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MicroRNA Gene Evidence category miRTarBase ID
hsa-miR-511-3p KATNAL1 Weak MIRT068303
hsa-miR-511-3p SCP2 Weak MIRT072025
hsa-miR-511-3p IGF1R Weak MIRT073626
hsa-miR-511-3p PMAIP1 Weak MIRT080574
hsa-miR-511-3p PCGF3 Weak MIRT094167
hsa-miR-511-3p LIFR Weak MIRT096536
hsa-miR-511-3p SLC25A12 Weak MIRT156224
hsa-miR-511-3p ADO Weak MIRT177714
hsa-miR-511-3p ZNF268 Weak MIRT184922
hsa-miR-511-3p LYPLAL1 Weak MIRT185107
hsa-miR-511-3p MAPK6 Weak MIRT193093
hsa-miR-511-3p TADA2B Weak MIRT213346
hsa-miR-511-3p SDCBP Weak MIRT225350
hsa-miR-511-3p AKAP2 Weak MIRT226972
hsa-miR-511-3p PALM2-AKAP2 Weak MIRT226977
hsa-miR-511-3p YIPF6 Weak MIRT229844
hsa-miR-511-3p PRRG4 Weak MIRT230994
hsa-miR-511-3p ATP2A2 Weak MIRT270215
hsa-miR-511-3p NDFIP2 Weak MIRT277060
hsa-miR-511-3p CFL2 Weak MIRT278336
hsa-miR-511-3p CALM1 Weak MIRT280390
hsa-miR-511-3p BACH1 Weak MIRT298042
hsa-miR-511-3p CLIP4 Weak MIRT302449
hsa-miR-511-3p HNRNPA0 Weak MIRT311937
hsa-miR-511-3p AIMP1 Weak MIRT329263
hsa-miR-511-3p F2RL1 Weak MIRT359186
hsa-miR-511-3p YWHAZ Weak MIRT363208
hsa-miR-511-3p YTHDC1 Weak MIRT371124
hsa-miR-511-3p TAOK1 Weak MIRT386755
hsa-miR-511-3p BAHD1 Weak MIRT395122
hsa-miR-511-3p MKLN1 Weak MIRT396089
hsa-miR-511-3p EVX2 Weak MIRT443566
hsa-miR-511-3p CUL3 Weak MIRT447626
hsa-miR-511-3p ZNF264 Weak MIRT447680
hsa-miR-511-3p NT5C1B Weak MIRT451053
hsa-miR-511-3p NT5C1B-RDH14 Weak MIRT452048
hsa-miR-511-3p KIAA1191 Weak MIRT459890
hsa-miR-511-3p UGCG Weak MIRT464483
hsa-miR-511-3p TRIM44 Weak MIRT465264
hsa-miR-511-3p SLITRK4 Weak MIRT467570
hsa-miR-511-3p SLC2A14 Weak MIRT467800
hsa-miR-511-3p RASAL2 Weak MIRT469543
hsa-miR-511-3p PTPRJ Weak MIRT469931
hsa-miR-511-3p LMNB2 Weak MIRT474056
hsa-miR-511-3p LMBR1L Weak MIRT474097
hsa-miR-511-3p INSIG2 Weak MIRT475183
hsa-miR-511-3p FAM177A1 Weak MIRT484264
hsa-miR-511-3p LOXL2 Weak MIRT487567
hsa-miR-511-3p CBWD1 Weak MIRT499080
hsa-miR-511-3p CBWD5 Weak MIRT499126
hsa-miR-511-3p KPNA5 Weak MIRT502093
hsa-miR-511-3p SOX5 Weak MIRT503328
hsa-miR-511-3p NCAM2 Weak MIRT503839
hsa-miR-511-3p CEP104 Weak MIRT504030
hsa-miR-511-3p LHFPL5 Weak MIRT504314
hsa-miR-511-3p BVES Weak MIRT504525
hsa-miR-511-3p CYGB Weak MIRT504680
hsa-miR-511-3p DOCK7 Weak MIRT504815
hsa-miR-511-3p SENP1 Weak MIRT505757
hsa-miR-511-3p PLEKHA3 Weak MIRT506151
