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MicroRNA Gene Evidence category miRTarBase ID
hsa-miR-548aw EIF4EBP2 Weak MIRT056989
hsa-miR-548aw CEP55 Weak MIRT057513
hsa-miR-548aw SLC30A7 Weak MIRT057819
hsa-miR-548aw CEP350 Weak MIRT060835
hsa-miR-548aw MLEC Weak MIRT062726
hsa-miR-548aw CCND2 Weak MIRT064753
hsa-miR-548aw ZBTB18 Weak MIRT064819
hsa-miR-548aw ADSS Weak MIRT064982
hsa-miR-548aw SEC23A Weak MIRT069955
hsa-miR-548aw CALM1 Weak MIRT071500
hsa-miR-548aw RNF11 Weak MIRT071824
hsa-miR-548aw ERCC4 Weak MIRT073816
hsa-miR-548aw CNEP1R1 Weak MIRT074779
hsa-miR-548aw SF3B3 Weak MIRT075346
hsa-miR-548aw WDR81 Weak MIRT076146
hsa-miR-548aw PRKACB Weak MIRT080217
hsa-miR-548aw SMAD4 Weak MIRT080243
hsa-miR-548aw AGFG1 Weak MIRT087401
hsa-miR-548aw GRAMD4 Weak MIRT088239
hsa-miR-548aw MBNL1 Weak MIRT090817
hsa-miR-548aw USP13 Weak MIRT091229
hsa-miR-548aw CYP2U1 Weak MIRT092964
hsa-miR-548aw PAICS Weak MIRT094097
hsa-miR-548aw PAPD4 Weak MIRT097477
hsa-miR-548aw QKI Weak MIRT099332
hsa-miR-548aw SOX4 Weak MIRT099852
hsa-miR-548aw HBP1 Weak MIRT102259
hsa-miR-548aw UBN2 Weak MIRT102630
hsa-miR-548aw CBX3 Weak MIRT103374
hsa-miR-548aw ATP6V1B2 Weak MIRT105447
hsa-miR-548aw FAM73B Weak MIRT107296
hsa-miR-548aw TMBIM6 Weak MIRT113273
hsa-miR-548aw ZDHHC18 Weak MIRT113588
hsa-miR-548aw KPNA6 Weak MIRT113890
hsa-miR-548aw BTF3L4 Weak MIRT139905
hsa-miR-548aw RAB8B Weak MIRT140540
hsa-miR-548aw LDLR Weak MIRT149747
hsa-miR-548aw EDEM1 Weak MIRT163246
hsa-miR-548aw ENPP4 Weak MIRT169268
hsa-miR-548aw FZD6 Weak MIRT172181
hsa-miR-548aw NHLRC2 Weak MIRT176743
hsa-miR-548aw ZMYND11 Weak MIRT177405
hsa-miR-548aw SAMD8 Weak MIRT178082
hsa-miR-548aw C10ORF12 Weak MIRT178587
hsa-miR-548aw C11ORF57 Weak MIRT178949
hsa-miR-548aw TBRG1 Weak MIRT179438
hsa-miR-548aw ZNF678 Weak MIRT185769
hsa-miR-548aw ESYT1 Weak MIRT187763
hsa-miR-548aw RORA Weak MIRT193552
hsa-miR-548aw FAM195A Weak MIRT195624
hsa-miR-548aw SMCR8 Weak MIRT196205
hsa-miR-548aw AMMECR1L Weak MIRT203062
hsa-miR-548aw MED12L Weak MIRT208734
hsa-miR-548aw LIMD1 Weak MIRT210014
hsa-miR-548aw ELMOD2 Weak MIRT211520
hsa-miR-548aw MOB1B Weak MIRT213439
hsa-miR-548aw LCLAT1 Weak MIRT243107
hsa-miR-548aw SKIL Weak MIRT243399
hsa-miR-548aw HCFC2 Weak MIRT247384
hsa-miR-548aw RPLP0 Weak MIRT247527
hsa-miR-548aw EVI5L Weak MIRT253427
hsa-miR-548aw ETS2 Weak MIRT254152
hsa-miR-548aw SLC6A8 Weak MIRT259400
hsa-miR-548aw KCNJ2 Weak MIRT260205
hsa-miR-548aw UCK2 Weak MIRT267987
hsa-miR-548aw NUPL1 Weak MIRT275963
hsa-miR-548aw GMFB Weak MIRT279007
hsa-miR-548aw POLI Weak MIRT290698
hsa-miR-548aw STX16 Weak MIRT296546
hsa-miR-548aw ITGA2 Weak MIRT313698
hsa-miR-548aw MARCKS Weak MIRT315538
hsa-miR-548aw PLEKHF2 Weak MIRT323701
hsa-miR-548aw NFIB Weak MIRT324617
hsa-miR-548aw ZNF367 Weak MIRT325685
hsa-miR-548aw CHIC1 Weak MIRT327910
hsa-miR-548aw HNRNPF Weak MIRT330549
hsa-miR-548aw ABHD2 Weak MIRT343051
