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MicroRNA Gene Evidence category miRTarBase ID
hsa-miR-577 NHSL2 Weak MIRT040514
hsa-miR-577 TWSG1 Weak MIRT040515
hsa-miR-577 IGSF1 Weak MIRT040516
hsa-miR-577 MRPL17 Weak MIRT060394
hsa-miR-577 TSNAX Weak MIRT064152
hsa-miR-577 ZBTB18 Weak MIRT064908
hsa-miR-577 IGF1R Weak MIRT073676
hsa-miR-577 IGF2BP1 Weak MIRT077661
hsa-miR-577 GALNT1 Weak MIRT080019
hsa-miR-577 KCTD15 Weak MIRT081897
hsa-miR-577 HIC2 Weak MIRT087149
hsa-miR-577 PLS1 Weak MIRT090620
hsa-miR-577 HPRT1 Weak MIRT108861
hsa-miR-577 PMAIP1 Weak MIRT117450
hsa-miR-577 CLIC4 Weak MIRT135347
hsa-miR-577 SLC25A36 Weak MIRT161154
hsa-miR-577 DNAJB9 Weak MIRT169952
hsa-miR-577 ATP6V1G1 Weak MIRT173733
hsa-miR-577 WAC Weak MIRT177378
hsa-miR-577 RPRD2 Weak MIRT180875
hsa-miR-577 MAPK6 Weak MIRT193058
hsa-miR-577 TNRC6A Weak MIRT194937
hsa-miR-577 ZNF805 Weak MIRT201083
hsa-miR-577 BRIX1 Weak MIRT215641
hsa-miR-577 MTFR1 Weak MIRT225466
hsa-miR-577 NUPL1 Weak MIRT232830
hsa-miR-577 G3BP1 Weak MIRT243876
hsa-miR-577 PGRMC1 Weak MIRT259285
hsa-miR-577 ZWINT Weak MIRT262718
hsa-miR-577 POGK Weak MIRT268122
hsa-miR-577 WEE1 Weak MIRT269376
hsa-miR-577 TUBG1 Weak MIRT287254
hsa-miR-577 RNF138 Weak MIRT290289
hsa-miR-577 CLIP4 Weak MIRT302462
hsa-miR-577 E2F3 Weak MIRT329515
hsa-miR-577 TMEM98 Weak MIRT344723
hsa-miR-577 KLHL15 Weak MIRT409584
hsa-miR-577 ZNF623 Weak MIRT444386
hsa-miR-577 DGKH Weak MIRT447731
hsa-miR-577 ALPK3 Weak MIRT450505
hsa-miR-577 HIST1H2BK Weak MIRT454176
hsa-miR-577 MTAP Weak MIRT454724
hsa-miR-577 ARHGAP39 Weak MIRT455069
hsa-miR-577 VGLL4 Weak MIRT464219
hsa-miR-577 SEC62 Weak MIRT468665
hsa-miR-577 SDC2 Weak MIRT468753
hsa-miR-577 LMNB2 Weak MIRT474067
hsa-miR-577 HNRNPU Weak MIRT475551
hsa-miR-577 DNAJB4 Weak MIRT478077
hsa-miR-577 ZNFX1 Weak MIRT484823
hsa-miR-577 HNRNPA1 Weak MIRT493587
hsa-miR-577 FOXP1 Weak MIRT496890
hsa-miR-577 ZBTB20 Weak MIRT497985
hsa-miR-577 SEMA7A Weak MIRT498094
hsa-miR-577 ACVR2B Weak MIRT498204
hsa-miR-577 FKBP14 Weak MIRT498433
hsa-miR-577 RAB25 Weak MIRT499350
hsa-miR-577 ZBTB22 Weak MIRT500525
hsa-miR-577 SLC5A6 Weak MIRT501105
hsa-miR-577 SLC10A7 Weak MIRT501169
hsa-miR-577 EVI5 Weak MIRT502508
hsa-miR-577 DCTN5 Weak MIRT502653
hsa-miR-577 PARP1 Weak MIRT504277
hsa-miR-577 RAN Weak MIRT505958
hsa-miR-577 CREBRF Weak MIRT507661
hsa-miR-577 CCNE2 Weak MIRT507854
hsa-miR-577 SNRPB Weak MIRT508958
hsa-miR-577 UBE2D3 Weak MIRT510577
hsa-miR-577 AKAP12 Weak MIRT512688
hsa-miR-577 ARPP19 Weak MIRT524838
hsa-miR-577 ZNF256 Weak MIRT525144
hsa-miR-577 SOD2 Weak MIRT525775
hsa-miR-577 PARP2 Weak MIRT526107
hsa-miR-577 ATRNL1 Weak MIRT529309
hsa-miR-577 WSB2 Weak MIRT530234
hsa-miR-577 MMADHC Weak MIRT530724
hsa-miR-577 VEGFC Weak MIRT531423
hsa-miR-577 G6PC Weak MIRT532119
hsa-miR-577 FAM3C Weak MIRT537483
hsa-miR-577 CTGF Weak MIRT538283
hsa-miR-577 C17orf75 Weak MIRT538824
hsa-miR-577 PSMG1 Weak MIRT544719
hsa-miR-577 ZFYVE21 Weak MIRT545901
hsa-miR-577 TWF1 Weak MIRT546149
hsa-miR-577 SNX5 Weak MIRT546431
hsa-miR-577 LRRFIP2 Weak MIRT547544
hsa-miR-577 GDAP2 Weak MIRT548112
hsa-miR-577 FKBP1A Weak MIRT548215
hsa-miR-577 EPHA7 Weak MIRT548305
hsa-miR-577 CNN3 Weak MIRT548765
hsa-miR-577 ZNF598 Weak MIRT549688
hsa-miR-577 PXK Weak MIRT555069
hsa-miR-577 IER3IP1 Weak MIRT556961
hsa-miR-577 HOXA3 Weak MIRT557127
hsa-miR-577 GTPBP2 Weak MIRT557450
hsa-miR-577 FGF2 Weak MIRT557871
hsa-miR-577 CAMLG Weak MIRT558964
hsa-miR-577 SF1 Weak MIRT560270
hsa-miR-577 MFSD9 Weak MIRT561915
hsa-miR-577 SLFN11 Weak MIRT563983
hsa-miR-577 SERTAD3 Weak MIRT565748
hsa-miR-577 RHOA Weak MIRT566016
hsa-miR-577 FEM1C Weak MIRT567574
hsa-miR-577 PGBD4 Weak MIRT618231
hsa-miR-577 CLEC14A Weak MIRT639520
hsa-miR-577 SMG7 Weak MIRT653357
hsa-miR-577 NUDT21 Weak MIRT655698
hsa-miR-577 TAL1 Weak MIRT665954
hsa-miR-577 GXYLT2 Weak MIRT668031
hsa-miR-577 NDUFS3 Weak MIRT696025
hsa-miR-577 UBQLN1 Weak MIRT697826
hsa-miR-577 LDHA Weak MIRT702293
hsa-miR-577 GPR21 Weak MIRT706247
hsa-miR-577 TMEM133 Weak MIRT707829
hsa-miR-577 CLEC12B Weak MIRT709329
hsa-miR-577 GINS1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-577 ANKRD10 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-577 RUFY2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-577 GARS Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-577 GNPDA1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-577 TNFRSF9 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-577 RAPGEF6 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-577 SV2B Prediction N/A

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