsa-miR-7-5p NUDCD3 Weak MIRT025842
hsa-miR-7-5p SH3BP4 Weak MIRT025843
hsa-miR-7-5p MGLL Weak MIRT025844
hsa-miR-7-5p LYPD3 Weak MIRT025845
hsa-miR-7-5p TRPA1 Weak MIRT025846
hsa-miR-7-5p TAF1 Weak MIRT025847
hsa-miR-7-5p EIF2S3 Weak MIRT025848
hsa-miR-7-5p NCEH1 Weak MIRT025849
hsa-miR-7-5p PRKRIR Weak MIRT025850
hsa-miR-7-5p SQSTM1 Weak MIRT025851
hsa-miR-7-5p ADO Weak MIRT025852
hsa-miR-7-5p SLC35A5 Weak MIRT025853
hsa-miR-7-5p TMEM43 Weak MIRT025854
hsa-miR-7-5p DCAF7 Weak MIRT025855
hsa-miR-7-5p RYK Weak MIRT025856
hsa-miR-7-5p PAPPA Weak MIRT025857
hsa-miR-7-5p PDE4D Weak MIRT025858
hsa-miR-7-5p C1orf21 Weak MIRT025859
hsa-miR-7-5p SERP1 Weak MIRT025860
hsa-miR-7-5p PIGH Weak MIRT025861
hsa-miR-7-5p TRMT13 Weak MIRT025862
hsa-miR-7-5p KIF16B Weak MIRT025863
hsa-miR-7-5p FRS2 Weak MIRT025864
hsa-miR-7-5p SETD1B Weak MIRT025865
hsa-miR-7-5p C19orf12 Weak MIRT025866
hsa-miR-7-5p DNAJC11 Weak MIRT025867
hsa-miR-7-5p HNRNPU Weak MIRT025868
hsa-miR-7-5p FADD Weak MIRT025869
hsa-miR-7-5p MPP5 Weak MIRT025870
hsa-miR-7-5p SIRT2 Weak MIRT025871
hsa-miR-7-5p NRSN2 Weak MIRT025872
hsa-miR-7-5p ZNF436 Weak MIRT025873
hsa-miR-7-5p TRAM2 Weak MIRT025874
hsa-miR-7-5p RRAS2 Weak MIRT025875
hsa-miR-7-5p TNRC6B Weak MIRT025876
hsa-miR-7-5p NFYA Weak MIRT025877
hsa-miR-7-5p SRGAP2 Weak MIRT025878
hsa-miR-7-5p COLEC12 Weak MIRT025879
hsa-miR-7-5p LITAF Weak MIRT025880
hsa-miR-7-5p TPGS2 Weak MIRT025881
hsa-miR-7-5p TFPI Weak MIRT025882
hsa-miR-7-5p GLS Weak MIRT025883
hsa-miR-7-5p AP1M1 Weak MIRT025884
hsa-miR-7-5p VPS26A Weak MIRT025885
hsa-miR-7-5p SMARCD1 Weak MIRT025886
hsa-miR-7-5p KIF24 Weak MIRT025887
hsa-miR-7-5p PMP2 Weak MIRT025888
hsa-miR-7-5p SNAPIN Weak MIRT025889
hsa-miR-7-5p AGK Weak MIRT025890
hsa-miR-7-5p TAGLN Weak MIRT025891
hsa-miR-7-5p ACTN2 Weak MIRT025892
hsa-miR-7-5p HPCAL1 Weak MIRT025893
hsa-miR-7-5p CAGE1 Weak MIRT025894
hsa-miR-7-5p SSX1 Weak MIRT025895
hsa-miR-7-5p SULT1C2 Weak MIRT025896
hsa-miR-7-5p DSC2 Weak MIRT025897
hsa-miR-7-5p IFNE Weak MIRT025898
hsa-miR-7-5p ARG1 Weak MIRT025899
hsa-miR-7-5p MAP2K2 Weak MIRT025900
hsa-miR-7-5p SHISA5 Weak MIRT025901
hsa-miR-7-5p ASB2 Weak MIRT025902
hsa-miR-7-5p DEFA5 Weak MIRT025903
hsa-miR-7-5p CDC25B Weak MIRT025904
hsa-miR-7-5p TRIM47 Weak MIRT025905
hsa-miR-7-5p WFS1 Weak MIRT025906
hsa-miR-7-5p CDC37 Weak MIRT025907
hsa-miR-7-5p MINA Weak MIRT025908
hsa-miR-7-5p RDH16 Weak MIRT025909
hsa-miR-7-5p CACNG5 Weak MIRT025910
hsa-miR-7-5p GDNF Weak MIRT025911
hsa-miR-7-5p MAS1L Weak MIRT025912
hsa-miR-7-5p ZFAND4 Weak MIRT025913
hsa-miR-7-5p SAMSN1 Weak MIRT025914
hsa-miR-7-5p CORO6 Weak MIRT025915
hsa-miR-7-5p PARP11 Weak MIRT025916
hsa-miR-7-5p TRIM8 Weak MIRT025917
hsa-miR-7-5p LGALS3BP Weak MIRT025918
hsa-miR-7-5p CRTC3 Weak MIRT025919
hsa-miR-7-5p ACVR1B Weak MIRT025920
hsa-miR-7-5p SCAMP2 Weak MIRT025921
hsa-miR-7-5p TTLL12 Weak MIRT025922
hsa-miR-7-5p LANCL1 Weak MIRT025923
hsa-miR-7-5p SUPT4H1 Weak MIRT025924
hsa-miR-7-5p CTDSP1 Weak MIRT025925
hsa-miR-7-5p COMMD7 Weak MIRT025926
hsa-miR-7-5p CAMK2D Weak MIRT025927
hsa-miR-7-5p VPS4A Weak MIRT025928
hsa-miR-7-5p CAV1 Weak MIRT025929
hsa-miR-7-5p SSU72 Weak MIRT025930
hsa-miR-7-5p SGPL1 Weak MIRT025931
hsa-miR-7-5p OAS2 Weak MIRT025932
