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MicroRNA Gene Evidence category miRTarBase ID
hsa-miR-410-3p MDM2 Strong MIRT054137
hsa-miR-410-3p MET Strong MIRT054232
hsa-miR-410-3p SC5D Weak MIRT058386
hsa-miR-410-3p TFDP1 Weak MIRT067981
hsa-miR-410-3p LAPTM4A Weak MIRT086731
hsa-miR-410-3p GRPEL2 Weak MIRT095773
hsa-miR-410-3p SLC7A2 Weak MIRT105335
hsa-miR-410-3p ATP6V1G1 Weak MIRT106922
hsa-miR-410-3p PHF6 Weak MIRT108814
hsa-miR-410-3p KLHL15 Weak MIRT109443
hsa-miR-410-3p PPP1R15B Weak MIRT112223
hsa-miR-410-3p FBXL3 Weak MIRT114154
hsa-miR-410-3p NRIP1 Weak MIRT119000
hsa-miR-410-3p LYSMD3 Weak MIRT122316
hsa-miR-410-3p USP6NL Weak MIRT126083
hsa-miR-410-3p PRKCD Weak MIRT163350
hsa-miR-410-3p KIAA1109 Weak MIRT163998
hsa-miR-410-3p FAM76A Weak MIRT188654
hsa-miR-410-3p YWHAZ Weak MIRT223365
hsa-miR-410-3p KLF6 Weak MIRT230420
hsa-miR-410-3p BCOR Weak MIRT259622
hsa-miR-410-3p UHMK1 Weak MIRT267573
hsa-miR-410-3p CREBZF Weak MIRT268930
hsa-miR-410-3p ETS2 Weak MIRT298547
hsa-miR-410-3p RGMB Weak MIRT314925
hsa-miR-410-3p HIVEP1 Weak MIRT315729
hsa-miR-410-3p HSPA13 Weak MIRT329041
hsa-miR-410-3p CDK1 Weak MIRT330635
hsa-miR-410-3p TM9SF3 Weak MIRT331280
hsa-miR-410-3p LBR Weak MIRT336416
hsa-miR-410-3p SP1 Weak MIRT338135
hsa-miR-410-3p IFNAR1 Weak MIRT351086
hsa-miR-410-3p F2RL1 Weak MIRT359185
hsa-miR-410-3p MMGT1 Weak MIRT366116
hsa-miR-410-3p NUFIP2 Weak MIRT369444
hsa-miR-410-3p TRAF6 Weak MIRT383129
hsa-miR-410-3p CHEK1 Weak MIRT403557
hsa-miR-410-3p ZNHIT6 Weak MIRT441516
hsa-miR-410-3p ARHGAP29 Weak MIRT442542
hsa-miR-410-3p CHML Weak MIRT443382
hsa-miR-410-3p POLR1B Weak MIRT444828
hsa-miR-410-3p KLHL23 Weak MIRT445152
hsa-miR-410-3p HSPA14 Weak MIRT445441
hsa-miR-410-3p RSF1 Weak MIRT447011
hsa-miR-410-3p RGS17 Weak MIRT448548
hsa-miR-410-3p CADM2 Weak MIRT448976
hsa-miR-410-3p ZNF507 Weak MIRT463118
hsa-miR-410-3p THBS1 Weak MIRT466337
hsa-miR-410-3p PDHX Weak MIRT471455
hsa-miR-410-3p MCFD2 Weak MIRT473487
hsa-miR-410-3p TNPO1 Weak MIRT485012
hsa-miR-410-3p DUSP7 Weak MIRT494059
hsa-miR-410-3p RPSAP58 Weak MIRT498748
hsa-miR-410-3p SLC46A3 Weak MIRT500104
hsa-miR-410-3p GPATCH11 Weak MIRT503743
hsa-miR-410-3p RAB3B Weak MIRT504138
hsa-miR-410-3p ZNF318 Weak MIRT504299
hsa-miR-410-3p PLEKHA6 Weak MIRT504723
hsa-miR-410-3p DGKG Weak MIRT504729
hsa-miR-410-3p GSK3B Weak MIRT504735
hsa-miR-410-3p CLEC2D Weak MIRT504776
hsa-miR-410-3p LDHA Weak MIRT504908
hsa-miR-410-3p RSBN1 Weak MIRT505797
hsa-miR-410-3p RAB11FIP1 Weak MIRT505975
hsa-miR-410-3p EMC7 Weak MIRT507393