hsa-miR-511-3p KCNJ3 Weak MIRT506908
hsa-miR-511-3p CD226 Weak MIRT508259
hsa-miR-511-3p XRCC3 Weak MIRT508307
hsa-miR-511-3p CDKL1 Weak MIRT508784
hsa-miR-511-3p C4orf29 Weak MIRT508897
hsa-miR-511-3p TECRL Weak MIRT508967
hsa-miR-511-3p MLLT3 Weak MIRT508973
hsa-miR-511-3p TSC22D3 Weak MIRT509149
hsa-miR-511-3p TSPAN2 Weak MIRT509188
hsa-miR-511-3p BRCC3 Weak MIRT509212
hsa-miR-511-3p SEC23IP Weak MIRT509214
hsa-miR-511-3p PDE10A Weak MIRT509237
hsa-miR-511-3p OTX1 Weak MIRT509248
hsa-miR-511-3p TRIM2 Weak MIRT509469
hsa-miR-511-3p EFCAB11 Weak MIRT509754
hsa-miR-511-3p CHAF1B Weak MIRT509805
hsa-miR-511-3p USP25 Weak MIRT509938
hsa-miR-511-3p ITGA1 Weak MIRT509954
hsa-miR-511-3p KANSL1L Weak MIRT509965
hsa-miR-511-3p GTF2H1 Weak MIRT509988
hsa-miR-511-3p NAA25 Weak MIRT510036
hsa-miR-511-3p STARD8 Weak MIRT510164
hsa-miR-511-3p CYP4F11 Weak MIRT510199
hsa-miR-511-3p ATP5S Weak MIRT510249
hsa-miR-511-3p YWHAQ Weak MIRT510502
hsa-miR-511-3p PURA Weak MIRT510906
hsa-miR-511-3p NRF1 Weak MIRT511051
hsa-miR-511-3p KLHL23 Weak MIRT511273
hsa-miR-511-3p IL6ST Weak MIRT511368
hsa-miR-511-3p HMGB2 Weak MIRT511521
hsa-miR-511-3p DUSP7 Weak MIRT512004
hsa-miR-511-3p CSRNP3 Weak MIRT512080
hsa-miR-511-3p EPOR Weak MIRT514234
hsa-miR-511-3p SLC35E3 Weak MIRT515327
hsa-miR-511-3p WDR72 Weak MIRT515409
hsa-miR-511-3p C9orf156 Weak MIRT515973
hsa-miR-511-3p NLGN3 Weak MIRT516015
hsa-miR-511-3p DBT Weak MIRT516271
hsa-miR-511-3p GLRX2 Weak MIRT516495
hsa-miR-511-3p ANG Weak MIRT517272
hsa-miR-511-3p KCNK12 Weak MIRT517511
hsa-miR-511-3p VENTX Weak MIRT517555
hsa-miR-511-3p RBM22 Weak MIRT519511
hsa-miR-511-3p UBN2 Weak MIRT520350
hsa-miR-511-3p TMED7 Weak MIRT520687
hsa-miR-511-3p SRGAP2 Weak MIRT520960
hsa-miR-511-3p PPIL1 Weak MIRT521759
hsa-miR-511-3p PAPSS2 Weak MIRT522036
hsa-miR-511-3p NELL2 Weak MIRT522127
hsa-miR-511-3p MAP7D1 Weak MIRT522624
hsa-miR-511-3p LDLR Weak MIRT522761
hsa-miR-511-3p KAT6A Weak MIRT522924
hsa-miR-511-3p GRIN2B Weak MIRT523391
hsa-miR-511-3p ETV6 Weak MIRT523851
hsa-miR-511-3p EPHA5 Weak MIRT523890
hsa-miR-511-3p E2F8 Weak MIRT523945
hsa-miR-511-3p DCUN1D3 Weak MIRT524222
hsa-miR-511-3p CNTNAP5 Weak MIRT524410
hsa-miR-511-3p CALML4 Weak MIRT524568
hsa-miR-511-3p ENTHD1 Weak MIRT524611
hsa-miR-511-3p AMMECR1 Weak MIRT524907
hsa-miR-511-3p ABHD13 Weak MIRT525019
hsa-miR-511-3p C19orf12 Weak MIRT525211
