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MicroRNA Gene Evidence category miRTarBase ID
hsa-miR-26b-5p PTGS2 Strong MIRT004659
hsa-miR-26b-5p EPHA2 Strong MIRT005508
hsa-miR-26b-5p CDK6 Strong MIRT006307
hsa-miR-26b-5p CCNE1 Strong MIRT006308
hsa-miR-26b-5p ABCA1 Strong MIRT006713
hsa-miR-26b-5p ARL4C Strong MIRT006715
hsa-miR-26b-5p GATA4 Strong MIRT006808
hsa-miR-26b-5p CHORDC1 Strong MIRT029651
hsa-miR-26b-5p NR2C2 Strong MIRT054554
hsa-miR-26b-5p TAB1 Strong MIRT054555
hsa-miR-26b-5p EZH2 Strong MIRT054718
hsa-miR-26b-5p USP9X Strong MIRT054765
hsa-miR-26b-5p RB1 Strong MIRT437472
hsa-miR-26b-5p NAMPT Strong MIRT438241
hsa-miR-26b-5p IGF1R Strong MIRT438484
hsa-miR-26b-5p PTEN Strong MIRT438485
hsa-miR-26b-5p EP300 Weak MIRT003604
hsa-miR-26b-5p ABCF1 Weak MIRT028745
hsa-miR-26b-5p DEFA3 Weak MIRT028746
hsa-miR-26b-5p ZNF324B Weak MIRT028747
hsa-miR-26b-5p SIDT1 Weak MIRT028748
hsa-miR-26b-5p NDUFB4 Weak MIRT028749
hsa-miR-26b-5p PVALB Weak MIRT028750
hsa-miR-26b-5p ARRB1 Weak MIRT028751
hsa-miR-26b-5p MDH1 Weak MIRT028752
hsa-miR-26b-5p PARP4 Weak MIRT028753
hsa-miR-26b-5p FKBP2 Weak MIRT028754
hsa-miR-26b-5p TIMP1 Weak MIRT028755
hsa-miR-26b-5p SPRY2 Weak MIRT028756
hsa-miR-26b-5p TP53TG5 Weak MIRT028757
hsa-miR-26b-5p CRYGC Weak MIRT028758
hsa-miR-26b-5p NYX Weak MIRT028759
hsa-miR-26b-5p PRYP4 Weak MIRT028760
hsa-miR-26b-5p KLRC1 Weak MIRT028761
hsa-miR-26b-5p FOXE1 Weak MIRT028762
hsa-miR-26b-5p MRPS28 Weak MIRT028763
hsa-miR-26b-5p NFE2L2 Weak MIRT028764
hsa-miR-26b-5p CYB561D2 Weak MIRT028765
hsa-miR-26b-5p TRMT2B Weak MIRT028766
hsa-miR-26b-5p PRICKLE3 Weak MIRT028767
hsa-miR-26b-5p LIG4 Weak MIRT028768
hsa-miR-26b-5p ZDHHC7 Weak MIRT028769
hsa-miR-26b-5p SYNCRIP Weak MIRT028770
hsa-miR-26b-5p MAGEA9 Weak MIRT028771
hsa-miR-26b-5p ELAVL3 Weak MIRT028772
hsa-miR-26b-5p NACC2 Weak MIRT028773
hsa-miR-26b-5p SOX5 Weak MIRT028774
hsa-miR-26b-5p PFKFB3 Weak MIRT028775
hsa-miR-26b-5p LRRC2 Weak MIRT028776
hsa-miR-26b-5p DONSON Weak MIRT028777
hsa-miR-26b-5p ALG3 Weak MIRT028778
hsa-miR-26b-5p C1GALT1C1 Weak MIRT028779
hsa-miR-26b-5p CA1 Weak MIRT028780
hsa-miR-26b-5p WDR83OS Weak MIRT028781
hsa-miR-26b-5p SRP14 Weak MIRT028782
hsa-miR-26b-5p TAX1BP3 Weak MIRT028783
hsa-miR-26b-5p TRIM13 Weak MIRT028784
hsa-miR-26b-5p NMRK1 Weak MIRT028785
hsa-miR-26b-5p ZBTB25 Weak MIRT028786
