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MicroRNA Gene Evidence category miRTarBase ID
hsa-miR-3674 RBM14 Weak MIRT060375
hsa-miR-3674 CASC5 Weak MIRT072071
hsa-miR-3674 NUBP1 Weak MIRT073760
hsa-miR-3674 ALKBH5 Weak MIRT076213
hsa-miR-3674 FCHO2 Weak MIRT097137
hsa-miR-3674 HSPA1B Weak MIRT100425
hsa-miR-3674 SFT2D3 Weak MIRT119045
hsa-miR-3674 FAM208B Weak MIRT127049
hsa-miR-3674 SCAMP1 Weak MIRT167101
hsa-miR-3674 QSER1 Weak MIRT180296
hsa-miR-3674 CCNT2 Weak MIRT203319
hsa-miR-3674 MTMR9 Weak MIRT223905
hsa-miR-3674 BAG4 Weak MIRT224974
hsa-miR-3674 WHSC1 Weak MIRT237880
hsa-miR-3674 GPR137C Weak MIRT278827
hsa-miR-3674 BUB3 Weak MIRT330018
hsa-miR-3674 EIF4A1 Weak MIRT345931
hsa-miR-3674 BTBD3 Weak MIRT349343
hsa-miR-3674 GMNC Weak MIRT449287
hsa-miR-3674 POGK Weak MIRT470705
hsa-miR-3674 CD4 Weak MIRT479639
hsa-miR-3674 HSP90AA1 Weak MIRT493566
hsa-miR-3674 ARNTL Weak MIRT494635
hsa-miR-3674 IFITM3 Weak MIRT498887
hsa-miR-3674 NBPF11 Weak MIRT499260
hsa-miR-3674 NFATC2IP Weak MIRT499703
hsa-miR-3674 TBK1 Weak MIRT500832
hsa-miR-3674 ZNF138 Weak MIRT503657
hsa-miR-3674 RPL18 Weak MIRT508308
hsa-miR-3674 ZNF732 Weak MIRT515144
hsa-miR-3674 KRTAP5-6 Weak MIRT515755
hsa-miR-3674 OARD1 Weak MIRT516107
hsa-miR-3674 OTUD6A Weak MIRT517194
hsa-miR-3674 SPCS1 Weak MIRT519281
hsa-miR-3674 ZNF512B Weak MIRT519713
hsa-miR-3674 PARP15 Weak MIRT526437
hsa-miR-3674 C4orf36 Weak MIRT526467
hsa-miR-3674 DCAF16 Weak MIRT527736
hsa-miR-3674 FAM179A Weak MIRT528000
hsa-miR-3674 CD1D Weak MIRT528761
hsa-miR-3674 SULT1B1 Weak MIRT530466
hsa-miR-3674 ZNF117 Weak MIRT531364
hsa-miR-3674 SPC25 Weak MIRT531365
hsa-miR-3674 ILDR1 Weak MIRT531564
hsa-miR-3674 SEC14L5 Weak MIRT532169
hsa-miR-3674 RBM28 Weak MIRT532465
hsa-miR-3674 TOR1AIP1 Weak MIRT533563
hsa-miR-3674 SLAIN2 Weak MIRT534289
hsa-miR-3674 DNAJB4 Weak MIRT538047
hsa-miR-3674 ANGPTL3 Weak MIRT539274
hsa-miR-3674 SLC30A5 Weak MIRT539945
hsa-miR-3674 KIAA1549 Weak MIRT543590
hsa-miR-3674 RNF20 Weak MIRT543956
hsa-miR-3674 C8orf33 Weak MIRT544739
hsa-miR-3674 SNRPA1 Weak MIRT545573
hsa-miR-3674 PLAG1 Weak MIRT547096
hsa-miR-3674 NCL Weak MIRT547342
hsa-miR-3674 C2orf69 Weak MIRT549093
hsa-miR-3674 RNF157 Weak MIRT551943
hsa-miR-3674 ZFP36L2 Weak MIRT552548
hsa-miR-3674 TVP23C Weak MIRT553234
hsa-miR-3674 PUM2 Weak MIRT555111
hsa-miR-3674 HOXD11 Weak MIRT557015
hsa-miR-3674 FAM60A Weak MIRT559908
hsa-miR-3674 RAB3IP Weak MIRT559995
hsa-miR-3674 ZCCHC14 Weak MIRT561280
hsa-miR-3674 ZNF99 Weak MIRT562716
hsa-miR-3674 PARK7 Weak MIRT562977
hsa-miR-3674 NOLC1 Weak MIRT563138
hsa-miR-3674 ZNF107 Weak MIRT563735
hsa-miR-3674 POTEM Weak MIRT566317
hsa-miR-3674 POTEG Weak MIRT566328
hsa-miR-3674 KLHL15 Weak MIRT567025
hsa-miR-3674 C4orf32 Weak MIRT608399
hsa-miR-3674 MTX3 Weak MIRT609430
hsa-miR-3674 MNT Weak MIRT612260
hsa-miR-3674 NTPCR Weak MIRT614055
hsa-miR-3674 EFCAB14 Weak MIRT628253
hsa-miR-3674 PDHB Weak MIRT635009
hsa-miR-3674 YIPF4 Weak MIRT636126
hsa-miR-3674 COX19 Weak MIRT646807
hsa-miR-3674 TRUB2 Weak MIRT652095
hsa-miR-3674 SLC16A10 Weak MIRT653742
hsa-miR-3674 RBMS3 Weak MIRT654299
hsa-miR-3674 PLCG2 Weak MIRT654981
hsa-miR-3674 STXBP2 Weak MIRT658139
hsa-miR-3674 DIAPH1 Weak MIRT658997
hsa-miR-3674 IP6K1 Weak MIRT667869
hsa-miR-3674 ZNF208 Weak MIRT691519
hsa-miR-3674 HNRNPA1L2 Weak MIRT693896
hsa-miR-3674 TRPV2 Weak MIRT698029
hsa-miR-3674 SPPL2A Weak MIRT698907
hsa-miR-3674 RNF115 Weak MIRT700161
hsa-miR-3674 HNRNPA1 Weak MIRT702843
hsa-miR-3674 LAYN Weak MIRT706604
hsa-miR-3674 NCBP2 Weak MIRT706637
hsa-miR-3674 ZNF264 Weak MIRT714925
hsa-miR-3674 KLHL24 Weak MIRT720881
hsa-miR-3674 ZNF724P Weak MIRT721195
hsa-miR-3674 TMEM45B Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3674 CACHD1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3674 DYRK1A Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3674 IRAK2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3674 GOLGA5 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3674 HSPA12A Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3674 BDNF Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3674 ASB1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3674 GCSAM Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3674 ENTHD1 Prediction N/A

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