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MicroRNA Gene Evidence category miRTarBase ID
hsa-miR-548ac BUB3 Weak MIRT055863
hsa-miR-548ac LEPROT Weak MIRT074959
hsa-miR-548ac SUZ12 Weak MIRT076823
hsa-miR-548ac LLGL2 Weak MIRT078708
hsa-miR-548ac ID4 Weak MIRT099610
hsa-miR-548ac CBX3 Weak MIRT103362
hsa-miR-548ac MPZL1 Weak MIRT111801
hsa-miR-548ac AKAP11 Weak MIRT114050
hsa-miR-548ac SKI Weak MIRT133719
hsa-miR-548ac NHLRC3 Weak MIRT136817
hsa-miR-548ac LDLR Weak MIRT149926
hsa-miR-548ac TNPO1 Weak MIRT166915
hsa-miR-548ac SOX4 Weak MIRT168142
hsa-miR-548ac STRN3 Weak MIRT190787
hsa-miR-548ac RMND5A Weak MIRT207471
hsa-miR-548ac CDK5R1 Weak MIRT250951
hsa-miR-548ac ARF1 Weak MIRT271993
hsa-miR-548ac IGF1R Weak MIRT282618
hsa-miR-548ac ZNF845 Weak MIRT294153
hsa-miR-548ac C4ORF3 Weak MIRT309060
hsa-miR-548ac SYNCRIP Weak MIRT318548
hsa-miR-548ac LUC7L2 Weak MIRT319752
hsa-miR-548ac TM9SF3 Weak MIRT331324
hsa-miR-548ac TOMM20 Weak MIRT337204
hsa-miR-548ac ALYREF Weak MIRT346145
hsa-miR-548ac LSM14A Weak MIRT347727
hsa-miR-548ac MRGBP Weak MIRT350503
hsa-miR-548ac RBPJ Weak MIRT356409
hsa-miR-548ac GRPEL2 Weak MIRT357986
hsa-miR-548ac M6PR Weak MIRT374399
hsa-miR-548ac TMEM158 Weak MIRT442727
hsa-miR-548ac HMX3 Weak MIRT443411
hsa-miR-548ac FRMD5 Weak MIRT444408
hsa-miR-548ac PTPRG Weak MIRT444469
hsa-miR-548ac HSBP1 Weak MIRT444650
hsa-miR-548ac EXD2 Weak MIRT444861
hsa-miR-548ac TNFSF15 Weak MIRT445685
hsa-miR-548ac CD1D Weak MIRT446001
hsa-miR-548ac RABIF Weak MIRT446074
hsa-miR-548ac ACSL3 Weak MIRT446308
hsa-miR-548ac ABHD2 Weak MIRT446432
hsa-miR-548ac C3orf30 Weak MIRT447269
hsa-miR-548ac TMCC3 Weak MIRT447759
hsa-miR-548ac P2RY10 Weak MIRT448161
hsa-miR-548ac ADAMTS5 Weak MIRT449049
hsa-miR-548ac PALM2 Weak MIRT449275
hsa-miR-548ac IMP3 Weak MIRT450122
hsa-miR-548ac GABRB3 Weak MIRT450155
hsa-miR-548ac ZNF101 Weak MIRT451289
hsa-miR-548ac ADRBK1 Weak MIRT459253
hsa-miR-548ac NUDT19 Weak MIRT462554
hsa-miR-548ac UGCG Weak MIRT464470
hsa-miR-548ac TSC22D2 Weak MIRT465120
hsa-miR-548ac SKIL Weak MIRT467996
hsa-miR-548ac SDC4 Weak MIRT468718
hsa-miR-548ac RHOB Weak MIRT469269
hsa-miR-548ac POLR2D Weak MIRT470675
hsa-miR-548ac POGK Weak MIRT470723
hsa-miR-548ac PDIA6 Weak MIRT471438
hsa-miR-548ac PDE4D Weak MIRT471502
hsa-miR-548ac NR2F2 Weak MIRT471988
hsa-miR-548ac NEK7 Weak MIRT472386
hsa-miR-548ac KANSL1 Weak MIRT475028
hsa-miR-548ac CDKN1B Weak MIRT479411
hsa-miR-548ac C11orf57 Weak MIRT480514
hsa-miR-548ac AR Weak MIRT481700
hsa-miR-548ac ACTB Weak MIRT482543
hsa-miR-548ac ABCE1 Weak MIRT482627
hsa-miR-548ac INHBA Weak MIRT484725
hsa-miR-548ac ANKEF1 Weak MIRT487778
hsa-miR-548ac YWHAZ Weak MIRT491883
hsa-miR-548ac ARNTL Weak MIRT494653
hsa-miR-548ac SF1 Weak MIRT497366
hsa-miR-548ac HSPA1B Weak MIRT499156