hsa-miR-26b-5p ZSCAN16 Weak MIRT028787
hsa-miR-26b-5p RSAD2 Weak MIRT028788
hsa-miR-26b-5p TMEM165 Weak MIRT028789
hsa-miR-26b-5p ENTPD7 Weak MIRT028790
hsa-miR-26b-5p PODXL Weak MIRT028791
hsa-miR-26b-5p PSMC1 Weak MIRT028792
hsa-miR-26b-5p SNRPC Weak MIRT028793
hsa-miR-26b-5p USB1 Weak MIRT028794
hsa-miR-26b-5p DUSP1 Weak MIRT028795
hsa-miR-26b-5p RNASE1 Weak MIRT028796
hsa-miR-26b-5p FOXF2 Weak MIRT028797
hsa-miR-26b-5p PIGA Weak MIRT028798
hsa-miR-26b-5p LHX6 Weak MIRT028799
hsa-miR-26b-5p TUBD1 Weak MIRT028800
hsa-miR-26b-5p FAM212B Weak MIRT028801
hsa-miR-26b-5p C6orf15 Weak MIRT028802
hsa-miR-26b-5p EMC6 Weak MIRT028803
hsa-miR-26b-5p CDKL2 Weak MIRT028804
hsa-miR-26b-5p TSPAN13 Weak MIRT028805
hsa-miR-26b-5p BGLAP Weak MIRT028806
hsa-miR-26b-5p MARCH3 Weak MIRT028807
hsa-miR-26b-5p ATP5SL Weak MIRT028808
hsa-miR-26b-5p SNRNP70 Weak MIRT028809
hsa-miR-26b-5p DBNL Weak MIRT028810
hsa-miR-26b-5p PCDHB8 Weak MIRT028811
hsa-miR-26b-5p ACN9 Weak MIRT028812
hsa-miR-26b-5p ICT1 Weak MIRT028813
hsa-miR-26b-5p COQ2 Weak MIRT028814
hsa-miR-26b-5p CMPK1 Weak MIRT028815
hsa-miR-26b-5p VNN2 Weak MIRT028816
hsa-miR-26b-5p PPAP2A Weak MIRT028817
hsa-miR-26b-5p CHMP6 Weak MIRT028818
hsa-miR-26b-5p RXRB Weak MIRT028819
hsa-miR-26b-5p AUP1 Weak MIRT028820
hsa-miR-26b-5p PLCB2 Weak MIRT028821
hsa-miR-26b-5p OTC Weak MIRT028822
hsa-miR-26b-5p S100A1 Weak MIRT028823
hsa-miR-26b-5p MEP1A Weak MIRT028824
hsa-miR-26b-5p GNB5 Weak MIRT028825
hsa-miR-26b-5p HIST2H4A Weak MIRT028826
hsa-miR-26b-5p MCM3 Weak MIRT028827
hsa-miR-26b-5p OR2J3 Weak MIRT028828
hsa-miR-26b-5p SEC61G Weak MIRT028829
hsa-miR-26b-5p ZNF141 Weak MIRT028830
hsa-miR-26b-5p AP3M2 Weak MIRT028831
hsa-miR-26b-5p UGDH Weak MIRT028832
hsa-miR-26b-5p EIF4A1 Weak MIRT028833
hsa-miR-26b-5p RGS20 Weak MIRT028834
hsa-miR-26b-5p DNAJC2 Weak MIRT028835
hsa-miR-26b-5p KIAA1033 Weak MIRT028836
hsa-miR-26b-5p TRAF1 Weak MIRT028837
hsa-miR-26b-5p IMPG1 Weak MIRT028838
hsa-miR-26b-5p VPS54 Weak MIRT028839
hsa-miR-26b-5p LIAS Weak MIRT028840
hsa-miR-26b-5p MED22 Weak MIRT028841
hsa-miR-26b-5p GCNT2 Weak MIRT028842
hsa-miR-26b-5p XRCC2 Weak MIRT028843
hsa-miR-26b-5p LETM1 Weak MIRT028844
hsa-miR-26b-5p PTCD3 Weak MIRT028845
hsa-miR-26b-5p DMXL2 Weak MIRT028846
hsa-miR-26b-5p CLOCK Weak MIRT028847
hsa-miR-26b-5p PLCB4 Weak MIRT028848