hsa-miR-7-5p ALDH3A2 Weak MIRT025933
hsa-miR-7-5p EIF2AK1 Weak MIRT025934
hsa-miR-7-5p PITPNC1 Weak MIRT025935
hsa-miR-7-5p TBC1D2B Weak MIRT025936
hsa-miR-7-5p SZRD1 Weak MIRT025937
hsa-miR-7-5p RFFL Weak MIRT025938
hsa-miR-7-5p POLE3 Weak MIRT025939
hsa-miR-7-5p SOCS2 Weak MIRT025940
hsa-miR-7-5p VPS13D Weak MIRT025941
hsa-miR-7-5p USP31 Weak MIRT025942
hsa-miR-7-5p GPAA1 Weak MIRT025943
hsa-miR-7-5p UBE2R2 Weak MIRT025944
hsa-miR-7-5p NBL1 Weak MIRT025945
hsa-miR-7-5p CALU Weak MIRT025946
hsa-miR-7-5p DTYMK Weak MIRT025947
hsa-miR-7-5p ALDH1A3 Weak MIRT025948
hsa-miR-7-5p CALM3 Weak MIRT025949
hsa-miR-7-5p UBQLN4 Weak MIRT025950
hsa-miR-7-5p DAZAP2 Weak MIRT025951
hsa-miR-7-5p PIK3CB Weak MIRT025952
hsa-miR-7-5p RUSC1 Weak MIRT025953
hsa-miR-7-5p GTF3C5 Weak MIRT025954
hsa-miR-7-5p ERI2 Weak MIRT025955
hsa-miR-7-5p NDFIP2 Weak MIRT025956
hsa-miR-7-5p DCTD Weak MIRT025957
hsa-miR-7-5p PTK7 Weak MIRT025958
hsa-miR-7-5p SLC25A37 Weak MIRT025959
hsa-miR-7-5p SLC25A44 Weak MIRT025960
hsa-miR-7-5p SERTAD3 Weak MIRT025961
hsa-miR-7-5p FAM126B Weak MIRT025962
hsa-miR-7-5p RNF38 Weak MIRT025963
hsa-miR-7-5p RNF41 Weak MIRT025964
hsa-miR-7-5p LRP6 Weak MIRT025965
hsa-miR-7-5p CAPN2 Weak MIRT025966
hsa-miR-7-5p SPATA2 Weak MIRT025967
hsa-miR-7-5p SLC25A15 Weak MIRT025968
hsa-miR-7-5p PHF10 Weak MIRT047753
hsa-miR-7-5p DDI2 Weak MIRT047754
hsa-miR-7-5p PNISR Weak MIRT047755
hsa-miR-7-5p RPS3A Weak MIRT047756
hsa-miR-7-5p E2F2 Weak MIRT047757
hsa-miR-7-5p SNX29 Weak MIRT047758
hsa-miR-7-5p UNC119 Weak MIRT047759
hsa-miR-7-5p C3orf38 Weak MIRT047760
hsa-miR-7-5p EIF3L Weak MIRT047761
hsa-miR-7-5p XRCC5 Weak MIRT047762
hsa-miR-7-5p TAF4 Weak MIRT047763
hsa-miR-7-5p TMED2 Weak MIRT047764
hsa-miR-7-5p KPNB1 Weak MIRT047765
hsa-miR-7-5p TOP2A Weak MIRT047766
hsa-miR-7-5p RALA Weak MIRT047767
hsa-miR-7-5p MOCS3 Weak MIRT047768
hsa-miR-7-5p ST3GAL5 Weak MIRT047769
hsa-miR-7-5p ZNF507 Weak MIRT047770
hsa-miR-7-5p RWDD1 Weak MIRT047771
hsa-miR-7-5p RBM17 Weak MIRT047772
hsa-miR-7-5p NAV1 Weak MIRT047773
hsa-miR-7-5p TPP1 Weak MIRT054112
hsa-miR-7-5p FOXK2 Weak MIRT079414
hsa-miR-7-5p SEPT2 Weak MIRT088063
hsa-miR-7-5p FXR1 Weak MIRT161895
hsa-miR-7-5p TNRC6A Weak MIRT194948
hsa-miR-7-5p ZNF275 Weak MIRT229420
hsa-miR-7-5p BCL2L12 Weak MIRT253100
hsa-miR-7-5p C20ORF24 Weak MIRT295884
hsa-miR-7-5p SLC5A3 Weak MIRT298316
hsa-miR-7-5p PRDM6 Weak MIRT311376
hsa-miR-7-5p UBXN2B Weak MIRT323055
hsa-miR-7-5p CRKL Weak MIRT352289
hsa-miR-7-5p ZNF557 Weak MIRT409708
hsa-miR-7-5p JARID2 Weak MIRT437961
hsa-miR-7-5p MYC Weak MIRT437962
hsa-miR-7-5p GFI1 Weak MIRT437963
hsa-miR-7-5p RBMS3 Weak MIRT445017
hsa-miR-7-5p AKAP1 Weak MIRT446603
hsa-miR-7-5p TLR4 Weak MIRT449828
hsa-miR-7-5p FAM136A Weak MIRT452792
hsa-miR-7-5p ARMCX6 Weak MIRT456630
hsa-miR-7-5p NCR3LG1 Weak MIRT457741
hsa-miR-7-5p IDH3A Weak MIRT459770
hsa-miR-7-5p DNALI1 Weak MIRT460003
hsa-miR-7-5p FBLN5 Weak MIRT460753
hsa-miR-7-5p ZIC5 Weak MIRT463243
hsa-miR-7-5p YOD1 Weak MIRT463785
hsa-miR-7-5p PPP1R11 Weak MIRT470480
hsa-miR-7-5p NRAS Weak MIRT471934
hsa-miR-7-5p NACC1 Weak MIRT472581
hsa-miR-7-5p ICOSLG Weak MIRT475372
hsa-miR-7-5p GATAD2B Weak MIRT476470
hsa-miR-7-5p CANX Weak MIRT480029
