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MicroRNA Gene Evidence category miRTarBase ID
hsa-miR-570-3p CD274 Strong MIRT053484
hsa-miR-570-3p OTUD1 Weak MIRT056153
hsa-miR-570-3p TNKS2 Weak MIRT057406
hsa-miR-570-3p SLC38A1 Weak MIRT065096
hsa-miR-570-3p ARL6IP1 Weak MIRT073901
hsa-miR-570-3p TNRC6A Weak MIRT074322
hsa-miR-570-3p UBE2Z Weak MIRT077514
hsa-miR-570-3p CALM3 Weak MIRT082532
hsa-miR-570-3p BCL2L11 Weak MIRT084575
hsa-miR-570-3p ABHD5 Weak MIRT092028
hsa-miR-570-3p MYLIP Weak MIRT099121
hsa-miR-570-3p RBM33 Weak MIRT102992
hsa-miR-570-3p ATP6V1B2 Weak MIRT105434
hsa-miR-570-3p KLHL15 Weak MIRT109568
hsa-miR-570-3p NUFIP2 Weak MIRT145281
hsa-miR-570-3p MIDN Weak MIRT150161
hsa-miR-570-3p TRIP13 Weak MIRT167432
hsa-miR-570-3p HSPA1B Weak MIRT168486
hsa-miR-570-3p KLF10 Weak MIRT172128
hsa-miR-570-3p SUB1 Weak MIRT215596
hsa-miR-570-3p ZBTB18 Weak MIRT259928
hsa-miR-570-3p ATXN7L3B Weak MIRT274852
hsa-miR-570-3p C18ORF25 Weak MIRT290491
hsa-miR-570-3p PMAIP1 Weak MIRT290941
hsa-miR-570-3p BAG4 Weak MIRT322703
hsa-miR-570-3p CANX Weak MIRT358568
hsa-miR-570-3p RMND5A Weak MIRT381250
hsa-miR-570-3p NDRG1 Weak MIRT442077
hsa-miR-570-3p C17orf105 Weak MIRT442943
hsa-miR-570-3p ATOX1 Weak MIRT444267
hsa-miR-570-3p TIMM8B Weak MIRT444365
hsa-miR-570-3p SAMD12 Weak MIRT444863
hsa-miR-570-3p ISPD Weak MIRT444871
hsa-miR-570-3p CXXC4 Weak MIRT445077
hsa-miR-570-3p NAP1L6 Weak MIRT445717
hsa-miR-570-3p SCML4 Weak MIRT445945
hsa-miR-570-3p NR5A2 Weak MIRT446054
hsa-miR-570-3p FUT10 Weak MIRT446704
hsa-miR-570-3p SPAG11A Weak MIRT446726
hsa-miR-570-3p HHIP Weak MIRT447147
hsa-miR-570-3p LLPH Weak MIRT447566
hsa-miR-570-3p KLRC4 Weak MIRT448698
hsa-miR-570-3p GNA13 Weak MIRT448778
hsa-miR-570-3p GMNC Weak MIRT449290
hsa-miR-570-3p SOX3 Weak MIRT449673
hsa-miR-570-3p EPM2AIP1 Weak MIRT450020
hsa-miR-570-3p OR2A4 Weak MIRT450089
hsa-miR-570-3p PAIP1 Weak MIRT450209
hsa-miR-570-3p F2RL2 Weak MIRT450271
hsa-miR-570-3p TMEM47 Weak MIRT450402
hsa-miR-570-3p BCL2L14 Weak MIRT450419
hsa-miR-570-3p EXOC2 Weak MIRT450598
hsa-miR-570-3p KCNB1 Weak MIRT450821
hsa-miR-570-3p CCDC115 Weak MIRT453007
hsa-miR-570-3p ZNF12 Weak MIRT453857
hsa-miR-570-3p HMGN1 Weak MIRT454706
hsa-miR-570-3p LEPREL1 Weak MIRT458699
hsa-miR-570-3p TSC22D2 Weak MIRT465144
hsa-miR-570-3p SGK1 Weak MIRT468216
hsa-miR-570-3p RAC1 Weak MIRT469657
hsa-miR-570-3p PSME3 Weak MIRT470155
hsa-miR-570-3p PRDX5 Weak MIRT470287
hsa-miR-570-3p PPTC7 Weak MIRT470296
hsa-miR-570-3p NCBP2 Weak MIRT472433
hsa-miR-570-3p NASP Weak MIRT472459
hsa-miR-570-3p IGDCC4 Weak MIRT475265
hsa-miR-570-3p FOXN2 Weak MIRT476735
hsa-miR-570-3p FOXK1 Weak MIRT476757
hsa-miR-570-3p EIF1AX Weak MIRT477549
hsa-miR-570-3p CRTAP Weak MIRT478797
hsa-miR-570-3p CD164 Weak MIRT479661
hsa-miR-570-3p CCDC117 Weak MIRT479893
hsa-miR-570-3p C5orf51 Weak MIRT480325
hsa-miR-570-3p ATXN7L3 Weak MIRT481229
hsa-miR-570-3p SUGT1 Weak MIRT484088
hsa-miR-570-3p GRK5 Weak MIRT487507
hsa-miR-570-3p PAX2 Weak MIRT488356
hsa-miR-570-3p PDIK1L Weak MIRT496746
hsa-miR-570-3p ZNF460 Weak MIRT496832
hsa-miR-570-3p STARD13 Weak MIRT500913
hsa-miR-570-3p HNRNPF Weak MIRT502256
hsa-miR-570-3p C9orf40 Weak MIRT504078
hsa-miR-570-3p MRPL51 Weak MIRT504890
hsa-miR-570-3p TACR3 Weak MIRT509834
hsa-miR-570-3p E2F8 Weak MIRT511989
hsa-miR-570-3p CDC5L Weak MIRT524543
hsa-miR-570-3p ZNF791 Weak MIRT526673
hsa-miR-570-3p SMU1 Weak MIRT527410
hsa-miR-570-3p PGK1 Weak MIRT528393
hsa-miR-570-3p PDE5A Weak MIRT529318
hsa-miR-570-3p SMTN Weak MIRT529844
hsa-miR-570-3p TNFRSF10B Weak MIRT531461
hsa-miR-570-3p PODXL Weak MIRT535096
hsa-miR-570-3p PHF6 Weak MIRT535294
hsa-miR-570-3p ETS1 Weak MIRT537542
hsa-miR-570-3p ARHGAP18 Weak MIRT540200
hsa-miR-570-3p C5orf42 Weak MIRT543416
hsa-miR-570-3p SLC16A9 Weak MIRT543873
