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MicroRNA Gene Evidence category miRTarBase ID
hsa-miR-30c-5p UBE2I Strong MIRT005090
hsa-miR-30c-5p SERPINE1 Strong MIRT005971
hsa-miR-30c-5p SMAD1 Strong MIRT006321
hsa-miR-30c-5p SNAI1 Strong MIRT006762
hsa-miR-30c-5p HSPA4 Strong MIRT007050
hsa-miR-30c-5p TGIF2 Strong MIRT007108
hsa-miR-30c-5p HDAC4 Strong MIRT007109
hsa-miR-30c-5p VIM Strong MIRT007202
hsa-miR-30c-5p TWF1 Strong MIRT007203
hsa-miR-30c-5p MTA1 Strong MIRT052954
hsa-miR-30c-5p IL11 Strong MIRT053027
hsa-miR-30c-5p DDIT4 Strong MIRT053605
hsa-miR-30c-5p DLL4 Strong MIRT054329
hsa-miR-30c-5p BCL9 Strong MIRT054616
hsa-miR-30c-5p IDH1 Strong MIRT054822
hsa-miR-30c-5p RARB Strong MIRT054823
hsa-miR-30c-5p NCOR2 Strong MIRT054824
hsa-miR-30c-5p RFX6 Strong MIRT054825
hsa-miR-30c-5p CCND2 Strong MIRT054891
hsa-miR-30c-5p RUNX2 Strong MIRT219171
hsa-miR-30c-5p CASP3 Strong MIRT437365
hsa-miR-30c-5p MTTP Strong MIRT437433
hsa-miR-30c-5p NOTCH1 Strong MIRT437489
hsa-miR-30c-5p TP53 Strong MIRT437494
hsa-miR-30c-5p SNAI2 Strong MIRT438640
hsa-miR-30c-5p MUC17 Weak MIRT004714
hsa-miR-30c-5p SOCS3 Weak MIRT007129
hsa-miR-30c-5p CUL2 Weak MIRT007130
hsa-miR-30c-5p NEDD4 Weak MIRT007131
hsa-miR-30c-5p SOCS1 Weak MIRT007132
hsa-miR-30c-5p ITGB3 Weak MIRT007133
hsa-miR-30c-5p ARHGEF6 Weak MIRT007134
hsa-miR-30c-5p ITGA4 Weak MIRT007135
hsa-miR-30c-5p PIK3R2 Weak MIRT007136
hsa-miR-30c-5p HMG20A Weak MIRT047829
hsa-miR-30c-5p ECT2 Weak MIRT047830
hsa-miR-30c-5p KCTD3 Weak MIRT047831
hsa-miR-30c-5p HNRNPK Weak MIRT047832
hsa-miR-30c-5p TRA2A Weak MIRT047833
hsa-miR-30c-5p CAMKV Weak MIRT047834
hsa-miR-30c-5p NDNL2 Weak MIRT047835
hsa-miR-30c-5p SEMA6A Weak MIRT047836
hsa-miR-30c-5p SCN11A Weak MIRT047837
hsa-miR-30c-5p E2F3 Weak MIRT047838
hsa-miR-30c-5p UBXN1 Weak MIRT047839
hsa-miR-30c-5p TRA2B Weak MIRT047840
hsa-miR-30c-5p PAM Weak MIRT047841
hsa-miR-30c-5p CHD1 Weak MIRT047842
hsa-miR-30c-5p UBE3C Weak MIRT047843
hsa-miR-30c-5p MED1 Weak MIRT047844
hsa-miR-30c-5p TTC19 Weak MIRT047845
hsa-miR-30c-5p TM9SF3 Weak MIRT047846
hsa-miR-30c-5p PNKD Weak MIRT047847
hsa-miR-30c-5p FEM1B Weak MIRT047848
hsa-miR-30c-5p CSDE1 Weak MIRT047849
hsa-miR-30c-5p RTN4 Weak MIRT047850
hsa-miR-30c-5p TBL1XR1 Weak MIRT047851
hsa-miR-30c-5p PRKAB2 Weak MIRT047852
hsa-miR-30c-5p CPOX Weak MIRT047853
hsa-miR-30c-5p ABCE1 Weak MIRT047854
hsa-miR-30c-5p IKZF4 Weak MIRT047855
hsa-miR-30c-5p SLC25A12 Weak MIRT047856
hsa-miR-30c-5p LACTB2 Weak MIRT047857
hsa-miR-30c-5p RNPS1 Weak MIRT047858
hsa-miR-30c-5p HNRNPDL Weak MIRT047859
hsa-miR-30c-5p CSF1 Weak MIRT047860
hsa-miR-30c-5p CAPZA1 Weak MIRT047861
hsa-miR-30c-5p UBE2D2 Weak MIRT047862
