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MicroRNA Gene Evidence category miRTarBase ID
hsa-miR-3653-5p SLC1A5 Weak MIRT118037
hsa-miR-3653-5p E2F2 Weak MIRT134378
hsa-miR-3653-5p PHTF2 Weak MIRT171365
hsa-miR-3653-5p PIGO Weak MIRT174716
hsa-miR-3653-5p NFATC2IP Weak MIRT250468
hsa-miR-3653-5p HIF1AN Weak MIRT261002
hsa-miR-3653-5p SKIL Weak MIRT306045
hsa-miR-3653-5p CSNK1E Weak MIRT352741
hsa-miR-3653-5p SLC2A1 Weak MIRT380445
hsa-miR-3653-5p SRP68 Weak MIRT442181
hsa-miR-3653-5p RIMS4 Weak MIRT448534
hsa-miR-3653-5p UQCR11 Weak MIRT451362
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF556 Weak MIRT451444
hsa-miR-3653-5p PPIA Weak MIRT452667
hsa-miR-3653-5p CES2 Weak MIRT458768
hsa-miR-3653-5p SLC26A2 Weak MIRT460268
hsa-miR-3653-5p TM4SF5 Weak MIRT460535
hsa-miR-3653-5p FEM1A Weak MIRT460602
hsa-miR-3653-5p YY1 Weak MIRT463622
hsa-miR-3653-5p MAPK1 Weak MIRT473708
hsa-miR-3653-5p KCTD20 Weak MIRT474922
hsa-miR-3653-5p CTNS Weak MIRT478532
hsa-miR-3653-5p TMEM126B Weak MIRT482760
hsa-miR-3653-5p FDX1 Weak MIRT491029
hsa-miR-3653-5p PER1 Weak MIRT492753
hsa-miR-3653-5p CTC1 Weak MIRT494140
hsa-miR-3653-5p UBA5 Weak MIRT497863
hsa-miR-3653-5p CD84 Weak MIRT512405
hsa-miR-3653-5p ATCAY Weak MIRT512529
hsa-miR-3653-5p BRIX1 Weak MIRT513039
hsa-miR-3653-5p SSTR2 Weak MIRT517888
hsa-miR-3653-5p TXNL1 Weak MIRT520420
hsa-miR-3653-5p POLR1D Weak MIRT521826
hsa-miR-3653-5p SRPK1 Weak MIRT534072
hsa-miR-3653-5p SLC23A1 Weak MIRT534240
hsa-miR-3653-5p C3orf52 Weak MIRT538794
hsa-miR-3653-5p BCL2L2 Weak MIRT538980
hsa-miR-3653-5p KDELR1 Weak MIRT542111
hsa-miR-3653-5p SLC39A14 Weak MIRT546462
hsa-miR-3653-5p SSPN Weak MIRT552217
hsa-miR-3653-5p NDUFS1 Weak MIRT552224
hsa-miR-3653-5p SATB2 Weak MIRT554420
hsa-miR-3653-5p PPP1CC Weak MIRT555385
hsa-miR-3653-5p MPRIP Weak MIRT569625
hsa-miR-3653-5p MKI67 Weak MIRT573895
hsa-miR-3653-5p YAE1D1 Weak MIRT607347
hsa-miR-3653-5p MCTS1 Weak MIRT607413
hsa-miR-3653-5p SYK Weak MIRT608320
hsa-miR-3653-5p RRP36 Weak MIRT608473
hsa-miR-3653-5p TMOD3 Weak MIRT608523
hsa-miR-3653-5p RNF149 Weak MIRT608572
hsa-miR-3653-5p DARS2 Weak MIRT608609
hsa-miR-3653-5p STPG1 Weak MIRT608676
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZKSCAN1 Weak MIRT608724
hsa-miR-3653-5p FOXE1 Weak MIRT610392
hsa-miR-3653-5p FAM46A Weak MIRT610537
hsa-miR-3653-5p PHLDA3 Weak MIRT610664
hsa-miR-3653-5p EHD3 Weak MIRT611258
hsa-miR-3653-5p MICALL1 Weak MIRT612247
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF488 Weak MIRT613500
hsa-miR-3653-5p RPS6 Weak MIRT613790
hsa-miR-3653-5p SPIRE2 Weak MIRT613832
hsa-miR-3653-5p LOH12CR1 Weak MIRT614357
hsa-miR-3653-5p NOA1 Weak MIRT614539
hsa-miR-3653-5p SORD Weak MIRT615947
hsa-miR-3653-5p HS3ST1 Weak MIRT616144
hsa-miR-3653-5p MPPE1 Weak MIRT617103
hsa-miR-3653-5p FAM227A Weak MIRT617383
hsa-miR-3653-5p LACTB Weak MIRT618126
hsa-miR-3653-5p PGBD4 Weak MIRT618236
hsa-miR-3653-5p DDX51 Weak MIRT618262
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF682 Weak MIRT618286
hsa-miR-3653-5p IPP Weak MIRT618316
hsa-miR-3653-5p MCM8 Weak MIRT618678
hsa-miR-3653-5p LRIF1 Weak MIRT619206
hsa-miR-3653-5p CORO2A Weak MIRT619658
hsa-miR-3653-5p FPR2 Weak MIRT619726
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF347 Weak MIRT619870
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF283 Weak MIRT620129