hsa-miR-26b-5p CAB39L Weak MIRT028849
hsa-miR-26b-5p RAP1B Weak MIRT028850
hsa-miR-26b-5p ITFG1 Weak MIRT028851
hsa-miR-26b-5p DIS3 Weak MIRT028852
hsa-miR-26b-5p MT1M Weak MIRT028853
hsa-miR-26b-5p TNKS Weak MIRT028854
hsa-miR-26b-5p LRRC40 Weak MIRT028855
hsa-miR-26b-5p DNMBP Weak MIRT028856
hsa-miR-26b-5p TOP1 Weak MIRT028857
hsa-miR-26b-5p ARMCX2 Weak MIRT028858
hsa-miR-26b-5p TMC7 Weak MIRT028859
hsa-miR-26b-5p MDM2 Weak MIRT028860
hsa-miR-26b-5p BMPR2 Weak MIRT028861
hsa-miR-26b-5p ATP1A1 Weak MIRT028862
hsa-miR-26b-5p LUC7L Weak MIRT028863
hsa-miR-26b-5p SUCO Weak MIRT028864
hsa-miR-26b-5p MMP10 Weak MIRT028865
hsa-miR-26b-5p NAGK Weak MIRT028866
hsa-miR-26b-5p CA11 Weak MIRT028867
hsa-miR-26b-5p CLSTN1 Weak MIRT028868
hsa-miR-26b-5p LILRA4 Weak MIRT028869
hsa-miR-26b-5p PTRH2 Weak MIRT028870
hsa-miR-26b-5p TMCO3 Weak MIRT028871
hsa-miR-26b-5p ZFPM2 Weak MIRT028872
hsa-miR-26b-5p DEFA1 Weak MIRT028873
hsa-miR-26b-5p SUSD5 Weak MIRT028874
hsa-miR-26b-5p MMP8 Weak MIRT028875
hsa-miR-26b-5p NSMAF Weak MIRT028876
hsa-miR-26b-5p SLC1A6 Weak MIRT028877
hsa-miR-26b-5p PMPCA Weak MIRT028878
hsa-miR-26b-5p ZC3H4 Weak MIRT028879
hsa-miR-26b-5p ROM1 Weak MIRT028880
hsa-miR-26b-5p DNAJB4 Weak MIRT028881
hsa-miR-26b-5p CPA1 Weak MIRT028882
hsa-miR-26b-5p ANXA8L1 Weak MIRT028883
hsa-miR-26b-5p C14orf2 Weak MIRT028884
hsa-miR-26b-5p P2RY6 Weak MIRT028885
hsa-miR-26b-5p SLC22A8 Weak MIRT028886
hsa-miR-26b-5p CDKN2D Weak MIRT028887
hsa-miR-26b-5p CXCL9 Weak MIRT028888
hsa-miR-26b-5p CYP4F11 Weak MIRT028889
hsa-miR-26b-5p RAB27A Weak MIRT028890
hsa-miR-26b-5p IMP3 Weak MIRT028891
hsa-miR-26b-5p TRIB1 Weak MIRT028892
hsa-miR-26b-5p RAD54L Weak MIRT028893
hsa-miR-26b-5p HSPA1L Weak MIRT028894
hsa-miR-26b-5p WLS Weak MIRT028895
hsa-miR-26b-5p GPR126 Weak MIRT028896
hsa-miR-26b-5p SRF Weak MIRT028897
hsa-miR-26b-5p FAHD2A Weak MIRT028898
hsa-miR-26b-5p ITGB2 Weak MIRT028899
hsa-miR-26b-5p GRWD1 Weak MIRT028900
hsa-miR-26b-5p CHD9 Weak MIRT028901
hsa-miR-26b-5p POLR2G Weak MIRT028902
hsa-miR-26b-5p C9orf114 Weak MIRT028903
hsa-miR-26b-5p IGSF6 Weak MIRT028904
hsa-miR-26b-5p USP18 Weak MIRT028905
hsa-miR-26b-5p HEXA Weak MIRT028906
hsa-miR-26b-5p SNORA70 Weak MIRT028907
hsa-miR-26b-5p CYBRD1 Weak MIRT028908
hsa-miR-26b-5p GRB7 Weak MIRT028909
hsa-miR-26b-5p PSMC6 Weak MIRT028910