hsa-miR-30c-5p GDI2 Weak MIRT047863
hsa-miR-30c-5p LIMA1 Weak MIRT047864
hsa-miR-30c-5p PKM Weak MIRT047865
hsa-miR-30c-5p DPYSL2 Weak MIRT047866
hsa-miR-30c-5p CEP152 Weak MIRT047867
hsa-miR-30c-5p GTF3C3 Weak MIRT047868
hsa-miR-30c-5p OTP Weak MIRT047869
hsa-miR-30c-5p EEF1A1 Weak MIRT047870
hsa-miR-30c-5p AGPAT5 Weak MIRT047871
hsa-miR-30c-5p MGEA5 Weak MIRT047872
hsa-miR-30c-5p HUS1 Weak MIRT047873
hsa-miR-30c-5p CDH1 Weak MIRT047874
hsa-miR-30c-5p ABI2 Weak MIRT047875
hsa-miR-30c-5p TNRC6A Weak MIRT047876
hsa-miR-30c-5p ATP6V1C1 Weak MIRT047877
hsa-miR-30c-5p RPL39 Weak MIRT047878
hsa-miR-30c-5p TMEM120B Weak MIRT047879
hsa-miR-30c-5p MGLL Weak MIRT047880
hsa-miR-30c-5p CASC4 Weak MIRT047881
hsa-miR-30c-5p SUZ12 Weak MIRT047882
hsa-miR-30c-5p EIF2S3 Weak MIRT047883
hsa-miR-30c-5p SNX2 Weak MIRT047884
hsa-miR-30c-5p MGAT2 Weak MIRT047885
hsa-miR-30c-5p DNAJB14 Weak MIRT047886
hsa-miR-30c-5p RRM2 Weak MIRT047887
hsa-miR-30c-5p PARVG Weak MIRT047888
hsa-miR-30c-5p BLMH Weak MIRT047889
hsa-miR-30c-5p HERC4 Weak MIRT047890
hsa-miR-30c-5p ARF1 Weak MIRT047891
hsa-miR-30c-5p SCD5 Weak MIRT047892
hsa-miR-30c-5p SOX4 Weak MIRT047893
hsa-miR-30c-5p PPP1R12A Weak MIRT047894
hsa-miR-30c-5p PTAR1 Weak MIRT047895
hsa-miR-30c-5p AIFM1 Weak MIRT047896
hsa-miR-30c-5p KREMEN1 Weak MIRT047897
hsa-miR-30c-5p RASA1 Weak MIRT047898
hsa-miR-30c-5p ZNF506 Weak MIRT047899
hsa-miR-30c-5p STARD7 Weak MIRT047900
hsa-miR-30c-5p ND6 Weak MIRT047901
hsa-miR-30c-5p MRPS16 Weak MIRT047902
hsa-miR-30c-5p PRCP Weak MIRT047903
hsa-miR-30c-5p HNRNPC Weak MIRT047904
hsa-miR-30c-5p ZNF668 Weak MIRT047905
hsa-miR-30c-5p RAB18 Weak MIRT047906
hsa-miR-30c-5p MXI1 Weak MIRT047907
hsa-miR-30c-5p ETS1 Weak MIRT047908
hsa-miR-30c-5p CTSC Weak MIRT047909
hsa-miR-30c-5p RPL27A Weak MIRT047910
hsa-miR-30c-5p KMT2D Weak MIRT047911
hsa-miR-30c-5p RPS3 Weak MIRT047912
hsa-miR-30c-5p TKT Weak MIRT047913
hsa-miR-30c-5p MATR3 Weak MIRT047914
hsa-miR-30c-5p KLHL15 Weak MIRT047915
hsa-miR-30c-5p NEDD9 Weak MIRT047916
hsa-miR-30c-5p DHX8 Weak MIRT047917
hsa-miR-30c-5p MAP2K1 Weak MIRT047918
hsa-miR-30c-5p UXT Weak MIRT047919
hsa-miR-30c-5p HMGA1 Weak MIRT047920
hsa-miR-30c-5p CSNK1E Weak MIRT047921
hsa-miR-30c-5p USP37 Weak MIRT047922
hsa-miR-30c-5p MTPAP Weak MIRT047923
hsa-miR-30c-5p APLN Weak MIRT047924
hsa-miR-30c-5p IPO9 Weak MIRT047925
hsa-miR-30c-5p RBM3 Weak MIRT047926
hsa-miR-30c-5p JUP Weak MIRT047927
hsa-miR-30c-5p DDOST Weak MIRT047928
hsa-miR-30c-5p PFN1 Weak MIRT047929
hsa-miR-30c-5p ARFGAP1 Weak MIRT047930
hsa-miR-30c-5p REXO2 Weak MIRT047931
hsa-miR-30c-5p PPM1H Weak MIRT047932
hsa-miR-30c-5p CCDC117 Weak MIRT047933
