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MicroRNA Gene Evidence category miRTarBase ID
hsa-miR-5582-3p PDCD4 Weak MIRT055354
hsa-miR-5582-3p YOD1 Weak MIRT062025
hsa-miR-5582-3p PAFAH1B1 Weak MIRT076426
hsa-miR-5582-3p LLGL2 Weak MIRT078718
hsa-miR-5582-3p FOXN2 Weak MIRT088886
hsa-miR-5582-3p JMY Weak MIRT097431
hsa-miR-5582-3p CD59 Weak MIRT180324
hsa-miR-5582-3p ELK4 Weak MIRT183877
hsa-miR-5582-3p ZFP36L1 Weak MIRT279847
hsa-miR-5582-3p ZSCAN12 Weak MIRT317365
hsa-miR-5582-3p TMEM245 Weak MIRT323909
hsa-miR-5582-3p HMGN2 Weak MIRT338913
hsa-miR-5582-3p IER2 Weak MIRT399362
hsa-miR-5582-3p MOB1B Weak MIRT401038
hsa-miR-5582-3p HAUS6 Weak MIRT441722
hsa-miR-5582-3p KCNH5 Weak MIRT442127
hsa-miR-5582-3p TLX3 Weak MIRT442278
hsa-miR-5582-3p GJD3 Weak MIRT443983
hsa-miR-5582-3p APOPT1 Weak MIRT444041
hsa-miR-5582-3p CHMP1B Weak MIRT444239
hsa-miR-5582-3p INTS8 Weak MIRT444254
hsa-miR-5582-3p CLCN3 Weak MIRT444300
hsa-miR-5582-3p FRMD5 Weak MIRT444396
hsa-miR-5582-3p PTPRG Weak MIRT444457
hsa-miR-5582-3p HSBP1 Weak MIRT444638
hsa-miR-5582-3p C15orf52 Weak MIRT444982
hsa-miR-5582-3p TMEM106B Weak MIRT445005
hsa-miR-5582-3p ZNF207 Weak MIRT445101
hsa-miR-5582-3p CMTM4 Weak MIRT445139
hsa-miR-5582-3p SMOC1 Weak MIRT445330
hsa-miR-5582-3p PTCHD1 Weak MIRT445406
hsa-miR-5582-3p HSPA14 Weak MIRT445443
hsa-miR-5582-3p HMGN4 Weak MIRT445492
hsa-miR-5582-3p CRNKL1 Weak MIRT445509
hsa-miR-5582-3p RCC2 Weak MIRT445584
hsa-miR-5582-3p TNFSF15 Weak MIRT445673
hsa-miR-5582-3p NAP1L6 Weak MIRT445718
hsa-miR-5582-3p PGK1 Weak MIRT445726
hsa-miR-5582-3p DNAAF3 Weak MIRT445821
hsa-miR-5582-3p SCML4 Weak MIRT445948
hsa-miR-5582-3p CD1D Weak MIRT445990
hsa-miR-5582-3p GRAMD1C Weak MIRT446259
hsa-miR-5582-3p ACSL3 Weak MIRT446296
hsa-miR-5582-3p EML6 Weak MIRT446352
hsa-miR-5582-3p HNRNPA2B1 Weak MIRT446396
hsa-miR-5582-3p SNX1 Weak MIRT446402
hsa-miR-5582-3p STK17A Weak MIRT446825
hsa-miR-5582-3p ABI2 Weak MIRT447220
hsa-miR-5582-3p C3orf30 Weak MIRT447257
hsa-miR-5582-3p QTRTD1 Weak MIRT447430
hsa-miR-5582-3p LLPH Weak MIRT447570
hsa-miR-5582-3p MTPAP Weak MIRT447685
hsa-miR-5582-3p ERP44 Weak MIRT447704
hsa-miR-5582-3p TMCC3 Weak MIRT447748
hsa-miR-5582-3p LMAN1 Weak MIRT447876
hsa-miR-5582-3p GSR Weak MIRT448025
hsa-miR-5582-3p P2RY10 Weak MIRT448149
hsa-miR-5582-3p SNAI2 Weak MIRT448209
hsa-miR-5582-3p ZNF774 Weak MIRT448247
hsa-miR-5582-3p TNFAIP3 Weak MIRT448408
hsa-miR-5582-3p GABRB1 Weak MIRT448807
hsa-miR-5582-3p FKBP1A Weak MIRT448818
hsa-miR-5582-3p DENND4C Weak MIRT448884
hsa-miR-5582-3p ADAMTS5 Weak MIRT449036