hsa-miR-26b-5p ZNF84 Weak MIRT028911
hsa-miR-26b-5p PIDD Weak MIRT028912
hsa-miR-26b-5p NRN1 Weak MIRT028913
hsa-miR-26b-5p LRP1B Weak MIRT028914
hsa-miR-26b-5p ACOX2 Weak MIRT028915
hsa-miR-26b-5p CXCL13 Weak MIRT028916
hsa-miR-26b-5p AGT Weak MIRT028917
hsa-miR-26b-5p MYBPC1 Weak MIRT028918
hsa-miR-26b-5p PFDN5 Weak MIRT028919
hsa-miR-26b-5p SMPD3 Weak MIRT028920
hsa-miR-26b-5p GRM8 Weak MIRT028921
hsa-miR-26b-5p IGHMBP2 Weak MIRT028922
hsa-miR-26b-5p ZNF652 Weak MIRT028923
hsa-miR-26b-5p PARK2 Weak MIRT028924
hsa-miR-26b-5p C22orf29 Weak MIRT028925
hsa-miR-26b-5p DGKI Weak MIRT028926
hsa-miR-26b-5p DLGAP4 Weak MIRT028927
hsa-miR-26b-5p XDH Weak MIRT028928
hsa-miR-26b-5p RRAGC Weak MIRT028929
hsa-miR-26b-5p PRRG3 Weak MIRT028930
hsa-miR-26b-5p DCAF16 Weak MIRT028931
hsa-miR-26b-5p POU2F3 Weak MIRT028932
hsa-miR-26b-5p ERCC6L Weak MIRT028933
hsa-miR-26b-5p AGL Weak MIRT028934
hsa-miR-26b-5p APBB2 Weak MIRT028935
hsa-miR-26b-5p TRAF3 Weak MIRT028936
hsa-miR-26b-5p MAP2K4 Weak MIRT028937
hsa-miR-26b-5p PPM1D Weak MIRT028938
hsa-miR-26b-5p BTG1 Weak MIRT028939
hsa-miR-26b-5p PCYOX1 Weak MIRT028940
hsa-miR-26b-5p ATP6V0D1 Weak MIRT028941
hsa-miR-26b-5p DNAJA2 Weak MIRT028942
hsa-miR-26b-5p USP3 Weak MIRT028943
hsa-miR-26b-5p RNF125 Weak MIRT028944
hsa-miR-26b-5p TMEM168 Weak MIRT028945
hsa-miR-26b-5p ACADM Weak MIRT028946
hsa-miR-26b-5p GREB1 Weak MIRT028947
hsa-miR-26b-5p HAUS8 Weak MIRT028948
hsa-miR-26b-5p FKBP1B Weak MIRT028949
hsa-miR-26b-5p TRAM1 Weak MIRT028950
hsa-miR-26b-5p KMT2C Weak MIRT028951
hsa-miR-26b-5p RAB11FIP1 Weak MIRT028952
hsa-miR-26b-5p NUBP2 Weak MIRT028953
hsa-miR-26b-5p CA9 Weak MIRT028954
hsa-miR-26b-5p TFPT Weak MIRT028955
hsa-miR-26b-5p GABRE Weak MIRT028956
hsa-miR-26b-5p HHLA3 Weak MIRT028957
hsa-miR-26b-5p ZNF556 Weak MIRT028958
hsa-miR-26b-5p KIFC3 Weak MIRT028959
hsa-miR-26b-5p CAD Weak MIRT028960
hsa-miR-26b-5p STON1-GTF2A1L Weak MIRT028961
hsa-miR-26b-5p IL17RC Weak MIRT028962
hsa-miR-26b-5p POLG Weak MIRT028963
hsa-miR-26b-5p GTPBP4 Weak MIRT028964
hsa-miR-26b-5p TMEM230 Weak MIRT028965
hsa-miR-26b-5p CYP4A11 Weak MIRT028966
hsa-miR-26b-5p ZCCHC8 Weak MIRT028967
hsa-miR-26b-5p BCL11B Weak MIRT028968
hsa-miR-26b-5p POLA1 Weak MIRT028969
hsa-miR-26b-5p ADGB Weak MIRT028970
hsa-miR-26b-5p CREG1 Weak MIRT028971
hsa-miR-26b-5p NCBP1 Weak MIRT028972