hsa-miR-30c-5p AGO1 Weak MIRT047934
hsa-miR-30c-5p HMGXB4 Weak MIRT047935
hsa-miR-30c-5p SMARCE1 Weak MIRT047936
hsa-miR-30c-5p NFYB Weak MIRT047937
hsa-miR-30c-5p RPL32 Weak MIRT047938
hsa-miR-30c-5p SLC39A1 Weak MIRT047939
hsa-miR-30c-5p BIRC5 Weak MIRT047940
hsa-miR-30c-5p WDR5 Weak MIRT047941
hsa-miR-30c-5p DDB1 Weak MIRT047942
hsa-miR-30c-5p SNRNP40 Weak MIRT047943
hsa-miR-30c-5p KLC2 Weak MIRT047944
hsa-miR-30c-5p MTCH2 Weak MIRT047945
hsa-miR-30c-5p STARD5 Weak MIRT047946
hsa-miR-30c-5p RAPGEFL1 Weak MIRT047947
hsa-miR-30c-5p EP300 Weak MIRT047948
hsa-miR-30c-5p CFL2 Weak MIRT047949
hsa-miR-30c-5p SDF2L1 Weak MIRT047950
hsa-miR-30c-5p LYRM2 Weak MIRT047951
hsa-miR-30c-5p SUN2 Weak MIRT047952
hsa-miR-30c-5p HSP90AA1 Weak MIRT047953
hsa-miR-30c-5p ZNF687 Weak MIRT047954
hsa-miR-30c-5p ESYT1 Weak MIRT047955
hsa-miR-30c-5p SHFM1 Weak MIRT047956
hsa-miR-30c-5p ZNF829 Weak MIRT047957
hsa-miR-30c-5p TMEM14E Weak MIRT047958
hsa-miR-30c-5p LLPH Weak MIRT047959
hsa-miR-30c-5p HMGN2 Weak MIRT047960
hsa-miR-30c-5p MARK4 Weak MIRT047961
hsa-miR-30c-5p CKAP4 Weak MIRT047962
hsa-miR-30c-5p UTP15 Weak MIRT047963
hsa-miR-30c-5p KLHL42 Weak MIRT047964
hsa-miR-30c-5p ARF3 Weak MIRT047965
hsa-miR-30c-5p YTHDC2 Weak MIRT047966
hsa-miR-30c-5p LIN9 Weak MIRT047967
hsa-miR-30c-5p NFE2L1 Weak MIRT047968
hsa-miR-30c-5p SLC25A38 Weak MIRT047969
hsa-miR-30c-5p MED13 Weak MIRT047970
hsa-miR-30c-5p ZNF780B Weak MIRT047971
hsa-miR-30c-5p MTDH Weak MIRT047972
hsa-miR-30c-5p ALDH5A1 Weak MIRT047973
hsa-miR-30c-5p HNRNPU Weak MIRT047974
hsa-miR-30c-5p ERLIN1 Weak MIRT047975
hsa-miR-30c-5p CADPS2 Weak MIRT047976
hsa-miR-30c-5p SIAH2 Weak MIRT047977
hsa-miR-30c-5p GAPVD1 Weak MIRT047978
hsa-miR-30c-5p RBM14 Weak MIRT047979
hsa-miR-30c-5p RPS27A Weak MIRT047980
hsa-miR-30c-5p ERLIN2 Weak MIRT047981
hsa-miR-30c-5p RNF34 Weak MIRT047982
hsa-miR-30c-5p RPS12 Weak MIRT047983
hsa-miR-30c-5p TMCO3 Weak MIRT047984
hsa-miR-30c-5p GZF1 Weak MIRT047985
hsa-miR-30c-5p ARCN1 Weak MIRT047986
hsa-miR-30c-5p RAC1 Weak MIRT047987
hsa-miR-30c-5p CBY1 Weak MIRT047988
hsa-miR-30c-5p POLQ Weak MIRT047989
hsa-miR-30c-5p POU2F1 Weak MIRT047990
hsa-miR-30c-5p PLCB1 Weak MIRT047991
hsa-miR-30c-5p SDE2 Weak MIRT047992
hsa-miR-30c-5p ERI1 Weak MIRT047993
hsa-miR-30c-5p FAM134C Weak MIRT047994
hsa-miR-30c-5p B3GNT5 Weak MIRT047995
hsa-miR-30c-5p PTBP3 Weak MIRT047996
hsa-miR-30c-5p ARHGEF12 Weak MIRT047997
hsa-miR-30c-5p DIS3 Weak MIRT047998
hsa-miR-30c-5p OTUD7A Weak MIRT047999
hsa-miR-30c-5p MRPL38 Weak MIRT048000
hsa-miR-30c-5p C1QBP Weak MIRT048001
hsa-miR-30c-5p NUDT11 Weak MIRT048002
hsa-miR-30c-5p INPP5F Weak MIRT048003
hsa-miR-30c-5p SENP3 Weak MIRT048004
