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MicroRNA Gene Evidence category miRTarBase ID
hsa-miR-24-3p FEN1 Strong MIRT000116
hsa-miR-24-3p CDK4 Strong MIRT000117
hsa-miR-24-3p CCNA2 Strong MIRT000119
hsa-miR-24-3p AURKB Strong MIRT000120
hsa-miR-24-3p MYC Strong MIRT000121
hsa-miR-24-3p E2F2 Strong MIRT000122
hsa-miR-24-3p NOTCH1 Strong MIRT001773
hsa-miR-24-3p DHFR Strong MIRT002018
hsa-miR-24-3p MAPK14 Strong MIRT002950
hsa-miR-24-3p TRIB3 Strong MIRT003354
hsa-miR-24-3p HNF4A Strong MIRT003355
hsa-miR-24-3p ACVR1B Strong MIRT003830
hsa-miR-24-3p MLEC Strong MIRT003889
hsa-miR-24-3p CDKN2A Strong MIRT004362
hsa-miR-24-3p BRCA1 Strong MIRT004836
hsa-miR-24-3p POLD1 Strong MIRT004837
hsa-miR-24-3p CDKN1B Strong MIRT005063
hsa-miR-24-3p DND1 Strong MIRT005766
hsa-miR-24-3p TGFB1 Strong MIRT005918
hsa-miR-24-3p FURIN Strong MIRT005919
hsa-miR-24-3p FAF1 Strong MIRT006507
hsa-miR-24-3p ZNF217 Strong MIRT007012
hsa-miR-24-3p ST7L Strong MIRT007215
hsa-miR-24-3p CNDP2 Strong MIRT030380
hsa-miR-24-3p MCM10 Strong MIRT030381
hsa-miR-24-3p TOP1 Strong MIRT030382
hsa-miR-24-3p H2AFX Strong MIRT030383
hsa-miR-24-3p PAK4 Strong MIRT030445
hsa-miR-24-3p UBD Strong MIRT030468
hsa-miR-24-3p RRM2 Strong MIRT030469
hsa-miR-24-3p BCL2L12 Strong MIRT030470
hsa-miR-24-3p MBD6 Strong MIRT030471
hsa-miR-24-3p PER2 Strong MIRT030473
hsa-miR-24-3p EIF2S3 Strong MIRT030483
hsa-miR-24-3p CDK1 Strong MIRT030503
hsa-miR-24-3p BCL2L11 Strong MIRT030547
hsa-miR-24-3p DEDD Strong MIRT030548
hsa-miR-24-3p TMED7 Strong MIRT030550
hsa-miR-24-3p E2F3 Strong MIRT030551
hsa-miR-24-3p ZNF317 Strong MIRT030552
hsa-miR-24-3p STX16 Strong MIRT030553
hsa-miR-24-3p DHFRP1 Strong MIRT030554
hsa-miR-24-3p CHEK1 Strong MIRT030555
hsa-miR-24-3p CORO1A Strong MIRT030627
hsa-miR-24-3p MCM4 Strong MIRT030629
hsa-miR-24-3p PCNA Strong MIRT030631
hsa-miR-24-3p PTPN9 Strong MIRT035526
hsa-miR-24-3p PTPRF Strong MIRT035527
hsa-miR-24-3p SH3PXD2A Strong MIRT035542
hsa-miR-24-3p ARHGAP19 Strong MIRT035543
hsa-miR-24-3p S100A8 Strong MIRT052953
hsa-miR-24-3p MXI1 Strong MIRT053042
hsa-miR-24-3p XIAP Strong MIRT053061
hsa-miR-24-3p NOS3 Strong MIRT053134
hsa-miR-24-3p INSIG1 Strong MIRT053161
hsa-miR-24-3p CYP11B2 Strong MIRT053238
hsa-miR-24-3p REG4 Strong MIRT053779
hsa-miR-24-3p MEN1 Strong MIRT054288
hsa-miR-24-3p LDHA Strong MIRT054320
hsa-miR-24-3p LDHB Strong MIRT054323
hsa-miR-24-3p JPH2 Strong MIRT054386
hsa-miR-24-3p DYRK2 Strong MIRT054393
hsa-miR-24-3p MAP3K9 Strong MIRT054474
hsa-miR-24-3p SSSCA1 Strong MIRT054710
hsa-miR-24-3p HMOX1 Strong MIRT054754
hsa-miR-24-3p PSAP Strong MIRT054828
hsa-miR-24-3p MMP14 Strong MIRT437500
hsa-miR-24-3p AGPAT2 Strong MIRT437826
hsa-miR-24-3p IFNG Strong MIRT437970
hsa-miR-24-3p FGFR3 Strong MIRT438418
hsa-miR-24-3p TACC3 Strong MIRT438421
hsa-miR-24-3p MAFB Strong MIRT438424
hsa-miR-24-3p CCND1 Strong MIRT438427
hsa-miR-24-3p NCSTN Strong MIRT438454
hsa-miR-24-3p IFNR Strong MIRT438533
hsa-miR-24-3p WNT4 Strong MIRT438608
hsa-miR-24-3p NDST1 Strong MIRT438644
hsa-miR-24-3p KHSRP Weak MIRT005397
hsa-miR-24-3p NFAT5 Weak MIRT005398
hsa-miR-24-3p VRK1 Weak MIRT030361
hsa-miR-24-3p NOP56 Weak MIRT030362
hsa-miR-24-3p TBPL1 Weak MIRT030363
hsa-miR-24-3p TNPO3 Weak MIRT030364