hsa-miR-3653-5p WDR12 Weak MIRT621087
hsa-miR-3653-5p SP110 Weak MIRT621114
hsa-miR-3653-5p EMC7 Weak MIRT621129
hsa-miR-3653-5p SIGLEC9 Weak MIRT621236
hsa-miR-3653-5p PNPLA3 Weak MIRT621421
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZBTB43 Weak MIRT621576
hsa-miR-3653-5p TSPYL1 Weak MIRT621689
hsa-miR-3653-5p TMEM233 Weak MIRT621794
hsa-miR-3653-5p SYAP1 Weak MIRT621929
hsa-miR-3653-5p STRIP2 Weak MIRT621965
hsa-miR-3653-5p SPTY2D1 Weak MIRT622102
hsa-miR-3653-5p SLC7A14 Weak MIRT622184
hsa-miR-3653-5p SLC25A45 Weak MIRT622238
hsa-miR-3653-5p RNF11 Weak MIRT622473
hsa-miR-3653-5p RBM20 Weak MIRT622514
hsa-miR-3653-5p RAD51 Weak MIRT622523
hsa-miR-3653-5p POLQ Weak MIRT622665
hsa-miR-3653-5p PLEKHO1 Weak MIRT622699
hsa-miR-3653-5p PEX26 Weak MIRT622831
hsa-miR-3653-5p PDE12 Weak MIRT622873
hsa-miR-3653-5p OCIAD2 Weak MIRT623031
hsa-miR-3653-5p NME6 Weak MIRT623083
hsa-miR-3653-5p MARCH7 Weak MIRT623303
hsa-miR-3653-5p FKBP14 Weak MIRT623932
hsa-miR-3653-5p EIF4E Weak MIRT624060
hsa-miR-3653-5p COMMD2 Weak MIRT624295
hsa-miR-3653-5p C3orf62 Weak MIRT624521
hsa-miR-3653-5p ACO1 Weak MIRT624824
hsa-miR-3653-5p CTCFL Weak MIRT624908
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZCCHC8 Weak MIRT625154
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF716 Weak MIRT625382
hsa-miR-3653-5p RBM3 Weak MIRT625771
hsa-miR-3653-5p POFUT1 Weak MIRT625808
hsa-miR-3653-5p NXPE2 Weak MIRT625835
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF517 Weak MIRT626010
hsa-miR-3653-5p AP3M1 Weak MIRT626058
hsa-miR-3653-5p IL23R Weak MIRT626116
hsa-miR-3653-5p RBM43 Weak MIRT626252
hsa-miR-3653-5p PACS1 Weak MIRT626350
hsa-miR-3653-5p ANGEL1 Weak MIRT626888
hsa-miR-3653-5p WDR31 Weak MIRT627303
hsa-miR-3653-5p SGK494 Weak MIRT627597
hsa-miR-3653-5p SF3B1 Weak MIRT627618
hsa-miR-3653-5p SENP8 Weak MIRT627630
hsa-miR-3653-5p SEC23IP Weak MIRT627642
hsa-miR-3653-5p SAR1A Weak MIRT627651
hsa-miR-3653-5p CACNB2 Weak MIRT628388
hsa-miR-3653-5p C2orf72 Weak MIRT628675
hsa-miR-3653-5p TMEM154 Weak MIRT628780
hsa-miR-3653-5p ALDOA Weak MIRT629181
hsa-miR-3653-5p NXPE1 Weak MIRT629266
hsa-miR-3653-5p PTPLAD2 Weak MIRT629307
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF487P Weak MIRT629322
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF37A Weak MIRT629524
hsa-miR-3653-5p NOL10 Weak MIRT629611
hsa-miR-3653-5p NDUFV3 Weak MIRT629659
hsa-miR-3653-5p USP1 Weak MIRT629671
hsa-miR-3653-5p STK25 Weak MIRT629765
hsa-miR-3653-5p IDE Weak MIRT630447
hsa-miR-3653-5p GATAD1 Weak MIRT630903
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF573 Weak MIRT631001
hsa-miR-3653-5p CCBE1 Weak MIRT631157
hsa-miR-3653-5p HCAR1 Weak MIRT631178
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF84 Weak MIRT631339
hsa-miR-3653-5p LATS1 Weak MIRT631342
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZFP30 Weak MIRT631359
hsa-miR-3653-5p FBXO47 Weak MIRT631461
hsa-miR-3653-5p ITGAL Weak MIRT631585
hsa-miR-3653-5p ACBD7 Weak MIRT631597
hsa-miR-3653-5p WDR91 Weak MIRT631643
hsa-miR-3653-5p IL17RA Weak MIRT631781
hsa-miR-3653-5p PIGG Weak MIRT631858
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF430 Weak MIRT632040
hsa-miR-3653-5p SSR1 Weak MIRT632094
hsa-miR-3653-5p CWC25 Weak MIRT632153
hsa-miR-3653-5p VTA1 Weak MIRT632234
hsa-miR-3653-5p TTPAL Weak MIRT632287