hsa-miR-30c-5p ZNF146 Weak MIRT048005
hsa-miR-30c-5p POM121 Weak MIRT048006
hsa-miR-30c-5p BCCIP Weak MIRT048007
hsa-miR-30c-5p ARHGAP44 Weak MIRT048008
hsa-miR-30c-5p HNRNPA2B1 Weak MIRT048009
hsa-miR-30c-5p HSPH1 Weak MIRT048010
hsa-miR-30c-5p UBE2NL Weak MIRT048011
hsa-miR-30c-5p HPRT1 Weak MIRT048012
hsa-miR-30c-5p EIF2A Weak MIRT048013
hsa-miR-30c-5p DLC1 Weak MIRT048014
hsa-miR-30c-5p SNAPC4 Weak MIRT048015
hsa-miR-30c-5p BLOC1S4 Weak MIRT048016
hsa-miR-30c-5p UQCRC1 Weak MIRT048017
hsa-miR-30c-5p EED Weak MIRT048018
hsa-miR-30c-5p ELOVL4 Weak MIRT048019
hsa-miR-30c-5p NLE1 Weak MIRT048020
hsa-miR-30c-5p C16orf70 Weak MIRT048021
hsa-miR-30c-5p CELSR3 Weak MIRT048022
hsa-miR-30c-5p PCGF5 Weak MIRT057356
hsa-miR-30c-5p KIF11 Weak MIRT057483
hsa-miR-30c-5p LCOR Weak MIRT057673
hsa-miR-30c-5p SLC35C1 Weak MIRT059172
hsa-miR-30c-5p TFDP1 Weak MIRT067976
hsa-miR-30c-5p KPNA6 Weak MIRT068114
hsa-miR-30c-5p S100PBP Weak MIRT068386
hsa-miR-30c-5p FOXG1 Weak MIRT069733
hsa-miR-30c-5p PSMD7 Weak MIRT075439
hsa-miR-30c-5p RNF138 Weak MIRT079943
hsa-miR-30c-5p LRRC8B Weak MIRT080957
hsa-miR-30c-5p LDLR Weak MIRT081078
hsa-miR-30c-5p ZNF507 Weak MIRT081713
hsa-miR-30c-5p ZNF543 Weak MIRT082852
hsa-miR-30c-5p PCMTD2 Weak MIRT084233
hsa-miR-30c-5p HIC2 Weak MIRT087146
hsa-miR-30c-5p LCLAT1 Weak MIRT088445
hsa-miR-30c-5p EML4 Weak MIRT088680
hsa-miR-30c-5p ASB3 Weak MIRT088934
hsa-miR-30c-5p SLC35G2 Weak MIRT090503
hsa-miR-30c-5p FBXO45 Weak MIRT091576
hsa-miR-30c-5p SEC24A Weak MIRT095096
hsa-miR-30c-5p SFXN1 Weak MIRT096078
hsa-miR-30c-5p SOBP Weak MIRT098036
hsa-miR-30c-5p ENPP4 Weak MIRT100763
hsa-miR-30c-5p CD2AP Weak MIRT100908
hsa-miR-30c-5p SP4 Weak MIRT103194
hsa-miR-30c-5p PEG10 Weak MIRT104520
hsa-miR-30c-5p FAM91A1 Weak MIRT105030
hsa-miR-30c-5p RAD23B Weak MIRT106744
hsa-miR-30c-5p KIF5B Weak MIRT110575
hsa-miR-30c-5p NFAT5 Weak MIRT115921
hsa-miR-30c-5p ZNF264 Weak MIRT118142
hsa-miR-30c-5p STRIP1 Weak MIRT128242
hsa-miR-30c-5p CEP350 Weak MIRT131794
hsa-miR-30c-5p IER5 Weak MIRT131857
hsa-miR-30c-5p MTR Weak MIRT134330
hsa-miR-30c-5p ZBTB39 Weak MIRT135675
hsa-miR-30c-5p STX12 Weak MIRT136214
hsa-miR-30c-5p WDFY2 Weak MIRT137017
hsa-miR-30c-5p TPRG1L Weak MIRT137122
hsa-miR-30c-5p RNF220 Weak MIRT138279
hsa-miR-30c-5p JDP2 Weak MIRT139247
hsa-miR-30c-5p PLEKHO2 Weak MIRT140634
hsa-miR-30c-5p GLCE Weak MIRT140878
hsa-miR-30c-5p IL21R Weak MIRT142587
hsa-miR-30c-5p PAPD5 Weak MIRT143348
hsa-miR-30c-5p ZNRF1 Weak MIRT144536
hsa-miR-30c-5p RNF135 Weak MIRT145448
hsa-miR-30c-5p GALNT1 Weak MIRT148351
hsa-miR-30c-5p LRRC8D Weak MIRT149115
hsa-miR-30c-5p MAST3 Weak MIRT150760
hsa-miR-30c-5p ARID3A Weak MIRT152412