hsa-miR-24-3p SNRPB2 Weak MIRT030365
hsa-miR-24-3p DDHD2 Weak MIRT030366
hsa-miR-24-3p THOP1 Weak MIRT030367
hsa-miR-24-3p UBE2C Weak MIRT030369
hsa-miR-24-3p GNPAT Weak MIRT030370
hsa-miR-24-3p METAP2 Weak MIRT030371
hsa-miR-24-3p KIAA0020 Weak MIRT030372
hsa-miR-24-3p UGDH Weak MIRT030373
hsa-miR-24-3p URM1 Weak MIRT030374
hsa-miR-24-3p GTF2E1 Weak MIRT030375
hsa-miR-24-3p MED22 Weak MIRT030376
hsa-miR-24-3p USP10 Weak MIRT030377
hsa-miR-24-3p FKBP1B Weak MIRT030378
hsa-miR-24-3p SCML1 Weak MIRT030379
hsa-miR-24-3p TOMM22 Weak MIRT030384
hsa-miR-24-3p HBQ1 Weak MIRT030385
hsa-miR-24-3p PRIM1 Weak MIRT030386
hsa-miR-24-3p PSMD1 Weak MIRT030387
hsa-miR-24-3p AUNIP Weak MIRT030388
hsa-miR-24-3p NARF Weak MIRT030389
hsa-miR-24-3p MALSU1 Weak MIRT030390
hsa-miR-24-3p TCEA3 Weak MIRT030391
hsa-miR-24-3p ADRM1 Weak MIRT030392
hsa-miR-24-3p AGFG1 Weak MIRT030393
hsa-miR-24-3p ACD Weak MIRT030394
hsa-miR-24-3p RCE1 Weak MIRT030395
hsa-miR-24-3p SUMO3 Weak MIRT030396
hsa-miR-24-3p CYP20A1 Weak MIRT030397
hsa-miR-24-3p C18orf56 Weak MIRT030398
hsa-miR-24-3p MIS18A Weak MIRT030399
hsa-miR-24-3p GLYR1 Weak MIRT030400
hsa-miR-24-3p NAE1 Weak MIRT030401
hsa-miR-24-3p ACTL6A Weak MIRT030402
hsa-miR-24-3p NCBP2 Weak MIRT030403
hsa-miR-24-3p SLC29A4 Weak MIRT030404
hsa-miR-24-3p PHF16 Weak MIRT030405
hsa-miR-24-3p GYG2 Weak MIRT030406
hsa-miR-24-3p SLC7A2 Weak MIRT030407
hsa-miR-24-3p EXOSC8 Weak MIRT030408
hsa-miR-24-3p TDRP Weak MIRT030409
hsa-miR-24-3p R3HDM4 Weak MIRT030410
hsa-miR-24-3p DCAF4 Weak MIRT030411
hsa-miR-24-3p TAF15 Weak MIRT030412
hsa-miR-24-3p VPS25 Weak MIRT030413
hsa-miR-24-3p NR0B2 Weak MIRT030414
hsa-miR-24-3p NASP Weak MIRT030415
hsa-miR-24-3p STRADB Weak MIRT030416
hsa-miR-24-3p MTF2 Weak MIRT030417
hsa-miR-24-3p PHOSPHO2 Weak MIRT030418
hsa-miR-24-3p ATAD3A Weak MIRT030419
hsa-miR-24-3p CCDC59 Weak MIRT030420
hsa-miR-24-3p VPS35 Weak MIRT030421
hsa-miR-24-3p PAF1 Weak MIRT030422
hsa-miR-24-3p CIRBP Weak MIRT030423
hsa-miR-24-3p S100P Weak MIRT030424
hsa-miR-24-3p ARHGEF7 Weak MIRT030425
hsa-miR-24-3p PROSER1 Weak MIRT030426
hsa-miR-24-3p PDLIM7 Weak MIRT030427
hsa-miR-24-3p KIAA0100 Weak MIRT030428
hsa-miR-24-3p TOMM34 Weak MIRT030429
hsa-miR-24-3p CTCF Weak MIRT030430
hsa-miR-24-3p EIF4G3 Weak MIRT030431
hsa-miR-24-3p SLC52A2 Weak MIRT030432
hsa-miR-24-3p KHNYN Weak MIRT030433
hsa-miR-24-3p ADD1 Weak MIRT030434
hsa-miR-24-3p ZBED1 Weak MIRT030435
hsa-miR-24-3p KLHL23 Weak MIRT030436
hsa-miR-24-3p SULT2A1 Weak MIRT030437
hsa-miR-24-3p LSM12 Weak MIRT030438
hsa-miR-24-3p PDPK1 Weak MIRT030439
hsa-miR-24-3p CARD10 Weak MIRT030440
hsa-miR-24-3p PPM1F Weak MIRT030441
hsa-miR-24-3p NRIP1 Weak MIRT030442
hsa-miR-24-3p ARHGEF18 Weak MIRT030443
hsa-miR-24-3p FNTB Weak MIRT030444
hsa-miR-24-3p KPNA6 Weak MIRT030446
hsa-miR-24-3p BCL2L2 Weak MIRT030447
hsa-miR-24-3p PSTPIP2 Weak MIRT030448
hsa-miR-24-3p ACACA Weak MIRT030449
hsa-miR-24-3p MATR3 Weak MIRT030450
hsa-miR-24-3p PTPLAD1 Weak MIRT030451
hsa-miR-24-3p TSPAN14 Weak MIRT030452
hsa-miR-24-3p RAP2C Weak MIRT030453
hsa-miR-24-3p MIDN Weak MIRT030454
hsa-miR-24-3p CCDC58 Weak MIRT030455
hsa-miR-24-3p LAPTM4B Weak MIRT030456
hsa-miR-24-3p PPP3R1 Weak MIRT030457
hsa-miR-24-3p ZNF813 Weak MIRT030458