hsa-miR-5582-3p ZNF558 Weak MIRT449059
hsa-miR-5582-3p DPCR1 Weak MIRT449244
hsa-miR-5582-3p PALM2 Weak MIRT449263
hsa-miR-5582-3p GPC5 Weak MIRT449565
hsa-miR-5582-3p ZNF451 Weak MIRT449666
hsa-miR-5582-3p ZNF555 Weak MIRT449973
hsa-miR-5582-3p IMP3 Weak MIRT450110
hsa-miR-5582-3p GABRB3 Weak MIRT450142
hsa-miR-5582-3p PAIP1 Weak MIRT450213
hsa-miR-5582-3p TMEM47 Weak MIRT450405
hsa-miR-5582-3p CPOX Weak MIRT450431
hsa-miR-5582-3p TRMT5 Weak MIRT450474
hsa-miR-5582-3p ACTR2 Weak MIRT450482
hsa-miR-5582-3p EXOC2 Weak MIRT450599
hsa-miR-5582-3p PDE3A Weak MIRT450779
hsa-miR-5582-3p OTUD7A Weak MIRT450801
hsa-miR-5582-3p POFUT1 Weak MIRT470732
hsa-miR-5582-3p MLLT10 Weak MIRT473128
hsa-miR-5582-3p IGF2BP3 Weak MIRT475242
hsa-miR-5582-3p HIATL1 Weak MIRT475672
hsa-miR-5582-3p FZD6 Weak MIRT476650
hsa-miR-5582-3p YWHAZ Weak MIRT491875
hsa-miR-5582-3p MKNK2 Weak MIRT493105
hsa-miR-5582-3p HSPA5 Weak MIRT493553
hsa-miR-5582-3p DIRAS2 Weak MIRT497367
hsa-miR-5582-3p PRLR Weak MIRT497560
hsa-miR-5582-3p ABCB7 Weak MIRT497942
hsa-miR-5582-3p ZBTB20 Weak MIRT498013
hsa-miR-5582-3p ACVR2B Weak MIRT498205
hsa-miR-5582-3p KRAS Weak MIRT502075
hsa-miR-5582-3p DDX3X Weak MIRT502636
hsa-miR-5582-3p SLC16A1 Weak MIRT505631
hsa-miR-5582-3p LMLN Weak MIRT506742
hsa-miR-5582-3p SCIN Weak MIRT518245
hsa-miR-5582-3p TRIM13 Weak MIRT520482
hsa-miR-5582-3p LARP1 Weak MIRT522763
hsa-miR-5582-3p KLHL42 Weak MIRT522829
hsa-miR-5582-3p ABHD13 Weak MIRT525020
hsa-miR-5582-3p CD226 Weak MIRT525267
hsa-miR-5582-3p ZNF585B Weak MIRT525967
hsa-miR-5582-3p CCNL2 Weak MIRT527222
hsa-miR-5582-3p TMLHE Weak MIRT529814
hsa-miR-5582-3p TNFRSF10D Weak MIRT530315
hsa-miR-5582-3p TRUB1 Weak MIRT530866
hsa-miR-5582-3p WNK1 Weak MIRT533162
hsa-miR-5582-3p TBL1XR1 Weak MIRT533887
hsa-miR-5582-3p RASGEF1A Weak MIRT534759
hsa-miR-5582-3p NLN Weak MIRT535656
hsa-miR-5582-3p HAS3 Weak MIRT536966
hsa-miR-5582-3p BMP2K Weak MIRT538949
hsa-miR-5582-3p ARNTL Weak MIRT539085
hsa-miR-5582-3p DNTTIP2 Weak MIRT539859
hsa-miR-5582-3p HES7 Weak MIRT541222
hsa-miR-5582-3p CYB5B Weak MIRT543373
hsa-miR-5582-3p PARP15 Weak MIRT543471
hsa-miR-5582-3p KLRC3 Weak MIRT544020
hsa-miR-5582-3p TTLL11 Weak MIRT544118
hsa-miR-5582-3p SPC25 Weak MIRT545309
hsa-miR-5582-3p LIN7C Weak MIRT545372
hsa-miR-5582-3p HS3ST1 Weak MIRT545767
hsa-miR-5582-3p ZNF772 Weak MIRT545798
hsa-miR-5582-3p XKR4 Weak MIRT545990
hsa-miR-5582-3p RNPS1 Weak MIRT546715
hsa-miR-5582-3p PURB Weak MIRT546880
hsa-miR-5582-3p FJX1 Weak MIRT548231
hsa-miR-5582-3p MED10 Weak MIRT552132
hsa-miR-5582-3p YTHDF1 Weak MIRT552706