hsa-miR-30c-5p IFNAR2 Weak MIRT155236
hsa-miR-30c-5p NRBP1 Weak MIRT159112
hsa-miR-30c-5p RASGRP3 Weak MIRT159243
hsa-miR-30c-5p PLXNA1 Weak MIRT160846
hsa-miR-30c-5p GNAI2 Weak MIRT162925
hsa-miR-30c-5p GAB1 Weak MIRT164234
hsa-miR-30c-5p PPARGC1B Weak MIRT165595
hsa-miR-30c-5p PRDM1 Weak MIRT167508
hsa-miR-30c-5p KLHDC10 Weak MIRT170144
hsa-miR-30c-5p PHTF2 Weak MIRT171351
hsa-miR-30c-5p DBF4 Weak MIRT171549
hsa-miR-30c-5p JADE3 Weak MIRT176033
hsa-miR-30c-5p ADO Weak MIRT177710
hsa-miR-30c-5p LYPLAL1 Weak MIRT185098
hsa-miR-30c-5p RAP1B Weak MIRT188272
hsa-miR-30c-5p MKRN3 Weak MIRT192226
hsa-miR-30c-5p IREB2 Weak MIRT194170
hsa-miR-30c-5p DHX40 Weak MIRT197646
hsa-miR-30c-5p RAB10 Weak MIRT206179
hsa-miR-30c-5p XPO1 Weak MIRT206887
hsa-miR-30c-5p SETD5 Weak MIRT210816
hsa-miR-30c-5p N4BP2 Weak MIRT212859
hsa-miR-30c-5p MFAP3 Weak MIRT215130
hsa-miR-30c-5p FAM8A1 Weak MIRT218371
hsa-miR-30c-5p NAPG Weak MIRT252099
hsa-miR-30c-5p TBPL1 Weak MIRT257169
hsa-miR-30c-5p CBX3 Weak MIRT258176
hsa-miR-30c-5p TMED2 Weak MIRT270739
hsa-miR-30c-5p CCNF Weak MIRT283401
hsa-miR-30c-5p CBX2 Weak MIRT289628
hsa-miR-30c-5p CDC7 Weak MIRT292167
hsa-miR-30c-5p MTF2 Weak MIRT292814
hsa-miR-30c-5p SAE1 Weak MIRT293783
hsa-miR-30c-5p ZNF460 Weak MIRT294575
hsa-miR-30c-5p FOXN2 Weak MIRT302901
hsa-miR-30c-5p FYTTD1 Weak MIRT306842
hsa-miR-30c-5p MIER3 Weak MIRT313773
hsa-miR-30c-5p BAG4 Weak MIRT322687
hsa-miR-30c-5p MZT1 Weak MIRT368807
hsa-miR-30c-5p ZXDB Weak MIRT379727
hsa-miR-30c-5p H6PD Weak MIRT387953
hsa-miR-30c-5p ZEB2 Weak MIRT439098
hsa-miR-30c-5p MYC Weak MIRT439099
hsa-miR-30c-5p TGFA Weak MIRT444598
hsa-miR-30c-5p CHST15 Weak MIRT446449
hsa-miR-30c-5p SEC61A2 Weak MIRT448492
hsa-miR-30c-5p ROCK2 Weak MIRT448511
hsa-miR-30c-5p NCOA3 Weak MIRT448652
hsa-miR-30c-5p GNA13 Weak MIRT448785
hsa-miR-30c-5p TSPYL1 Weak MIRT449709
hsa-miR-30c-5p PGGT1B Weak MIRT450762
hsa-miR-30c-5p PPP2R1B Weak MIRT452141
hsa-miR-30c-5p ZDHHC20 Weak MIRT463402
hsa-miR-30c-5p VASH1 Weak MIRT464292
hsa-miR-30c-5p SLC7A5 Weak MIRT467626
hsa-miR-30c-5p PPP1R15B Weak MIRT470405
hsa-miR-30c-5p PIK3C2B Weak MIRT471079
hsa-miR-30c-5p PHF13 Weak MIRT471150
hsa-miR-30c-5p NAP1L1 Weak MIRT472476
hsa-miR-30c-5p NACC2 Weak MIRT472493
hsa-miR-30c-5p MARCKSL1 Weak MIRT473655
hsa-miR-30c-5p MAPK8 Weak MIRT473697
hsa-miR-30c-5p LMBR1L Weak MIRT474084
hsa-miR-30c-5p LARP1 Weak MIRT474286
hsa-miR-30c-5p HHIPL1 Weak MIRT475697
hsa-miR-30c-5p GOLGA8B Weak MIRT476169
hsa-miR-30c-5p AZIN1 Weak MIRT481137
hsa-miR-30c-5p ARPP19 Weak MIRT481465
hsa-miR-30c-5p ALG9 Weak MIRT482065
hsa-miR-30c-5p AKIRIN1 Weak MIRT482128
hsa-miR-30c-5p PTP4A1 Weak MIRT485201