hsa-miR-24-3p MAGI1 Weak MIRT030459
hsa-miR-24-3p ZCCHC14 Weak MIRT030460
hsa-miR-24-3p PTGFRN Weak MIRT030461
hsa-miR-24-3p SCML2 Weak MIRT030462
hsa-miR-24-3p DNAJB12 Weak MIRT030463
hsa-miR-24-3p NUP54 Weak MIRT030464
hsa-miR-24-3p SESN1 Weak MIRT030465
hsa-miR-24-3p SLC35B2 Weak MIRT030466
hsa-miR-24-3p AGPAT3 Weak MIRT030467
hsa-miR-24-3p OXSR1 Weak MIRT030472
hsa-miR-24-3p UNG Weak MIRT030474
hsa-miR-24-3p RRP12 Weak MIRT030475
hsa-miR-24-3p CWC27 Weak MIRT030476
hsa-miR-24-3p SRRT Weak MIRT030477
hsa-miR-24-3p PACSIN3 Weak MIRT030478
hsa-miR-24-3p ALG5 Weak MIRT030480
hsa-miR-24-3p SLC2A3 Weak MIRT030481
hsa-miR-24-3p MRPS24 Weak MIRT030482
hsa-miR-24-3p GTF3C2 Weak MIRT030484
hsa-miR-24-3p FAH Weak MIRT030485
hsa-miR-24-3p ARL1 Weak MIRT030486
hsa-miR-24-3p MED16 Weak MIRT030487
hsa-miR-24-3p MED24 Weak MIRT030488
hsa-miR-24-3p CCAR1 Weak MIRT030489
hsa-miR-24-3p DUS1L Weak MIRT030490
hsa-miR-24-3p BEX1 Weak MIRT030491
hsa-miR-24-3p MRPL40 Weak MIRT030492
hsa-miR-24-3p EIF4H Weak MIRT030493
hsa-miR-24-3p DCP2 Weak MIRT030494
hsa-miR-24-3p ABCE1 Weak MIRT030495
hsa-miR-24-3p UBE3A Weak MIRT030496
hsa-miR-24-3p TYW3 Weak MIRT030497
hsa-miR-24-3p UQCC Weak MIRT030498
hsa-miR-24-3p NKD1 Weak MIRT030499
hsa-miR-24-3p NFKBIA Weak MIRT030500
hsa-miR-24-3p AK3 Weak MIRT030501
hsa-miR-24-3p HSF2 Weak MIRT030504
hsa-miR-24-3p CDCA7 Weak MIRT030505
hsa-miR-24-3p TNIP2 Weak MIRT030507
hsa-miR-24-3p AKAP7 Weak MIRT030508
hsa-miR-24-3p TUBGCP2 Weak MIRT030509
hsa-miR-24-3p POLR2D Weak MIRT030510
hsa-miR-24-3p FBXO34 Weak MIRT030511
hsa-miR-24-3p STK35 Weak MIRT030512
hsa-miR-24-3p CTDSP2 Weak MIRT030513
hsa-miR-24-3p C8orf33 Weak MIRT030514
hsa-miR-24-3p IQCB1 Weak MIRT030516
hsa-miR-24-3p RHOT2 Weak MIRT030517
hsa-miR-24-3p ALDH5A1 Weak MIRT030518
hsa-miR-24-3p VHL Weak MIRT030519
hsa-miR-24-3p SLC11A2 Weak MIRT030520
hsa-miR-24-3p GBAS Weak MIRT030521
hsa-miR-24-3p SLC5A6 Weak MIRT030522
hsa-miR-24-3p NEK6 Weak MIRT030523
hsa-miR-24-3p SLC7A1 Weak MIRT030524
hsa-miR-24-3p GGA2 Weak MIRT030525
hsa-miR-24-3p ADPGK Weak MIRT030526
hsa-miR-24-3p FZD4 Weak MIRT030528
hsa-miR-24-3p AAMP Weak MIRT030529
hsa-miR-24-3p PLIN3 Weak MIRT030530
hsa-miR-24-3p LLGL1 Weak MIRT030531
hsa-miR-24-3p KLHDC3 Weak MIRT030532
hsa-miR-24-3p C15orf39 Weak MIRT030533
hsa-miR-24-3p MARCKSL1 Weak MIRT030534
hsa-miR-24-3p C1orf106 Weak MIRT030535
hsa-miR-24-3p ADD3 Weak MIRT030536
hsa-miR-24-3p SNTB1 Weak MIRT030537
hsa-miR-24-3p CMTM4 Weak MIRT030538
hsa-miR-24-3p TMTC4 Weak MIRT030539
hsa-miR-24-3p GLUL Weak MIRT030540
hsa-miR-24-3p TMEM209 Weak MIRT030541
hsa-miR-24-3p LBR Weak MIRT030542
hsa-miR-24-3p LIMD1 Weak MIRT030543
hsa-miR-24-3p SPIN4 Weak MIRT030544
hsa-miR-24-3p ZNF264 Weak MIRT030545
hsa-miR-24-3p VGLL3 Weak MIRT030546
hsa-miR-24-3p CD34 Weak MIRT030549
hsa-miR-24-3p NOTUM Weak MIRT030556
hsa-miR-24-3p ABCB10 Weak MIRT030557
hsa-miR-24-3p CCL2 Weak MIRT030558
hsa-miR-24-3p OARD1 Weak MIRT030559
hsa-miR-24-3p PCGF6 Weak MIRT030560
hsa-miR-24-3p SNRPD3 Weak MIRT030561
hsa-miR-24-3p CTDSP1 Weak MIRT030562
hsa-miR-24-3p MAK16 Weak MIRT030563
hsa-miR-24-3p RNF144A Weak MIRT030564
hsa-miR-24-3p TM9SF3 Weak MIRT030565
hsa-miR-24-3p C15orf57 Weak MIRT030566
hsa-miR-24-3p COMMD9 Weak MIRT030567
