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MicroRNA Gene Evidence category miRTarBase ID
hsa-miR-616-5p ATP7B Weak MIRT039602
hsa-miR-616-5p DRG2 Weak MIRT039603
hsa-miR-616-5p PLEKHA1 Weak MIRT055806
hsa-miR-616-5p ARID5B Weak MIRT056770
hsa-miR-616-5p RPS16 Weak MIRT082263
hsa-miR-616-5p TNRC6A Weak MIRT142439
hsa-miR-616-5p FNDC3B Weak MIRT161602
hsa-miR-616-5p CDKN1A Weak MIRT168691
hsa-miR-616-5p RAD23B Weak MIRT173655
hsa-miR-616-5p SLC35E2 Weak MIRT182044
hsa-miR-616-5p DCUN1D2 Weak MIRT189160
hsa-miR-616-5p AMOTL1 Weak MIRT241596
hsa-miR-616-5p NFATC2IP Weak MIRT250459
hsa-miR-616-5p LSM14A Weak MIRT252656
hsa-miR-616-5p PAG1 Weak MIRT323456
hsa-miR-616-5p PTBP3 Weak MIRT323960
hsa-miR-616-5p MCM4 Weak MIRT363886
hsa-miR-616-5p CDK6 Weak MIRT402360
hsa-miR-616-5p MTX3 Weak MIRT408461
hsa-miR-616-5p TOM1L2 Weak MIRT441346
hsa-miR-616-5p CACNG8 Weak MIRT442435
hsa-miR-616-5p PTPRN2 Weak MIRT443091
hsa-miR-616-5p S1PR2 Weak MIRT443959
hsa-miR-616-5p NCOA4 Weak MIRT444576
hsa-miR-616-5p FUT10 Weak MIRT446706
hsa-miR-616-5p MCM9 Weak MIRT446895
hsa-miR-616-5p ADH5 Weak MIRT450286
hsa-miR-616-5p HNRNPF Weak MIRT475563
hsa-miR-616-5p TECPR1 Weak MIRT496195
hsa-miR-616-5p PARVB Weak MIRT496411
hsa-miR-616-5p AAED1 Weak MIRT497382
hsa-miR-616-5p OXGR1 Weak MIRT497747
hsa-miR-616-5p TWISTNB Weak MIRT497962
hsa-miR-616-5p RPL37A Weak MIRT498754
hsa-miR-616-5p EIF1AX Weak MIRT507458
hsa-miR-616-5p SMAD4 Weak MIRT508705
hsa-miR-616-5p ASH2L Weak MIRT509386
hsa-miR-616-5p ZNF223 Weak MIRT512588
hsa-miR-616-5p SLC38A9 Weak MIRT512696
hsa-miR-616-5p NAA50 Weak MIRT522372
hsa-miR-616-5p GUCD1 Weak MIRT523343
hsa-miR-616-5p CNGB1 Weak MIRT525337
hsa-miR-616-5p ZNF878 Weak MIRT525500
hsa-miR-616-5p FAR2 Weak MIRT525844
hsa-miR-616-5p DROSHA Weak MIRT526250
hsa-miR-616-5p PARP15 Weak MIRT526431
hsa-miR-616-5p POU5F1B Weak MIRT526507
hsa-miR-616-5p DNTTIP2 Weak MIRT526776
hsa-miR-616-5p IFRD1 Weak MIRT527292
hsa-miR-616-5p UCHL3 Weak MIRT528095
hsa-miR-616-5p HIST1H3E Weak MIRT529017
hsa-miR-616-5p CYP20A1 Weak MIRT529225
hsa-miR-616-5p PSMG1 Weak MIRT529868
hsa-miR-616-5p SULT1B1 Weak MIRT530399
hsa-miR-616-5p TXNDC16 Weak MIRT531384
hsa-miR-616-5p SEC14L5 Weak MIRT532164
hsa-miR-616-5p NAA38 Weak MIRT532209
hsa-miR-616-5p KLF2 Weak MIRT532237
hsa-miR-616-5p SUZ12 Weak MIRT533995
hsa-miR-616-5p SEC22C Weak MIRT534431
hsa-miR-616-5p RNF20 Weak MIRT534650
hsa-miR-616-5p OMD Weak MIRT535566
hsa-miR-616-5p MAPK8 Weak MIRT536125
hsa-miR-616-5p MAP7 Weak MIRT536147
hsa-miR-616-5p LPP Weak MIRT536250
hsa-miR-616-5p LIMA1 Weak MIRT536291
hsa-miR-616-5p HOOK3 Weak MIRT536768
hsa-miR-616-5p GDE1 Weak MIRT537189
hsa-miR-616-5p ERI1 Weak MIRT537622
hsa-miR-616-5p DCDC2 Weak MIRT538170
hsa-miR-616-5p GAPVD1 Weak MIRT539816
hsa-miR-616-5p ERCC1 Weak MIRT540590
hsa-miR-616-5p IKZF3 Weak MIRT542082
hsa-miR-616-5p QTRTD1 Weak MIRT542302
hsa-miR-616-5p C17orf105 Weak MIRT543537
hsa-miR-616-5p ZNF860 Weak MIRT544445
hsa-miR-616-5p CSE1L Weak MIRT545457
hsa-miR-616-5p RNF115 Weak MIRT546744
