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MicroRNA Gene Evidence category miRTarBase ID
hsa-miR-3942-3p TMA16 Weak MIRT093395
hsa-miR-3942-3p SDE2 Weak MIRT134018
hsa-miR-3942-3p TNRC6A Weak MIRT194942
hsa-miR-3942-3p NOTCH2 Weak MIRT265807
hsa-miR-3942-3p NPEPPS Weak MIRT287615
hsa-miR-3942-3p SESN3 Weak MIRT444196
hsa-miR-3942-3p UBN2 Weak MIRT444480
hsa-miR-3942-3p FBXO40 Weak MIRT446589
hsa-miR-3942-3p ALPK3 Weak MIRT450501
hsa-miR-3942-3p AGTRAP Weak MIRT455182
hsa-miR-3942-3p EPB41L4B Weak MIRT455446
hsa-miR-3942-3p KLHL12 Weak MIRT456385
hsa-miR-3942-3p FLCN Weak MIRT460303
hsa-miR-3942-3p COX10 Weak MIRT461247
hsa-miR-3942-3p SLC16A1 Weak MIRT467948
hsa-miR-3942-3p SIX4 Weak MIRT468007
hsa-miR-3942-3p SGK1 Weak MIRT468211
hsa-miR-3942-3p POM121C Weak MIRT470635
hsa-miR-3942-3p NUFIP2 Weak MIRT471785
hsa-miR-3942-3p MATR3 Weak MIRT473557
hsa-miR-3942-3p ICK Weak MIRT475415
hsa-miR-3942-3p GNAL Weak MIRT476265
hsa-miR-3942-3p FAM107B Weak MIRT477135
hsa-miR-3942-3p DAZAP2 Weak MIRT478433
hsa-miR-3942-3p CNOT6L Weak MIRT479050
hsa-miR-3942-3p BDNF-AS Weak MIRT480872
hsa-miR-3942-3p CLDN1 Weak MIRT484229
hsa-miR-3942-3p SUCO Weak MIRT485055
hsa-miR-3942-3p MPLKIP Weak MIRT489871
hsa-miR-3942-3p SCARB2 Weak MIRT492411
hsa-miR-3942-3p KCTD2 Weak MIRT499682
hsa-miR-3942-3p RAB11FIP1 Weak MIRT505969
hsa-miR-3942-3p CNIH Weak MIRT507708
hsa-miR-3942-3p GID4 Weak MIRT511878
hsa-miR-3942-3p RTP4 Weak MIRT513411
hsa-miR-3942-3p ZFP30 Weak MIRT519873
hsa-miR-3942-3p TMCO1 Weak MIRT520703
hsa-miR-3942-3p KCNN3 Weak MIRT522890
hsa-miR-3942-3p FAM63B Weak MIRT523781
hsa-miR-3942-3p DYNLT1 Weak MIRT523950
hsa-miR-3942-3p ATP6V0E2 Weak MIRT526894
hsa-miR-3942-3p CCDC25 Weak MIRT529167
hsa-miR-3942-3p ZBTB49 Weak MIRT529703
hsa-miR-3942-3p PCSK1 Weak MIRT530359
hsa-miR-3942-3p C7orf33 Weak MIRT530595
hsa-miR-3942-3p CCT6A Weak MIRT531528
hsa-miR-3942-3p BARD1 Weak MIRT531992
hsa-miR-3942-3p AAK1 Weak MIRT539547
hsa-miR-3942-3p KATNAL1 Weak MIRT547757
hsa-miR-3942-3p CAMSAP1 Weak MIRT549059
hsa-miR-3942-3p ECHDC1 Weak MIRT549836
hsa-miR-3942-3p YWHAH Weak MIRT552698
hsa-miR-3942-3p SH3GLB1 Weak MIRT554318
hsa-miR-3942-3p MAF Weak MIRT556358
hsa-miR-3942-3p FRS2 Weak MIRT557772
hsa-miR-3942-3p CHEK2 Weak MIRT558795
hsa-miR-3942-3p UBXN2B Weak MIRT561367
hsa-miR-3942-3p RAPGEF2 Weak MIRT561673
hsa-miR-3942-3p CSNK1A1 Weak MIRT567898
hsa-miR-3942-3p ARPP19 Weak MIRT568456
hsa-miR-3942-3p NBPF12 Weak MIRT568838
hsa-miR-3942-3p VPS53 Weak MIRT568846
hsa-miR-3942-3p NBPF1 Weak MIRT568856