hsa-miR-26b-5p SCGB1D2 Weak MIRT028973
hsa-miR-26b-5p GSTT2 Weak MIRT028974
hsa-miR-26b-5p WDR91 Weak MIRT028975
hsa-miR-26b-5p CCNI Weak MIRT028976
hsa-miR-26b-5p ATP2A2 Weak MIRT028977
hsa-miR-26b-5p AIFM1 Weak MIRT028978
hsa-miR-26b-5p PCDHA6 Weak MIRT028979
hsa-miR-26b-5p SMAD7 Weak MIRT028980
hsa-miR-26b-5p WHAMMP3 Weak MIRT028981
hsa-miR-26b-5p SRGN Weak MIRT028982
hsa-miR-26b-5p TNFSF9 Weak MIRT028983
hsa-miR-26b-5p C17orf59 Weak MIRT028984
hsa-miR-26b-5p TADA3 Weak MIRT028985
hsa-miR-26b-5p NDUFS7 Weak MIRT028986
hsa-miR-26b-5p CAAP1 Weak MIRT028987
hsa-miR-26b-5p SLC38A10 Weak MIRT028988
hsa-miR-26b-5p POMP Weak MIRT028989
hsa-miR-26b-5p NR0B2 Weak MIRT028990
hsa-miR-26b-5p STAT6 Weak MIRT028991
hsa-miR-26b-5p GYS1 Weak MIRT028992
hsa-miR-26b-5p MAGEC3 Weak MIRT028993
hsa-miR-26b-5p NDUFB5 Weak MIRT028994
hsa-miR-26b-5p TGFBI Weak MIRT028995
hsa-miR-26b-5p FBXO24 Weak MIRT028996
hsa-miR-26b-5p NMRK2 Weak MIRT028997
hsa-miR-26b-5p PCDHA4 Weak MIRT028998
hsa-miR-26b-5p GJA5 Weak MIRT028999
hsa-miR-26b-5p MAFG Weak MIRT029000
hsa-miR-26b-5p ANAPC13 Weak MIRT029001
hsa-miR-26b-5p MAGT1 Weak MIRT029002
hsa-miR-26b-5p OR10H2 Weak MIRT029003
hsa-miR-26b-5p FHL5 Weak MIRT029004
hsa-miR-26b-5p CMTM6 Weak MIRT029005
hsa-miR-26b-5p FUT8 Weak MIRT029006
hsa-miR-26b-5p TRAPPC13 Weak MIRT029007
hsa-miR-26b-5p PSTPIP2 Weak MIRT029008
hsa-miR-26b-5p RIPK4 Weak MIRT029009
hsa-miR-26b-5p CHST4 Weak MIRT029010
hsa-miR-26b-5p GPR27 Weak MIRT029011
hsa-miR-26b-5p TRIM58 Weak MIRT029012
hsa-miR-26b-5p IVNS1ABP Weak MIRT029013
hsa-miR-26b-5p HIST2H2BF Weak MIRT029014
hsa-miR-26b-5p GFOD2 Weak MIRT029015
hsa-miR-26b-5p FGF23 Weak MIRT029016
hsa-miR-26b-5p TRMT11 Weak MIRT029017
hsa-miR-26b-5p TRIM44 Weak MIRT029018
hsa-miR-26b-5p GRIK2 Weak MIRT029019
hsa-miR-26b-5p TAZ Weak MIRT029020
hsa-miR-26b-5p MLXIP Weak MIRT029021
hsa-miR-26b-5p MTERF Weak MIRT029022
hsa-miR-26b-5p PCNT Weak MIRT029023
hsa-miR-26b-5p ZFY Weak MIRT029024
hsa-miR-26b-5p TMEM156 Weak MIRT029025
hsa-miR-26b-5p RASAL2 Weak MIRT029026
hsa-miR-26b-5p CACNG3 Weak MIRT029027
hsa-miR-26b-5p GID4 Weak MIRT029028
hsa-miR-26b-5p KIF1C Weak MIRT029029
hsa-miR-26b-5p NPRL2 Weak MIRT029030
hsa-miR-26b-5p HIPK1 Weak MIRT029031
hsa-miR-26b-5p MEF2C Weak MIRT029032
hsa-miR-26b-5p SALL1 Weak MIRT029033
hsa-miR-26b-5p CACNB2 Weak MIRT029034
