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MicroRNA Gene Evidence category miRTarBase ID
hsa-miR-3941 ZNF678 Weak MIRT063966
hsa-miR-3941 PCNX Weak MIRT071084
hsa-miR-3941 TNRC6B Weak MIRT087924
hsa-miR-3941 NR3C1 Weak MIRT095609
hsa-miR-3941 BRIX1 Weak MIRT096503
hsa-miR-3941 PLAG1 Weak MIRT105963
hsa-miR-3941 TAOK1 Weak MIRT116241
hsa-miR-3941 LSM14A Weak MIRT117766
hsa-miR-3941 CDK6 Weak MIRT123783
hsa-miR-3941 TSPAN14 Weak MIRT127377
hsa-miR-3941 CHEK1 Weak MIRT129466
hsa-miR-3941 NCOA3 Weak MIRT153768
hsa-miR-3941 PNRC1 Weak MIRT169588
hsa-miR-3941 B4GALT6 Weak MIRT198553
hsa-miR-3941 KIF13A Weak MIRT244144
hsa-miR-3941 DYRK2 Weak MIRT248671
hsa-miR-3941 NUDT3 Weak MIRT317605
hsa-miR-3941 BAG4 Weak MIRT322678
hsa-miR-3941 CPSF6 Weak MIRT338985
hsa-miR-3941 PEAK1 Weak MIRT369231
hsa-miR-3941 DIDO1 Weak MIRT407064
hsa-miR-3941 ANTXR2 Weak MIRT449370
hsa-miR-3941 SERINC1 Weak MIRT457657
hsa-miR-3941 SRSF1 Weak MIRT467050
hsa-miR-3941 PPP2R5E Weak MIRT470362
hsa-miR-3941 PCBP1 Weak MIRT471526
hsa-miR-3941 NAP1L1 Weak MIRT472473
hsa-miR-3941 FAM177A1 Weak MIRT484261
hsa-miR-3941 PPTC7 Weak MIRT501512
hsa-miR-3941 ZNF780A Weak MIRT503598
hsa-miR-3941 TBPL1 Weak MIRT505435
hsa-miR-3941 CLIC4 Weak MIRT507721
hsa-miR-3941 TSPAN2 Weak MIRT509185
hsa-miR-3941 KCNK1 Weak MIRT509254
hsa-miR-3941 CASD1 Weak MIRT509874
hsa-miR-3941 HHIP Weak MIRT509898
hsa-miR-3941 STARD8 Weak MIRT510160
hsa-miR-3941 ZDHHC5 Weak MIRT510451
hsa-miR-3941 KPNA4 Weak MIRT511227
hsa-miR-3941 KLHL23 Weak MIRT511271
hsa-miR-3941 HMGB2 Weak MIRT511519
hsa-miR-3941 CRK Weak MIRT512085
hsa-miR-3941 ASB6 Weak MIRT513314
hsa-miR-3941 RHOQ Weak MIRT513524
hsa-miR-3941 LRRC63 Weak MIRT514206
hsa-miR-3941 SLC35E3 Weak MIRT515323
hsa-miR-3941 WDR72 Weak MIRT515405
hsa-miR-3941 CCT4 Weak MIRT515511
hsa-miR-3941 WDR17 Weak MIRT515604
hsa-miR-3941 TECRL Weak MIRT515768
hsa-miR-3941 AJAP1 Weak MIRT515845
hsa-miR-3941 DBT Weak MIRT516268
hsa-miR-3941 PIK3CG Weak MIRT516707
hsa-miR-3941 ZC3H6 Weak MIRT517043
hsa-miR-3941 VENTX Weak MIRT517553
hsa-miR-3941 SCIN Weak MIRT518237
hsa-miR-3941 AGPS Weak MIRT519034
hsa-miR-3941 CD180 Weak MIRT519164
hsa-miR-3941 ZMYM2 Weak MIRT519805
hsa-miR-3941 ZBTB20 Weak MIRT519994
hsa-miR-3941 UCHL3 Weak MIRT520274
hsa-miR-3941 PLRG1 Weak MIRT521856
hsa-miR-3941 PIK3R1 Weak MIRT521890
hsa-miR-3941 PIAS1 Weak MIRT521898
hsa-miR-3941 PHAX Weak MIRT521948
hsa-miR-3941 PDCD10 Weak MIRT521998
hsa-miR-3941 NR2C2 Weak MIRT522185
hsa-miR-3941 MON1B Weak MIRT522424
hsa-miR-3941 LONRF3 Weak MIRT522738
hsa-miR-3941 KIAA2022 Weak MIRT522841
hsa-miR-3941 INTU Weak MIRT522981
hsa-miR-3941 IL6ST Weak MIRT522997
hsa-miR-3941 FBXO9 Weak MIRT523747
hsa-miR-3941 EIF5 Weak MIRT523909
