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MicroRNA Gene Evidence category miRTarBase ID
hsa-miR-496 RPL10 Weak MIRT229448
hsa-miR-496 DYRK2 Weak MIRT241917
hsa-miR-496 ZNF333 Weak MIRT291874
hsa-miR-496 ZNF507 Weak MIRT347332
hsa-miR-496 ALG14 Weak MIRT441827
hsa-miR-496 TMEM158 Weak MIRT442729
hsa-miR-496 AKT1 Weak MIRT442865
hsa-miR-496 VPS36 Weak MIRT443209
hsa-miR-496 ZFAND5 Weak MIRT443745
hsa-miR-496 CNKSR3 Weak MIRT443892
hsa-miR-496 SH3TC2 Weak MIRT444377
hsa-miR-496 GPR89B Weak MIRT444590
hsa-miR-496 ITM2A Weak MIRT445739
hsa-miR-496 MAN1A2 Weak MIRT446340
hsa-miR-496 GPR89A Weak MIRT446918
hsa-miR-496 KIF6 Weak MIRT447342
hsa-miR-496 LEPROTL1 Weak MIRT450034
hsa-miR-496 SGIP1 Weak MIRT450675
hsa-miR-496 SEMA5A Weak MIRT450677
hsa-miR-496 MRPS27 Weak MIRT461321
hsa-miR-496 VHL Weak MIRT464187
hsa-miR-496 UHMK1 Weak MIRT464430
hsa-miR-496 SLC16A7 Weak MIRT467923
hsa-miR-496 PANK3 Weak MIRT471633
hsa-miR-496 NAA50 Weak MIRT472605
hsa-miR-496 GIGYF1 Weak MIRT476367
hsa-miR-496 H2AFZ Weak MIRT490238
hsa-miR-496 NCK2 Weak MIRT492977
hsa-miR-496 FAM127B Weak MIRT493911
hsa-miR-496 FAM127A Weak MIRT493930
hsa-miR-496 SLC7A5P2 Weak MIRT495926
hsa-miR-496 IKZF2 Weak MIRT498141
hsa-miR-496 MAPK8 Weak MIRT501963
hsa-miR-496 TIPRL Weak MIRT504254
hsa-miR-496 ZIC5 Weak MIRT505066
hsa-miR-496 MORF4L1 Weak MIRT506537
hsa-miR-496 HIST2H2AB Weak MIRT509582
hsa-miR-496 ARPP19 Weak MIRT512247
hsa-miR-496 ZNF793 Weak MIRT512537
hsa-miR-496 MGAT4C Weak MIRT514083
hsa-miR-496 DENND4C Weak MIRT524191
hsa-miR-496 HSPA1A Weak MIRT525026
hsa-miR-496 GMDS Weak MIRT526041
hsa-miR-496 MDM2 Weak MIRT526544
hsa-miR-496 ZNF326 Weak MIRT528603
hsa-miR-496 TMLHE Weak MIRT529808
hsa-miR-496 MTPAP Weak MIRT531827
hsa-miR-496 ZNF764 Weak MIRT532142
hsa-miR-496 PTGIS Weak MIRT532291
hsa-miR-496 PRR11 Weak MIRT534986
hsa-miR-496 LIMA1 Weak MIRT536287
hsa-miR-496 GALNT3 Weak MIRT537236
hsa-miR-496 EFNA5 Weak MIRT537859
hsa-miR-496 COL19A1 Weak MIRT538430
hsa-miR-496 SNX10 Weak MIRT543816
hsa-miR-496 CCBL2 Weak MIRT544235
hsa-miR-496 SEC23IP Weak MIRT544274
hsa-miR-496 TMCC1 Weak MIRT546314
hsa-miR-496 PPP6C Weak MIRT546986
hsa-miR-496 FOXA1 Weak MIRT548187
hsa-miR-496 CCDC127 Weak MIRT551647
hsa-miR-496 TMEM47 Weak MIRT551871
hsa-miR-496 ZBTB41 Weak MIRT552628
hsa-miR-496 TACC1 Weak MIRT553789
hsa-miR-496 SFXN5 Weak MIRT554363
hsa-miR-496 PIP5K1C Weak MIRT555595
hsa-miR-496 HOXA13 Weak MIRT557136
hsa-miR-496 GPR180 Weak MIRT557522
hsa-miR-496 SLC30A1 Weak MIRT561576
hsa-miR-496 PAWR Weak MIRT561785
hsa-miR-496 NPTX1 Weak MIRT561847
hsa-miR-496 AUTS8 Weak MIRT563776
hsa-miR-496 SIX4 Weak MIRT565650
hsa-miR-496 SESN3 Weak MIRT565740
hsa-miR-496 DLX2 Weak MIRT567739
hsa-miR-496 BACH1 Weak MIRT568325
hsa-miR-496 UBE2V1 Weak MIRT570364
hsa-miR-496 TMEM189-UBE2V1 Weak MIRT570407
hsa-miR-496 TMEM189 Weak MIRT570440
hsa-miR-496 WBP11 Weak MIRT571577
hsa-miR-496 ZWINT Weak MIRT573837
hsa-miR-496 HNRNPA1L2 Weak MIRT573999
hsa-miR-496 RPS15A Weak MIRT574500
hsa-miR-496 HNRNPA1 Weak MIRT574698
hsa-miR-496 RALGAPB Weak MIRT607647
hsa-miR-496 CYB5D1 Weak MIRT609220
hsa-miR-496 WDR3 Weak MIRT610904
hsa-miR-496 ADO Weak MIRT613881
hsa-miR-496 RNF11 Weak MIRT616214
hsa-miR-496 NFATC2 Weak MIRT623113
hsa-miR-496 DSTYK Weak MIRT633009
hsa-miR-496 PPID Weak MIRT635610
hsa-miR-496 MBOAT2 Weak MIRT636423
hsa-miR-496 SLAMF1 Weak MIRT641301
hsa-miR-496 PSPH Weak MIRT654657
hsa-miR-496 CD86 Weak MIRT659681
hsa-miR-496 PEX26 Weak MIRT663775
hsa-miR-496 C9orf139 Weak MIRT664022
hsa-miR-496 ZNF426 Weak MIRT685765
hsa-miR-496 NR3C1 Weak MIRT687436
hsa-miR-496 CPS1 Weak MIRT688700
hsa-miR-496 SMC2 Weak MIRT699137
hsa-miR-496 PGM2L1 Weak MIRT700824
hsa-miR-496 DYNC1I2 Weak MIRT704092
hsa-miR-496 TSPAN6 Weak MIRT707805
hsa-miR-496 EPT1 Weak MIRT715557
hsa-miR-496 MYCBP2 Weak MIRT721109
hsa-miR-496 NGDN Weak MIRT721441
hsa-miR-496 TNFRSF10B Weak MIRT724263
hsa-miR-496 NDUFAF7 Weak MIRT725034
hsa-miR-496 C7orf60 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-496 SLC16A14 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-496 EARS2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-496 XPO4 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-496 HMGCS1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-496 PSD3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-496 NHLRC2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-496 TULP4 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-496 ZNF264 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-496 PPARA Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-496 PSMD10 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-496 ZNF597 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-496 IL17RA Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-496 PRKACB Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-496 PRTG Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-496 ASB8 Prediction N/A

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