hsa-miR-410-3p CD55 Weak MIRT507829
hsa-miR-410-3p BTG3 Weak MIRT507933
hsa-miR-410-3p AMER1 Weak MIRT508106
hsa-miR-410-3p ITPRIPL1 Weak MIRT508368
hsa-miR-410-3p MYBL1 Weak MIRT508418
hsa-miR-410-3p ZNF608 Weak MIRT508447
hsa-miR-410-3p ZNF516 Weak MIRT508583
hsa-miR-410-3p EIF2B1 Weak MIRT508633
hsa-miR-410-3p ETV6 Weak MIRT508768
hsa-miR-410-3p NTRK3 Weak MIRT508797
hsa-miR-410-3p ELF2 Weak MIRT508799
hsa-miR-410-3p TMCO1 Weak MIRT508844
hsa-miR-410-3p MLLT3 Weak MIRT508975
hsa-miR-410-3p DCLRE1C Weak MIRT508989
hsa-miR-410-3p CUL2 Weak MIRT509019
hsa-miR-410-3p SLC25A27 Weak MIRT509157
hsa-miR-410-3p SRP72 Weak MIRT509441
hsa-miR-410-3p LARP1 Weak MIRT509486
hsa-miR-410-3p SULT1B1 Weak MIRT509819
hsa-miR-410-3p USP25 Weak MIRT509940
hsa-miR-410-3p LRP6 Weak MIRT510052
hsa-miR-410-3p CYP4F11 Weak MIRT510203
hsa-miR-410-3p TNFSF9 Weak MIRT510234
hsa-miR-410-3p DDX55 Weak MIRT510269
hsa-miR-410-3p ZXDA Weak MIRT510329
hsa-miR-410-3p ZBED3 Weak MIRT510476
hsa-miR-410-3p TPPP Weak MIRT510608
hsa-miR-410-3p SLC8A1 Weak MIRT510749
hsa-miR-410-3p SENP3 Weak MIRT510813
hsa-miR-410-3p PAPD5 Weak MIRT511003
hsa-miR-410-3p NDST1 Weak MIRT511125
hsa-miR-410-3p NABP1 Weak MIRT511131
hsa-miR-410-3p MAP3K12 Weak MIRT511196
hsa-miR-410-3p KHSRP Weak MIRT511349
hsa-miR-410-3p HIST1H3B Weak MIRT511671
hsa-miR-410-3p ADCY9 Weak MIRT512315
hsa-miR-410-3p TRPM6 Weak MIRT512999
hsa-miR-410-3p CNOT6 Weak MIRT513971
hsa-miR-410-3p MGAT4C Weak MIRT514085
hsa-miR-410-3p LRRC63 Weak MIRT514208
hsa-miR-410-3p CCDC38 Weak MIRT514619
hsa-miR-410-3p ACER3 Weak MIRT514747
hsa-miR-410-3p GPR141 Weak MIRT514941
hsa-miR-410-3p CABP4 Weak MIRT514983
hsa-miR-410-3p MYBPC1 Weak MIRT515639
hsa-miR-410-3p C4orf29 Weak MIRT515732
hsa-miR-410-3p AJAP1 Weak MIRT515851
hsa-miR-410-3p POT1 Weak MIRT516761
hsa-miR-410-3p COPS8 Weak MIRT516896
hsa-miR-410-3p GRID1 Weak MIRT517500
hsa-miR-410-3p ABCF1 Weak MIRT517541
hsa-miR-410-3p SCIN Weak MIRT518239
hsa-miR-410-3p ZNF609 Weak MIRT519699
hsa-miR-410-3p ZER1 Weak MIRT519927
hsa-miR-410-3p ZBTB20 Weak MIRT519995
hsa-miR-410-3p XRN1 Weak MIRT520097
hsa-miR-410-3p VEGFA Weak MIRT520231
hsa-miR-410-3p TRIM2 Weak MIRT520474
hsa-miR-410-3p SYP Weak MIRT520838
hsa-miR-410-3p SLC24A2 Weak MIRT521097
hsa-miR-410-3p RC3H1 Weak MIRT521417
hsa-miR-410-3p PRKD3 Weak MIRT521658
hsa-miR-410-3p POU2F2 Weak MIRT521796
hsa-miR-410-3p PLEKHA3 Weak MIRT521868
hsa-miR-410-3p PHACTR2 Weak MIRT521971
hsa-miR-410-3p LDLR Weak MIRT522762
hsa-miR-410-3p KLHL9 Weak MIRT522818
hsa-miR-410-3p KLF7 Weak MIRT522836