hsa-miR-3941 CFL2 Weak MIRT524482
hsa-miR-3941 BRMS1L Weak MIRT524714
hsa-miR-3941 BRI3BP Weak MIRT524728
hsa-miR-3941 BACH1 Weak MIRT524800
hsa-miR-3941 ANKRD44 Weak MIRT524895
hsa-miR-3941 CCDC169 Weak MIRT526261
hsa-miR-3941 IL5RA Weak MIRT526666
hsa-miR-3941 HAT1 Weak MIRT527661
hsa-miR-3941 IGBP1 Weak MIRT529574
hsa-miR-3941 ART4 Weak MIRT532413
hsa-miR-3941 WAPAL Weak MIRT533211
hsa-miR-3941 VANGL1 Weak MIRT533270
hsa-miR-3941 TRPC5 Weak MIRT533440
hsa-miR-3941 TATDN2 Weak MIRT533920
hsa-miR-3941 ESYT2 Weak MIRT537567
hsa-miR-3941 CTGF Weak MIRT538281
hsa-miR-3941 BMP2K Weak MIRT538957
hsa-miR-3941 CD19 Weak MIRT539627
hsa-miR-3941 DNTTIP2 Weak MIRT539853
hsa-miR-3941 LILRB2 Weak MIRT540012
hsa-miR-3941 C4orf29 Weak MIRT540020
hsa-miR-3941 OCLN Weak MIRT540352
hsa-miR-3941 NLRP8 Weak MIRT540654
hsa-miR-3941 TBRG4 Weak MIRT540771
hsa-miR-3941 STRBP Weak MIRT541031
hsa-miR-3941 MYADM Weak MIRT541170
hsa-miR-3941 ARF3 Weak MIRT541478
hsa-miR-3941 PELP1 Weak MIRT541581
hsa-miR-3941 DMXL1 Weak MIRT542178
hsa-miR-3941 IRS1 Weak MIRT542215
hsa-miR-3941 VAC14 Weak MIRT542377
hsa-miR-3941 TFCP2 Weak MIRT542397
hsa-miR-3941 SLC6A6 Weak MIRT542665
hsa-miR-3941 CYLD Weak MIRT543276
hsa-miR-3941 LAMTOR3 Weak MIRT543424
hsa-miR-3941 UGT2B4 Weak MIRT544960
hsa-miR-3941 ZNF551 Weak MIRT545270
hsa-miR-3941 SLC12A2 Weak MIRT545464
hsa-miR-3941 NDUFS1 Weak MIRT545640
hsa-miR-3941 SPTLC2 Weak MIRT545721
hsa-miR-3941 WDR26 Weak MIRT546015
hsa-miR-3941 CCND1 Weak MIRT548998
hsa-miR-3941 ASH1L Weak MIRT549284
hsa-miR-3941 NUP37 Weak MIRT549725
hsa-miR-3941 RHCG Weak MIRT549747
hsa-miR-3941 CLEC12A Weak MIRT550167
hsa-miR-3941 PLCXD1 Weak MIRT550514
hsa-miR-3941 OPN5 Weak MIRT550740
hsa-miR-3941 POT1 Weak MIRT550958
hsa-miR-3941 UBTF Weak MIRT551161
hsa-miR-3941 RASSF6 Weak MIRT551478
hsa-miR-3941 MESDC2 Weak MIRT552079
hsa-miR-3941 ZNF562 Weak MIRT552375
hsa-miR-3941 ZIC5 Weak MIRT552531
hsa-miR-3941 YY1 Weak MIRT552672
hsa-miR-3941 VEGFA Weak MIRT552962
hsa-miR-3941 TRAF5 Weak MIRT553415
hsa-miR-3941 TIMM10 Weak MIRT553651
hsa-miR-3941 SV2B Weak MIRT553868
hsa-miR-3941 SFXN5 Weak MIRT554355
hsa-miR-3941 PHF13 Weak MIRT555643
hsa-miR-3941 MPP6 Weak MIRT556086
hsa-miR-3941 KCNJ3 Weak MIRT556827
hsa-miR-3941 FKBP14 Weak MIRT557846
hsa-miR-3941 BLOC1S4 Weak MIRT559211
hsa-miR-3941 ARF6 Weak MIRT559557
hsa-miR-3941 AMMECR1 Weak MIRT559604
hsa-miR-3941 RAB1A Weak MIRT561687
hsa-miR-3941 ANKRD40 Weak MIRT562669
hsa-miR-3941 KCNC4 Weak MIRT567028
hsa-miR-3941 GRPEL2 Weak MIRT567395
hsa-miR-3941 EIF1AX Weak MIRT567700
hsa-miR-3941 C9orf78 Weak MIRT573859
hsa-miR-3941 BUB1 Weak MIRT606887
hsa-miR-3941 MUC15 Weak MIRT606915
hsa-miR-3941 SYT2 Weak MIRT607014
hsa-miR-3941 C8orf37 Weak MIRT607110