hsa-miR-3653-5p TCEANC2 Weak MIRT632328
hsa-miR-3653-5p SLC4A1 Weak MIRT632392
hsa-miR-3653-5p SLC30A5 Weak MIRT632412
hsa-miR-3653-5p PRPF38A Weak MIRT632557
hsa-miR-3653-5p DENND5B Weak MIRT633066
hsa-miR-3653-5p AAK1 Weak MIRT633185
hsa-miR-3653-5p HSPE1-MOB4 Weak MIRT633196
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF584 Weak MIRT633220
hsa-miR-3653-5p GRK4 Weak MIRT633343
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF566 Weak MIRT633407
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF724P Weak MIRT633479
hsa-miR-3653-5p ARIH2OS Weak MIRT633485
hsa-miR-3653-5p LRRC27 Weak MIRT633516
hsa-miR-3653-5p DLEU1 Weak MIRT633556
hsa-miR-3653-5p SLC28A1 Weak MIRT633659
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF576 Weak MIRT633681
hsa-miR-3653-5p CENPBD1 Weak MIRT633758
hsa-miR-3653-5p SWSAP1 Weak MIRT633771
hsa-miR-3653-5p F2 Weak MIRT633776
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF91 Weak MIRT633803
hsa-miR-3653-5p WDR92 Weak MIRT633813
hsa-miR-3653-5p TMEM231 Weak MIRT633948
hsa-miR-3653-5p RTN2 Weak MIRT634000
hsa-miR-3653-5p MOB4 Weak MIRT634024
hsa-miR-3653-5p TMEM132B Weak MIRT634228
hsa-miR-3653-5p SLC43A2 Weak MIRT634320
hsa-miR-3653-5p RNF157 Weak MIRT634355
hsa-miR-3653-5p KIAA1958 Weak MIRT634586
hsa-miR-3653-5p CRCP Weak MIRT634748
hsa-miR-3653-5p KIAA1614 Weak MIRT635409
hsa-miR-3653-5p GBP4 Weak MIRT635461
hsa-miR-3653-5p CCR4 Weak MIRT635501
hsa-miR-3653-5p CDT1 Weak MIRT635627
hsa-miR-3653-5p CMBL Weak MIRT635646
hsa-miR-3653-5p PIK3C2A Weak MIRT635750
hsa-miR-3653-5p OPA3 Weak MIRT635824
hsa-miR-3653-5p TTC31 Weak MIRT635969
hsa-miR-3653-5p YPEL1 Weak MIRT636121
hsa-miR-3653-5p TIMM8A Weak MIRT636171
hsa-miR-3653-5p TCEB1 Weak MIRT636194
hsa-miR-3653-5p CLUAP1 Weak MIRT636772
hsa-miR-3653-5p CYB5D1 Weak MIRT636799
hsa-miR-3653-5p APTX Weak MIRT636955
hsa-miR-3653-5p CXorf23 Weak MIRT637096
hsa-miR-3653-5p PCDHA6 Weak MIRT637149
hsa-miR-3653-5p MEAF6 Weak MIRT637207
hsa-miR-3653-5p FAM9B Weak MIRT637321
hsa-miR-3653-5p CHST6 Weak MIRT637544
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF431 Weak MIRT637632
hsa-miR-3653-5p ADAT1 Weak MIRT637658
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF439 Weak MIRT637704
hsa-miR-3653-5p GGPS1 Weak MIRT637807
hsa-miR-3653-5p CACNG8 Weak MIRT637831
hsa-miR-3653-5p FAM153B Weak MIRT637907
hsa-miR-3653-5p IVD Weak MIRT637953
hsa-miR-3653-5p IRF1 Weak MIRT637974
hsa-miR-3653-5p FIG4 Weak MIRT638026
hsa-miR-3653-5p KCNN1 Weak MIRT638066
hsa-miR-3653-5p TAOK1 Weak MIRT638197
hsa-miR-3653-5p PRR11 Weak MIRT638403
hsa-miR-3653-5p GSR Weak MIRT638625
hsa-miR-3653-5p GK5 Weak MIRT638651
hsa-miR-3653-5p AGO3 Weak MIRT638993
hsa-miR-3653-5p ADO Weak MIRT639000
hsa-miR-3653-5p SMAGP Weak MIRT642200
hsa-miR-3653-5p CERS4 Weak MIRT642537
hsa-miR-3653-5p LETM2 Weak MIRT643021
hsa-miR-3653-5p ERVMER34-1 Weak MIRT643423
hsa-miR-3653-5p LAX1 Weak MIRT643459
hsa-miR-3653-5p NAGK Weak MIRT643766
hsa-miR-3653-5p IMP4 Weak MIRT643892
hsa-miR-3653-5p SIAH3 Weak MIRT644097
hsa-miR-3653-5p TMCO1 Weak MIRT644680
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF321P Weak MIRT644710
hsa-miR-3653-5p SEPT14 Weak MIRT644726
hsa-miR-3653-5p HES2 Weak MIRT645138
hsa-miR-3653-5p AGTRAP Weak MIRT645314
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZMYM1 Weak MIRT645561