hsa-miR-7-5p BCAT1 Weak MIRT480928
hsa-miR-7-5p ASXL1 Weak MIRT481416
hsa-miR-7-5p RHOXF2B Weak MIRT483435
hsa-miR-7-5p EMID1 Weak MIRT483864
hsa-miR-7-5p CBX7 Weak MIRT485706
hsa-miR-7-5p ALG9 Weak MIRT485879
hsa-miR-7-5p CBS Weak MIRT487232
hsa-miR-7-5p GPR20 Weak MIRT487798
hsa-miR-7-5p MPLKIP Weak MIRT489879
hsa-miR-7-5p GRIN2D Weak MIRT490927
hsa-miR-7-5p SSPN Weak MIRT491413
hsa-miR-7-5p CAPZB Weak MIRT494360
hsa-miR-7-5p DNTTIP2 Weak MIRT498827
hsa-miR-7-5p TMEM106B Weak MIRT498931
hsa-miR-7-5p TJAP1 Weak MIRT499202
hsa-miR-7-5p INTU Weak MIRT499587
hsa-miR-7-5p SLC29A2 Weak MIRT499770
hsa-miR-7-5p SDE2 Weak MIRT500044
hsa-miR-7-5p ZNF106 Weak MIRT500121
hsa-miR-7-5p ZBTB22 Weak MIRT500527
hsa-miR-7-5p SPTSSB Weak MIRT500960
hsa-miR-7-5p NSD1 Weak MIRT501741
hsa-miR-7-5p ATG9A Weak MIRT503135
hsa-miR-7-5p FICD Weak MIRT503317
hsa-miR-7-5p PNMA2 Weak MIRT503450
hsa-miR-7-5p BTLA Weak MIRT509543
hsa-miR-7-5p NIPAL3 Weak MIRT513800
hsa-miR-7-5p CRIM1 Weak MIRT524338
hsa-miR-7-5p TANGO2 Weak MIRT526807
hsa-miR-7-5p RAB32 Weak MIRT528846
hsa-miR-7-5p ENPP6 Weak MIRT530936
hsa-miR-7-5p UBE2D4 Weak MIRT533366
hsa-miR-7-5p GALNT3 Weak MIRT537245
hsa-miR-7-5p FAM63B Weak MIRT537472
hsa-miR-7-5p CASP16 Weak MIRT538697
hsa-miR-7-5p DHCR7 Weak MIRT543739
hsa-miR-7-5p GGCX Weak MIRT545633
hsa-miR-7-5p ZC3H4 Weak MIRT545927
hsa-miR-7-5p PARP1 Weak MIRT547211
hsa-miR-7-5p FYCO1 Weak MIRT548144
hsa-miR-7-5p CCNT2 Weak MIRT548962
hsa-miR-7-5p AKAP11 Weak MIRT549401
hsa-miR-7-5p KIAA1143 Weak MIRT551662
hsa-miR-7-5p PURB Weak MIRT555107
hsa-miR-7-5p GATA6 Weak MIRT557681
hsa-miR-7-5p SLPI Weak MIRT559823
hsa-miR-7-5p RBM23 Weak MIRT559845
hsa-miR-7-5p ATXN3 Weak MIRT559873
hsa-miR-7-5p CNNM4 Weak MIRT559902
hsa-miR-7-5p SOD2 Weak MIRT559930
hsa-miR-7-5p TM2D2 Weak MIRT560023
hsa-miR-7-5p ERCC8 Weak MIRT560092
hsa-miR-7-5p CACNG7 Weak MIRT560193
hsa-miR-7-5p TMEM236 Weak MIRT560262
hsa-miR-7-5p HRH2 Weak MIRT560278
hsa-miR-7-5p TAF8 Weak MIRT560373
hsa-miR-7-5p ANGPTL3 Weak MIRT560426
hsa-miR-7-5p ALG14 Weak MIRT560442
hsa-miR-7-5p SMIM9 Weak MIRT560469
hsa-miR-7-5p ENSA Weak MIRT560472
hsa-miR-7-5p KCNJ10 Weak MIRT560499
hsa-miR-7-5p POGK Weak MIRT560510
hsa-miR-7-5p TMEM98 Weak MIRT560523
hsa-miR-7-5p SIGLEC14 Weak MIRT560555
hsa-miR-7-5p MYLK Weak MIRT560562
hsa-miR-7-5p LCE1B Weak MIRT560585
hsa-miR-7-5p FAM114A1 Weak MIRT560595
hsa-miR-7-5p ANKRD36 Weak MIRT560616
hsa-miR-7-5p PPIP5K2 Weak MIRT560809
hsa-miR-7-5p SULT1B1 Weak MIRT560889
hsa-miR-7-5p PA2G4 Weak MIRT560917
hsa-miR-7-5p KIF5B Weak MIRT560922
hsa-miR-7-5p POTED Weak MIRT560950
hsa-miR-7-5p C8orf37 Weak MIRT561003
hsa-miR-7-5p LLPH Weak MIRT561082
hsa-miR-7-5p DNAJC10 Weak MIRT561093
hsa-miR-7-5p OPA3 Weak MIRT561105
hsa-miR-7-5p LDHD Weak MIRT561199
hsa-miR-7-5p ZXDA Weak MIRT561208
hsa-miR-7-5p ZCCHC14 Weak MIRT561287
hsa-miR-7-5p SPTY2D1 Weak MIRT561520
hsa-miR-7-5p RNF11 Weak MIRT561660
hsa-miR-7-5p RBPJ Weak MIRT561670
hsa-miR-7-5p RAD54L2 Weak MIRT561684
hsa-miR-7-5p PLAGL2 Weak MIRT561761
hsa-miR-7-5p NREP Weak MIRT561843
hsa-miR-7-5p MFSD9 Weak MIRT561912
hsa-miR-7-5p LSM12 Weak MIRT561961
hsa-miR-7-5p KPNA6 Weak MIRT562055
hsa-miR-7-5p CHORDC1 Weak MIRT562478
hsa-miR-7-5p AKT3 Weak MIRT562676