hsa-miR-3942-3p NBPF15 Weak MIRT568888
hsa-miR-3942-3p CDC5L Weak MIRT569331
hsa-miR-3942-3p NBPF11 Weak MIRT569388
hsa-miR-3942-3p NBPF14 Weak MIRT569398
hsa-miR-3942-3p NBPF20 Weak MIRT569409
hsa-miR-3942-3p NBPF10 Weak MIRT569644
hsa-miR-3942-3p TROVE2 Weak MIRT571582
hsa-miR-3942-3p NBPF3 Weak MIRT573027
hsa-miR-3942-3p UFM1 Weak MIRT573293
hsa-miR-3942-3p SEPT6 Weak MIRT608814
hsa-miR-3942-3p BACH2 Weak MIRT609046
hsa-miR-3942-3p RAB3IP Weak MIRT609517
hsa-miR-3942-3p SRRM4 Weak MIRT611861
hsa-miR-3942-3p EMC3 Weak MIRT612174
hsa-miR-3942-3p NR2F6 Weak MIRT612714
hsa-miR-3942-3p ARL6IP6 Weak MIRT613305
hsa-miR-3942-3p SH3TC2 Weak MIRT616357
hsa-miR-3942-3p SHOC2 Weak MIRT632424
hsa-miR-3942-3p SAMD15 Weak MIRT636005
hsa-miR-3942-3p FAM126B Weak MIRT636534
hsa-miR-3942-3p FGFR1OP Weak MIRT637275
hsa-miR-3942-3p ZNF726 Weak MIRT639131
hsa-miR-3942-3p C8orf46 Weak MIRT641257
hsa-miR-3942-3p KRTAP5-9 Weak MIRT642930
hsa-miR-3942-3p NUCB1 Weak MIRT644018
hsa-miR-3942-3p MAGEB4 Weak MIRT645021
hsa-miR-3942-3p EVC2 Weak MIRT646790
hsa-miR-3942-3p RPH3AL Weak MIRT647338
hsa-miR-3942-3p PDE12 Weak MIRT647975
hsa-miR-3942-3p NEK4 Weak MIRT650610
hsa-miR-3942-3p ZNF579 Weak MIRT651052
hsa-miR-3942-3p WDFY2 Weak MIRT651593
hsa-miR-3942-3p TCEANC2 Weak MIRT652785
hsa-miR-3942-3p MAPK6 Weak MIRT656450
hsa-miR-3942-3p BTD Weak MIRT660086
hsa-miR-3942-3p OLR1 Weak MIRT661398
hsa-miR-3942-3p MICA Weak MIRT661759
hsa-miR-3942-3p SH3D19 Weak MIRT666402
hsa-miR-3942-3p FGD4 Weak MIRT668362
hsa-miR-3942-3p CREG2 Weak MIRT668895
hsa-miR-3942-3p BSND Weak MIRT669329
hsa-miR-3942-3p PDPK1 Weak MIRT672369
hsa-miR-3942-3p YTHDF1 Weak MIRT686261
hsa-miR-3942-3p ASB16 Weak MIRT695571
hsa-miR-3942-3p MINK1 Weak MIRT701959
hsa-miR-3942-3p KMT2A Weak MIRT702322
hsa-miR-3942-3p BRWD1 Weak MIRT705209
hsa-miR-3942-3p KCTD6 Weak MIRT713949
hsa-miR-3942-3p EBF4 Weak MIRT717082
hsa-miR-3942-3p COPS8 Weak MIRT717896
hsa-miR-3942-3p TRIM67 Weak MIRT721043
hsa-miR-3942-3p TIMM8A Weak MIRT722194
hsa-miR-3942-3p ACADSB Weak MIRT722782
hsa-miR-3942-3p HNRNPU Weak MIRT725412
hsa-miR-3942-3p ZNF148 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3942-3p KIF14 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3942-3p SMAD9 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3942-3p PPP6C Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3942-3p PPIC Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3942-3p ASB11 Prediction N/A

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