hsa-miR-3653-5p POLR3A Weak MIRT645737
hsa-miR-3653-5p NPR1 Weak MIRT646042
hsa-miR-3653-5p FLVCR1 Weak MIRT646150
hsa-miR-3653-5p PIGP Weak MIRT646362
hsa-miR-3653-5p ALDH5A1 Weak MIRT646566
hsa-miR-3653-5p NT5C2 Weak MIRT646871
hsa-miR-3653-5p NQO2 Weak MIRT647022
hsa-miR-3653-5p GNL3L Weak MIRT647104
hsa-miR-3653-5p WDR5B Weak MIRT647363
hsa-miR-3653-5p TRMT10C Weak MIRT648059
hsa-miR-3653-5p FAM192A Weak MIRT648088
hsa-miR-3653-5p MPLKIP Weak MIRT648152
hsa-miR-3653-5p MYOZ3 Weak MIRT648432
hsa-miR-3653-5p LEAP2 Weak MIRT648451
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF551 Weak MIRT648920
hsa-miR-3653-5p KCNMB1 Weak MIRT649104
hsa-miR-3653-5p RPL37 Weak MIRT649109
hsa-miR-3653-5p IMPA2 Weak MIRT649259
hsa-miR-3653-5p GNB5 Weak MIRT649742
hsa-miR-3653-5p TERF2 Weak MIRT650092
hsa-miR-3653-5p TTR Weak MIRT650578
hsa-miR-3653-5p FKTN Weak MIRT650739
hsa-miR-3653-5p APOH Weak MIRT650871
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF699 Weak MIRT651024
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZBTB16 Weak MIRT651391
hsa-miR-3653-5p WNT2B Weak MIRT651526
hsa-miR-3653-5p TIMM10 Weak MIRT652640
hsa-miR-3653-5p SOGA3 Weak MIRT653261
hsa-miR-3653-5p SMURF2 Weak MIRT653285
hsa-miR-3653-5p SLC38A9 Weak MIRT653526
hsa-miR-3653-5p SLC25A33 Weak MIRT653708
hsa-miR-3653-5p SHROOM4 Weak MIRT653826
hsa-miR-3653-5p SGK3 Weak MIRT653888
hsa-miR-3653-5p RNF19B Weak MIRT654217
hsa-miR-3653-5p PPM1K Weak MIRT654848
hsa-miR-3653-5p PCBD2 Weak MIRT655370
hsa-miR-3653-5p PAG1 Weak MIRT655520
hsa-miR-3653-5p KIAA0408 Weak MIRT656962
hsa-miR-3653-5p KCNH6 Weak MIRT657048
hsa-miR-3653-5p ITPRIPL2 Weak MIRT657113
hsa-miR-3653-5p IKZF3 Weak MIRT657198
hsa-miR-3653-5p HSPA4L Weak MIRT657269
hsa-miR-3653-5p HOOK3 Weak MIRT657317
hsa-miR-3653-5p HMGB1 Weak MIRT657365
hsa-miR-3653-5p GTF2H5 Weak MIRT657522
hsa-miR-3653-5p GTDC1 Weak MIRT657535
hsa-miR-3653-5p DHTKD1 Weak MIRT659037
hsa-miR-3653-5p CEP135 Weak MIRT659590
hsa-miR-3653-5p CAV2 Weak MIRT659801
hsa-miR-3653-5p C8orf44-SGK3 Weak MIRT659947
hsa-miR-3653-5p ANAPC1 Weak MIRT660693
hsa-miR-3653-5p ABL2 Weak MIRT660951
hsa-miR-3653-5p ABHD2 Weak MIRT660989
hsa-miR-3653-5p GALNT6 Weak MIRT661410
hsa-miR-3653-5p NWD1 Weak MIRT661524
hsa-miR-3653-5p ATM Weak MIRT661752
hsa-miR-3653-5p ALDH7A1 Weak MIRT662158
hsa-miR-3653-5p ORAI2 Weak MIRT663363
hsa-miR-3653-5p AGMO Weak MIRT663513
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF70 Weak MIRT663533
hsa-miR-3653-5p HM13 Weak MIRT663633
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF285 Weak MIRT663760
hsa-miR-3653-5p TRIM72 Weak MIRT663841
hsa-miR-3653-5p C9orf139 Weak MIRT664024
hsa-miR-3653-5p ANKRD62 Weak MIRT664049
hsa-miR-3653-5p C4orf32 Weak MIRT664118
hsa-miR-3653-5p RNMTL1 Weak MIRT664280
hsa-miR-3653-5p GALM Weak MIRT664642
hsa-miR-3653-5p EIF2B2 Weak MIRT664685
hsa-miR-3653-5p MESDC2 Weak MIRT664764
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZFP14 Weak MIRT665281
hsa-miR-3653-5p TGOLN2 Weak MIRT665874
hsa-miR-3653-5p SMCR8 Weak MIRT666194
hsa-miR-3653-5p SH3D19 Weak MIRT666416
hsa-miR-3653-5p POC1A Weak MIRT666917
hsa-miR-3653-5p PLSCR1 Weak MIRT666946
hsa-miR-3653-5p PAOX Weak MIRT667064
hsa-miR-3653-5p OSTF1 Weak MIRT667090
hsa-miR-3653-5p KPNA6 Weak MIRT667677
hsa-miR-3653-5p KARS Weak MIRT667790
hsa-miR-3653-5p FOXO3 Weak MIRT668268