hsa-miR-3941 FIG4 Weak MIRT607142
hsa-miR-3941 REEP3 Weak MIRT607195
hsa-miR-3941 FAM216B Weak MIRT607251
hsa-miR-3941 WNT9A Weak MIRT607333
hsa-miR-3941 PRKX Weak MIRT607338
hsa-miR-3941 MCTS1 Weak MIRT607421
hsa-miR-3941 NOTCH2NL Weak MIRT607427
hsa-miR-3941 FAM126B Weak MIRT607477
hsa-miR-3941 DONSON Weak MIRT607532
hsa-miR-3941 KIF5C Weak MIRT607563
hsa-miR-3941 ABCF3 Weak MIRT607598
hsa-miR-3941 NECAB1 Weak MIRT607606
hsa-miR-3941 TBX4 Weak MIRT607699
hsa-miR-3941 KCNB1 Weak MIRT607811
hsa-miR-3941 CLEC14A Weak MIRT607871
hsa-miR-3941 ZMAT4 Weak MIRT607982
hsa-miR-3941 NSUN3 Weak MIRT607987
hsa-miR-3941 MED28 Weak MIRT608110
hsa-miR-3941 LNPEP Weak MIRT608150
hsa-miR-3941 ITGBL1 Weak MIRT608222
hsa-miR-3941 FGF9 Weak MIRT608291
hsa-miR-3941 ZBTB42 Weak MIRT608383
hsa-miR-3941 UGT8 Weak MIRT608389
hsa-miR-3941 EHD2 Weak MIRT608441
hsa-miR-3941 BHLHE40 Weak MIRT608446
hsa-miR-3941 VAPB Weak MIRT608500
hsa-miR-3941 NFAT5 Weak MIRT608592
hsa-miR-3941 CD2AP Weak MIRT608622
hsa-miR-3941 ASAH2B Weak MIRT608847
hsa-miR-3941 WNT7A Weak MIRT609019
hsa-miR-3941 SMIM15 Weak MIRT609076
hsa-miR-3941 PTP4A2 Weak MIRT609131
hsa-miR-3941 ZNF610 Weak MIRT609135
hsa-miR-3941 ZNF415 Weak MIRT609161
hsa-miR-3941 TAS2R30 Weak MIRT609330
hsa-miR-3941 SOD2 Weak MIRT609367
hsa-miR-3941 PHEX Weak MIRT609387
hsa-miR-3941 CCDC160 Weak MIRT609424
hsa-miR-3941 ADAM9 Weak MIRT609479
hsa-miR-3941 DNAJC19 Weak MIRT609496
hsa-miR-3941 TIGIT Weak MIRT609503
hsa-miR-3941 FAM198A Weak MIRT609749
hsa-miR-3941 ZDHHC17 Weak MIRT609800
hsa-miR-3941 MACC1 Weak MIRT609908
hsa-miR-3941 SLC23A3 Weak MIRT609944
hsa-miR-3941 LILRB1 Weak MIRT609965
hsa-miR-3941 MED24 Weak MIRT610013
hsa-miR-3941 RNF121 Weak MIRT610020
hsa-miR-3941 KRTAP4-9 Weak MIRT610090
hsa-miR-3941 SPATA13 Weak MIRT610165
hsa-miR-3941 CD99 Weak MIRT610203
hsa-miR-3941 B3GALT5 Weak MIRT610217
hsa-miR-3941 C2orf91 Weak MIRT610239
hsa-miR-3941 LANCL3 Weak MIRT610245
hsa-miR-3941 SLC35B4 Weak MIRT610249
hsa-miR-3941 GRIPAP1 Weak MIRT610369
hsa-miR-3941 PALM2-AKAP2 Weak MIRT610412
hsa-miR-3941 AKAP2 Weak MIRT610419
hsa-miR-3941 CSMD2 Weak MIRT610436
hsa-miR-3941 FOXP4 Weak MIRT610444
hsa-miR-3941 CACUL1 Weak MIRT610574
hsa-miR-3941 ZNF670 Weak MIRT610694
hsa-miR-3941 GPX6 Weak MIRT610706
hsa-miR-3941 ZXDA Weak MIRT610754
hsa-miR-3941 ARNT Weak MIRT610761
hsa-miR-3941 CHST15 Weak MIRT610918
hsa-miR-3941 RDX Weak MIRT610970
hsa-miR-3941 GNA14 Weak MIRT610981
hsa-miR-3941 FASLG Weak MIRT611039
hsa-miR-3941 PHF8 Weak MIRT611087
hsa-miR-3941 CA8 Weak MIRT611310
hsa-miR-3941 KIAA2018 Weak MIRT611342
hsa-miR-3941 ZNF431 Weak MIRT611413
hsa-miR-3941 LRP8 Weak MIRT611469
hsa-miR-3941 DDB1 Weak MIRT611530
hsa-miR-3941 ZNF428 Weak MIRT611553