hsa-miR-410-3p ITPRIPL2 Weak MIRT522927
hsa-miR-410-3p HOXA11 Weak MIRT523144
hsa-miR-410-3p FZD5 Weak MIRT523603
hsa-miR-410-3p C1orf50 Weak MIRT524656
hsa-miR-410-3p ARSJ Weak MIRT524828
hsa-miR-410-3p MEAF6 Weak MIRT528410
hsa-miR-410-3p SLC7A11 Weak MIRT534197
hsa-miR-410-3p MIER1 Weak MIRT535929
hsa-miR-410-3p ITPKB Weak MIRT536591
hsa-miR-410-3p GTF2A1 Weak MIRT537007
hsa-miR-410-3p CPEB2 Weak MIRT538404
hsa-miR-410-3p PIK3CG Weak MIRT542012
hsa-miR-410-3p PPP2R5E Weak MIRT542105
hsa-miR-410-3p BACH2 Weak MIRT543066
hsa-miR-410-3p ZNF556 Weak MIRT543106
hsa-miR-410-3p APIP Weak MIRT543854
hsa-miR-410-3p OSBP2 Weak MIRT543987
hsa-miR-410-3p GTF2B Weak MIRT544218
hsa-miR-410-3p CSDE1 Weak MIRT544622
hsa-miR-410-3p SGPP2 Weak MIRT544884
hsa-miR-410-3p ANXA5 Weak MIRT545129
hsa-miR-410-3p SLC39A6 Weak MIRT545423
hsa-miR-410-3p SNRPD3 Weak MIRT545737
hsa-miR-410-3p TRIAP1 Weak MIRT546169
hsa-miR-410-3p TPD52 Weak MIRT546190
hsa-miR-410-3p STOX2 Weak MIRT546388
hsa-miR-410-3p SNX5 Weak MIRT546428
hsa-miR-410-3p RBM7 Weak MIRT546797
hsa-miR-410-3p PRR14L Weak MIRT546963
hsa-miR-410-3p MSI2 Weak MIRT547367
hsa-miR-410-3p LIN28B Weak MIRT547605
hsa-miR-410-3p HNRNPU Weak MIRT547920
hsa-miR-410-3p HNRNPA0 Weak MIRT547952
hsa-miR-410-3p FKBP1A Weak MIRT548209
hsa-miR-410-3p CRK Weak MIRT548723
hsa-miR-410-3p C18orf25 Weak MIRT549100
hsa-miR-410-3p ANKRD33B Weak MIRT549374
hsa-miR-410-3p ACSL4 Weak MIRT549449
hsa-miR-410-3p APOL6 Weak MIRT550289
hsa-miR-410-3p KIF3B Weak MIRT550630
hsa-miR-410-3p GLRX2 Weak MIRT550841
hsa-miR-410-3p TRIM4 Weak MIRT551006
hsa-miR-410-3p DDX52 Weak MIRT551085
hsa-miR-410-3p ZNF267 Weak MIRT551612
hsa-miR-410-3p ZNF275 Weak MIRT552472
hsa-miR-410-3p ZHX3 Weak MIRT552545
hsa-miR-410-3p ZFP30 Weak MIRT552571
hsa-miR-410-3p VGLL2 Weak MIRT552951
hsa-miR-410-3p TGIF1 Weak MIRT553661
hsa-miR-410-3p RREB1 Weak MIRT554570
hsa-miR-410-3p RECK Weak MIRT554830
hsa-miR-410-3p PMEPA1 Weak MIRT555515
hsa-miR-410-3p MBNL2 Weak MIRT556207
hsa-miR-410-3p LEPROT Weak MIRT556590
hsa-miR-410-3p FOXL1 Weak MIRT557825
hsa-miR-410-3p DUSP8 Weak MIRT558293
hsa-miR-410-3p CA8 Weak MIRT558996
hsa-miR-410-3p AGO3 Weak MIRT559670
hsa-miR-410-3p TRMT112 Weak MIRT559952
hsa-miR-410-3p TCERG1 Weak MIRT561465
hsa-miR-410-3p C6orf48 Weak MIRT563457
hsa-miR-410-3p SVIP Weak MIRT563714
hsa-miR-410-3p HUWE1 Weak MIRT563784
hsa-miR-410-3p CCDC80 Weak MIRT564564
hsa-miR-410-3p ZRANB1 Weak MIRT564588
hsa-miR-410-3p XPOT Weak MIRT564936
hsa-miR-410-3p TNRC18P2 Weak MIRT565272
