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MicroRNA Gene Evidence category miRTarBase ID
hsa-miR-3671 SCD Weak MIRT055121
hsa-miR-3671 CCT2 Weak MIRT066728
hsa-miR-3671 TCERG1 Weak MIRT095692
hsa-miR-3671 EIF5AL1 Weak MIRT178168
hsa-miR-3671 TNRC6A Weak MIRT194941
hsa-miR-3671 NFATC2IP Weak MIRT195037
hsa-miR-3671 EIF5A Weak MIRT197994
hsa-miR-3671 ATXN7L3B Weak MIRT248772
hsa-miR-3671 TCEB3 Weak MIRT272815
hsa-miR-3671 KLHL15 Weak MIRT327061
hsa-miR-3671 SLC38A1 Weak MIRT337552
hsa-miR-3671 CDK6 Weak MIRT402379
hsa-miR-3671 KLHDC10 Weak MIRT409020
hsa-miR-3671 TEX35 Weak MIRT441861
hsa-miR-3671 IQCG Weak MIRT442467
hsa-miR-3671 CCNT2 Weak MIRT450897
hsa-miR-3671 YRDC Weak MIRT455743
hsa-miR-3671 TDG Weak MIRT466497
hsa-miR-3671 PTEN Weak MIRT470093
hsa-miR-3671 PDIA6 Weak MIRT471425
hsa-miR-3671 ATXN7L3 Weak MIRT481222
hsa-miR-3671 ANKRD46 Weak MIRT481890
hsa-miR-3671 ESF1 Weak MIRT484780
hsa-miR-3671 VPS52 Weak MIRT491946
hsa-miR-3671 CEP120 Weak MIRT494248
hsa-miR-3671 GOLGA6L4 Weak MIRT495551
hsa-miR-3671 GOLGA6L10 Weak MIRT495584
hsa-miR-3671 TDRP Weak MIRT495830
hsa-miR-3671 CLCN6 Weak MIRT495858
hsa-miR-3671 APLP2 Weak MIRT495979
hsa-miR-3671 SLC36A1 Weak MIRT496034
hsa-miR-3671 EIF3M Weak MIRT496163
hsa-miR-3671 SFT2D2 Weak MIRT500062
hsa-miR-3671 TBK1 Weak MIRT500831
hsa-miR-3671 NPM1 Weak MIRT503912
hsa-miR-3671 TMF1 Weak MIRT505325
hsa-miR-3671 HOXB3 Weak MIRT506954
hsa-miR-3671 ZNF121 Weak MIRT508235
hsa-miR-3671 TOR1B Weak MIRT513644
hsa-miR-3671 YAF2 Weak MIRT520090
hsa-miR-3671 FAM19A1 Weak MIRT523807
hsa-miR-3671 FRK Weak MIRT525049
hsa-miR-3671 SOD2 Weak MIRT525754
hsa-miR-3671 AGAP9 Weak MIRT526596
hsa-miR-3671 ZNF527 Weak MIRT526765
hsa-miR-3671 TXNDC16 Weak MIRT531381
hsa-miR-3671 PLGRKT Weak MIRT532454
hsa-miR-3671 SAR1B Weak MIRT534506
hsa-miR-3671 PPP1CB Weak MIRT535076
hsa-miR-3671 MKL2 Weak MIRT535911
hsa-miR-3671 MAD2L1 Weak MIRT536206
hsa-miR-3671 HEPHL1 Weak MIRT536897
hsa-miR-3671 FBXO22 Weak MIRT537419
hsa-miR-3671 BPTF Weak MIRT538929
hsa-miR-3671 ITM2A Weak MIRT544143
hsa-miR-3671 CSE1L Weak MIRT545454
hsa-miR-3671 NDUFB5 Weak MIRT549922
hsa-miR-3671 CYP4V2 Weak MIRT550559
hsa-miR-3671 ZNF146 Weak MIRT552480
hsa-miR-3671 RNF41 Weak MIRT554682
hsa-miR-3671 FOXP1 Weak MIRT557802
hsa-miR-3671 ENPP5 Weak MIRT558091
hsa-miR-3671 CYP26B1 Weak MIRT558496
hsa-miR-3671 BEND4 Weak MIRT559237
hsa-miR-3671 AKAP10 Weak MIRT559637
hsa-miR-3671 SLC29A1 Weak MIRT563256
hsa-miR-3671 ETS2 Weak MIRT563636
hsa-miR-3671 NHS Weak MIRT565858
hsa-miR-3671 PEG10 Weak MIRT566470
hsa-miR-3671 LBR Weak MIRT566985
hsa-miR-3671 E2F3 Weak MIRT567721
hsa-miR-3671 DEK Weak MIRT567804
hsa-miR-3671 CREBZF Weak MIRT567949
hsa-miR-3671 USP15 Weak MIRT571578
hsa-miR-3671 NRBF2 Weak MIRT571844
hsa-miR-3671 TRIM10 Weak MIRT572440
hsa-miR-3671 NLRP11 Weak MIRT606865
hsa-miR-3671 BRI3BP Weak MIRT610995
hsa-miR-3671 WDR59 Weak MIRT611988
hsa-miR-3671 FNDC5 Weak MIRT613051
hsa-miR-3671 SLC6A6 Weak MIRT614755
hsa-miR-3671 CLUAP1 Weak MIRT615193
