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MicroRNA Gene Evidence category miRTarBase ID
hsa-miR-4671-3p OTUD3 Weak MIRT061526
hsa-miR-4671-3p C16ORF70 Weak MIRT075130
hsa-miR-4671-3p SEC23B Weak MIRT083161
hsa-miR-4671-3p CBY1 Weak MIRT087873
hsa-miR-4671-3p ARHGEF26 Weak MIRT090916
hsa-miR-4671-3p USP13 Weak MIRT091228
hsa-miR-4671-3p PTPRG Weak MIRT092499
hsa-miR-4671-3p UBE2D2 Weak MIRT095405
hsa-miR-4671-3p JMY Weak MIRT097429
hsa-miR-4671-3p PNRC1 Weak MIRT101828
hsa-miR-4671-3p POP7 Weak MIRT102162
hsa-miR-4671-3p VPS37A Weak MIRT105321
hsa-miR-4671-3p PLEKHF2 Weak MIRT106646
hsa-miR-4671-3p HPRT1 Weak MIRT108890
hsa-miR-4671-3p MID1IP1 Weak MIRT109838
hsa-miR-4671-3p LMLN Weak MIRT162293
hsa-miR-4671-3p C11ORF57 Weak MIRT178945
hsa-miR-4671-3p PAFAH1B2 Weak MIRT179078
hsa-miR-4671-3p TROVE2 Weak MIRT182982
hsa-miR-4671-3p ZNF678 Weak MIRT185796
hsa-miR-4671-3p TMOD3 Weak MIRT193035
hsa-miR-4671-3p CLCN3 Weak MIRT212157
hsa-miR-4671-3p MTPN Weak MIRT220707
hsa-miR-4671-3p NUPL1 Weak MIRT232833
hsa-miR-4671-3p ESR1 Weak MIRT238931
hsa-miR-4671-3p ZBTB7B Weak MIRT246472
hsa-miR-4671-3p ZMAT3 Weak MIRT306238
hsa-miR-4671-3p PPP1R14C Weak MIRT316382
hsa-miR-4671-3p SRSF2 Weak MIRT345894
hsa-miR-4671-3p MYLIP Weak MIRT360032
hsa-miR-4671-3p ZNF75A Weak MIRT441355
hsa-miR-4671-3p FLT1 Weak MIRT443664
hsa-miR-4671-3p RAP1A Weak MIRT448554
hsa-miR-4671-3p UQCRB Weak MIRT449140
hsa-miR-4671-3p TPP1 Weak MIRT459822
hsa-miR-4671-3p ZNF800 Weak MIRT462944
hsa-miR-4671-3p WIPF2 Weak MIRT463963
hsa-miR-4671-3p UBB Weak MIRT464863
hsa-miR-4671-3p THRA Weak MIRT466316
hsa-miR-4671-3p SERINC3 Weak MIRT468553
hsa-miR-4671-3p ELL2 Weak MIRT477477
hsa-miR-4671-3p CSNK1A1 Weak MIRT478712
hsa-miR-4671-3p OSBP Weak MIRT490875
hsa-miR-4671-3p PDZD11 Weak MIRT491419
hsa-miR-4671-3p ZNF24 Weak MIRT491779
hsa-miR-4671-3p MMGT1 Weak MIRT493085
hsa-miR-4671-3p NRBF2 Weak MIRT501772
hsa-miR-4671-3p CLIP1 Weak MIRT502728
hsa-miR-4671-3p ZNF154 Weak MIRT503465
hsa-miR-4671-3p PHF12 Weak MIRT506211
hsa-miR-4671-3p MSANTD4 Weak MIRT506497
hsa-miR-4671-3p CALM2 Weak MIRT507901
hsa-miR-4671-3p SPG20 Weak MIRT510712
hsa-miR-4671-3p UBBP4 Weak MIRT514359
hsa-miR-4671-3p CEP170 Weak MIRT524496
hsa-miR-4671-3p MALT1 Weak MIRT529426
hsa-miR-4671-3p TRIM71 Weak MIRT533483
hsa-miR-4671-3p TMEM30A Weak MIRT533714
hsa-miR-4671-3p SAR1B Weak MIRT534472
hsa-miR-4671-3p LEFTY1 Weak MIRT536330
hsa-miR-4671-3p KCTD10 Weak MIRT536520
hsa-miR-4671-3p ESRP2 Weak MIRT537598
hsa-miR-4671-3p DSTYK Weak MIRT537919
hsa-miR-4671-3p DIAPH2 Weak MIRT538075
hsa-miR-4671-3p CDK19 Weak MIRT538600
hsa-miR-4671-3p CAPRIN2 Weak MIRT538708
hsa-miR-4671-3p RBM43 Weak MIRT540434
hsa-miR-4671-3p TRIM4 Weak MIRT544475
hsa-miR-4671-3p SFTPA1 Weak MIRT546944
hsa-miR-4671-3p ENPP5 Weak MIRT548409
hsa-miR-4671-3p DAPK1 Weak MIRT548643
hsa-miR-4671-3p ACVR1 Weak MIRT549428
hsa-miR-4671-3p ACBD5 Weak MIRT549470
hsa-miR-4671-3p ASB16 Weak MIRT551687
hsa-miR-4671-3p ZNF620 Weak MIRT552354