hsa-miR-24-3p SLC25A15 Weak MIRT030568
hsa-miR-24-3p NOP14 Weak MIRT030569
hsa-miR-24-3p CHD8 Weak MIRT030570
hsa-miR-24-3p OGFR Weak MIRT030571
hsa-miR-24-3p ALG1 Weak MIRT030572
hsa-miR-24-3p PCK2 Weak MIRT030573
hsa-miR-24-3p SERGEF Weak MIRT030574
hsa-miR-24-3p ANPEP Weak MIRT030575
hsa-miR-24-3p ITFG3 Weak MIRT030576
hsa-miR-24-3p PSME3 Weak MIRT030577
hsa-miR-24-3p PRKRIR Weak MIRT030578
hsa-miR-24-3p AP5M1 Weak MIRT030579
hsa-miR-24-3p HMGB2 Weak MIRT030580
hsa-miR-24-3p TNFAIP3 Weak MIRT030581
hsa-miR-24-3p CSTF3 Weak MIRT030582
hsa-miR-24-3p FOXQ1 Weak MIRT030583
hsa-miR-24-3p BTBD3 Weak MIRT030584
hsa-miR-24-3p PA2G4 Weak MIRT030585
hsa-miR-24-3p ZMYND19 Weak MIRT030586
hsa-miR-24-3p CHFR Weak MIRT030587
hsa-miR-24-3p CCNB1 Weak MIRT030588
hsa-miR-24-3p ERBB3 Weak MIRT030589
hsa-miR-24-3p NEDD4L Weak MIRT030590
hsa-miR-24-3p NETO2 Weak MIRT030591
hsa-miR-24-3p LAMTOR3 Weak MIRT030592
hsa-miR-24-3p MRPL27 Weak MIRT030593
hsa-miR-24-3p COPS7A Weak MIRT030594
hsa-miR-24-3p DSC2 Weak MIRT030595
hsa-miR-24-3p DHCR24 Weak MIRT030596
hsa-miR-24-3p RPL7L1 Weak MIRT030597
hsa-miR-24-3p KIAA0195 Weak MIRT030598
hsa-miR-24-3p KIAA1967 Weak MIRT030599
hsa-miR-24-3p HIC2 Weak MIRT030600
hsa-miR-24-3p DTL Weak MIRT030601
hsa-miR-24-3p NUBPL Weak MIRT030602
hsa-miR-24-3p GMFB Weak MIRT030603
hsa-miR-24-3p PLAGL2 Weak MIRT030604
hsa-miR-24-3p CMTM3 Weak MIRT030605
hsa-miR-24-3p CSK Weak MIRT030606
hsa-miR-24-3p MMS19 Weak MIRT030607
hsa-miR-24-3p MRPS22 Weak MIRT030608
hsa-miR-24-3p RFWD2 Weak MIRT030609
hsa-miR-24-3p NET1 Weak MIRT030610
hsa-miR-24-3p GUCD1 Weak MIRT030611
hsa-miR-24-3p RALA Weak MIRT030612
hsa-miR-24-3p AK4 Weak MIRT030613
hsa-miR-24-3p KCNJ14 Weak MIRT030614
hsa-miR-24-3p JARID2 Weak MIRT030615
hsa-miR-24-3p BRD8 Weak MIRT030616
hsa-miR-24-3p PIM2 Weak MIRT030617
hsa-miR-24-3p GFOD1 Weak MIRT030618
hsa-miR-24-3p HDAC1 Weak MIRT030619
hsa-miR-24-3p WRB Weak MIRT030620
hsa-miR-24-3p TMEM194A Weak MIRT030621
hsa-miR-24-3p YOD1 Weak MIRT030622
hsa-miR-24-3p RNF11 Weak MIRT030623
hsa-miR-24-3p RNF2 Weak MIRT030624
hsa-miR-24-3p FZD5 Weak MIRT030625
hsa-miR-24-3p E2F1 Weak MIRT030626
hsa-miR-24-3p UBC Weak MIRT030628
hsa-miR-24-3p PDXK Weak MIRT030630
hsa-miR-24-3p RPS7 Weak MIRT050365
hsa-miR-24-3p EXOSC1 Weak MIRT050366
hsa-miR-24-3p AMPD2 Weak MIRT050367
hsa-miR-24-3p RANBP1 Weak MIRT050368
hsa-miR-24-3p RPRD2 Weak MIRT050369
hsa-miR-24-3p DARS2 Weak MIRT050370
hsa-miR-24-3p RPS16 Weak MIRT050371
hsa-miR-24-3p DEPDC1 Weak MIRT050372
hsa-miR-24-3p DDX5 Weak MIRT050373
hsa-miR-24-3p BCL7A Weak MIRT050374
hsa-miR-24-3p SNX12 Weak MIRT050375
hsa-miR-24-3p GORASP2 Weak MIRT050376
hsa-miR-24-3p RIF1 Weak MIRT050377
hsa-miR-24-3p EEF1A1 Weak MIRT050378
hsa-miR-24-3p CCNG1 Weak MIRT050379
hsa-miR-24-3p IKBKAP Weak MIRT050380
hsa-miR-24-3p ATP5B Weak MIRT050381
hsa-miR-24-3p GCLM Weak MIRT050382
hsa-miR-24-3p DCAF10 Weak MIRT050383
hsa-miR-24-3p ABHD2 Weak MIRT115232
hsa-miR-24-3p POLR3D Weak MIRT123977
hsa-miR-24-3p TAOK1 Weak MIRT196600
hsa-miR-24-3p EIF5 Weak MIRT249228
hsa-miR-24-3p UBE2K Weak MIRT256046
hsa-miR-24-3p ASB6 Weak MIRT324457
hsa-miR-24-3p ZXDB Weak MIRT327634
hsa-miR-24-3p BZW1 Weak MIRT352061
hsa-miR-24-3p MT1E Weak MIRT395244