hsa-miR-30c-5p ADPRHL1 Weak MIRT488724
hsa-miR-30c-5p POLR3E Weak MIRT492609
hsa-miR-30c-5p IFNE Weak MIRT497126
hsa-miR-30c-5p MTRNR2L10 Weak MIRT498611
hsa-miR-30c-5p CSNK1G1 Weak MIRT502701
hsa-miR-30c-5p CAND1 Weak MIRT503024
hsa-miR-30c-5p TOMM5 Weak MIRT504039
hsa-miR-30c-5p GIGYF1 Weak MIRT507131
hsa-miR-30c-5p PGPEP1 Weak MIRT514179
hsa-miR-30c-5p CXCL11 Weak MIRT530620
hsa-miR-30c-5p FAM81B Weak MIRT531356
hsa-miR-30c-5p SKIDA1 Weak MIRT534306
hsa-miR-30c-5p HABP4 Weak MIRT536978
hsa-miR-30c-5p DDAH1 Weak MIRT538154
hsa-miR-30c-5p SIKE1 Weak MIRT544266
hsa-miR-30c-5p GTF2E2 Weak MIRT544513
hsa-miR-30c-5p PGM3 Weak MIRT547154
hsa-miR-30c-5p PBRM1 Weak MIRT547193
hsa-miR-30c-5p KBTBD6 Weak MIRT547749
hsa-miR-30c-5p FOXA1 Weak MIRT548192
hsa-miR-30c-5p ELOVL5 Weak MIRT548431
hsa-miR-30c-5p VPS33A Weak MIRT552927
hsa-miR-30c-5p SRPR Weak MIRT553990
hsa-miR-30c-5p SIX4 Weak MIRT554288
hsa-miR-30c-5p PPP3CB Weak MIRT555308
hsa-miR-30c-5p PICALM Weak MIRT555615
hsa-miR-30c-5p PDCD10 Weak MIRT555754
hsa-miR-30c-5p LIFR Weak MIRT556572
hsa-miR-30c-5p FYCO1 Weak MIRT557731
hsa-miR-30c-5p FRS2 Weak MIRT557785
hsa-miR-30c-5p DCUN1D1 Weak MIRT558465
hsa-miR-30c-5p NDUFA12 Weak MIRT562795
hsa-miR-30c-5p QRFPR Weak MIRT563233
hsa-miR-30c-5p ST3GAL5 Weak MIRT563267
hsa-miR-30c-5p UHRF1BP1 Weak MIRT565077
hsa-miR-30c-5p SCML2 Weak MIRT565830
hsa-miR-30c-5p MYLIP Weak MIRT566680
hsa-miR-30c-5p MSANTD4 Weak MIRT566740
hsa-miR-30c-5p FANCF Weak MIRT567607
hsa-miR-30c-5p B4GALT5 Weak MIRT568346
hsa-miR-30c-5p OPHN1 Weak MIRT572869
hsa-miR-30c-5p STRN Weak MIRT612401
hsa-miR-30c-5p MARCH4 Weak MIRT623313
hsa-miR-30c-5p PLSCR1 Weak MIRT626125
hsa-miR-30c-5p SERPINC1 Weak MIRT653917
hsa-miR-30c-5p MED29 Weak MIRT656333
hsa-miR-30c-5p BAHD1 Weak MIRT669389
hsa-miR-30c-5p STX16 Weak MIRT686767
hsa-miR-30c-5p PRKAR1A Weak MIRT687189
hsa-miR-30c-5p CREM Weak MIRT688637
hsa-miR-30c-5p CCDC71L Weak MIRT704914
hsa-miR-30c-5p ATP2A2 Weak MIRT705331
hsa-miR-30c-5p APLP2 Weak MIRT705591
hsa-miR-30c-5p ADAM9 Weak MIRT705914
hsa-miR-30c-5p MRO Weak MIRT716458
hsa-miR-30c-5p LRRC3C Weak MIRT717151
hsa-miR-30c-5p MOGAT1 Weak MIRT718295
hsa-miR-30c-5p SLFN5 Weak MIRT718886
hsa-miR-30c-5p SHROOM3 Weak MIRT719018
hsa-miR-30c-5p ZSCAN29 Weak MIRT725997
hsa-miR-30c-5p ZNF200 Weak MIRT726048
hsa-miR-30c-5p ZMYND8 Weak MIRT726060
hsa-miR-30c-5p ZFAND5 Weak MIRT726070
hsa-miR-30c-5p ZCRB1 Weak MIRT726075
hsa-miR-30c-5p VPS41 Weak MIRT726123
hsa-miR-30c-5p VAPA Weak MIRT726145
hsa-miR-30c-5p UBXN4 Weak MIRT726181
hsa-miR-30c-5p UBN1 Weak MIRT726192
hsa-miR-30c-5p TXNDC5 Weak MIRT726206
hsa-miR-30c-5p TRIM23 Weak MIRT726231
hsa-miR-30c-5p TNFRSF10B Weak MIRT726262