hsa-miR-548aw LPP Weak MIRT370827
hsa-miR-548aw SPIN4 Weak MIRT403129
hsa-miR-548aw WBP4 Weak MIRT405654
hsa-miR-548aw ZNF701 Weak MIRT444154
hsa-miR-548aw ZNF525 Weak MIRT444502
hsa-miR-548aw CRYBG3 Weak MIRT445204
hsa-miR-548aw FOXP1 Weak MIRT446840
hsa-miR-548aw OTUD7A Weak MIRT450790
hsa-miR-548aw DDX39B Weak MIRT455244
hsa-miR-548aw MB21D1 Weak MIRT456093
hsa-miR-548aw ZBTB38 Weak MIRT463577
hsa-miR-548aw YY1 Weak MIRT463628
hsa-miR-548aw WNT7B Weak MIRT463878
hsa-miR-548aw STX6 Weak MIRT466840
hsa-miR-548aw SMG1 Weak MIRT467517
hsa-miR-548aw SGK1 Weak MIRT468192
hsa-miR-548aw SELT Weak MIRT468629
hsa-miR-548aw RGS16 Weak MIRT469302
hsa-miR-548aw PTGES2 Weak MIRT470064
hsa-miR-548aw PPP2R5E Weak MIRT470355
hsa-miR-548aw PITPNA Weak MIRT470995
hsa-miR-548aw PATL1 Weak MIRT471554
hsa-miR-548aw MTMR6 Weak MIRT472755
hsa-miR-548aw KIF13A Weak MIRT474709
hsa-miR-548aw H3F3C Weak MIRT475865
hsa-miR-548aw H3F3B Weak MIRT475899
hsa-miR-548aw EOGT Weak MIRT477343
hsa-miR-548aw ELL2 Weak MIRT477476
hsa-miR-548aw DLG5 Weak MIRT478092
hsa-miR-548aw CCNA2 Weak MIRT479802
hsa-miR-548aw BLCAP Weak MIRT480808
hsa-miR-548aw ARL5B Weak MIRT481536
hsa-miR-548aw ANKRD11 Weak MIRT481941
hsa-miR-548aw ZFYVE26 Weak MIRT484899
hsa-miR-548aw DICER1 Weak MIRT485635
hsa-miR-548aw ARPP19 Weak MIRT485795
hsa-miR-548aw CNOT4 Weak MIRT486736
hsa-miR-548aw ATF7IP Weak MIRT491005
hsa-miR-548aw PDRG1 Weak MIRT491634
hsa-miR-548aw WDR45B Weak MIRT491928
hsa-miR-548aw SLC48A1 Weak MIRT492221
hsa-miR-548aw MMGT1 Weak MIRT493084
hsa-miR-548aw BRWD3 Weak MIRT494472
hsa-miR-548aw ROCK1 Weak MIRT494982
hsa-miR-548aw PTBP2 Weak MIRT498460
hsa-miR-548aw NBPF11 Weak MIRT499262
hsa-miR-548aw UQCRFS1 Weak MIRT500587
hsa-miR-548aw TUBB2A Weak MIRT500636
hsa-miR-548aw SEMA4C Weak MIRT501214
hsa-miR-548aw PPP1R15B Weak MIRT501522
hsa-miR-548aw G3BP2 Weak MIRT502427
hsa-miR-548aw CCNL1 Weak MIRT502963
hsa-miR-548aw ZNF154 Weak MIRT503463
hsa-miR-548aw ASGR2 Weak MIRT504323
hsa-miR-548aw VMA21 Weak MIRT505178
hsa-miR-548aw SPG20 Weak MIRT510710
hsa-miR-548aw RAN Weak MIRT510853
hsa-miR-548aw PSMA2 Weak MIRT510911
hsa-miR-548aw PPTC7 Weak MIRT510941
hsa-miR-548aw NIPA1 Weak MIRT511068
hsa-miR-548aw LNPEP Weak MIRT511206
hsa-miR-548aw ELOVL5 Weak MIRT511955
hsa-miR-548aw CREBL2 Weak MIRT512118
hsa-miR-548aw RNF111 Weak MIRT513683
hsa-miR-548aw GRB10 Weak MIRT513892
hsa-miR-548aw F8A2 Weak MIRT516295
hsa-miR-548aw F8A3 Weak MIRT516321
hsa-miR-548aw ITM2C Weak MIRT517516
hsa-miR-548aw IMPA1 Weak MIRT517923
hsa-miR-548aw SLC30A4 Weak MIRT521038
hsa-miR-548aw RRAGD Weak MIRT521286
hsa-miR-548aw ZNF93 Weak MIRT525188
hsa-miR-548aw GAS7 Weak MIRT526752
hsa-miR-548aw CCNL2 Weak MIRT527212
hsa-miR-548aw FAM69C Weak MIRT527347
hsa-miR-548aw MALT1 Weak MIRT529424
hsa-miR-548aw COA5 Weak MIRT529956
hsa-miR-548aw C11orf44 Weak MIRT530162
hsa-miR-548aw GLP2R Weak MIRT531902
hsa-miR-548aw LINC00598 Weak MIRT532368
