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MicroRNA Gene Evidence category miRTarBase ID
hsa-miR-548k CCND1 Weak MIRT060557
hsa-miR-548k LAMC1 Weak MIRT060974
hsa-miR-548k ETNK1 Weak MIRT063365
hsa-miR-548k ZFYVE21 Weak MIRT069410
hsa-miR-548k FOXN2 Weak MIRT088901
hsa-miR-548k MTHFD2 Weak MIRT089487
hsa-miR-548k GALNT7 Weak MIRT093536
hsa-miR-548k BRIX1 Weak MIRT096496
hsa-miR-548k NUPL2 Weak MIRT103265
hsa-miR-548k FOXK1 Weak MIRT103868
hsa-miR-548k ZBTB43 Weak MIRT107155
hsa-miR-548k HPRT1 Weak MIRT108863
hsa-miR-548k KIF2C Weak MIRT138444
hsa-miR-548k FEM1C Weak MIRT165150
hsa-miR-548k XIAP Weak MIRT175560
hsa-miR-548k CAPZA1 Weak MIRT179583
hsa-miR-548k LEPROT Weak MIRT195295
hsa-miR-548k SKIL Weak MIRT243382
hsa-miR-548k YAP1 Weak MIRT264366
hsa-miR-548k PAFAH1B2 Weak MIRT264785
hsa-miR-548k MAP2K1 Weak MIRT281798
hsa-miR-548k HNRNPAB Weak MIRT313186
hsa-miR-548k CD164 Weak MIRT315319
hsa-miR-548k ZNF711 Weak MIRT328125
hsa-miR-548k SPCS3 Weak MIRT395785
hsa-miR-548k ZNRF2 Weak MIRT442093
hsa-miR-548k GTF2H5 Weak MIRT442836
hsa-miR-548k ZDHHC21 Weak MIRT443143
hsa-miR-548k RLN2 Weak MIRT447020
hsa-miR-548k ZNF562 Weak MIRT447296
hsa-miR-548k MRPS5 Weak MIRT447509
hsa-miR-548k MARCH4 Weak MIRT448671
hsa-miR-548k VSNL1 Weak MIRT449353
hsa-miR-548k SAMD8 Weak MIRT449616
hsa-miR-548k SHFM1 Weak MIRT450547
hsa-miR-548k XRCC6 Weak MIRT453950
hsa-miR-548k TAF12 Weak MIRT455600
hsa-miR-548k SNRNP27 Weak MIRT462011
hsa-miR-548k YWHAE Weak MIRT463728
hsa-miR-548k SMAD5 Weak MIRT467564
hsa-miR-548k CDK6 Weak MIRT479472
hsa-miR-548k ALG9 Weak MIRT485854
hsa-miR-548k ERH Weak MIRT486188
hsa-miR-548k FAM3C Weak MIRT488605
hsa-miR-548k MDFIC Weak MIRT493263
hsa-miR-548k IL6ST Weak MIRT493513
hsa-miR-548k CEP120 Weak MIRT494276
hsa-miR-548k ZBTB20 Weak MIRT497988
hsa-miR-548k TMEM30B Weak MIRT498555
hsa-miR-548k SPPL2A Weak MIRT500984
hsa-miR-548k YOD1 Weak MIRT505133
hsa-miR-548k CAMSAP2 Weak MIRT507891
hsa-miR-548k NPM3 Weak MIRT509280
hsa-miR-548k TRIM73 Weak MIRT514935
hsa-miR-548k TRIM74 Weak MIRT515446
hsa-miR-548k A1CF Weak MIRT516029
hsa-miR-548k CYP20A1 Weak MIRT516825
hsa-miR-548k ACTN4 Weak MIRT525014
hsa-miR-548k SHISA9 Weak MIRT525399
hsa-miR-548k ARL13B Weak MIRT525863
hsa-miR-548k TMEM41B Weak MIRT526080
hsa-miR-548k TRAF3IP1 Weak MIRT528389
hsa-miR-548k RAB32 Weak MIRT528814
hsa-miR-548k SLC9A4 Weak MIRT531058
hsa-miR-548k TWF1 Weak MIRT533427
hsa-miR-548k STX7 Weak MIRT534035
hsa-miR-548k SAR1B Weak MIRT534491
hsa-miR-548k PYGO1 Weak MIRT534897
hsa-miR-548k GDE1 Weak MIRT537198
hsa-miR-548k EFNA5 Weak MIRT537830
hsa-miR-548k CSE1L Weak MIRT538341
hsa-miR-548k ANP32E Weak MIRT539226
hsa-miR-548k CDC5L Weak MIRT540141
hsa-miR-548k PARP15 Weak MIRT543446
hsa-miR-548k XKR9 Weak MIRT543707
hsa-miR-548k ESYT1 Weak MIRT543903
hsa-miR-548k KLRC3 Weak MIRT543995
hsa-miR-548k SH3BGRL Weak MIRT544150
hsa-miR-548k ANGPTL3 Weak MIRT544183
hsa-miR-548k ACSM2B Weak MIRT544804
hsa-miR-548k PRELID1 Weak MIRT545042
hsa-miR-548k SPC25 Weak MIRT545285
hsa-miR-548k LIN7C Weak MIRT545358
hsa-miR-548k GIMAP4 Weak MIRT545546
hsa-miR-548k PTP4A1 Weak MIRT546910
hsa-miR-548k PNISR Weak MIRT547061
hsa-miR-548k KATNAL1 Weak MIRT547766