hsa-miR-24-3p RPS6KA5 Weak MIRT447723
hsa-miR-24-3p TTLL7 Weak MIRT447760
hsa-miR-24-3p ARHGAP39 Weak MIRT455064
hsa-miR-24-3p YRDC Weak MIRT455750
hsa-miR-24-3p NEGR1 Weak MIRT457051
hsa-miR-24-3p TMEM173 Weak MIRT458116
hsa-miR-24-3p HKR1 Weak MIRT458530
hsa-miR-24-3p SETX Weak MIRT462325
hsa-miR-24-3p UCK2 Weak MIRT464501
hsa-miR-24-3p TOR2A Weak MIRT465466
hsa-miR-24-3p PHAX Weak MIRT471227
hsa-miR-24-3p GRINA Weak MIRT476066
hsa-miR-24-3p GBA2 Weak MIRT476461
hsa-miR-24-3p FSCN1 Weak MIRT476706
hsa-miR-24-3p FBLIM1 Weak MIRT476916
hsa-miR-24-3p EMP1 Weak MIRT477425
hsa-miR-24-3p DVL3 Weak MIRT477908
hsa-miR-24-3p DDN Weak MIRT478339
hsa-miR-24-3p CRTAP Weak MIRT478801
hsa-miR-24-3p CCDC117 Weak MIRT479899
hsa-miR-24-3p C17orf49 Weak MIRT480435
hsa-miR-24-3p B3GNT2 Weak MIRT481095
hsa-miR-24-3p AMOTL2 Weak MIRT481990
hsa-miR-24-3p STEAP3 Weak MIRT486982
hsa-miR-24-3p CLN8 Weak MIRT489236
hsa-miR-24-3p SRCIN1 Weak MIRT490739
hsa-miR-24-3p UGCG Weak MIRT492019
hsa-miR-24-3p HNRNPA1 Weak MIRT493589
hsa-miR-24-3p DUSP7 Weak MIRT494058
hsa-miR-24-3p NCOA5 Weak MIRT499970
hsa-miR-24-3p NHS Weak MIRT501272
hsa-miR-24-3p POGZ Weak MIRT501542
hsa-miR-24-3p IL17REL Weak MIRT527694
hsa-miR-24-3p TMEM241 Weak MIRT527729
hsa-miR-24-3p MRPS16 Weak MIRT528420
hsa-miR-24-3p ATF3 Weak MIRT528870
hsa-miR-24-3p GABRB3 Weak MIRT530340
hsa-miR-24-3p KLF17 Weak MIRT540115
hsa-miR-24-3p CD3D Weak MIRT540603
hsa-miR-24-3p SUMO1 Weak MIRT540636
hsa-miR-24-3p SEPHS1 Weak MIRT541054
hsa-miR-24-3p TMEM33 Weak MIRT541713
hsa-miR-24-3p PLIN5 Weak MIRT541847
hsa-miR-24-3p LY6G5B Weak MIRT541892
hsa-miR-24-3p GIGYF1 Weak MIRT542947
hsa-miR-24-3p SCAMP2 Weak MIRT545431
hsa-miR-24-3p HDDC2 Weak MIRT549513
hsa-miR-24-3p KLHL15 Weak MIRT556737
hsa-miR-24-3p AURKA Weak MIRT559280
hsa-miR-24-3p ZXDA Weak MIRT564581
hsa-miR-24-3p LSM14A Weak MIRT571909
hsa-miR-24-3p IDS Weak MIRT607045
hsa-miR-24-3p LIMS1 Weak MIRT607713
hsa-miR-24-3p CRISPLD2 Weak MIRT608083
hsa-miR-24-3p PACS2 Weak MIRT609645
hsa-miR-24-3p HIST3H2BB Weak MIRT610567
hsa-miR-24-3p NIPA1 Weak MIRT611112
hsa-miR-24-3p KIAA1210 Weak MIRT613671
hsa-miR-24-3p CRY2 Weak MIRT615060
hsa-miR-24-3p ZNF783 Weak MIRT617926
hsa-miR-24-3p GPR55 Weak MIRT618465
hsa-miR-24-3p NTPCR Weak MIRT619409
hsa-miR-24-3p RFTN2 Weak MIRT620694
hsa-miR-24-3p LRRTM2 Weak MIRT620921
hsa-miR-24-3p POLA2 Weak MIRT621035
hsa-miR-24-3p PRRG4 Weak MIRT622583
hsa-miR-24-3p LRIG2 Weak MIRT623371
hsa-miR-24-3p LEPROTL1 Weak MIRT623402
hsa-miR-24-3p ZNF730 Weak MIRT625024
hsa-miR-24-3p SLC1A5 Weak MIRT625113
hsa-miR-24-3p TNFRSF13B Weak MIRT625326
hsa-miR-24-3p IMP4 Weak MIRT625414
hsa-miR-24-3p NXPE2 Weak MIRT625832
hsa-miR-24-3p LINC00632 Weak MIRT625899
hsa-miR-24-3p DNAJB13 Weak MIRT626169
hsa-miR-24-3p ACAA2 Weak MIRT626607
hsa-miR-24-3p CISD2 Weak MIRT626675
hsa-miR-24-3p PRR11 Weak MIRT626815
hsa-miR-24-3p ZNF430 Weak MIRT626828
hsa-miR-24-3p RAB11FIP1 Weak MIRT627784
hsa-miR-24-3p HM13 Weak MIRT628137
hsa-miR-24-3p ZBTB3 Weak MIRT628610
hsa-miR-24-3p TRAF3IP1 Weak MIRT628683
hsa-miR-24-3p GSDMA Weak MIRT628787
hsa-miR-24-3p KCNE4 Weak MIRT628858
hsa-miR-24-3p OSBPL10 Weak MIRT629019
hsa-miR-24-3p APPL1 Weak MIRT629125
hsa-miR-24-3p PAPOLA Weak MIRT629200