hsa-miR-3653-5p ERCC1 Weak MIRT668555
hsa-miR-3653-5p CYCS Weak MIRT668830
hsa-miR-3653-5p CDX2 Weak MIRT669087
hsa-miR-3653-5p BACE2 Weak MIRT669397
hsa-miR-3653-5p AKIRIN1 Weak MIRT669571
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF101 Weak MIRT669761
hsa-miR-3653-5p GAN Weak MIRT669802
hsa-miR-3653-5p STOML1 Weak MIRT669811
hsa-miR-3653-5p MELK Weak MIRT669869
hsa-miR-3653-5p LRPAP1 Weak MIRT669928
hsa-miR-3653-5p FBXL2 Weak MIRT669952
hsa-miR-3653-5p RPP14 Weak MIRT670052
hsa-miR-3653-5p CHCHD5 Weak MIRT670100
hsa-miR-3653-5p RBBP4 Weak MIRT670302
hsa-miR-3653-5p EMP2 Weak MIRT670391
hsa-miR-3653-5p DCUN1D2 Weak MIRT670487
hsa-miR-3653-5p KIF1C Weak MIRT670537
hsa-miR-3653-5p NPHP1 Weak MIRT670608
hsa-miR-3653-5p ASB16 Weak MIRT670789
hsa-miR-3653-5p CYTIP Weak MIRT670885
hsa-miR-3653-5p LIPG Weak MIRT670936
hsa-miR-3653-5p MTRNR2L5 Weak MIRT671267
hsa-miR-3653-5p RABGAP1L Weak MIRT671307
hsa-miR-3653-5p AP1S3 Weak MIRT671518
hsa-miR-3653-5p C20orf144 Weak MIRT671628
hsa-miR-3653-5p ADK Weak MIRT671683
hsa-miR-3653-5p RGS17 Weak MIRT671786
hsa-miR-3653-5p WISP3 Weak MIRT671811
hsa-miR-3653-5p SLC35F6 Weak MIRT672006
hsa-miR-3653-5p TLCD2 Weak MIRT672106
hsa-miR-3653-5p ABHD15 Weak MIRT672238
hsa-miR-3653-5p SHE Weak MIRT672274
hsa-miR-3653-5p C9orf3 Weak MIRT672325
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF677 Weak MIRT672696
hsa-miR-3653-5p VEZT Weak MIRT672817
hsa-miR-3653-5p C22orf29 Weak MIRT672863
hsa-miR-3653-5p FXN Weak MIRT672891
hsa-miR-3653-5p RRAD Weak MIRT672980
hsa-miR-3653-5p INO80 Weak MIRT673256
hsa-miR-3653-5p WNT7B Weak MIRT673400
hsa-miR-3653-5p ADRBK2 Weak MIRT673527
hsa-miR-3653-5p DEGS1 Weak MIRT673544
hsa-miR-3653-5p KCNN3 Weak MIRT674004
hsa-miR-3653-5p KCNJ6 Weak MIRT674018
hsa-miR-3653-5p NUP62 Weak MIRT674249
hsa-miR-3653-5p SLC35E3 Weak MIRT674358
hsa-miR-3653-5p FAM73A Weak MIRT674708
hsa-miR-3653-5p CAPZA2 Weak MIRT674911
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF554 Weak MIRT675200
hsa-miR-3653-5p ARL10 Weak MIRT675295
hsa-miR-3653-5p DCTN5 Weak MIRT675374
hsa-miR-3653-5p TPCN2 Weak MIRT675446
hsa-miR-3653-5p NUBPL Weak MIRT675473
hsa-miR-3653-5p TMOD2 Weak MIRT675672
hsa-miR-3653-5p SLC35F5 Weak MIRT675684
hsa-miR-3653-5p MED28 Weak MIRT675789
hsa-miR-3653-5p DHODH Weak MIRT675834
hsa-miR-3653-5p FAM126B Weak MIRT675979
hsa-miR-3653-5p DPP9 Weak MIRT676090
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF667 Weak MIRT676100
hsa-miR-3653-5p RSL1D1 Weak MIRT676132
hsa-miR-3653-5p HIST1H2BJ Weak MIRT676171
hsa-miR-3653-5p PARP2 Weak MIRT676243
hsa-miR-3653-5p SLC25A37 Weak MIRT676293
hsa-miR-3653-5p GTF2H2C Weak MIRT676310
hsa-miR-3653-5p PCCB Weak MIRT676341
hsa-miR-3653-5p SEC24D Weak MIRT676389
hsa-miR-3653-5p PLEKHM3 Weak MIRT676441
hsa-miR-3653-5p RNF216 Weak MIRT676520
hsa-miR-3653-5p RDH13 Weak MIRT676584
hsa-miR-3653-5p KDSR Weak MIRT676611
hsa-miR-3653-5p LAIR1 Weak MIRT676692
hsa-miR-3653-5p GXYLT2 Weak MIRT676699
hsa-miR-3653-5p SGTB Weak MIRT676745
hsa-miR-3653-5p SNX2 Weak MIRT676765
hsa-miR-3653-5p NPHS1 Weak MIRT676778
hsa-miR-3653-5p RILPL1 Weak MIRT676799
hsa-miR-3653-5p TTC4 Weak MIRT676859
hsa-miR-3653-5p ENSA Weak MIRT676881
hsa-miR-3653-5p S1PR3 Weak MIRT676948
hsa-miR-3653-5p HFE Weak MIRT676962
hsa-miR-3653-5p HINFP Weak MIRT677010
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF34 Weak MIRT677049