hsa-miR-548k HNRNPA0 Weak MIRT547950
hsa-miR-548k CHD1 Weak MIRT548838
hsa-miR-548k ATXN1L Weak MIRT549245
hsa-miR-548k MRPS30 Weak MIRT549919
hsa-miR-548k TMEM241 Weak MIRT550485
hsa-miR-548k MKLN1 Weak MIRT551045
hsa-miR-548k MED21 Weak MIRT551774
hsa-miR-548k YWHAZ Weak MIRT552696
hsa-miR-548k WNK3 Weak MIRT552840
hsa-miR-548k UBE2H Weak MIRT553141
hsa-miR-548k RGPD4 Weak MIRT554788
hsa-miR-548k LIPA Weak MIRT556495
hsa-miR-548k ENPP5 Weak MIRT558098
hsa-miR-548k CRCP Weak MIRT558604
hsa-miR-548k ATP5G3 Weak MIRT559340
hsa-miR-548k MFSD9 Weak MIRT561923
hsa-miR-548k TNIP2 Weak MIRT562931
hsa-miR-548k BBS10 Weak MIRT563287
hsa-miR-548k KIF3A Weak MIRT563401
hsa-miR-548k KIAA1586 Weak MIRT563558
hsa-miR-548k YTHDF1 Weak MIRT564929
hsa-miR-548k REV3L Weak MIRT566044
hsa-miR-548k RCC2 Weak MIRT566077
hsa-miR-548k HSP90AA1 Weak MIRT567255
hsa-miR-548k FEN1 Weak MIRT567565
hsa-miR-548k BACH1 Weak MIRT568323
hsa-miR-548k ZNF284 Weak MIRT570936
hsa-miR-548k YWHAQ Weak MIRT571562
hsa-miR-548k ZNF724P Weak MIRT573624
hsa-miR-548k FLVCR1 Weak MIRT574767
hsa-miR-548k SMIM15 Weak MIRT609084
hsa-miR-548k ASCC1 Weak MIRT615729
hsa-miR-548k PRKG2 Weak MIRT618375
hsa-miR-548k PLEKHG7 Weak MIRT619623
hsa-miR-548k CTCFL Weak MIRT629141
hsa-miR-548k CARHSP1 Weak MIRT631332
hsa-miR-548k LYRM2 Weak MIRT638517
hsa-miR-548k CEP68 Weak MIRT640720
hsa-miR-548k EMC7 Weak MIRT664904
hsa-miR-548k AGO2 Weak MIRT683226
hsa-miR-548k DNAJC3 Weak MIRT688446
hsa-miR-548k CPS1 Weak MIRT688723
hsa-miR-548k CD300LG Weak MIRT694691
hsa-miR-548k PCGF5 Weak MIRT701019
hsa-miR-548k HERPUD2 Weak MIRT703001
hsa-miR-548k EDEM3 Weak MIRT704056
hsa-miR-548k C12orf49 Weak MIRT705135
hsa-miR-548k TARDBP Weak MIRT707635
hsa-miR-548k CRIPT Weak MIRT707650
hsa-miR-548k PDE12 Weak MIRT707972
hsa-miR-548k RYBP Weak MIRT708749
hsa-miR-548k TBL3 Weak MIRT715802
hsa-miR-548k ZBTB37 Weak MIRT717554
hsa-miR-548k SETD7 Weak MIRT719282
hsa-miR-548k SDAD1 Weak MIRT725168
hsa-miR-548k DCP2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548k TENM3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548k CXorf40B Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548k MFSD8 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548k COCH Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548k FAM105B Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548k GMEB2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548k IKBKAP Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548k CYP26A1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548k TMEM69 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548k POLK Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548k CDC27 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548k PPP1R16B Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548k ZSCAN18 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548k SLITRK4 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548k MTMR6 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548k THAP2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548k SLMO2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548k SUMO3 Prediction N/A

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