hsa-miR-616-5p FBXO28 Weak MIRT548252
hsa-miR-616-5p DCTN6 Weak MIRT548610
hsa-miR-616-5p ARHGAP12 Weak MIRT549314
hsa-miR-616-5p AMOT Weak MIRT549377
hsa-miR-616-5p PLCXD1 Weak MIRT550515
hsa-miR-616-5p ZNF24 Weak MIRT552474
hsa-miR-616-5p VPS37A Weak MIRT552915
hsa-miR-616-5p TCF7L2 Weak MIRT553693
hsa-miR-616-5p LAMC1 Weak MIRT556632
hsa-miR-616-5p ITGA2 Weak MIRT556883
hsa-miR-616-5p ELAVL2 Weak MIRT558156
hsa-miR-616-5p BAMBI Weak MIRT559259
hsa-miR-616-5p ACVR1B Weak MIRT559730
hsa-miR-616-5p TRMT112 Weak MIRT559947
hsa-miR-616-5p RNPS1 Weak MIRT560146
hsa-miR-616-5p DCAF17 Weak MIRT560327
hsa-miR-616-5p TUBB2A Weak MIRT561392
hsa-miR-616-5p STAT2 Weak MIRT563920
hsa-miR-616-5p CEBPB Weak MIRT564028
hsa-miR-616-5p PLEKHG3 Weak MIRT564440
hsa-miR-616-5p ZMAT3 Weak MIRT564756
hsa-miR-616-5p FAM60A Weak MIRT567614
hsa-miR-616-5p C11orf24 Weak MIRT568229
hsa-miR-616-5p RNF103-CHMP3 Weak MIRT572279
hsa-miR-616-5p CHMP3 Weak MIRT573169
hsa-miR-616-5p TMPO Weak MIRT574182
hsa-miR-616-5p TANGO2 Weak MIRT607584
hsa-miR-616-5p ANGPT4 Weak MIRT607752
hsa-miR-616-5p SPRYD4 Weak MIRT607910
hsa-miR-616-5p SMS Weak MIRT609897
hsa-miR-616-5p ATF7IP2 Weak MIRT609958
hsa-miR-616-5p TMEM44 Weak MIRT610181
hsa-miR-616-5p UTP20 Weak MIRT611999
hsa-miR-616-5p SLC24A4 Weak MIRT613721
hsa-miR-616-5p INTS7 Weak MIRT614032
hsa-miR-616-5p FGF5 Weak MIRT615278
hsa-miR-616-5p COQ7 Weak MIRT615808
hsa-miR-616-5p FAM117B Weak MIRT616297
hsa-miR-616-5p FEM1B Weak MIRT616723
hsa-miR-616-5p C11orf74 Weak MIRT617391
hsa-miR-616-5p NDUFB5 Weak MIRT617583
hsa-miR-616-5p JRKL Weak MIRT617679
hsa-miR-616-5p C22orf39 Weak MIRT618208
hsa-miR-616-5p FPR2 Weak MIRT619729
hsa-miR-616-5p CCDC65 Weak MIRT620236
hsa-miR-616-5p SLCO3A1 Weak MIRT620271
hsa-miR-616-5p TLN1 Weak MIRT620343
hsa-miR-616-5p RPL3L Weak MIRT621009
hsa-miR-616-5p EIF2S3 Weak MIRT621191
hsa-miR-616-5p OTUD7B Weak MIRT622947
hsa-miR-616-5p NRXN1 Weak MIRT623054
hsa-miR-616-5p GATSL2 Weak MIRT623827
hsa-miR-616-5p EDEM1 Weak MIRT624067
hsa-miR-616-5p CHRM3 Weak MIRT624349
hsa-miR-616-5p CD3D Weak MIRT624393
hsa-miR-616-5p PAK4 Weak MIRT625004
hsa-miR-616-5p SPC24 Weak MIRT625033
hsa-miR-616-5p CCS Weak MIRT625167
hsa-miR-616-5p DFFA Weak MIRT625762
hsa-miR-616-5p CWF19L1 Weak MIRT626076
hsa-miR-616-5p EMCN Weak MIRT626542
hsa-miR-616-5p GOLGA3 Weak MIRT627094
hsa-miR-616-5p ZBTB7A Weak MIRT627231
hsa-miR-616-5p ZBTB3 Weak MIRT627239
hsa-miR-616-5p WDR31 Weak MIRT627306
hsa-miR-616-5p STK17B Weak MIRT627501
hsa-miR-616-5p SP4 Weak MIRT627537
hsa-miR-616-5p RRAGC Weak MIRT627662
hsa-miR-616-5p RFFL Weak MIRT627703
hsa-miR-616-5p RAD51L3-RFFL Weak MIRT627756
hsa-miR-616-5p FREM2 Weak MIRT628208
hsa-miR-616-5p C8orf37 Weak MIRT628398
hsa-miR-616-5p ANAPC16 Weak MIRT628451
hsa-miR-616-5p UQCRB Weak MIRT631096
hsa-miR-616-5p SGSM1 Weak MIRT631285
hsa-miR-616-5p CARHSP1 Weak MIRT631322
hsa-miR-616-5p TMEM154 Weak MIRT631828
hsa-miR-616-5p CMBL Weak MIRT631842
hsa-miR-616-5p TTPAL Weak MIRT632290
hsa-miR-616-5p SLC4A1 Weak MIRT632395