hsa-miR-3653-5p VMAC Weak MIRT677075
hsa-miR-3653-5p MFSD11 Weak MIRT677097
hsa-miR-3653-5p OGFOD3 Weak MIRT677130
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF786 Weak MIRT677170
hsa-miR-3653-5p RASSF6 Weak MIRT677219
hsa-miR-3653-5p C15orf40 Weak MIRT677238
hsa-miR-3653-5p ARPC2 Weak MIRT677408
hsa-miR-3653-5p DDX19B Weak MIRT677428
hsa-miR-3653-5p NSMCE2 Weak MIRT677436
hsa-miR-3653-5p PDLIM3 Weak MIRT677467
hsa-miR-3653-5p GTF2H2 Weak MIRT677489
hsa-miR-3653-5p C19orf52 Weak MIRT677555
hsa-miR-3653-5p TRIM65 Weak MIRT677583
hsa-miR-3653-5p PRKX Weak MIRT677602
hsa-miR-3653-5p HAUS2 Weak MIRT677650
hsa-miR-3653-5p GINS2 Weak MIRT677702
hsa-miR-3653-5p GRM6 Weak MIRT677764
hsa-miR-3653-5p CEACAM5 Weak MIRT677788
hsa-miR-3653-5p MRPS10 Weak MIRT677814
hsa-miR-3653-5p DCP1A Weak MIRT677891
hsa-miR-3653-5p TIMM50 Weak MIRT677921
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF519 Weak MIRT677944
hsa-miR-3653-5p GATC Weak MIRT677989
hsa-miR-3653-5p SPIC Weak MIRT678015
hsa-miR-3653-5p UBN2 Weak MIRT678068
hsa-miR-3653-5p EIF2A Weak MIRT678084
hsa-miR-3653-5p METTL21A Weak MIRT678128
hsa-miR-3653-5p SLC4A4 Weak MIRT678147
hsa-miR-3653-5p IRGQ Weak MIRT678156
hsa-miR-3653-5p MACC1 Weak MIRT678224
hsa-miR-3653-5p FBLIM1 Weak MIRT678327
hsa-miR-3653-5p PPAP2B Weak MIRT678357
hsa-miR-3653-5p MYPN Weak MIRT678401
hsa-miR-3653-5p ANKRD36 Weak MIRT678421
hsa-miR-3653-5p PDE4C Weak MIRT678434
hsa-miR-3653-5p PARD6G Weak MIRT678444
hsa-miR-3653-5p ARHGEF39 Weak MIRT678493
hsa-miR-3653-5p LCTL Weak MIRT678507
hsa-miR-3653-5p P2RX7 Weak MIRT678526
hsa-miR-3653-5p TMEM78 Weak MIRT678534
hsa-miR-3653-5p CDK4 Weak MIRT678570
hsa-miR-3653-5p MRPL17 Weak MIRT678608
hsa-miR-3653-5p PDCD4 Weak MIRT678642
hsa-miR-3653-5p TRIP11 Weak MIRT678702
hsa-miR-3653-5p SRCAP Weak MIRT678724
hsa-miR-3653-5p CEP76 Weak MIRT678764
hsa-miR-3653-5p HRH4 Weak MIRT678814
hsa-miR-3653-5p FAM118A Weak MIRT678880
hsa-miR-3653-5p TTLL12 Weak MIRT678905
hsa-miR-3653-5p MYADM Weak MIRT678946
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF329 Weak MIRT678960
hsa-miR-3653-5p OGFOD1 Weak MIRT678972
hsa-miR-3653-5p KREMEN1 Weak MIRT679067
hsa-miR-3653-5p MANEAL Weak MIRT679072
hsa-miR-3653-5p PURB Weak MIRT679084
hsa-miR-3653-5p NMNAT1 Weak MIRT679115
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZDHHC15 Weak MIRT679155
hsa-miR-3653-5p FFAR4 Weak MIRT679177
hsa-miR-3653-5p XIAP Weak MIRT679183
hsa-miR-3653-5p MAN2A2 Weak MIRT679224
hsa-miR-3653-5p LRP10 Weak MIRT679234
hsa-miR-3653-5p POLM Weak MIRT679271
hsa-miR-3653-5p MIPOL1 Weak MIRT679279
hsa-miR-3653-5p PPP1R3B Weak MIRT679345
hsa-miR-3653-5p LRG1 Weak MIRT679352
hsa-miR-3653-5p SIK2 Weak MIRT679365
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF106 Weak MIRT679493
hsa-miR-3653-5p HILPDA Weak MIRT679600
hsa-miR-3653-5p BRMS1L Weak MIRT679636
hsa-miR-3653-5p MMAB Weak MIRT679650
hsa-miR-3653-5p RPL24 Weak MIRT679713
hsa-miR-3653-5p TLR6 Weak MIRT679762
hsa-miR-3653-5p DSN1 Weak MIRT679766
hsa-miR-3653-5p APOBEC3A Weak MIRT679807
hsa-miR-3653-5p TMEM106B Weak MIRT679821
hsa-miR-3653-5p AS3MT Weak MIRT679949
hsa-miR-3653-5p FGFR1OP Weak MIRT679967
hsa-miR-3653-5p RUNDC1 Weak MIRT679992
hsa-miR-3653-5p CD96 Weak MIRT680063
hsa-miR-3653-5p THAP1 Weak MIRT680079
hsa-miR-3653-5p PXMP4 Weak MIRT680100