hsa-miR-3941 CLEC4D Weak MIRT611577
hsa-miR-3941 PRSS23 Weak MIRT611733
hsa-miR-3941 TBCK Weak MIRT611766
hsa-miR-3941 CACNG8 Weak MIRT611827
hsa-miR-3941 ICAM1 Weak MIRT611886
hsa-miR-3941 SLC5A7 Weak MIRT611921
hsa-miR-3941 MAPK6 Weak MIRT611993
hsa-miR-3941 HEMGN Weak MIRT612029
hsa-miR-3941 NDRG4 Weak MIRT612048
hsa-miR-3941 CEP135 Weak MIRT612071
hsa-miR-3941 TCF15 Weak MIRT612158
hsa-miR-3941 TMOD2 Weak MIRT612365
hsa-miR-3941 TCTE1 Weak MIRT612379
hsa-miR-3941 PPARGC1B Weak MIRT612659
hsa-miR-3941 TSPAN1 Weak MIRT612727
hsa-miR-3941 MLXIP Weak MIRT612764
hsa-miR-3941 KLHL42 Weak MIRT612814
hsa-miR-3941 KLHL3 Weak MIRT612817
hsa-miR-3941 KCNJ12 Weak MIRT612838
hsa-miR-3941 IGF1R Weak MIRT612881
hsa-miR-3941 GPRIN3 Weak MIRT612927
hsa-miR-3941 GCK Weak MIRT612957
hsa-miR-3941 GID4 Weak MIRT612963
hsa-miR-3941 GEMIN6 Weak MIRT612979
hsa-miR-3941 SRCAP Weak MIRT613122
hsa-miR-3941 BAMBI Weak MIRT613285
hsa-miR-3941 ARL6IP6 Weak MIRT613307
hsa-miR-3941 ADAMTS4 Weak MIRT613360
hsa-miR-3941 LYRM7 Weak MIRT613483
hsa-miR-3941 DUSP18 Weak MIRT613642
hsa-miR-3941 IKBKG Weak MIRT613712
hsa-miR-3941 MTPN Weak MIRT613724
hsa-miR-3941 CBY3 Weak MIRT613864
hsa-miR-3941 TMEM51 Weak MIRT613872
hsa-miR-3941 CRB2 Weak MIRT613886
hsa-miR-3941 PRRG3 Weak MIRT613983
hsa-miR-3941 WSCD2 Weak MIRT614275
hsa-miR-3941 TMEM78 Weak MIRT614298
hsa-miR-3941 LARP4B Weak MIRT614345
hsa-miR-3941 FGFBP3 Weak MIRT614383
hsa-miR-3941 STK36 Weak MIRT614435
hsa-miR-3941 C1orf216 Weak MIRT614501
hsa-miR-3941 METTL16 Weak MIRT614546
hsa-miR-3941 SLCO1B3 Weak MIRT614557
hsa-miR-3941 HLF Weak MIRT614620
hsa-miR-3941 YAE1D1 Weak MIRT614626
hsa-miR-3941 SLC22A4 Weak MIRT614644
hsa-miR-3941 TWIST1 Weak MIRT614689
hsa-miR-3941 SLC7A11 Weak MIRT614746
hsa-miR-3941 SLC44A1 Weak MIRT614763
hsa-miR-3941 SEMA4C Weak MIRT614775
hsa-miR-3941 RAPGEF1 Weak MIRT614810
hsa-miR-3941 PARD3B Weak MIRT614885
hsa-miR-3941 DCP2 Weak MIRT615045
hsa-miR-3941 B4GALT5 Weak MIRT615122
hsa-miR-3941 ATXN3 Weak MIRT615130
hsa-miR-3941 ASCC1 Weak MIRT615722
hsa-miR-3941 SMCHD1 Weak MIRT615834
hsa-miR-3941 ABCC6 Weak MIRT616127
hsa-miR-3941 AGO3 Weak MIRT616321
hsa-miR-3941 MEF2D Weak MIRT616377
hsa-miR-3941 KYNU Weak MIRT616826
hsa-miR-3941 ARPC1B Weak MIRT616873
hsa-miR-3941 SYTL4 Weak MIRT616934
hsa-miR-3941 C16orf52 Weak MIRT617000
hsa-miR-3941 C18orf42 Weak MIRT617151
hsa-miR-3941 TANK Weak MIRT617691
hsa-miR-3941 LPAR3 Weak MIRT617885
hsa-miR-3941 LFNG Weak MIRT618183
hsa-miR-3941 ATP2A2 Weak MIRT618410
hsa-miR-3941 CCDC174 Weak MIRT618525
hsa-miR-3941 NMRK1 Weak MIRT618758
hsa-miR-3941 QSOX2 Weak MIRT619485
hsa-miR-3941 NPBWR1 Weak MIRT619948
hsa-miR-3941 ATG10 Weak MIRT620845
hsa-miR-3941 CLSTN3 Weak MIRT621013