hsa-miR-616-5p RAB13 Weak MIRT632504
hsa-miR-616-5p LZIC Weak MIRT632781
hsa-miR-616-5p EIF4E Weak MIRT632954
hsa-miR-616-5p DLEU1 Weak MIRT633559
hsa-miR-616-5p SLC28A1 Weak MIRT633662
hsa-miR-616-5p ZNF576 Weak MIRT633684
hsa-miR-616-5p TMEM132B Weak MIRT634231
hsa-miR-616-5p DDX19B Weak MIRT634719
hsa-miR-616-5p TFDP2 Weak MIRT634987
hsa-miR-616-5p RAD51 Weak MIRT635131
hsa-miR-616-5p PIK3C2A Weak MIRT635754
hsa-miR-616-5p TTC31 Weak MIRT635972
hsa-miR-616-5p EHD4 Weak MIRT635999
hsa-miR-616-5p CHAF1B Weak MIRT636629
hsa-miR-616-5p CXorf23 Weak MIRT637099
hsa-miR-616-5p FAM9B Weak MIRT637324
hsa-miR-616-5p DEFB105B Weak MIRT637477
hsa-miR-616-5p DEFB105A Weak MIRT637509
hsa-miR-616-5p CHST6 Weak MIRT637547
hsa-miR-616-5p POLR3K Weak MIRT637744
hsa-miR-616-5p PRR11 Weak MIRT638406
hsa-miR-616-5p KIAA0101 Weak MIRT638548
hsa-miR-616-5p GCLM Weak MIRT638681
hsa-miR-616-5p FAXC Weak MIRT638742
hsa-miR-616-5p NUDT3 Weak MIRT639040
hsa-miR-616-5p FLYWCH2 Weak MIRT639263
hsa-miR-616-5p PKP1 Weak MIRT639428
hsa-miR-616-5p C1orf210 Weak MIRT640358
hsa-miR-616-5p SKI Weak MIRT640695
hsa-miR-616-5p TGIF1 Weak MIRT641077
hsa-miR-616-5p C16orf72 Weak MIRT641098
hsa-miR-616-5p TRIB1 Weak MIRT641209
hsa-miR-616-5p TM4SF20 Weak MIRT641266
hsa-miR-616-5p SRCAP Weak MIRT642118
hsa-miR-616-5p DCLK3 Weak MIRT643784
hsa-miR-616-5p NFKBID Weak MIRT644317
hsa-miR-616-5p MPV17L Weak MIRT644348
hsa-miR-616-5p VLDLR Weak MIRT644811
hsa-miR-616-5p ZBED1 Weak MIRT644895
hsa-miR-616-5p KLHL25 Weak MIRT647035
hsa-miR-616-5p PTGDR2 Weak MIRT647260
hsa-miR-616-5p CCDC121 Weak MIRT647534
hsa-miR-616-5p TRMT10C Weak MIRT648061
hsa-miR-616-5p MYOZ3 Weak MIRT648435
hsa-miR-616-5p ZNF426 Weak MIRT650144
hsa-miR-616-5p YIPF4 Weak MIRT650571
hsa-miR-616-5p ATIC Weak MIRT650588
hsa-miR-616-5p UTP6 Weak MIRT651792
hsa-miR-616-5p SIM2 Weak MIRT653821
hsa-miR-616-5p PHAX Weak MIRT655203
hsa-miR-616-5p PARD6B Weak MIRT655376
hsa-miR-616-5p GJD3 Weak MIRT657845
hsa-miR-616-5p ELAVL4 Weak MIRT658744
hsa-miR-616-5p CLSPN Weak MIRT659450
hsa-miR-616-5p RHCG Weak MIRT661387
hsa-miR-616-5p ZNF445 Weak MIRT662009
hsa-miR-616-5p SPIRE2 Weak MIRT662695
hsa-miR-616-5p ZSWIM1 Weak MIRT662971
hsa-miR-616-5p ZNF285 Weak MIRT663763
hsa-miR-616-5p ZNF554 Weak MIRT663928
hsa-miR-616-5p LOH12CR1 Weak MIRT664008
hsa-miR-616-5p ATP5A1 Weak MIRT664562
hsa-miR-616-5p SLC19A3 Weak MIRT664867
hsa-miR-616-5p DHODH Weak MIRT665135
hsa-miR-616-5p ZFP14 Weak MIRT665284
hsa-miR-616-5p TXNL1 Weak MIRT665565
hsa-miR-616-5p SLC39A9 Weak MIRT666219
hsa-miR-616-5p SHMT1 Weak MIRT666386
hsa-miR-616-5p PSMD1 Weak MIRT666797
hsa-miR-616-5p CYCS Weak MIRT668835
hsa-miR-616-5p AAK1 Weak MIRT669705
hsa-miR-616-5p STOML1 Weak MIRT669815
hsa-miR-616-5p FBXL2 Weak MIRT669955
hsa-miR-616-5p CHCHD5 Weak MIRT670103
hsa-miR-616-5p RSBN1L Weak MIRT670460
hsa-miR-616-5p GLTP Weak MIRT670571
hsa-miR-616-5p NPHP1 Weak MIRT670612
hsa-miR-616-5p CYTIP Weak MIRT670889
hsa-miR-616-5p LIPG Weak MIRT670940
hsa-miR-616-5p KIF1B Weak MIRT671066