hsa-miR-26b-5p HOXC4 Weak MIRT029035
hsa-miR-26b-5p ADARB1 Weak MIRT029036
hsa-miR-26b-5p TMEM206 Weak MIRT029037
hsa-miR-26b-5p AGPAT3 Weak MIRT029038
hsa-miR-26b-5p RNF6 Weak MIRT029039
hsa-miR-26b-5p KLHL24 Weak MIRT029040
hsa-miR-26b-5p ZBTB18 Weak MIRT029041
hsa-miR-26b-5p SLC13A4 Weak MIRT029042
hsa-miR-26b-5p ANXA8L2 Weak MIRT029043
hsa-miR-26b-5p DGAT1 Weak MIRT029044
hsa-miR-26b-5p LACTB2 Weak MIRT029045
hsa-miR-26b-5p CPA4 Weak MIRT029046
hsa-miR-26b-5p RACGAP1 Weak MIRT029047
hsa-miR-26b-5p ABCB6 Weak MIRT029048
hsa-miR-26b-5p PLXNA4 Weak MIRT029049
hsa-miR-26b-5p BAHD1 Weak MIRT029050
hsa-miR-26b-5p PLXNC1 Weak MIRT029051
hsa-miR-26b-5p ELOVL2 Weak MIRT029052
hsa-miR-26b-5p SLC6A9 Weak MIRT029053
hsa-miR-26b-5p ZNF140 Weak MIRT029054
hsa-miR-26b-5p MVD Weak MIRT029055
hsa-miR-26b-5p MYEF2 Weak MIRT029056
hsa-miR-26b-5p EAF2 Weak MIRT029057
hsa-miR-26b-5p GUF1 Weak MIRT029058
hsa-miR-26b-5p SH3BP1 Weak MIRT029059
hsa-miR-26b-5p CMC4 Weak MIRT029060
hsa-miR-26b-5p ING2 Weak MIRT029061
hsa-miR-26b-5p MUC7 Weak MIRT029062
hsa-miR-26b-5p NOC3L Weak MIRT029063
hsa-miR-26b-5p PLCH2 Weak MIRT029064
hsa-miR-26b-5p PLEKHA1 Weak MIRT029065
hsa-miR-26b-5p ROGDI Weak MIRT029066
hsa-miR-26b-5p LGALSL Weak MIRT029067
hsa-miR-26b-5p KRTAP5-3 Weak MIRT029068
hsa-miR-26b-5p NSF Weak MIRT029069
hsa-miR-26b-5p SMN2 Weak MIRT029070
hsa-miR-26b-5p EIF1AY Weak MIRT029071
hsa-miR-26b-5p ZNF573 Weak MIRT029072
hsa-miR-26b-5p PHLDA2 Weak MIRT029073
hsa-miR-26b-5p ZBED1 Weak MIRT029074
hsa-miR-26b-5p FANCC Weak MIRT029075
hsa-miR-26b-5p QDPR Weak MIRT029076
hsa-miR-26b-5p KIAA0922 Weak MIRT029077
hsa-miR-26b-5p CMC2 Weak MIRT029078
hsa-miR-26b-5p FN1 Weak MIRT029079
hsa-miR-26b-5p STARD7 Weak MIRT029080
hsa-miR-26b-5p ATF3 Weak MIRT029081
hsa-miR-26b-5p RNASET2 Weak MIRT029082
hsa-miR-26b-5p CDIPT Weak MIRT029083
hsa-miR-26b-5p ZNF696 Weak MIRT029084
hsa-miR-26b-5p RAD54L2 Weak MIRT029085
hsa-miR-26b-5p GSTT2B Weak MIRT029086
hsa-miR-26b-5p CRADD Weak MIRT029087
hsa-miR-26b-5p TMEM30A Weak MIRT029088
hsa-miR-26b-5p ASTN2 Weak MIRT029089
hsa-miR-26b-5p FOLR2 Weak MIRT029090
hsa-miR-26b-5p ITM2A Weak MIRT029091
hsa-miR-26b-5p RBM41 Weak MIRT029092
hsa-miR-26b-5p IL20RA Weak MIRT029093
hsa-miR-26b-5p NARS2 Weak MIRT029094
hsa-miR-26b-5p OR10H5 Weak MIRT029095
hsa-miR-26b-5p KHDC1 Weak MIRT029096