hsa-miR-3941 STX1B Weak MIRT621453
hsa-miR-3941 TIMM8A Weak MIRT621828
hsa-miR-3941 SS18 Weak MIRT622063
hsa-miR-3941 SPOPL Weak MIRT622120
hsa-miR-3941 SPOCK2 Weak MIRT622126
hsa-miR-3941 SLITRK4 Weak MIRT622174
hsa-miR-3941 SLC36A1 Weak MIRT622220
hsa-miR-3941 SGIP1 Weak MIRT622304
hsa-miR-3941 SCN4A Weak MIRT622338
hsa-miR-3941 RAP2B Weak MIRT622517
hsa-miR-3941 PTPN3 Weak MIRT622558
hsa-miR-3941 PAX3 Weak MIRT622912
hsa-miR-3941 PAG1 Weak MIRT622934
hsa-miR-3941 NFATC2 Weak MIRT623112
hsa-miR-3941 MATN1 Weak MIRT623296
hsa-miR-3941 DDHD1 Weak MIRT624196
hsa-miR-3941 CTTNBP2NL Weak MIRT624228
hsa-miR-3941 ATXN7L3B Weak MIRT624617
hsa-miR-3941 MICA Weak MIRT625274
hsa-miR-3941 GNAI1 Weak MIRT626103
hsa-miR-3941 KIAA1009 Weak MIRT626861
hsa-miR-3941 IL1RAPL1 Weak MIRT628090
hsa-miR-3941 CHRFAM7A Weak MIRT628334
hsa-miR-3941 TUBD1 Weak MIRT628731
hsa-miR-3941 SLC1A4 Weak MIRT628931
hsa-miR-3941 EGR3 Weak MIRT629106
hsa-miR-3941 WDR3 Weak MIRT629601
hsa-miR-3941 TOB2 Weak MIRT630167
hsa-miR-3941 RTF1 Weak MIRT630269
hsa-miR-3941 LMX1A Weak MIRT630427
hsa-miR-3941 ELK1 Weak MIRT630637
hsa-miR-3941 GDNF Weak MIRT630708
hsa-miR-3941 FOXL1 Weak MIRT633737
hsa-miR-3941 ZDHHC21 Weak MIRT634126
hsa-miR-3941 SP1 Weak MIRT634300
hsa-miR-3941 PLEKHA2 Weak MIRT634407
hsa-miR-3941 C11orf74 Weak MIRT634900
hsa-miR-3941 BMP10 Weak MIRT635687
hsa-miR-3941 NPTXR Weak MIRT636379
hsa-miR-3941 ADCYAP1R1 Weak MIRT636739
hsa-miR-3941 FSIP2 Weak MIRT636828
hsa-miR-3941 DOK6 Weak MIRT638798
hsa-miR-3941 CSRNP3 Weak MIRT638811
hsa-miR-3941 CCDC149 Weak MIRT643061
hsa-miR-3941 ZFP1 Weak MIRT643164
hsa-miR-3941 BEX4 Weak MIRT645676
hsa-miR-3941 TIPRL Weak MIRT646094
hsa-miR-3941 SLC22A1 Weak MIRT646161
hsa-miR-3941 CBX3 Weak MIRT647054
hsa-miR-3941 AGAP1 Weak MIRT648244
hsa-miR-3941 FHOD1 Weak MIRT649963
hsa-miR-3941 ZKSCAN4 Weak MIRT651257
hsa-miR-3941 UNC5B Weak MIRT651862
hsa-miR-3941 UBE2H Weak MIRT651979
hsa-miR-3941 NACC1 Weak MIRT655982
hsa-miR-3941 KCNA4 Weak MIRT657066
hsa-miR-3941 JPH2 Weak MIRT657072
hsa-miR-3941 GABPB1 Weak MIRT658019
hsa-miR-3941 BSN Weak MIRT660117
hsa-miR-3941 PHKA1 Weak MIRT662929
hsa-miR-3941 SYT17 Weak MIRT663403
hsa-miR-3941 WNK3 Weak MIRT665379
hsa-miR-3941 RIMS3 Weak MIRT666557
hsa-miR-3941 PTBP3 Weak MIRT666781
hsa-miR-3941 MVB12B Weak MIRT667328
hsa-miR-3941 TNFSF4 Weak MIRT670331
hsa-miR-3941 CISD2 Weak MIRT670804
hsa-miR-3941 NDUFS2 Weak MIRT671760
hsa-miR-3941 TMEM79 Weak MIRT672338
hsa-miR-3941 C12orf49 Weak MIRT672629
hsa-miR-3941 DENND2C Weak MIRT672970
hsa-miR-3941 CACFD1 Weak MIRT674012
hsa-miR-3941 TMPPE Weak MIRT676547
hsa-miR-3941 PCDH7 Weak MIRT676925
hsa-miR-3941 ELOF1 Weak MIRT677710
hsa-miR-3941 ASS1 Weak MIRT677844