hsa-miR-616-5p RABGAP1L Weak MIRT671310
hsa-miR-616-5p WISP3 Weak MIRT671814
hsa-miR-616-5p OSTF1 Weak MIRT671994
hsa-miR-616-5p WDR5B Weak MIRT672093
hsa-miR-616-5p SHE Weak MIRT672277
hsa-miR-616-5p KLHDC8A Weak MIRT673229
hsa-miR-616-5p TNFAIP8L1 Weak MIRT673511
hsa-miR-616-5p ATXN3 Weak MIRT674057
hsa-miR-616-5p MELK Weak MIRT674104
hsa-miR-616-5p BCL2L15 Weak MIRT674479
hsa-miR-616-5p HIF1AN Weak MIRT675383
hsa-miR-616-5p RPL37 Weak MIRT675524
hsa-miR-616-5p PARP2 Weak MIRT676246
hsa-miR-616-5p ZNF321P Weak MIRT676683
hsa-miR-616-5p SGTB Weak MIRT676748
hsa-miR-616-5p ENSA Weak MIRT676884
hsa-miR-616-5p PHLDA3 Weak MIRT676908
hsa-miR-616-5p ZNF34 Weak MIRT677053
hsa-miR-616-5p PIGO Weak MIRT677327
hsa-miR-616-5p ARPC2 Weak MIRT677411
hsa-miR-616-5p MYADM Weak MIRT678949
hsa-miR-616-5p PAICS Weak MIRT679479
hsa-miR-616-5p MMAB Weak MIRT679653
hsa-miR-616-5p ARHGEF39 Weak MIRT680111
hsa-miR-616-5p CPM Weak MIRT682683
hsa-miR-616-5p MCM10 Weak MIRT684112
hsa-miR-616-5p COX18 Weak MIRT685295
hsa-miR-616-5p TMEM184C Weak MIRT686644
hsa-miR-616-5p C5AR2 Weak MIRT689314
hsa-miR-616-5p NXN Weak MIRT689459
hsa-miR-616-5p NAA30 Weak MIRT689639
hsa-miR-616-5p PLA2G2C Weak MIRT690776
hsa-miR-616-5p SGSM2 Weak MIRT690826
hsa-miR-616-5p IPP Weak MIRT691604
hsa-miR-616-5p LARS Weak MIRT691730
hsa-miR-616-5p EXOSC2 Weak MIRT692919
hsa-miR-616-5p ORC1 Weak MIRT692950
hsa-miR-616-5p CENPL Weak MIRT693621
hsa-miR-616-5p MXRA7 Weak MIRT693672
hsa-miR-616-5p BACE2 Weak MIRT693826
hsa-miR-616-5p CLPB Weak MIRT695556
hsa-miR-616-5p TMEM199 Weak MIRT695602
hsa-miR-616-5p ZNF174 Weak MIRT695917
hsa-miR-616-5p LYZ Weak MIRT696219
hsa-miR-616-5p NIP7 Weak MIRT696314
hsa-miR-616-5p SUGP1 Weak MIRT696439
hsa-miR-616-5p TSPAN6 Weak MIRT697979
hsa-miR-616-5p TNFRSF13C Weak MIRT698165
hsa-miR-616-5p TES Weak MIRT698636
hsa-miR-616-5p TBC1D15 Weak MIRT698703
hsa-miR-616-5p RNF38 Weak MIRT700077
hsa-miR-616-5p MITF Weak MIRT701947
hsa-miR-616-5p HEATR5A Weak MIRT703021
hsa-miR-616-5p GABPB1 Weak MIRT703382
hsa-miR-616-5p FNBP1 Weak MIRT703503
hsa-miR-616-5p CHST2 Weak MIRT704685
hsa-miR-616-5p CDC73 Weak MIRT704833
hsa-miR-616-5p GLRX2 Weak MIRT707305
hsa-miR-616-5p GRIN2A Weak MIRT708403
hsa-miR-616-5p OLR1 Weak MIRT708489
hsa-miR-616-5p LYRM7 Weak MIRT708657
hsa-miR-616-5p HMBOX1 Weak MIRT709320
hsa-miR-616-5p CYBRD1 Weak MIRT709791
hsa-miR-616-5p NDUFV3 Weak MIRT710524
hsa-miR-616-5p PHF7 Weak MIRT710779
hsa-miR-616-5p KIAA2018 Weak MIRT710910
hsa-miR-616-5p SCOC Weak MIRT712205
hsa-miR-616-5p MTF1 Weak MIRT712393
hsa-miR-616-5p KLHL36 Weak MIRT712677
hsa-miR-616-5p RPF2 Weak MIRT712925
hsa-miR-616-5p KCNK5 Weak MIRT713802
hsa-miR-616-5p SYDE2 Weak MIRT714030
hsa-miR-616-5p WIPF2 Weak MIRT714240
hsa-miR-616-5p PDP2 Weak MIRT714383
hsa-miR-616-5p FBXO31 Weak MIRT714393
hsa-miR-616-5p ADAMTS17 Weak MIRT714847
hsa-miR-616-5p COQ10B Weak MIRT714893
hsa-miR-616-5p TRABD2A Weak MIRT716765
hsa-miR-616-5p TRIM66 Weak MIRT718923
hsa-miR-616-5p KCNS2 Weak MIRT719179
hsa-miR-616-5p B4GALNT3 Weak MIRT719412