hsa-miR-26b-5p ARMC7 Weak MIRT029097
hsa-miR-26b-5p WDR4 Weak MIRT029098
hsa-miR-26b-5p ACADS Weak MIRT029099
hsa-miR-26b-5p MT1P3 Weak MIRT029100
hsa-miR-26b-5p MYBBP1A Weak MIRT029101
hsa-miR-26b-5p SLC34A2 Weak MIRT029102
hsa-miR-26b-5p INPP5A Weak MIRT029103
hsa-miR-26b-5p MKNK1 Weak MIRT029104
hsa-miR-26b-5p SLC27A6 Weak MIRT029105
hsa-miR-26b-5p ATP7B Weak MIRT029106
hsa-miR-26b-5p N6AMT1 Weak MIRT029107
hsa-miR-26b-5p KRT222 Weak MIRT029108
hsa-miR-26b-5p KIAA0232 Weak MIRT029109
hsa-miR-26b-5p SLBP Weak MIRT029110
hsa-miR-26b-5p ST8SIA2 Weak MIRT029111
hsa-miR-26b-5p ZNF81 Weak MIRT029112
hsa-miR-26b-5p KIAA1024 Weak MIRT029113
hsa-miR-26b-5p IGSF3 Weak MIRT029114
hsa-miR-26b-5p RBM12B Weak MIRT029115
hsa-miR-26b-5p LIN28A Weak MIRT029116
hsa-miR-26b-5p PKD2 Weak MIRT029117
hsa-miR-26b-5p SYNE2 Weak MIRT029118
hsa-miR-26b-5p KIAA0368 Weak MIRT029119
hsa-miR-26b-5p BRD4 Weak MIRT029120
hsa-miR-26b-5p JHDM1D Weak MIRT029121
hsa-miR-26b-5p IFNG Weak MIRT029122
hsa-miR-26b-5p MATR3 Weak MIRT029123
hsa-miR-26b-5p SREK1IP1 Weak MIRT029124
hsa-miR-26b-5p MED23 Weak MIRT029125
hsa-miR-26b-5p RCBTB1 Weak MIRT029126
hsa-miR-26b-5p RTF1 Weak MIRT029127
hsa-miR-26b-5p OR10H1 Weak MIRT029128
hsa-miR-26b-5p ADI1 Weak MIRT029129
hsa-miR-26b-5p FAM136A Weak MIRT029130
hsa-miR-26b-5p SLC39A6 Weak MIRT029131
hsa-miR-26b-5p OR2F2 Weak MIRT029132
hsa-miR-26b-5p TRPV6 Weak MIRT029133
hsa-miR-26b-5p SPRY1 Weak MIRT029134
hsa-miR-26b-5p LONP1 Weak MIRT029135
hsa-miR-26b-5p FAM168B Weak MIRT029136
hsa-miR-26b-5p NPTN Weak MIRT029137
hsa-miR-26b-5p GSTA1 Weak MIRT029138
hsa-miR-26b-5p BLOC1S5 Weak MIRT029139
hsa-miR-26b-5p STK16 Weak MIRT029140
hsa-miR-26b-5p RASGRF1 Weak MIRT029141
hsa-miR-26b-5p OR1A2 Weak MIRT029142
hsa-miR-26b-5p LRRC8E Weak MIRT029143
hsa-miR-26b-5p FADS2 Weak MIRT029144
hsa-miR-26b-5p CNTLN Weak MIRT029145
hsa-miR-26b-5p TMEM132A Weak MIRT029146
hsa-miR-26b-5p GTF2IRD2B Weak MIRT029147
hsa-miR-26b-5p CAPN9 Weak MIRT029148
hsa-miR-26b-5p SUN1 Weak MIRT029149
hsa-miR-26b-5p KIR3DX1 Weak MIRT029150
hsa-miR-26b-5p CBLL1 Weak MIRT029151
hsa-miR-26b-5p SELENBP1 Weak MIRT029152
hsa-miR-26b-5p ZNF35 Weak MIRT029153
hsa-miR-26b-5p MYT1L Weak MIRT029154
hsa-miR-26b-5p OFD1 Weak MIRT029155
hsa-miR-26b-5p TMEM208 Weak MIRT029156
hsa-miR-26b-5p PNMT Weak MIRT029157
hsa-miR-26b-5p CASP