hsa-miR-548ac CELSR3 Weak MIRT502830
hsa-miR-548ac CDC37L1 Weak MIRT502944
hsa-miR-548ac FBXL13 Weak MIRT503942
hsa-miR-548ac MYO6 Weak MIRT504235
hsa-miR-548ac MC2R Weak MIRT504453
hsa-miR-548ac PURA Weak MIRT506022
hsa-miR-548ac BCAT1 Weak MIRT508028
hsa-miR-548ac YES1 Weak MIRT508299
hsa-miR-548ac HMGN2 Weak MIRT511515
hsa-miR-548ac AMER1 Weak MIRT512307
hsa-miR-548ac XRCC3 Weak MIRT514565
hsa-miR-548ac MYBPC1 Weak MIRT515657
hsa-miR-548ac SSU72 Weak MIRT518429
hsa-miR-548ac UBE2D1 Weak MIRT520378
hsa-miR-548ac PSMA2 Weak MIRT521604
hsa-miR-548ac PPP3R1 Weak MIRT521725
hsa-miR-548ac MBNL3 Weak MIRT522579
hsa-miR-548ac LRRC55 Weak MIRT522731
hsa-miR-548ac CDC5L Weak MIRT524547
hsa-miR-548ac SYNM Weak MIRT525371
hsa-miR-548ac PPIA Weak MIRT526489
hsa-miR-548ac CLASP1 Weak MIRT527197
hsa-miR-548ac FBLN2 Weak MIRT527285
hsa-miR-548ac MGARP Weak MIRT527383
hsa-miR-548ac SMU1 Weak MIRT527409
hsa-miR-548ac COL4A3 Weak MIRT527454
hsa-miR-548ac TBC1D22B Weak MIRT528348
hsa-miR-548ac ZNF100 Weak MIRT529104
hsa-miR-548ac ATRNL1 Weak MIRT529317
hsa-miR-548ac PDE5A Weak MIRT529328
hsa-miR-548ac SEL1L Weak MIRT529750
hsa-miR-548ac MKRN3 Weak MIRT530277
hsa-miR-548ac TMEM18 Weak MIRT531415
hsa-miR-548ac WDR13 Weak MIRT532544
hsa-miR-548ac VKORC1L1 Weak MIRT533245
hsa-miR-548ac RNF20 Weak MIRT534659
hsa-miR-548ac RAB33B Weak MIRT534818
hsa-miR-548ac FAM169A Weak MIRT537492
hsa-miR-548ac CABLES1 Weak MIRT538778
hsa-miR-548ac ARL10 Weak MIRT539122
hsa-miR-548ac SLC25A43 Weak MIRT540964
hsa-miR-548ac CDC27 Weak MIRT541403
hsa-miR-548ac ZNF829 Weak MIRT543353
hsa-miR-548ac MFAP3 Weak MIRT543623
hsa-miR-548ac YY2 Weak MIRT543649
hsa-miR-548ac SNCB Weak MIRT544945
hsa-miR-548ac SPC25 Weak MIRT545327
hsa-miR-548ac VEZF1 Weak MIRT546094
hsa-miR-548ac DCUN1D3 Weak MIRT548605
hsa-miR-548ac DAZAP1 Weak MIRT548638
hsa-miR-548ac ZNF681 Weak MIRT550318
hsa-miR-548ac SLC29A1 Weak MIRT550412
hsa-miR-548ac SPPL3 Weak MIRT551034
hsa-miR-548ac HDGFRP2 Weak MIRT551602
hsa-miR-548ac ALG1 Weak MIRT552064
hsa-miR-548ac YAF2 Weak MIRT552803
hsa-miR-548ac TVP23C Weak MIRT553274
hsa-miR-548ac TSPAN3 Weak MIRT553303
hsa-miR-548ac NPM3 Weak MIRT553570
hsa-miR-548ac RECK Weak MIRT554844
hsa-miR-548ac MTF2 Weak MIRT556069
hsa-miR-548ac ITGA2 Weak MIRT556898
hsa-miR-548ac CNIH Weak MIRT558680
hsa-miR-548ac C20orf24 Weak MIRT559032
hsa-miR-548ac C18orf25 Weak MIRT559108
hsa-miR-548ac GSKIP Weak MIRT559864
hsa-miR-548ac GAL3ST3 Weak MIRT560868
hsa-miR-548ac GRB2 Weak MIRT562268
hsa-miR-548ac EIF2S2 Weak MIRT562419
hsa-miR-548ac ARID1A Weak MIRT562652
hsa-miR-548ac ZNF678 Weak MIRT563771
hsa-miR-548ac DEPDC1B Weak MIRT564279
hsa-miR-548ac TRA2B Weak MIRT565253
hsa-miR-548ac TMEM64 Weak MIRT565307
hsa-miR-548ac RFX1 Weak MIRT566034
hsa-miR-548ac MTMR3 Weak MIRT566714