hsa-miR-24-3p ZNF878 Weak MIRT629207
hsa-miR-24-3p CINP Weak MIRT629234
hsa-miR-24-3p CRCP Weak MIRT629398
hsa-miR-24-3p ULBP3 Weak MIRT629517
hsa-miR-24-3p EMP2 Weak MIRT629559
hsa-miR-24-3p PIGR Weak MIRT629570
hsa-miR-24-3p SCD5 Weak MIRT629748
hsa-miR-24-3p GPR82 Weak MIRT629797
hsa-miR-24-3p SNRPD1 Weak MIRT629813
hsa-miR-24-3p CCL16 Weak MIRT629833
hsa-miR-24-3p SPATA5 Weak MIRT629907
hsa-miR-24-3p NARS Weak MIRT629982
hsa-miR-24-3p PDE6B Weak MIRT630004
hsa-miR-24-3p MTL5 Weak MIRT630034
hsa-miR-24-3p GRWD1 Weak MIRT630075
hsa-miR-24-3p ZFYVE9 Weak MIRT630136
hsa-miR-24-3p SVIP Weak MIRT630208
hsa-miR-24-3p SORD Weak MIRT630219
hsa-miR-24-3p SMTNL2 Weak MIRT630250
hsa-miR-24-3p PRICKLE1 Weak MIRT630295
hsa-miR-24-3p MYH9 Weak MIRT630400
hsa-miR-24-3p MOB1A Weak MIRT630411
hsa-miR-24-3p KIF1C Weak MIRT630436
hsa-miR-24-3p DTD2 Weak MIRT630475
hsa-miR-24-3p CDC73 Weak MIRT630517
hsa-miR-24-3p XPNPEP3 Weak MIRT630809
hsa-miR-24-3p YTHDC1 Weak MIRT630819
hsa-miR-24-3p ZNF621 Weak MIRT630833
hsa-miR-24-3p ZMAT2 Weak MIRT630913
hsa-miR-24-3p APTX Weak MIRT631166
hsa-miR-24-3p DENND6B Weak MIRT631210
hsa-miR-24-3p TRAF3IP2 Weak MIRT631569
hsa-miR-24-3p C19orf35 Weak MIRT631648
hsa-miR-24-3p C1QTNF6 Weak MIRT631698
hsa-miR-24-3p MINOS1 Weak MIRT631755
hsa-miR-24-3p POPDC2 Weak MIRT631997
hsa-miR-24-3p TAF1B Weak MIRT632015
hsa-miR-24-3p SPPL2A Weak MIRT632034
hsa-miR-24-3p YME1L1 Weak MIRT632219
hsa-miR-24-3p STRN3 Weak MIRT632351
hsa-miR-24-3p SRRD Weak MIRT632358
hsa-miR-24-3p SHOC2 Weak MIRT632426
hsa-miR-24-3p SGTB Weak MIRT632456
hsa-miR-24-3p RBM3 Weak MIRT632493
hsa-miR-24-3p PARP2 Weak MIRT632631
hsa-miR-24-3p OSMR Weak MIRT632637
hsa-miR-24-3p MSANTD4 Weak MIRT632718
hsa-miR-24-3p MED28 Weak MIRT632753
hsa-miR-24-3p MDM4 Weak MIRT632761
hsa-miR-24-3p IGF1 Weak MIRT632841
hsa-miR-24-3p C4orf32 Weak MIRT633144
hsa-miR-24-3p C11orf84 Weak MIRT633162
hsa-miR-24-3p ZNF581 Weak MIRT633256
hsa-miR-24-3p ZNF556 Weak MIRT633260
hsa-miR-24-3p LINC00346 Weak MIRT633305
hsa-miR-24-3p PRPF6 Weak MIRT633327
hsa-miR-24-3p GRK4 Weak MIRT633336
hsa-miR-24-3p TFDP2 Weak MIRT633354
hsa-miR-24-3p DSN1 Weak MIRT633460
hsa-miR-24-3p ERO1L Weak MIRT633498
hsa-miR-24-3p PGBD5 Weak MIRT633534
hsa-miR-24-3p R3HDM2 Weak MIRT633621
hsa-miR-24-3p MCM9 Weak MIRT633748
hsa-miR-24-3p ATP6V1A Weak MIRT633874
hsa-miR-24-3p SSR1 Weak MIRT634001
hsa-miR-24-3p ZNF8 Weak MIRT634106
hsa-miR-24-3p ZMYM1 Weak MIRT634121
hsa-miR-24-3p YWHAZ Weak MIRT634135
hsa-miR-24-3p TXNDC16 Weak MIRT634182
hsa-miR-24-3p TMEM192 Weak MIRT634205
hsa-miR-24-3p TIAL1 Weak MIRT634277
hsa-miR-24-3p SNTN Weak MIRT634308
hsa-miR-24-3p RASSF9 Weak MIRT634362
hsa-miR-24-3p PDE7A Weak MIRT634446
hsa-miR-24-3p PAFAH1B2 Weak MIRT634467
hsa-miR-24-3p OR7D2 Weak MIRT634482
hsa-miR-24-3p IKZF3 Weak MIRT634612
hsa-miR-24-3p TOR1AIP2 Weak MIRT634627
hsa-miR-24-3p WWTR1 Weak MIRT635035
hsa-miR-24-3p PLEKHA2 Weak MIRT635140
hsa-miR-24-3p DNAJC10 Weak MIRT635801
hsa-miR-24-3p ZFP30 Weak MIRT636093
hsa-miR-24-3p PI4K2B Weak MIRT636334
hsa-miR-24-3p ARSK Weak MIRT636711
hsa-miR-24-3p C17orf75 Weak MIRT636762
hsa-miR-24-3p MBOAT1 Weak MIRT636840
hsa-miR-24-3p CCDC122 Weak MIRT636938
hsa-miR-24-3p SPTLC3 Weak MIRT637028
hsa-miR-24-3p SELPLG Weak MIRT637079
