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MicroRNA Gene Evidence category miRTarBase ID
hsa-miR-4694-5p LCOR Weak MIRT057649
hsa-miR-4694-5p TBRG1 Weak MIRT179445
hsa-miR-4694-5p DNAJB6 Weak MIRT221386
hsa-miR-4694-5p POLR2D Weak MIRT297939
hsa-miR-4694-5p ITGA2 Weak MIRT313695
hsa-miR-4694-5p PLXDC2 Weak MIRT445521
hsa-miR-4694-5p POC1A Weak MIRT459942
hsa-miR-4694-5p SETX Weak MIRT462324
hsa-miR-4694-5p VMP1 Weak MIRT464163
hsa-miR-4694-5p TRIB1 Weak MIRT465298
hsa-miR-4694-5p RPS24 Weak MIRT468929
hsa-miR-4694-5p POGZ Weak MIRT485242
hsa-miR-4694-5p GLUD1 Weak MIRT490448
hsa-miR-4694-5p TSKU Weak MIRT500666
hsa-miR-4694-5p C8orf37 Weak MIRT518486
hsa-miR-4694-5p ZNF394 Weak MIRT519740
hsa-miR-4694-5p FRK Weak MIRT525082
hsa-miR-4694-5p C7orf33 Weak MIRT530598
hsa-miR-4694-5p LDHD Weak MIRT532754
hsa-miR-4694-5p SENP1 Weak MIRT534408
hsa-miR-4694-5p RAB23 Weak MIRT555022
hsa-miR-4694-5p TRAF3 Weak MIRT568694
hsa-miR-4694-5p FSIP2 Weak MIRT634860
hsa-miR-4694-5p N4BP2L2 Weak MIRT681815
hsa-miR-4694-5p CPM Weak MIRT682675
hsa-miR-4694-5p RTN3 Weak MIRT699946
hsa-miR-4694-5p MARCH4 Weak MIRT719335
hsa-miR-4694-5p PALLD Weak MIRT724502
hsa-miR-4694-5p GOSR1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4694-5p FBXO28 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4694-5p FAM91A1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4694-5p IKBKB Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4694-5p RPS6KB1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4694-5p FAF2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4694-5p PIM1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4694-5p NDUFS2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4694-5p FAM3A Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4694-5p LMTK2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4694-5p CDK20 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4694-5p TBX5 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4694-5p ZNF33A Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4694-5p PET112 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4694-5p IL1A Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4694-5p ERCC1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4694-5p RIMKLA Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4694-5p USP13 Prediction N/A

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