hsa-miR-30c-5p TBC1D10B Weak MIRT726379
hsa-miR-30c-5p TAOK1 Weak MIRT726388
hsa-miR-30c-5p TANK Weak MIRT726392
hsa-miR-30c-5p TAF4B Weak MIRT726398
hsa-miR-30c-5p STAU1 Weak MIRT726430
hsa-miR-30c-5p SOX12 Weak MIRT726468
hsa-miR-30c-5p SLC4A7 Weak MIRT726521
hsa-miR-30c-5p SLC38A7 Weak MIRT726530
hsa-miR-30c-5p SH3PXD2A Weak MIRT726588
hsa-miR-30c-5p SH3GL1 Weak MIRT726595
hsa-miR-30c-5p SRSF7 Weak MIRT726611
hsa-miR-30c-5p SETD3 Weak MIRT726620
hsa-miR-30c-5p SBF1 Weak MIRT726653
hsa-miR-30c-5p SACS Weak MIRT726664
hsa-miR-30c-5p RPA2 Weak MIRT726692
hsa-miR-30c-5p RNF122 Weak MIRT726733
hsa-miR-30c-5p REV3L Weak MIRT726767
hsa-miR-30c-5p PREPL Weak MIRT726860
hsa-miR-30c-5p PPTC7 Weak MIRT726865
hsa-miR-30c-5p PPP1R2 Weak MIRT726887
hsa-miR-30c-5p PNMA1 Weak MIRT726916
hsa-miR-30c-5p PER2 Weak MIRT726978
hsa-miR-30c-5p PCDH10 Weak MIRT726995
hsa-miR-30c-5p PAWR Weak MIRT727009
hsa-miR-30c-5p OTUD4 Weak MIRT727033
hsa-miR-30c-5p NDEL1 Weak MIRT727092
hsa-miR-30c-5p MYBL2 Weak MIRT727123
hsa-miR-30c-5p MLXIP Weak MIRT727167
hsa-miR-30c-5p MIB1 Weak MIRT727193
hsa-miR-30c-5p MIA3 Weak MIRT727204
hsa-miR-30c-5p MARCH6 Weak MIRT727248
hsa-miR-30c-5p LPCAT1 Weak MIRT727277
hsa-miR-30c-5p LIN7C Weak MIRT727303
hsa-miR-30c-5p LIN28B Weak MIRT727308
hsa-miR-30c-5p LHFPL2 Weak MIRT727313
hsa-miR-30c-5p LCP1 Weak MIRT727317
hsa-miR-30c-5p KLF10 Weak MIRT727343
hsa-miR-30c-5p EPG5 Weak MIRT727354
hsa-miR-30c-5p JOSD1 Weak MIRT727391
hsa-miR-30c-5p KDM3A Weak MIRT727396
hsa-miR-30c-5p JAK1 Weak MIRT727407
hsa-miR-30c-5p IQCB1 Weak MIRT727433
hsa-miR-30c-5p IP6K3 Weak MIRT727438
hsa-miR-30c-5p IL1A Weak MIRT727453
hsa-miR-30c-5p IKZF2 Weak MIRT727466
hsa-miR-30c-5p GOLGA1 Weak MIRT727545
hsa-miR-30c-5p GXYLT1 Weak MIRT727567
hsa-miR-30c-5p GCLC Weak MIRT727588
hsa-miR-30c-5p GCSAM Weak MIRT727593
hsa-miR-30c-5p FUCA1 Weak MIRT727634
hsa-miR-30c-5p FANCL Weak MIRT727688
hsa-miR-30c-5p FAM104A Weak MIRT727723
hsa-miR-30c-5p EPB41 Weak MIRT727765
hsa-miR-30c-5p ENTPD1 Weak MIRT727774
hsa-miR-30c-5p EDC3 Weak MIRT727809
hsa-miR-30c-5p DYNLT3 Weak MIRT727830
hsa-miR-30c-5p DCTN4 Weak MIRT727899
hsa-miR-30c-5p CREG1 Weak MIRT727930
hsa-miR-30c-5p CPEB4 Weak MIRT727957
hsa-miR-30c-5p CLCC1 Weak MIRT727978
hsa-miR-30c-5p CDC37L1 Weak MIRT728012
hsa-miR-30c-5p C8orf76 Weak MIRT728063
hsa-miR-30c-5p C7orf60 Weak MIRT728068
hsa-miR-30c-5p C7orf43 Weak MIRT728077
hsa-miR-30c-5p KIAA0226L Weak MIRT728161
hsa-miR-30c-5p BTBD7 Weak MIRT728178
hsa-miR-30c-5p BTBD1 Weak MIRT728190
hsa-miR-30c-5p BECN1 Weak MIRT728207
hsa-miR-30c-5p CFDP1 Weak MIRT728210
hsa-miR-30c-5p B4GALT1 Weak MIRT728231
hsa-miR-30c-5p AVL9 Weak MIRT728241
hsa-miR-30c-5p ATM Weak MIRT728269
hsa-miR-30c-5p ANKRA2 Weak MIRT728344
hsa-miR-30c-5p AFF4 Weak MIRT728374
hsa-miR-30c-5p PALLD Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p PAX3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p TRIM32 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p HIST2H2BF Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p LDHA Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p SLC5A3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p TMEM170B Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p SMCR7L Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p PAK1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p MFHAS1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p ADCY1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p GDF10 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p DCUN1D3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p EIF2C4 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p EMR2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p RBM12 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p NFIB Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p GALNT3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p FRMPD4 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p BTF3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p ZCCHC24 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p DIABLO Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p TTC30A Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p N6AMT1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p SOD2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p DIXDC1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p ORC2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p SNAI1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p DDX46 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p ZNF248 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p PDS5A Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p PLEKHM3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p ZNF605 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p SEC22A Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p GPX3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p TMEM135 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p TNFSF15 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p SMCR8 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p LAMA1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p CEP104 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-30c-5p TRAF3 Prediction N/A

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