hsa-miR-24-3p ZC3H12B Weak MIRT637426
hsa-miR-24-3p NECAB3 Weak MIRT637959
hsa-miR-24-3p TLN1 Weak MIRT638184
hsa-miR-24-3p RBMS2 Weak MIRT638344
hsa-miR-24-3p IER5 Weak MIRT638571
hsa-miR-24-3p HINT1 Weak MIRT638607
hsa-miR-24-3p GGCX Weak MIRT638657
hsa-miR-24-3p EPB41 Weak MIRT638768
hsa-miR-24-3p EMC7 Weak MIRT638773
hsa-miR-24-3p AAK1 Weak MIRT639018
hsa-miR-24-3p ALDOA Weak MIRT639091
hsa-miR-24-3p AVL9 Weak MIRT639575
hsa-miR-24-3p ZKSCAN1 Weak MIRT639828
hsa-miR-24-3p AP5B1 Weak MIRT640336
hsa-miR-24-3p CPE Weak MIRT640568
hsa-miR-24-3p TSC22D2 Weak MIRT641826
hsa-miR-24-3p KCNK2 Weak MIRT642059
hsa-miR-24-3p PTPLAD2 Weak MIRT643080
hsa-miR-24-3p ZNF566 Weak MIRT643278
hsa-miR-24-3p LAX1 Weak MIRT643443
hsa-miR-24-3p COX20 Weak MIRT643866
hsa-miR-24-3p ATAD3C Weak MIRT645034
hsa-miR-24-3p SLC35E2B Weak MIRT645089
hsa-miR-24-3p NOL9 Weak MIRT645155
hsa-miR-24-3p ACP6 Weak MIRT645990
hsa-miR-24-3p XRCC2 Weak MIRT646444
hsa-miR-24-3p FAM217B Weak MIRT646505
hsa-miR-24-3p NFX1 Weak MIRT647713
hsa-miR-24-3p PDE12 Weak MIRT647978
hsa-miR-24-3p PTDSS2 Weak MIRT648112
hsa-miR-24-3p DNPEP Weak MIRT649180
hsa-miR-24-3p IGSF6 Weak MIRT649311
hsa-miR-24-3p TMEM19 Weak MIRT649384
hsa-miR-24-3p EHD2 Weak MIRT649625
hsa-miR-24-3p TWSG1 Weak MIRT649716
hsa-miR-24-3p IRAK3 Weak MIRT649845
hsa-miR-24-3p MOCS3 Weak MIRT650369
hsa-miR-24-3p ZBTB8B Weak MIRT651349
hsa-miR-24-3p ZBTB16 Weak MIRT651388
hsa-miR-24-3p WDFY2 Weak MIRT651610
hsa-miR-24-3p TAB1 Weak MIRT652860
hsa-miR-24-3p SNAP29 Weak MIRT653271
hsa-miR-24-3p SHROOM3 Weak MIRT653829
hsa-miR-24-3p SAMD5 Weak MIRT654023
hsa-miR-24-3p RASGRP3 Weak MIRT654435
hsa-miR-24-3p RAD54L2 Weak MIRT654489
hsa-miR-24-3p PTAFR Weak MIRT654642
hsa-miR-24-3p PRR13 Weak MIRT654712
hsa-miR-24-3p PHLDA3 Weak MIRT655096
hsa-miR-24-3p PCYOX1 Weak MIRT655326
hsa-miR-24-3p NUP43 Weak MIRT655669
hsa-miR-24-3p NDUFA4P1 Weak MIRT655933
hsa-miR-24-3p GPC4 Weak MIRT657725
hsa-miR-24-3p FAM177A1 Weak MIRT658423
hsa-miR-24-3p EMC2 Weak MIRT658703
hsa-miR-24-3p DUSP19 Weak MIRT658849
hsa-miR-24-3p DRAXIN Weak MIRT658887
hsa-miR-24-3p CSTF1 Weak MIRT659312
hsa-miR-24-3p BMP7 Weak MIRT660234
hsa-miR-24-3p HIATL2 Weak MIRT661035
hsa-miR-24-3p RABAC1 Weak MIRT661045
hsa-miR-24-3p ARL17B Weak MIRT661236
hsa-miR-24-3p OLR1 Weak MIRT661400
hsa-miR-24-3p EIF1AD Weak MIRT661501
hsa-miR-24-3p ZNF623 Weak MIRT661659
hsa-miR-24-3p PDLIM5 Weak MIRT661872
hsa-miR-24-3p CNNM3 Weak MIRT662783
hsa-miR-24-3p THEM4 Weak MIRT663096
hsa-miR-24-3p TMEM216 Weak MIRT663668
hsa-miR-24-3p ZNF786 Weak MIRT663971
hsa-miR-24-3p APOBEC3F Weak MIRT664170
hsa-miR-24-3p HEXA Weak MIRT664664
hsa-miR-24-3p DBF4 Weak MIRT664692
hsa-miR-24-3p MESDC2 Weak MIRT664759
hsa-miR-24-3p LIAS Weak MIRT664772
hsa-miR-24-3p SLC19A3 Weak MIRT664862
hsa-miR-24-3p CRIPT Weak MIRT665091
hsa-miR-24-3p ESF1 Weak MIRT665197
hsa-miR-24-3p YES1 Weak MIRT665344
hsa-miR-24-3p XKR4 Weak MIRT665357
hsa-miR-24-3p WDR55 Weak MIRT665426
hsa-miR-24-3p WDR17 Weak MIRT665452
hsa-miR-24-3p TMEM236 Weak MIRT665774
hsa-miR-24-3p TBCCD1 Weak MIRT665902
hsa-miR-24-3p SLC33A1 Weak MIRT666256
hsa-miR-24-3p RBL1 Weak MIRT666709
hsa-miR-24-3p NIPAL1 Weak MIRT667207
hsa-miR-24-3p NFE2L1 Weak MIRT667223