hsa-miR-3671 C20orf194 Weak MIRT615288
hsa-miR-3671 C1orf56 Weak MIRT615622
hsa-miR-3671 FAM126B Weak MIRT616417
hsa-miR-3671 KANSL1L Weak MIRT616774
hsa-miR-3671 FGF10 Weak MIRT616821
hsa-miR-3671 MAP3K7 Weak MIRT616959
hsa-miR-3671 GTF2I Weak MIRT618078
hsa-miR-3671 WDR75 Weak MIRT620353
hsa-miR-3671 UBE4B Weak MIRT621662
hsa-miR-3671 SORBS2 Weak MIRT622150
hsa-miR-3671 SNAP29 Weak MIRT622159
hsa-miR-3671 CLIC5 Weak MIRT624324
hsa-miR-3671 CREB5 Weak MIRT628300
hsa-miR-3671 AAK1 Weak MIRT629400
hsa-miR-3671 ABCB5 Weak MIRT631241
hsa-miR-3671 FGF19 Weak MIRT639618
hsa-miR-3671 PPARA Weak MIRT640604
hsa-miR-3671 SRCAP Weak MIRT642115
hsa-miR-3671 C19orf40 Weak MIRT642350
hsa-miR-3671 SNTG1 Weak MIRT642997
hsa-miR-3671 COMMD2 Weak MIRT643144
hsa-miR-3671 FSHB Weak MIRT643771
hsa-miR-3671 CERKL Weak MIRT643874
hsa-miR-3671 PAFAH1B1 Weak MIRT644263
hsa-miR-3671 TNFRSF9 Weak MIRT645225
hsa-miR-3671 NINJ1 Weak MIRT645424
hsa-miR-3671 PRDM10 Weak MIRT646464
hsa-miR-3671 OR9Q1 Weak MIRT647128
hsa-miR-3671 TMLHE Weak MIRT647164
hsa-miR-3671 ALKBH4 Weak MIRT648656
hsa-miR-3671 PALD1 Weak MIRT649571
hsa-miR-3671 ZNF225 Weak MIRT651216
hsa-miR-3671 WASF3 Weak MIRT651632
hsa-miR-3671 LRAT Weak MIRT656649
hsa-miR-3671 KLHL28 Weak MIRT656806
hsa-miR-3671 FAM83F Weak MIRT658293
hsa-miR-3671 DARS Weak MIRT659181
hsa-miR-3671 ABHD10 Weak MIRT661001
hsa-miR-3671 CYCS Weak MIRT668828
hsa-miR-3671 HMGN1 Weak MIRT687931
hsa-miR-3671 TNPO1 Weak MIRT698146
hsa-miR-3671 PTPLB Weak MIRT700521
hsa-miR-3671 PDE3A Weak MIRT700989
hsa-miR-3671 KLF10 Weak MIRT702369
hsa-miR-3671 EXOC2 Weak MIRT707669
hsa-miR-3671 PRRC2C Weak MIRT707915
hsa-miR-3671 TRUB2 Weak MIRT709952
hsa-miR-3671 CRIPT Weak MIRT711907
hsa-miR-3671 SH3TC2 Weak MIRT712804
hsa-miR-3671 COQ7 Weak MIRT714278
hsa-miR-3671 GEM Weak MIRT716917
hsa-miR-3671 RAD52 Weak MIRT717823
hsa-miR-3671 KCNS2 Weak MIRT719174
hsa-miR-3671 MPP6 Weak MIRT720196
hsa-miR-3671 FAM98B Weak MIRT721429
hsa-miR-3671 MC2R Weak MIRT723424
hsa-miR-3671 FGF2 Weak MIRT724420
hsa-miR-3671 ZPBP Weak MIRT725004
hsa-miR-3671 FAM208A Weak MIRT725529
hsa-miR-3671 SNX1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3671 LRP6 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3671 DFFB Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3671 SEPT2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3671 PLEKHH2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3671 ARHGAP12 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3671 PGAP1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3671 FKRP Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3671 ABHD5 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3671 FGFR1OP2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3671 PDLIM5 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3671 ADAMTS6 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3671 WDR7 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3671 NOTCH2NL Prediction N/A

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