hsa-miR-410-3p SIX4 Weak MIRT565652
hsa-miR-410-3p POU2F1 Weak MIRT566313
hsa-miR-410-3p NUP50 Weak MIRT566585
hsa-miR-410-3p EXOC8 Weak MIRT567653
hsa-miR-410-3p REST Weak MIRT571742
hsa-miR-410-3p DDX3X Weak MIRT572157
hsa-miR-410-3p STX7 Weak MIRT572768
hsa-miR-410-3p RANBP1 Weak MIRT573568
hsa-miR-410-3p HAUS8 Weak MIRT574716
hsa-miR-410-3p HPS3 Weak MIRT609014
hsa-miR-410-3p CKAP2L Weak MIRT617331
hsa-miR-410-3p SOD2 Weak MIRT617349
hsa-miR-410-3p MPEG1 Weak MIRT619440
hsa-miR-410-3p BNC2 Weak MIRT624545
hsa-miR-410-3p GDNF Weak MIRT630710
hsa-miR-410-3p TRIP10 Weak MIRT637612
hsa-miR-410-3p DUSP10 Weak MIRT646213
hsa-miR-410-3p ZNF319 Weak MIRT651174
hsa-miR-410-3p SNX2 Weak MIRT686815
hsa-miR-410-3p ZFAND1 Weak MIRT690126
hsa-miR-410-3p OCRL Weak MIRT701236
hsa-miR-410-3p EOGT Weak MIRT703950
hsa-miR-410-3p DNAJB9 Weak MIRT704173
hsa-miR-410-3p PRRC2C Weak MIRT706768
hsa-miR-410-3p ZNF850 Weak MIRT707101
hsa-miR-410-3p XRCC3 Weak MIRT707104
hsa-miR-410-3p SIK3 Weak MIRT707254
hsa-miR-410-3p MFAP5 Weak MIRT707340
hsa-miR-410-3p HHIP Weak MIRT707520
hsa-miR-410-3p CXCL5 Weak MIRT707531
hsa-miR-410-3p ZNF551 Weak MIRT707551
hsa-miR-410-3p IGFBP1 Weak MIRT707556
hsa-miR-410-3p ZBTB7A Weak MIRT707763
hsa-miR-410-3p TTYH3 Weak MIRT707801
hsa-miR-410-3p MCAM Weak MIRT708051
hsa-miR-410-3p CERCAM Weak MIRT708149
hsa-miR-410-3p C16orf52 Weak MIRT708174
hsa-miR-410-3p ADD2 Weak MIRT708226
hsa-miR-410-3p DOK6 Weak MIRT721835
hsa-miR-410-3p SMAD3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-410-3p CHSY1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-410-3p TMEM14A Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-410-3p CNOT6L Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-410-3p DTD2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-410-3p GFRA1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-410-3p AGAP1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-410-3p TTC33 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-410-3p PRKD1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-410-3p FGFR1OP2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-410-3p RIMKLA Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-410-3p ZNF81 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-410-3p HDAC8 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-410-3p TRAPPC11 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-410-3p L3MBTL4 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-410-3p LRP2 Prediction N/A

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