hsa-miR-3653-5p MRE11A Weak MIRT680138
hsa-miR-3653-5p TOP3A Weak MIRT680146
hsa-miR-3653-5p LRRC58 Weak MIRT680324
hsa-miR-3653-5p RNF165 Weak MIRT680414
hsa-miR-3653-5p PDE6A Weak MIRT680451
hsa-miR-3653-5p TAS2R5 Weak MIRT680460
hsa-miR-3653-5p WFDC6 Weak MIRT683249
hsa-miR-3653-5p HPSE Weak MIRT685083
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZBTB8B Weak MIRT686255
hsa-miR-3653-5p NUP155 Weak MIRT687366
hsa-miR-3653-5p FAM151B Weak MIRT688320
hsa-miR-3653-5p ENAH Weak MIRT688390
hsa-miR-3653-5p DNAL1 Weak MIRT688430
hsa-miR-3653-5p CREM Weak MIRT688643
hsa-miR-3653-5p CNDP1 Weak MIRT688739
hsa-miR-3653-5p FPR1 Weak MIRT689335
hsa-miR-3653-5p PTCHD3 Weak MIRT690685
hsa-miR-3653-5p APOL1 Weak MIRT690956
hsa-miR-3653-5p LARS Weak MIRT691727
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF707 Weak MIRT693472
hsa-miR-3653-5p HNRNPA1L2 Weak MIRT693959
hsa-miR-3653-5p TRAT1 Weak MIRT695487
hsa-miR-3653-5p ORMDL2 Weak MIRT696596
hsa-miR-3653-5p EPDR1 Weak MIRT697024
hsa-miR-3653-5p TNRC6B Weak MIRT698140
hsa-miR-3653-5p SNIP1 Weak MIRT699106
hsa-miR-3653-5p SCN2B Weak MIRT699817
hsa-miR-3653-5p NCKAP1 Weak MIRT701535
hsa-miR-3653-5p HNRNPA1 Weak MIRT702897
hsa-miR-3653-5p CACUL1 Weak MIRT705035
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZSCAN2 Weak MIRT706023
hsa-miR-3653-5p F2R Weak MIRT706039
hsa-miR-3653-5p ENTPD4 Weak MIRT706102
hsa-miR-3653-5p CCDC30 Weak MIRT706311
hsa-miR-3653-5p STAC2 Weak MIRT706345
hsa-miR-3653-5p HAS2 Weak MIRT706400
hsa-miR-3653-5p LIAS Weak MIRT706436
hsa-miR-3653-5p QRFPR Weak MIRT709396
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF669 Weak MIRT710345
hsa-miR-3653-5p C19orf68 Weak MIRT710725
hsa-miR-3653-5p SDR9C7 Weak MIRT711276
hsa-miR-3653-5p TRAF2 Weak MIRT711862
hsa-miR-3653-5p AKR7A2 Weak MIRT711921
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZBTB34 Weak MIRT712060
hsa-miR-3653-5p ADCYAP1 Weak MIRT712593
hsa-miR-3653-5p TGFA Weak MIRT712903
hsa-miR-3653-5p DCP2 Weak MIRT713297
hsa-miR-3653-5p WDPCP Weak MIRT714801
hsa-miR-3653-5p POLR2E Weak MIRT715314
hsa-miR-3653-5p PIAS2 Weak MIRT715727
hsa-miR-3653-5p DSTYK Weak MIRT717606
hsa-miR-3653-5p CYP20A1 Weak MIRT717877
hsa-miR-3653-5p TMEM151A Weak MIRT718484
hsa-miR-3653-5p C19orf47 Weak MIRT720439
hsa-miR-3653-5p UEVLD Weak MIRT721563
hsa-miR-3653-5p TFAP2B Weak MIRT721698
hsa-miR-3653-5p PLXNA2 Weak MIRT722525
hsa-miR-3653-5p SIRPB2 Weak MIRT722758
hsa-miR-3653-5p MOGAT1 Weak MIRT723297
hsa-miR-3653-5p NLRP10 Weak MIRT723407
hsa-miR-3653-5p RAB6B Weak MIRT724218
hsa-miR-3653-5p FGF2 Weak MIRT724422
hsa-miR-3653-5p PHF17 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p FAM13A Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p HUWE1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p RASSF2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p SNX1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p DFFA Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p RAB3B Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p TNPO2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p MAP7D2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p YTHDC1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p BFSP1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p PTK7 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p BTRC Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p PGM3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p LONRF2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZBED1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p LIF Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p ADCY1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p MMP13 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p SZRD1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p ENTPD1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p NAA40 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p DDX5 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p SH3PXD2A Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p GSG2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p FADS2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p RFFL Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p PTPN4 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZNF862 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p EIF3A Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p UCK2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p TRAF1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p ARHGAP19 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p GPR55 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p FCHSD2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p MAU2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p MTFP1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p IMPAD1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p TUBA8 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p NF2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p MOV10L1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p SLC35B4 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p ADD1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p CABLES1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p PITHD1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p TRAPPC3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p CRISPLD2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p RETSAT Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p IRAK3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p C15orf52 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p FLG2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p C17orf78 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p STK10 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p SLC17A4 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p JMJD6 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p NEK3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p CDC40 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p PRKCB Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p POMT2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p FAN1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p ZKSCAN2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p RIT1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p HGSNAT Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p ABAT Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p DZANK1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p SNCB Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-3653-5p CEACAM6 Prediction N/A

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