hsa-miR-4671-3p ZIC5 Weak MIRT552513
hsa-miR-4671-3p TSPAN3 Weak MIRT553285
hsa-miR-4671-3p TRPC3 Weak MIRT553338
hsa-miR-4671-3p SUN2 Weak MIRT553889
hsa-miR-4671-3p PURG Weak MIRT555075
hsa-miR-4671-3p PRUNE2 Weak MIRT555181
hsa-miR-4671-3p MB21D2 Weak MIRT556215
hsa-miR-4671-3p LIPA Weak MIRT556477
hsa-miR-4671-3p DEPDC1 Weak MIRT558403
hsa-miR-4671-3p AKIRIN2 Weak MIRT559619
hsa-miR-4671-3p ZNF107 Weak MIRT560639
hsa-miR-4671-3p RNF11 Weak MIRT566002
hsa-miR-4671-3p DLC1 Weak MIRT567762
hsa-miR-4671-3p ABCD2 Weak MIRT573075
hsa-miR-4671-3p UEVLD Weak MIRT651916
hsa-miR-4671-3p RBM27 Weak MIRT654345
hsa-miR-4671-3p RBM23 Weak MIRT666673
hsa-miR-4671-3p C4orf36 Weak MIRT669251
hsa-miR-4671-3p IRF1 Weak MIRT672602
hsa-miR-4671-3p UBL3 Weak MIRT683177
hsa-miR-4671-3p ZNF529 Weak MIRT694272
hsa-miR-4671-3p BTG1 Weak MIRT705184
hsa-miR-4671-3p ABHD15 Weak MIRT718769
hsa-miR-4671-3p LUC7L3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4671-3p MYO5A Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4671-3p PTP4A2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4671-3p PROSC Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4671-3p MYB Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4671-3p CLIC4 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4671-3p TANC2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4671-3p LRP6 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4671-3p USP46 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4671-3p DOK6 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4671-3p PTEN Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4671-3p RBAK Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4671-3p PDPR Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4671-3p HRH1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4671-3p EXOC5 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4671-3p OSMR Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4671-3p SLC7A5 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4671-3p TBC1D25 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4671-3p FIGNL1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4671-3p ZNF814 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4671-3p MGEA5 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4671-3p SMC1A Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4671-3p LRP12 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4671-3p NCOA7 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4671-3p PTPRD Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4671-3p LANCL1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4671-3p PPP6C Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4671-3p C17orf70 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4671-3p LEPROTL1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4671-3p WDR55 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4671-3p PGM2L1 Prediction N/A

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