hsa-miR-616-5p C11orf54 Weak MIRT720663
hsa-miR-616-5p UNC80 Weak MIRT721100
hsa-miR-616-5p SH3D19 Weak MIRT721265
hsa-miR-616-5p NUDT16 Weak MIRT722744
hsa-miR-616-5p SIRPB2 Weak MIRT722761
hsa-miR-616-5p MOGAT1 Weak MIRT723300
hsa-miR-616-5p PKDREJ Weak MIRT724640
hsa-miR-616-5p CRAMP1L Weak MIRT724707
hsa-miR-616-5p RIMBP2 Weak MIRT724864
hsa-miR-616-5p PPM1A Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p UBA52 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p RAD1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p TMEM132C Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p TIMP3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p AGBL2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p TMED9 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p DRAM1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p ZNF805 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p MBLAC2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p CMPK1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p EPHB4 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p PAPPA Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p VWA8 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p PYGB Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p ASTN2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p DCLRE1C Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p ZNF131 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p TMC7 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p ABL2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p SLC35B2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p TAOK1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p MSANTD1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p FAM175B Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p SYNRG Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p RANBP6 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p CDK14 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p BHLHB9 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p MTHFD2L Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p TNFRSF9 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p SART3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p GRSF1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p ASTN1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p PAFAH1B1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p C15orf52 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p CALM1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p CTSB Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p PAFAH2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p C21orf33 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p DSCR3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p RNGTT Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p SCRN1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-616-5p CLEC5A Prediction N/A

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