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MicroRNA Gene Evidence category miRTarBase ID
hsa-miR-4477a PLEKHA1 Weak MIRT055843
hsa-miR-4477a AMOTL1 Weak MIRT061259
hsa-miR-4477a BTF3L4 Weak MIRT071895
hsa-miR-4477a MLLT6 Weak MIRT076933
hsa-miR-4477a ICT1 Weak MIRT078652
hsa-miR-4477a PRNP Weak MIRT083633
hsa-miR-4477a RPL15 Weak MIRT091629
hsa-miR-4477a PPP6C Weak MIRT107076
hsa-miR-4477a TRIM33 Weak MIRT111191
hsa-miR-4477a ARF6 Weak MIRT114515
hsa-miR-4477a PSAT1 Weak MIRT175250
hsa-miR-4477a ACSL4 Weak MIRT175430
hsa-miR-4477a FAM102B Weak MIRT178687
hsa-miR-4477a CDADC1 Weak MIRT189771
hsa-miR-4477a RPL10 Weak MIRT229450
hsa-miR-4477a PHF6 Weak MIRT244899
hsa-miR-4477a AKIRIN1 Weak MIRT249189
hsa-miR-4477a TRIM8 Weak MIRT261134
hsa-miR-4477a ZIC5 Weak MIRT275561
hsa-miR-4477a ABHD13 Weak MIRT275652
hsa-miR-4477a UTP18 Weak MIRT288082
hsa-miR-4477a MTHFD2 Weak MIRT303605
hsa-miR-4477a ARL8B Weak MIRT307924
hsa-miR-4477a FOXC1 Weak MIRT316787
hsa-miR-4477a SCML2 Weak MIRT326910
hsa-miR-4477a SPIN4 Weak MIRT327713
hsa-miR-4477a AASDHPPT Weak MIRT331632
hsa-miR-4477a TMOD3 Weak MIRT342506
hsa-miR-4477a LRRC58 Weak MIRT354470
hsa-miR-4477a TRIM24 Weak MIRT378711
hsa-miR-4477a YDJC Weak MIRT407462
hsa-miR-4477a SMAD5 Weak MIRT408226
hsa-miR-4477a ALG14 Weak MIRT441824
hsa-miR-4477a CHD8 Weak MIRT442783
hsa-miR-4477a NHS Weak MIRT443184
hsa-miR-4477a CUL3 Weak MIRT447615
hsa-miR-4477a DSEL Weak MIRT450156
hsa-miR-4477a NEDD9 Weak MIRT454801
hsa-miR-4477a ZNF644 Weak MIRT463050
hsa-miR-4477a SOCS3 Weak MIRT467400
hsa-miR-4477a SGMS1 Weak MIRT468174
hsa-miR-4477a RPS14 Weak MIRT468949
hsa-miR-4477a R3HDM4 Weak MIRT469835
hsa-miR-4477a POFUT1 Weak MIRT470724
hsa-miR-4477a PLIN3 Weak MIRT470902
hsa-miR-4477a NAPG Weak MIRT472467
hsa-miR-4477a NAA50 Weak MIRT472602
hsa-miR-4477a SEMA7A Weak MIRT492350
hsa-miR-4477a FOXN3 Weak MIRT493840
hsa-miR-4477a DOCK9 Weak MIRT496318
hsa-miR-4477a CLEC2D Weak MIRT500159
hsa-miR-4477a XPO4 Weak MIRT500535
hsa-miR-4477a FBXL13 Weak MIRT503916
hsa-miR-4477a SAT1 Weak MIRT504003
hsa-miR-4477a SHMT1 Weak MIRT505647
hsa-miR-4477a MIER3 Weak MIRT506574
hsa-miR-4477a HS3ST3B1 Weak MIRT506945
hsa-miR-4477a RPS19 Weak MIRT508196
hsa-miR-4477a HSPA13 Weak MIRT511417
hsa-miR-4477a ACTB Weak MIRT512326
hsa-miR-4477a RPL7 Weak MIRT515376
hsa-miR-4477a TUBG1 Weak MIRT520422
hsa-miR-4477a ARPP19 Weak MIRT524844
hsa-miR-4477a UGT2A1 Weak MIRT526320
hsa-miR-4477a UGT2A2 Weak MIRT526561
hsa-miR-4477a FEZ2 Weak MIRT528027
hsa-miR-4477a RBM43 Weak MIRT529874
hsa-miR-4477a CLEC4D Weak MIRT530826
hsa-miR-4477a GDPD1 Weak MIRT531334
hsa-miR-4477a CCNB1 Weak MIRT532068
hsa-miR-4477a ZNF566 Weak MIRT532870
hsa-miR-4477a NUP35 Weak MIRT535580
hsa-miR-4477a ERGIC2 Weak MIRT537644
hsa-miR-4477a ELAVL2 Weak MIRT537725
hsa-miR-4477a BRI3BP Weak MIRT538894