hsa-miR-3941 MARCH5 Weak MIRT678392
hsa-miR-3941 RABGAP1 Weak MIRT679141
hsa-miR-3941 GLCCI1 Weak MIRT679626
hsa-miR-3941 CRLS1 Weak MIRT684102
hsa-miR-3941 MC2R Weak MIRT684898
hsa-miR-3941 F2RL1 Weak MIRT685230
hsa-miR-3941 MGAT5 Weak MIRT687562
hsa-miR-3941 MOBP Weak MIRT691005
hsa-miR-3941 COBLL1 Weak MIRT692425
hsa-miR-3941 KIAA0907 Weak MIRT693226
hsa-miR-3941 ALDH1A3 Weak MIRT694408
hsa-miR-3941 PAK6 Weak MIRT696226
hsa-miR-3941 RNMT Weak MIRT702057
hsa-miR-3941 GPR21 Weak MIRT706246
hsa-miR-3941 STAM Weak MIRT707221
hsa-miR-3941 SIK3 Weak MIRT707251
hsa-miR-3941 NBPF10 Weak MIRT707284
hsa-miR-3941 FAM26E Weak MIRT707291
hsa-miR-3941 WDTC1 Weak MIRT707438
hsa-miR-3941 CHAF1B Weak MIRT707470
hsa-miR-3941 ADAMTS9 Weak MIRT707539
hsa-miR-3941 WISP1 Weak MIRT707617
hsa-miR-3941 FAM47E-STBD1 Weak MIRT707659
hsa-miR-3941 ZBED3 Weak MIRT707767
hsa-miR-3941 STYX Weak MIRT707854
hsa-miR-3941 SRGAP2 Weak MIRT707862
hsa-miR-3941 SNRK Weak MIRT707873
hsa-miR-3941 PAPPA Weak MIRT707982
hsa-miR-3941 MTF1 Weak MIRT708021
hsa-miR-3941 GREB1L Weak MIRT708117
hsa-miR-3941 FAM160B1 Weak MIRT708140
hsa-miR-3941 C18orf32 Weak MIRT708161
hsa-miR-3941 RAD54L2 Weak MIRT709204
hsa-miR-3941 SPCS2 Weak MIRT712187
hsa-miR-3941 PPP1CB Weak MIRT712265
hsa-miR-3941 SORBS3 Weak MIRT715105
hsa-miR-3941 GRIN2A Weak MIRT715851
hsa-miR-3941 RAPH1 Weak MIRT718613
hsa-miR-3941 RBM41 Weak MIRT722238
hsa-miR-3941 NUP205 Weak MIRT724209
hsa-miR-3941 SYNRG Weak MIRT725114
hsa-miR-3941 PPARGC1A Weak MIRT725208
hsa-miR-3941 JARID2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 NPR3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 NSUN2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 NMT1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 IARS Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 NOTCH1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 HN1L Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 LIN28B Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 PTGFRN Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 SCD Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 HIF1AN Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 TBC1D9 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 BLCAP Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 FBXW11 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 PHLPP2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 EPB41 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 DPP3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 TMEM9 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 IPO5 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 SYT4 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 ANGPTL4 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 LCOR Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 USP7 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 ALDH7A1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 SRC Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 NETO2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 LBH Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 SNX13 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 UNC13A Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 OSBPL11 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 TBC1D2B Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 GSK3B Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 TSC1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 ANKFY1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 SLC6A19 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 POLR2L Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 EIF3F Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 FAM105A Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 NEIL2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 UBE2R2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 MED14 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 AHNAK Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 ALKBH5 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 SLC23A2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 SH3TC2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 ST14 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 ACP1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 ITSN1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 SAMD4A Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 KIAA0895 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 ZBTB5 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 RORA Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 MYLK Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 BMP2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 UNC5C Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 GPR180 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 SORBS2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 IYD Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 PLEKHG1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 MLYCD Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 KCNJ2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 GYG2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 MYD88 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 NICN1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3941 BRWD3 Prediction N/A

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