hsa-miR-7-5p SLFN11 Weak MIRT563992
hsa-miR-7-5p SLC35G1 Weak MIRT565595
hsa-miR-7-5p SEMA6D Weak MIRT565782
hsa-miR-7-5p IGFBP5 Weak MIRT567201
hsa-miR-7-5p GOLPH3L Weak MIRT567412
hsa-miR-7-5p ATXN1 Weak MIRT568379
hsa-miR-7-5p STK11 Weak MIRT570514
hsa-miR-7-5p LSM3 Weak MIRT571259
hsa-miR-7-5p RPRD2 Weak MIRT571689
hsa-miR-7-5p SRPK1 Weak MIRT572703
hsa-miR-7-5p CNTNAP2 Weak MIRT573932
hsa-miR-7-5p CHCHD5 Weak MIRT618155
hsa-miR-7-5p PACS1 Weak MIRT620229
hsa-miR-7-5p UBE2Z Weak MIRT697847
hsa-miR-7-5p TFRC Weak MIRT698528
hsa-miR-7-5p ARHGEF12 Weak MIRT705576
hsa-miR-7-5p FAM9C Weak MIRT708501
hsa-miR-7-5p HAP1 Weak MIRT713240
hsa-miR-7-5p CKS2 Weak MIRT723699
hsa-miR-7-5p BACE1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p IL17RB Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p HSPA5 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p ZNF792 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p CALCOCO2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p SETD7 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p SETX Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p ZMYM2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p BMF Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p TAB2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p FBXO28 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p MTOR Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p CYB5B Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p TANC2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p FBXO36 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p XPO7 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p BTRC Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p KCNS2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p USP9X Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p ZNF549 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p IGF1R Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p UBE2A Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p FOXG1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p COPB2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p ERCC4 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p ZDHHC7 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p MPP7 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p ARPP19 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p MKNK1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p ZFX Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p CCDC141 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p PHKG2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p SERPINB5 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p MOB1B Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p GPAM Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p SSR3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p ALS2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p ERC1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p XPO5 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p DHRS7B Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p RNASEL Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p EDARADD Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p PIM1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p SORT1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p CAMKK2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p FZD3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p METTL21A Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p NARG2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p PPM1H Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p KIAA1549L Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p DSEL Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p ATPIF1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p TMOD2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p SEPT11 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p UGGT1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p MYLK3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p NAGA Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p AKAP10 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p COL11A1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p ECSIT Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p POGLUT1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p PERP Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p SPSB1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p AK4 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p PIK3AP1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p SLC6A6 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p PAK2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p SLC15A1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p ZNF143 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p GPRC5A Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p SPRR1A Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p FCHO2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p BLMH Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p BCKDHA Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p PTPRB Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p RCN1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p MMEL1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p ACADL Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p KIAA1024 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p IKBKE Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p FGD6 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p FREM2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p RNF14 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p CDH4 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p PRKCB Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p TMEM167B Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p FPGT Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p SIKE1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p NDST3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p RHBDD1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p GAB1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p DET1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p HOGA1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7-5p GJB6 Prediction N/A

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