hsa-miR-4477a BMP2K Weak MIRT538945
hsa-miR-4477a PDPK1 Weak MIRT540703
hsa-miR-4477a TMEM117 Weak MIRT543210
hsa-miR-4477a LYRM2 Weak MIRT543357
hsa-miR-4477a CLSPN Weak MIRT544905
hsa-miR-4477a ARF3 Weak MIRT545532
hsa-miR-4477a SMOC1 Weak MIRT546446
hsa-miR-4477a PURB Weak MIRT546882
hsa-miR-4477a MED13 Weak MIRT547440
hsa-miR-4477a GOLIM4 Weak MIRT548027
hsa-miR-4477a CRNKL1 Weak MIRT548673
hsa-miR-4477a LLGL2 Weak MIRT550435
hsa-miR-4477a RPS3 Weak MIRT551850
hsa-miR-4477a MRFAP1 Weak MIRT556072
hsa-miR-4477a LIMS1 Weak MIRT556554
hsa-miR-4477a HOXA13 Weak MIRT557132
hsa-miR-4477a FEM1B Weak MIRT557875
hsa-miR-4477a ELK4 Weak MIRT558146
hsa-miR-4477a CD2AP Weak MIRT558862
hsa-miR-4477a CCNE1 Weak MIRT558884
hsa-miR-4477a CBX5 Weak MIRT558907
hsa-miR-4477a BRAP Weak MIRT559175
hsa-miR-4477a GAL3ST3 Weak MIRT560860
hsa-miR-4477a PPIF Weak MIRT561729
hsa-miR-4477a CEBPB Weak MIRT564024
hsa-miR-4477a TRMT5 Weak MIRT564366
hsa-miR-4477a ZNF703 Weak MIRT564609
hsa-miR-4477a AZF1 Weak MIRT565494
hsa-miR-4477a SLC6A8 Weak MIRT565577
hsa-miR-4477a LEPROT Weak MIRT566947
hsa-miR-4477a HNRNPA2B1 Weak MIRT567293
hsa-miR-4477a HMGN2 Weak MIRT567308
hsa-miR-4477a CHSY1 Weak MIRT568048
hsa-miR-4477a PHF19 Weak MIRT571807
hsa-miR-4477a RBM23 Weak MIRT609234
hsa-miR-4477a SSX5 Weak MIRT610328
hsa-miR-4477a UGT8 Weak MIRT611428
hsa-miR-4477a SLFN13 Weak MIRT611709
hsa-miR-4477a CEP135 Weak MIRT612069
hsa-miR-4477a JRKL Weak MIRT617676
hsa-miR-4477a HNRNPA1 Weak MIRT623684
hsa-miR-4477a PRR15L Weak MIRT635634
hsa-miR-4477a MBOAT2 Weak MIRT636422
hsa-miR-4477a GPATCH11 Weak MIRT637011
hsa-miR-4477a C4orf3 Weak MIRT644150
hsa-miR-4477a MEMO1 Weak MIRT648562
hsa-miR-4477a WNT16 Weak MIRT650752
hsa-miR-4477a UEVLD Weak MIRT651914
hsa-miR-4477a SLC38A7 Weak MIRT653556
hsa-miR-4477a XRN2 Weak MIRT692277
hsa-miR-4477a WNK1 Weak MIRT697650
hsa-miR-4477a ERCC6 Weak MIRT703876
hsa-miR-4477a CLIP1 Weak MIRT704615
hsa-miR-4477a BBOX1 Weak MIRT708562
hsa-miR-4477a KBTBD6 Weak MIRT709614
hsa-miR-4477a SGCD Weak MIRT712955
hsa-miR-4477a DCAF17 Weak MIRT713502
hsa-miR-4477a GPBP1 Weak MIRT720239
hsa-miR-4477a GLUD1 Weak MIRT724255
hsa-miR-4477a RMND5A Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4477a PPM1A Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4477a NBN Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4477a RAB33B Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4477a EXOC2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4477a TET2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4477a PPM1E Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4477a AK4 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4477a ZNF81 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-4477a KLHL1 Prediction N/A

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