hsa-miR-548aw RAVER2 Weak MIRT534745
hsa-miR-548aw MRPL17 Weak MIRT535857
hsa-miR-548aw MESDC1 Weak MIRT535973
hsa-miR-548aw ANKRD50 Weak MIRT539239
hsa-miR-548aw ADARB2 Weak MIRT539464
hsa-miR-548aw TNFRSF11A Weak MIRT543095
hsa-miR-548aw AP5Z1 Weak MIRT544579
hsa-miR-548aw NDRG1 Weak MIRT544720
hsa-miR-548aw MFF Weak MIRT544975
hsa-miR-548aw ZNF772 Weak MIRT545789
hsa-miR-548aw WDR26 Weak MIRT546005
hsa-miR-548aw STOX2 Weak MIRT546374
hsa-miR-548aw SFTPA1 Weak MIRT546943
hsa-miR-548aw POGZ Weak MIRT547029
hsa-miR-548aw MBNL3 Weak MIRT547465
hsa-miR-548aw GIGYF1 Weak MIRT548074
hsa-miR-548aw E2F8 Weak MIRT548491
hsa-miR-548aw CHEK2 Weak MIRT548880
hsa-miR-548aw BMP3 Weak MIRT549162
hsa-miR-548aw ARHGAP12 Weak MIRT549306
hsa-miR-548aw ARC Weak MIRT549341
hsa-miR-548aw ACBD5 Weak MIRT549469
hsa-miR-548aw ZNF598 Weak MIRT549673
hsa-miR-548aw MAVS Weak MIRT550202
hsa-miR-548aw MYZAP Weak MIRT550527
hsa-miR-548aw CIDEC Weak MIRT551215
hsa-miR-548aw ZXDA Weak MIRT552308
hsa-miR-548aw WASL Weak MIRT552875
hsa-miR-548aw TRIM33 Weak MIRT553379
hsa-miR-548aw REL Weak MIRT554808
hsa-miR-548aw RCAN2 Weak MIRT554865
hsa-miR-548aw MYBL1 Weak MIRT556018
hsa-miR-548aw MCC Weak MIRT556167
hsa-miR-548aw GNPTAB Weak MIRT557565
hsa-miR-548aw GATA6 Weak MIRT557686
hsa-miR-548aw FBXO8 Weak MIRT557901
hsa-miR-548aw DBN1 Weak MIRT558475
hsa-miR-548aw CFL2 Weak MIRT558756
hsa-miR-548aw ARL8A Weak MIRT559468
hsa-miR-548aw AGO3 Weak MIRT559674
hsa-miR-548aw ZNF680 Weak MIRT560044
hsa-miR-548aw ZNF107 Weak MIRT560636
hsa-miR-548aw KIAA0895 Weak MIRT562086
hsa-miR-548aw CLVS2 Weak MIRT564183
hsa-miR-548aw CCDC80 Weak MIRT564535
hsa-miR-548aw TMPPE Weak MIRT565285
hsa-miR-548aw TMEM41A Weak MIRT565311
hsa-miR-548aw NFYA Weak MIRT566630
hsa-miR-548aw MAPK8 Weak MIRT566815
hsa-miR-548aw HSPA13 Weak MIRT567243
hsa-miR-548aw FGFR1OP Weak MIRT567523
hsa-miR-548aw GDNF Weak MIRT568436
hsa-miR-548aw AKAP10 Weak MIRT568561
hsa-miR-548aw ACVR2A Weak MIRT568628
hsa-miR-548aw FZD5 Weak MIRT570684
hsa-miR-548aw AKR7A2 Weak MIRT573306
hsa-miR-548aw B3GNT6 Weak MIRT613462
hsa-miR-548aw ODF4 Weak MIRT620039
hsa-miR-548aw TAOK3 Weak MIRT621875
hsa-miR-548aw MLLT6 Weak MIRT623239
hsa-miR-548aw FAM104A Weak MIRT623991
hsa-miR-548aw EPHB1 Weak MIRT624012
hsa-miR-548aw PEX26 Weak MIRT626279
hsa-miR-548aw RAB30 Weak MIRT627766
hsa-miR-548aw ZBTB33 Weak MIRT641136
hsa-miR-548aw SPOP Weak MIRT644581
hsa-miR-548aw PTPN14 Weak MIRT646166
hsa-miR-548aw ZNF429 Weak MIRT646494
hsa-miR-548aw RAB23 Weak MIRT647831
hsa-miR-548aw HSD17B12 Weak MIRT649065
hsa-miR-548aw PYCARD Weak MIRT650285
hsa-miR-548aw UNC5D Weak MIRT651853
hsa-miR-548aw PRRC2B Weak MIRT654705
hsa-miR-548aw MAPK14 Weak MIRT656463
hsa-miR-548aw KIAA1462 Weak MIRT656927
hsa-miR-548aw ENAH Weak MIRT658639
hsa-miR-548aw EMP2 Weak MIRT658669
hsa-miR-548aw DCTN5 Weak MIRT659159
hsa-miR-548aw METTL10 Weak MIRT663087