hsa-miR-511-3p BMS1 Weak MIRT528253
hsa-miR-511-3p ZNF76 Weak MIRT528294
hsa-miR-511-3p INVS Weak MIRT531898
hsa-miR-511-3p MOGAT1 Weak MIRT535962
hsa-miR-511-3p SSPN Weak MIRT540823
hsa-miR-511-3p CDON Weak MIRT541836
hsa-miR-511-3p BMPR1A Weak MIRT541914
hsa-miR-511-3p KIAA2018 Weak MIRT542156
hsa-miR-511-3p SERTM1 Weak MIRT542175
hsa-miR-511-3p IRS1 Weak MIRT542217
hsa-miR-511-3p UGT2B4 Weak MIRT542225
hsa-miR-511-3p PLEKHM3 Weak MIRT543654
hsa-miR-511-3p EDA2R Weak MIRT544097
hsa-miR-511-3p SPPL3 Weak MIRT544533
hsa-miR-511-3p TUB Weak MIRT544954
hsa-miR-511-3p PLP1 Weak MIRT545027
hsa-miR-511-3p SERTAD3 Weak MIRT546524
hsa-miR-511-3p OSBPL9 Weak MIRT547242
hsa-miR-511-3p FNIP1 Weak MIRT548198
hsa-miR-511-3p FBXL20 Weak MIRT548272
hsa-miR-511-3p ACBD5 Weak MIRT549480
hsa-miR-511-3p ABI2 Weak MIRT549498
hsa-miR-511-3p SMAD9 Weak MIRT550325
hsa-miR-511-3p CYP4V2 Weak MIRT550563
hsa-miR-511-3p AR Weak MIRT550642
hsa-miR-511-3p CTSE Weak MIRT550945
hsa-miR-511-3p POT1 Weak MIRT550961
hsa-miR-511-3p ATP7A Weak MIRT551178
hsa-miR-511-3p LRRC31 Weak MIRT551416
hsa-miR-511-3p ADH1B Weak MIRT551507
hsa-miR-511-3p MMADHC Weak MIRT551517
hsa-miR-511-3p TMEM133 Weak MIRT551550
hsa-miR-511-3p TRIM42 Weak MIRT551757
hsa-miR-511-3p TMEM47 Weak MIRT551872
hsa-miR-511-3p EPHA1 Weak MIRT551882
hsa-miR-511-3p IGLON5 Weak MIRT551917
hsa-miR-511-3p ZNF562 Weak MIRT552377
hsa-miR-511-3p ZHX3 Weak MIRT552543
hsa-miR-511-3p TRAF5 Weak MIRT553419
hsa-miR-511-3p SNX4 Weak MIRT554080
hsa-miR-511-3p RRAGC Weak MIRT554588
hsa-miR-511-3p RCC2 Weak MIRT554887
hsa-miR-511-3p PLCB1 Weak MIRT555568
hsa-miR-511-3p PCDH11Y Weak MIRT555819
hsa-miR-511-3p NR3C1 Weak MIRT555969
hsa-miR-511-3p MXD1 Weak MIRT556028
hsa-miR-511-3p MBNL2 Weak MIRT556206
hsa-miR-511-3p MARCH3 Weak MIRT556251
hsa-miR-511-3p HMGN3 Weak MIRT557265
hsa-miR-511-3p HHIP Weak MIRT557334
hsa-miR-511-3p GXYLT2 Weak MIRT557427
hsa-miR-511-3p GPBP1L1 Weak MIRT557537
hsa-miR-511-3p FREM2 Weak MIRT557797
hsa-miR-511-3p FOXP1 Weak MIRT557805
hsa-miR-511-3p CRIM1 Weak MIRT558569
hsa-miR-511-3p CHORDC1 Weak MIRT558734
hsa-miR-511-3p CCSER2 Weak MIRT558878
hsa-miR-511-3p CBX1 Weak MIRT558933
hsa-miR-511-3p BTG3 Weak MIRT559133
hsa-miR-511-3p BRWD3 Weak MIRT559168
hsa-miR-511-3p AMER1 Weak MIRT559618
hsa-miR-511-3p SERBP1 Weak MIRT561627
hsa-miR-511-3p LRRC59 Weak MIRT561971
hsa-miR-511-3p ZNF138 Weak MIRT563049