hsa-miR-5582-3p TVP23C Weak MIRT553261
hsa-miR-5582-3p TVP23B Weak MIRT553280
hsa-miR-5582-3p SYNCRIP Weak MIRT553820
hsa-miR-5582-3p STARD3NL Weak MIRT553940
hsa-miR-5582-3p SLX4 Weak MIRT554147
hsa-miR-5582-3p RAB33B Weak MIRT555008
hsa-miR-5582-3p PNRC2 Weak MIRT555494
hsa-miR-5582-3p PHF12 Weak MIRT555650
hsa-miR-5582-3p PDZD8 Weak MIRT555703
hsa-miR-5582-3p ISOC1 Weak MIRT556912
hsa-miR-5582-3p GNPTAB Weak MIRT557602
hsa-miR-5582-3p CDCA4 Weak MIRT558837
hsa-miR-5582-3p CBFB Weak MIRT558948
hsa-miR-5582-3p CALM1 Weak MIRT558979
hsa-miR-5582-3p ADSS Weak MIRT559717
hsa-miR-5582-3p RPLP0 Weak MIRT563343
hsa-miR-5582-3p RAPH1 Weak MIRT563901
hsa-miR-5582-3p SOX4 Weak MIRT565515
hsa-miR-5582-3p OTUD4 Weak MIRT566558
hsa-miR-5582-3p IGFBP5 Weak MIRT567173
hsa-miR-5582-3p ARPP19 Weak MIRT568440
hsa-miR-5582-3p NUP37 Weak MIRT568717
hsa-miR-5582-3p ABT1 Weak MIRT573141
hsa-miR-5582-3p ZBTB46 Weak MIRT573247
hsa-miR-5582-3p ZNF581 Weak MIRT609173
hsa-miR-5582-3p NUDCD3 Weak MIRT610874
hsa-miR-5582-3p ZYG11B Weak MIRT611664
hsa-miR-5582-3p ZNF106 Weak MIRT611944
hsa-miR-5582-3p PDGFRA Weak MIRT612061
hsa-miR-5582-3p SLC25A11 Weak MIRT612480
hsa-miR-5582-3p RSF1 Weak MIRT612535
hsa-miR-5582-3p PSPC1 Weak MIRT612642
hsa-miR-5582-3p GGCX Weak MIRT612976
hsa-miR-5582-3p ESR1 Weak MIRT613102
hsa-miR-5582-3p CLOCK Weak MIRT613192
hsa-miR-5582-3p XRCC2 Weak MIRT614074
hsa-miR-5582-3p SUB1 Weak MIRT614526
hsa-miR-5582-3p ZNF608 Weak MIRT614655
hsa-miR-5582-3p ZBTB10 Weak MIRT614669
hsa-miR-5582-3p CCDC158 Weak MIRT615307
hsa-miR-5582-3p GRK4 Weak MIRT617538
hsa-miR-5582-3p C17orf105 Weak MIRT617778
hsa-miR-5582-3p ZIC2 Weak MIRT618791
hsa-miR-5582-3p FUNDC2 Weak MIRT619221
hsa-miR-5582-3p PCK1 Weak MIRT620251
hsa-miR-5582-3p SLCO3A1 Weak MIRT620275
hsa-miR-5582-3p XKR6 Weak MIRT620484
hsa-miR-5582-3p ANKIB1 Weak MIRT621027
hsa-miR-5582-3p TNPO2 Weak MIRT621739
hsa-miR-5582-3p SORCS1 Weak MIRT622145
hsa-miR-5582-3p GRIK4 Weak MIRT625182
hsa-miR-5582-3p DFFA Weak MIRT625767
hsa-miR-5582-3p CLN8 Weak MIRT626258
hsa-miR-5582-3p LIMD1 Weak MIRT628041
hsa-miR-5582-3p CCDC117 Weak MIRT628354
hsa-miR-5582-3p PNRC1 Weak MIRT638424
hsa-miR-5582-3p YY1 Weak MIRT639853
hsa-miR-5582-3p CHRDL1 Weak MIRT640849
hsa-miR-5582-3p PTPRB Weak MIRT641056
hsa-miR-5582-3p ZNF99 Weak MIRT642289
hsa-miR-5582-3p CLUAP1 Weak MIRT642452
hsa-miR-5582-3p NCK1 Weak MIRT643158
hsa-miR-5582-3p C17orf77 Weak MIRT644608
hsa-miR-5582-3p PGM2 Weak MIRT644849
hsa-miR-5582-3p ATF6B Weak MIRT645442
hsa-miR-5582-3p ZNF583 Weak MIRT647197
hsa-miR-5582-3p OR51G1 Weak MIRT647575