hsa-miR-548ac CELF2 Weak MIRT568087
hsa-miR-548ac ATF7IP Weak MIRT568417
hsa-miR-548ac MYBL1 Weak MIRT568766
hsa-miR-548ac THYN1 Weak MIRT569516
hsa-miR-548ac PHF19 Weak MIRT571823
hsa-miR-548ac HOXA9 Weak MIRT571995
hsa-miR-548ac CELF1 Weak MIRT572174
hsa-miR-548ac ACOT9 Weak MIRT572637
hsa-miR-548ac KHSRP Weak MIRT573756
hsa-miR-548ac CCDC132 Weak MIRT574089
hsa-miR-548ac CMTM6 Weak MIRT574311
hsa-miR-548ac PSAT1 Weak MIRT574512
hsa-miR-548ac NRBF2 Weak MIRT574559
hsa-miR-548ac NKTR Weak MIRT608491
hsa-miR-548ac ATP9A Weak MIRT608640
hsa-miR-548ac TMEM189 Weak MIRT609231
hsa-miR-548ac TCEAL4 Weak MIRT609561
hsa-miR-548ac FAM49A Weak MIRT610193
hsa-miR-548ac SYT2 Weak MIRT610681
hsa-miR-548ac NAV2 Weak MIRT610725
hsa-miR-548ac SGOL2 Weak MIRT610813
hsa-miR-548ac TMEM189-UBE2V1 Weak MIRT610993
hsa-miR-548ac KCNK10 Weak MIRT611030
hsa-miR-548ac SLC2A4 Weak MIRT611339
hsa-miR-548ac HIPK3 Weak MIRT611511
hsa-miR-548ac EDIL3 Weak MIRT611638
hsa-miR-548ac RPL3L Weak MIRT611856
hsa-miR-548ac TRPC3 Weak MIRT611905
hsa-miR-548ac PCNXL2 Weak MIRT612047
hsa-miR-548ac TRIB2 Weak MIRT612340
hsa-miR-548ac INO80C Weak MIRT612870
hsa-miR-548ac AMPD3 Weak MIRT613555
hsa-miR-548ac MMS22L Weak MIRT614490
hsa-miR-548ac BRD4 Weak MIRT615098
hsa-miR-548ac PTPN11 Weak MIRT616228
hsa-miR-548ac GDPGP1 Weak MIRT617220
hsa-miR-548ac ESR1 Weak MIRT617884
hsa-miR-548ac CD59 Weak MIRT618344
hsa-miR-548ac RAPH1 Weak MIRT620264
hsa-miR-548ac CCDC108 Weak MIRT620660
hsa-miR-548ac CCR5 Weak MIRT620761
hsa-miR-548ac TXNL1 Weak MIRT621416
hsa-miR-548ac UBE2V1 Weak MIRT621676
hsa-miR-548ac SLC25A51 Weak MIRT622231
hsa-miR-548ac SALL1 Weak MIRT622377
hsa-miR-548ac RRAGC Weak MIRT622404
hsa-miR-548ac RC3H1 Weak MIRT622494
hsa-miR-548ac NRXN1 Weak MIRT623064
hsa-miR-548ac MAX Weak MIRT623295
hsa-miR-548ac HNRNPA1 Weak MIRT623691
hsa-miR-548ac FMNL3 Weak MIRT623930
hsa-miR-548ac FAM208A Weak MIRT623984
hsa-miR-548ac C7orf55-LUC7L2 Weak MIRT624513
hsa-miR-548ac ARID4A Weak MIRT624668
hsa-miR-548ac ANGPTL2 Weak MIRT624756
hsa-miR-548ac MARCH2 Weak MIRT624949
hsa-miR-548ac RNF2 Weak MIRT625968
hsa-miR-548ac KIAA2018 Weak MIRT626415
hsa-miR-548ac TIMM23B Weak MIRT626840
hsa-miR-548ac AP3B1 Weak MIRT626882
hsa-miR-548ac ZNF652 Weak MIRT627157
hsa-miR-548ac SFT2D2 Weak MIRT627613
hsa-miR-548ac RAP2B Weak MIRT627744
hsa-miR-548ac PTEN Weak MIRT627808
hsa-miR-548ac PRR3 Weak MIRT627820
hsa-miR-548ac UNC93A Weak MIRT630935
hsa-miR-548ac GLTSCR2 Weak MIRT635930
hsa-miR-548ac SERBP1 Weak MIRT638301
hsa-miR-548ac PNRC1 Weak MIRT638437
hsa-miR-548ac TCF24 Weak MIRT640281
hsa-miR-548ac PCMTD2 Weak MIRT641979
hsa-miR-548ac GIN1 Weak MIRT644179
hsa-miR-548ac VDR Weak MIRT644439
hsa-miR-548ac STEAP4 Weak MIRT644974
hsa-miR-548ac B3GALNT1 Weak MIRT647653
hsa-miR-548ac TNFRSF13C Weak MIRT648702
