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MicroRNA Gene Evidence category miRTarBase ID
hsa-miR-5701 PAICS Weak MIRT094098
hsa-miR-5701 PURA Weak MIRT095466
hsa-miR-5701 FOXK1 Weak MIRT170945
hsa-miR-5701 DYRK2 Weak MIRT241924
hsa-miR-5701 TMEM79 Weak MIRT266868
hsa-miR-5701 ONECUT2 Weak MIRT290747
hsa-miR-5701 CCSAP Weak MIRT336904
hsa-miR-5701 TCERG1 Weak MIRT357882
hsa-miR-5701 SKP2 Weak MIRT408388
hsa-miR-5701 EDAR Weak MIRT442999
hsa-miR-5701 GPR89B Weak MIRT444584
hsa-miR-5701 GPR89A Weak MIRT446912
hsa-miR-5701 ERP44 Weak MIRT447711
hsa-miR-5701 SNAI2 Weak MIRT448208
hsa-miR-5701 METAP2 Weak MIRT449771
hsa-miR-5701 PRLR Weak MIRT449872
hsa-miR-5701 PSMA1 Weak MIRT454266
hsa-miR-5701 MAT2A Weak MIRT473569
hsa-miR-5701 G2E3 Weak MIRT476627
hsa-miR-5701 GADD45A Weak MIRT488305
hsa-miR-5701 CDKN1B Weak MIRT494313
hsa-miR-5701 ZNF711 Weak MIRT504971
hsa-miR-5701 PLRG1 Weak MIRT506130
hsa-miR-5701 CNIH Weak MIRT507709
hsa-miR-5701 MTRNR2L6 Weak MIRT508176
hsa-miR-5701 SLC7A14 Weak MIRT513548
hsa-miR-5701 ZNF326 Weak MIRT528600
hsa-miR-5701 SENP6 Weak MIRT528637
hsa-miR-5701 TOP1MT Weak MIRT529922
hsa-miR-5701 SLC7A7 Weak MIRT531282
hsa-miR-5701 NUTF2 Weak MIRT545695
hsa-miR-5701 GIGYF1 Weak MIRT548067
hsa-miR-5701 GATA6 Weak MIRT548117
hsa-miR-5701 C5orf51 Weak MIRT549085
hsa-miR-5701 OSCAR Weak MIRT550457
hsa-miR-5701 USMG5 Weak MIRT553053
hsa-miR-5701 PHF12 Weak MIRT555646
hsa-miR-5701 HOXD11 Weak MIRT557019
hsa-miR-5701 GPR27 Weak MIRT557511
hsa-miR-5701 DICER1 Weak MIRT558374
hsa-miR-5701 RAC3 Weak MIRT560901
hsa-miR-5701 TTC37 Weak MIRT565178
hsa-miR-5701 SMAD4 Weak MIRT565564
hsa-miR-5701 PTMA Weak MIRT566205
hsa-miR-5701 GXYLT1 Weak MIRT567359
hsa-miR-5701 ALKBH5 Weak MIRT568535
hsa-miR-5701 ZBTB18 Weak MIRT571546
hsa-miR-5701 NDUFS1 Weak MIRT612202
hsa-miR-5701 LIX1 Weak MIRT614492
hsa-miR-5701 RUNX1T1 Weak MIRT616205
hsa-miR-5701 PIP4K2A Weak MIRT622747
hsa-miR-5701 UBN2 Weak MIRT627317
hsa-miR-5701 PLSCR1 Weak MIRT631645
hsa-miR-5701 KLHL3 Weak MIRT632795
hsa-miR-5701 SKI Weak MIRT640692
hsa-miR-5701 GOSR1 Weak MIRT657730
hsa-miR-5701 DDO Weak MIRT663078
hsa-miR-5701 ZNF417 Weak MIRT664068
hsa-miR-5701 MTRNR2L3 Weak MIRT689779
hsa-miR-5701 NR4A3 Weak MIRT701358
hsa-miR-5701 NINJ1 Weak MIRT709782
hsa-miR-5701 HEY2 Weak MIRT710102
hsa-miR-5701 ZNF766 Weak MIRT716388
hsa-miR-5701 ADAM22 Weak MIRT716861
hsa-miR-5701 ERBB3 Weak MIRT719395
hsa-miR-5701 NRF1 Weak MIRT721719
hsa-miR-5701 INF2 Weak MIRT721758
hsa-miR-5701 SH2D1A Weak MIRT722319
hsa-miR-5701 KCNJ10 Weak MIRT722458
hsa-miR-5701 ST8SIA3 Weak MIRT723463
hsa-miR-5701 CDC27 Weak MIRT724994
hsa-miR-5701 PDE1B Weak MIRT725238
hsa-miR-5701 METTL8 Weak MIRT725381
hsa-miR-5701 ADAMTS16 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-5701 ZNF780A Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-5701 DSG1 Prediction N/A

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