hsa-miR-548aw ZZZ3 Weak MIRT665223
hsa-miR-548aw C19orf44 Weak MIRT669274
hsa-miR-548aw AUTS8 Weak MIRT676045
hsa-miR-548aw DIP2A Weak MIRT681470
hsa-miR-548aw MTHFD1 Weak MIRT683138
hsa-miR-548aw KIAA0513 Weak MIRT689532
hsa-miR-548aw FOXRED2 Weak MIRT691475
hsa-miR-548aw SNX19 Weak MIRT695987
hsa-miR-548aw UBXN7 Weak MIRT697777
hsa-miR-548aw FKBP15 Weak MIRT703514
hsa-miR-548aw CAMSAP1 Weak MIRT704995
hsa-miR-548aw NWD1 Weak MIRT707116
hsa-miR-548aw PPFIBP1 Weak MIRT707446
hsa-miR-548aw WNK3 Weak MIRT707773
hsa-miR-548aw ARMC10 Weak MIRT714232
hsa-miR-548aw TMTC1 Weak MIRT715056
hsa-miR-548aw CHERP Weak MIRT720529
hsa-miR-548aw CD209 Weak MIRT723857
hsa-miR-548aw MUC21 Weak MIRT725346
hsa-miR-548aw HNRNPA3 Weak MIRT725423
hsa-miR-548aw KATNAL1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548aw PFKFB3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548aw DFNA5 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548aw BCAS4 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548aw ARF6 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548aw TP53INP1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548aw CERK Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548aw PGM3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548aw FUT9 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548aw TFB2M Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548aw PUS7 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548aw RPL28 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548aw ZER1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548aw PSD3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548aw SLC35D1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548aw ZYG11B Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548aw ARHGAP19 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548aw CA5B Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548aw PTPRT Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548aw CDCA7L Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548aw SBF2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548aw UHRF2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548aw SH3PXD2B Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548aw FKRP Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548aw ARHGAP5 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548aw ZNF708 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548aw SLC6A4 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548aw SLC6A14 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548aw GOLGA7 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548aw TRPM8 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548aw RFTN1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548aw ZNF135 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548aw LMBRD2 Prediction N/A

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