hsa-miR-548ac ZCCHC9 Weak MIRT650120
hsa-miR-548ac UFM1 Weak MIRT650505
hsa-miR-548ac CLNK Weak MIRT650701
hsa-miR-548ac ZNF518B Weak MIRT651083
hsa-miR-548ac SLC30A1 Weak MIRT653644
hsa-miR-548ac SIX4 Weak MIRT653788
hsa-miR-548ac LCOR Weak MIRT656773
hsa-miR-548ac KIAA1456 Weak MIRT656949
hsa-miR-548ac KDM5A Weak MIRT656981
hsa-miR-548ac TOR1AIP2 Weak MIRT657225
hsa-miR-548ac GPC5 Weak MIRT657706
hsa-miR-548ac BTBD3 Weak MIRT660107
hsa-miR-548ac C9orf64 Weak MIRT662817
hsa-miR-548ac TGIF2 Weak MIRT665889
hsa-miR-548ac GINS2 Weak MIRT668140
hsa-miR-548ac ERCC1 Weak MIRT668566
hsa-miR-548ac AAGAB Weak MIRT669718
hsa-miR-548ac TRIM45 Weak MIRT685693
hsa-miR-548ac TMPPE Weak MIRT686579
hsa-miR-548ac NHLRC2 Weak MIRT687491
hsa-miR-548ac KCNJ15 Weak MIRT687805
hsa-miR-548ac HHIP Weak MIRT687968
hsa-miR-548ac SCIMP Weak MIRT689487
hsa-miR-548ac NUDT7 Weak MIRT689595
hsa-miR-548ac RSRC1 Weak MIRT690501
hsa-miR-548ac XRN2 Weak MIRT692290
hsa-miR-548ac KIAA1324 Weak MIRT693060
hsa-miR-548ac ZFHX3 Weak MIRT697443
hsa-miR-548ac TJP1 Weak MIRT698475
hsa-miR-548ac SOAT1 Weak MIRT699033
hsa-miR-548ac SEMA4D Weak MIRT699785
hsa-miR-548ac NEO1 Weak MIRT701463
hsa-miR-548ac MRO Weak MIRT701869
hsa-miR-548ac MAP3K1 Weak MIRT702158
hsa-miR-548ac FAM126B Weak MIRT703750
hsa-miR-548ac DGS2 Weak MIRT704277
hsa-miR-548ac PGM3 Weak MIRT707956
hsa-miR-548ac LAMTOR1 Weak MIRT712747
hsa-miR-548ac RHOA Weak MIRT712848
hsa-miR-548ac CCBE1 Weak MIRT712954
hsa-miR-548ac U2SURP Weak MIRT713119
hsa-miR-548ac PKIA Weak MIRT713148
hsa-miR-548ac TADA3 Weak MIRT715394
hsa-miR-548ac NEGR1 Weak MIRT715475
hsa-miR-548ac G2E3 Weak MIRT715535
hsa-miR-548ac MYOCD Weak MIRT721159
hsa-miR-548ac ZNF460 Weak MIRT722719
hsa-miR-548ac GTF2F2 Weak MIRT723130
hsa-miR-548ac TMLHE Weak MIRT723259
hsa-miR-548ac KATNAL1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548ac MLLT4 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548ac SNX1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548ac DCP2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548ac SZRD1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548ac ALG10B Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548ac DESI1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548ac TFAM Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548ac TFAP2C Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548ac WNT5A Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548ac DSC2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548ac ALG10 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548ac ZNF143 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548ac TYW5 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-548ac ACTR8 Prediction N/A

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