hsa-miR-5582-3p CDC14B Weak MIRT649415
hsa-miR-5582-3p BBS9 Weak MIRT650436
hsa-miR-5582-3p UFM1 Weak MIRT650492
hsa-miR-5582-3p SMAD4 Weak MIRT653377
hsa-miR-5582-3p SKIL Weak MIRT653762
hsa-miR-5582-3p PTAR1 Weak MIRT654632
hsa-miR-5582-3p PKN2 Weak MIRT655051
hsa-miR-5582-3p NUDT21 Weak MIRT655700
hsa-miR-5582-3p LRRC15 Weak MIRT656632
hsa-miR-5582-3p ENAH Weak MIRT658649
hsa-miR-5582-3p CXCR5 Weak MIRT659235
hsa-miR-5582-3p APP Weak MIRT660587
hsa-miR-5582-3p AFAP1 Weak MIRT660863
hsa-miR-5582-3p FBXO2 Weak MIRT663455
hsa-miR-5582-3p NT5DC3 Weak MIRT667142
hsa-miR-5582-3p CSTF1 Weak MIRT680486
hsa-miR-5582-3p TMC7 Weak MIRT686679
hsa-miR-5582-3p IREB2 Weak MIRT687882
hsa-miR-5582-3p PIK3CG Weak MIRT693449
hsa-miR-5582-3p KCNK6 Weak MIRT696046
hsa-miR-5582-3p CERK Weak MIRT696950
hsa-miR-5582-3p UBL3 Weak MIRT697838
hsa-miR-5582-3p TJP1 Weak MIRT698463
hsa-miR-5582-3p STK38 Weak MIRT698795
hsa-miR-5582-3p NOA1 Weak MIRT701385
hsa-miR-5582-3p ATP2A2 Weak MIRT705324
hsa-miR-5582-3p ABCC1 Weak MIRT706009
hsa-miR-5582-3p MLLT1 Weak MIRT711797
hsa-miR-5582-3p SUCO Weak MIRT713735
hsa-miR-5582-3p ZNF749 Weak MIRT718269
hsa-miR-5582-3p KCNS2 Weak MIRT719185
hsa-miR-5582-3p PECR Weak MIRT719477
hsa-miR-5582-3p PPIP5K2 Weak MIRT720140
hsa-miR-5582-3p DGKE Weak MIRT724234
hsa-miR-5582-3p WTIP Weak MIRT725070
hsa-miR-5582-3p CRLS1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-5582-3p EMC1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-5582-3p UNG Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-5582-3p GHSR Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-5582-3p RIPK2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-5582-3p FZD4 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-5582-3p YIPF5 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-5582-3p SLC44A2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-5582-3p CTSC Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-5582-3p GPR137C Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-5582-3p TMEM87B Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-5582-3p PLCB4 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-5582-3p GFPT1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-5582-3p EPG5 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-5582-3p RPL32 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-5582-3p SPIN1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-5582-3p URB1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-5582-3p ZNF322 Prediction N/A

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