hsa-miR-511-3p TRIM13 Weak MIRT563432
hsa-miR-511-3p RBM41 Weak MIRT563540
hsa-miR-511-3p ZNF544 Weak MIRT564647
hsa-miR-511-3p EIF5 Weak MIRT567674
hsa-miR-511-3p DLC1 Weak MIRT567755
hsa-miR-511-3p BICD2 Weak MIRT568267
hsa-miR-511-3p SIGMAR1 Weak MIRT569160
hsa-miR-511-3p DMD Weak MIRT569179
hsa-miR-511-3p DCAF8 Weak MIRT569427
hsa-miR-511-3p RGS5 Weak MIRT569853
hsa-miR-511-3p PLAG1 Weak MIRT570554
hsa-miR-511-3p SYT9 Weak MIRT571233
hsa-miR-511-3p KCNJ6 Weak MIRT572276
hsa-miR-511-3p ZFHX2 Weak MIRT572539
hsa-miR-511-3p ZNF350 Weak MIRT574271
hsa-miR-511-3p SMC1A Weak MIRT574428
hsa-miR-511-3p HNRNPDL Weak MIRT574671
hsa-miR-511-3p SATB1 Weak MIRT607889
hsa-miR-511-3p FGF14 Weak MIRT608846
hsa-miR-511-3p SPATA6 Weak MIRT608854
hsa-miR-511-3p CNTF Weak MIRT608879
hsa-miR-511-3p ZNF860 Weak MIRT608899
hsa-miR-511-3p C12orf60 Weak MIRT608948
hsa-miR-511-3p CDH6 Weak MIRT609029
hsa-miR-511-3p LPP Weak MIRT609063
hsa-miR-511-3p ZNF280B Weak MIRT612277
hsa-miR-511-3p SEPT7 Weak MIRT612520
hsa-miR-511-3p GREM1 Weak MIRT617202
hsa-miR-511-3p KIF13A Weak MIRT618700
hsa-miR-511-3p AFF2 Weak MIRT619141
hsa-miR-511-3p RAB11FIP3 Weak MIRT621071
hsa-miR-511-3p PTCHD1 Weak MIRT627811
hsa-miR-511-3p ZBTB20 Weak MIRT641782
hsa-miR-511-3p GPRC5A Weak MIRT657645
hsa-miR-511-3p C16orf72 Weak MIRT669313
hsa-miR-511-3p PHKA1 Weak MIRT674602
hsa-miR-511-3p CPPED1 Weak MIRT684064
hsa-miR-511-3p TACR3 Weak MIRT685149
hsa-miR-511-3p PIK3CG Weak MIRT693446
hsa-miR-511-3p WDR3 Weak MIRT693808
hsa-miR-511-3p ETV3 Weak MIRT703845
hsa-miR-511-3p ZNF850 Weak MIRT707100
hsa-miR-511-3p SVIP Weak MIRT707375
hsa-miR-511-3p ROCK2 Weak MIRT707467
hsa-miR-511-3p PPP1R16B Weak MIRT707514
hsa-miR-511-3p ADAMTS9 Weak MIRT707542
hsa-miR-511-3p CLVS2 Weak MIRT707560
hsa-miR-511-3p HACE1 Weak MIRT708113
hsa-miR-511-3p ADD2 Weak MIRT708217
hsa-miR-511-3p MX2 Weak MIRT710678
hsa-miR-511-3p ANKH Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-511-3p KPNA6 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-511-3p ANXA11 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-511-3p ATP11C Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-511-3p SLC22A3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-511-3p KIRREL2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-511-3p WDR48 Prediction N/A

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