hsa-miR-570-3p SMC5 Weak MIRT544393
hsa-miR-570-3p MBLAC2 Weak MIRT544919
hsa-miR-570-3p SAR1A Weak MIRT546579
hsa-miR-570-3p CHD1 Weak MIRT548834
hsa-miR-570-3p WARS2 Weak MIRT550787
hsa-miR-570-3p TPM3 Weak MIRT553434
hsa-miR-570-3p GRB10 Weak MIRT557467
hsa-miR-570-3p ESCO2 Weak MIRT558065
hsa-miR-570-3p DYNLL2 Weak MIRT558258
hsa-miR-570-3p BLOC1S6 Weak MIRT559205
hsa-miR-570-3p SRRM4 Weak MIRT561072
hsa-miR-570-3p PAPD5 Weak MIRT561805
hsa-miR-570-3p PAGR1 Weak MIRT563875
hsa-miR-570-3p SCML2 Weak MIRT565835
hsa-miR-570-3p CHSY1 Weak MIRT568049
hsa-miR-570-3p MYO1C Weak MIRT572820
hsa-miR-570-3p EPG5 Weak MIRT611715
hsa-miR-570-3p RBBP5 Weak MIRT612574
hsa-miR-570-3p IFIT3 Weak MIRT613945
hsa-miR-570-3p WSCD2 Weak MIRT614279
hsa-miR-570-3p CLUAP1 Weak MIRT615194
hsa-miR-570-3p MTA3 Weak MIRT627995
hsa-miR-570-3p DENND2C Weak MIRT637069
hsa-miR-570-3p SLIT1 Weak MIRT639912
hsa-miR-570-3p MYADM Weak MIRT642026
hsa-miR-570-3p SLC5A8 Weak MIRT642844
hsa-miR-570-3p ZNF736 Weak MIRT643706
hsa-miR-570-3p RBMY1J Weak MIRT643835
hsa-miR-570-3p RBMY1B Weak MIRT644775
hsa-miR-570-3p RBMY1A1 Weak MIRT644778
hsa-miR-570-3p RBMY1D Weak MIRT644781
hsa-miR-570-3p RBMY1E Weak MIRT644784
hsa-miR-570-3p ZNF639 Weak MIRT647495
hsa-miR-570-3p RBMY1F Weak MIRT648248
hsa-miR-570-3p LEMD2 Weak MIRT648633
hsa-miR-570-3p PTGFR Weak MIRT654626
hsa-miR-570-3p MED28 Weak MIRT656345
hsa-miR-570-3p HNRNPA2B1 Weak MIRT657354
hsa-miR-570-3p CDKN2AIP Weak MIRT659635
hsa-miR-570-3p CDH4 Weak MIRT659651
hsa-miR-570-3p ABL2 Weak MIRT660959
hsa-miR-570-3p ATP6V1G3 Weak MIRT664139
hsa-miR-570-3p STRBP Weak MIRT666038
hsa-miR-570-3p SMARCC1 Weak MIRT666200
hsa-miR-570-3p GDF6 Weak MIRT681712
hsa-miR-570-3p ZNF99 Weak MIRT683276
hsa-miR-570-3p MRPS30 Weak MIRT690312
hsa-miR-570-3p SLC43A3 Weak MIRT691642
hsa-miR-570-3p GPR157 Weak MIRT692270
hsa-miR-570-3p C1orf50 Weak MIRT692840
hsa-miR-570-3p UBQLN1 Weak MIRT697820
hsa-miR-570-3p TMEM2 Weak MIRT698248
hsa-miR-570-3p IGF1R Weak MIRT702755
hsa-miR-570-3p CRAMP1L Weak MIRT702918
hsa-miR-570-3p FYTTD1 Weak MIRT703411
hsa-miR-570-3p CD46 Weak MIRT704857
hsa-miR-570-3p BTD Weak MIRT711066
hsa-miR-570-3p TGFBR2 Weak MIRT717794
hsa-miR-570-3p SPDYE1 Weak MIRT719676
hsa-miR-570-3p DDHD1 Weak MIRT720300
hsa-miR-570-3p WDR33 Weak MIRT723496
hsa-miR-570-3p SVOP Weak MIRT723934
hsa-miR-570-3p MCAM Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-570-3p RND3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-570-3p KLHL20 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-570-3p KLHL9 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-570-3p HNRNPA3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-570-3p FZD4 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-570-3p MYO10 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-570-3p ALG10B Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-570-3p PDZD2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-570-3p ZDHHC3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-570-3p CCND3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-570-3p FAT3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-570-3p TAOK1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-570-3p TRA2A Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-570-3p DCAF4L2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-570-3p POFUT2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-570-3p ARHGEF7 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-570-3p SSH2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-570-3p BHLHB9 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-570-3p PROX1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-570-3p SORBS2 Prediction N/A

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