hsa-miR-24-3p MTHFD1L Weak MIRT667333
hsa-miR-24-3p LONRF2 Weak MIRT667586
hsa-miR-24-3p KIAA1456 Weak MIRT667729
hsa-miR-24-3p ING1 Weak MIRT667907
hsa-miR-24-3p HEYL Weak MIRT667960
hsa-miR-24-3p GMPS Weak MIRT668074
hsa-miR-24-3p GMEB1 Weak MIRT668086
hsa-miR-24-3p EXOSC2 Weak MIRT668476
hsa-miR-24-3p ESYT2 Weak MIRT668507
hsa-miR-24-3p ERGIC1 Weak MIRT668539
hsa-miR-24-3p DYNLL2 Weak MIRT668639
hsa-miR-24-3p C12orf49 Weak MIRT669319
hsa-miR-24-3p APOOL Weak MIRT669521
hsa-miR-24-3p RAET1E Weak MIRT669875
hsa-miR-24-3p KIAA0754 Weak MIRT669902
hsa-miR-24-3p SSR3 Weak MIRT669986
hsa-miR-24-3p BAZ2B Weak MIRT670217
hsa-miR-24-3p WIZ Weak MIRT670223
hsa-miR-24-3p ZKSCAN3 Weak MIRT670255
hsa-miR-24-3p TAF8 Weak MIRT670306
hsa-miR-24-3p CEP57L1 Weak MIRT670318
hsa-miR-24-3p KCNK5 Weak MIRT670394
hsa-miR-24-3p ELP2 Weak MIRT670428
hsa-miR-24-3p REPS2 Weak MIRT670437
hsa-miR-24-3p SYNRG Weak MIRT670442
hsa-miR-24-3p TMEM105 Weak MIRT670469
hsa-miR-24-3p LYRM4 Weak MIRT670504
hsa-miR-24-3p ZSCAN22 Weak MIRT670512
hsa-miR-24-3p SLC9A7 Weak MIRT670528
hsa-miR-24-3p SHISA2 Weak MIRT670554
hsa-miR-24-3p BVES Weak MIRT670638
hsa-miR-24-3p STX4 Weak MIRT670656
hsa-miR-24-3p SUGT1 Weak MIRT670685
hsa-miR-24-3p SLC16A13 Weak MIRT670703
hsa-miR-24-3p HOOK3 Weak MIRT670744
hsa-miR-24-3p UHRF1BP1L Weak MIRT670798
hsa-miR-24-3p NICN1 Weak MIRT670812
hsa-miR-24-3p SFT2D2 Weak MIRT670843
hsa-miR-24-3p MED17 Weak MIRT670976
hsa-miR-24-3p PTGIS Weak MIRT670996
hsa-miR-24-3p RBM22 Weak MIRT671013
hsa-miR-24-3p PCDHB2 Weak MIRT671034
hsa-miR-24-3p SS18 Weak MIRT671040
hsa-miR-24-3p DNAJC3 Weak MIRT671092
hsa-miR-24-3p MAPKAPK5 Weak MIRT671168
hsa-miR-24-3p CLSTN1 Weak MIRT671222
hsa-miR-24-3p TMEM41B Weak MIRT671247
hsa-miR-24-3p ATP6V0E1 Weak MIRT671251
hsa-miR-24-3p RPL37A Weak MIRT671287
hsa-miR-24-3p DNA2 Weak MIRT671447
hsa-miR-24-3p AGPAT6 Weak MIRT671467
hsa-miR-24-3p FOSL2 Weak MIRT671574
hsa-miR-24-3p CBY3 Weak MIRT671595
hsa-miR-24-3p RILPL1 Weak MIRT671598
hsa-miR-24-3p C6orf25 Weak MIRT671609
hsa-miR-24-3p FBXO36 Weak MIRT671637
hsa-miR-24-3p PMPCA Weak MIRT671721
hsa-miR-24-3p PLA2G4A Weak MIRT671766
hsa-miR-24-3p TRPM6 Weak MIRT671821
hsa-miR-24-3p STIL Weak MIRT671831
hsa-miR-24-3p APOL2 Weak MIRT671853
hsa-miR-24-3p MOB3A Weak MIRT671888
hsa-miR-24-3p PCDHB11 Weak MIRT671912
hsa-miR-24-3p PLEKHS1 Weak MIRT671922
hsa-miR-24-3p ZNF70 Weak MIRT672028
hsa-miR-24-3p AEN Weak MIRT672085
hsa-miR-24-3p ATP6V0A2 Weak MIRT672121
hsa-miR-24-3p PLEKHH1 Weak MIRT672148
hsa-miR-24-3p FANCF Weak MIRT672168
hsa-miR-24-3p ZNF490 Weak MIRT672205
hsa-miR-24-3p DCAF7 Weak MIRT672214
hsa-miR-24-3p SIK2 Weak MIRT672249
hsa-miR-24-3p VPS8 Weak MIRT672357
hsa-miR-24-3p PDE11A Weak MIRT672365
hsa-miR-24-3p POU2F3 Weak MIRT672455
hsa-miR-24-3p CRX Weak MIRT672519
hsa-miR-24-3p BRMS1L Weak MIRT672544
hsa-miR-24-3p IGF2R Weak MIRT672617
hsa-miR-24-3p S1PR2 Weak MIRT672722
hsa-miR-24-3p KIF18B Weak MIRT672724
hsa-miR-24-3p GJD3 Weak MIRT672826
hsa-miR-24-3p ZSCAN29 Weak MIRT672879
hsa-miR-24-3p AKAP5 Weak MIRT672944
hsa-miR-24-3p TAF1 Weak MIRT673004
hsa-miR-24-3p RBBP4 Weak MIRT673027
hsa-miR-24-3p SGPL1 Weak MIRT673038
hsa-miR-24-3p AGO3 Weak MIRT673070
hsa-miR-24-3p ZNF124 Weak MIRT673383
hsa-miR-24-3p RBBP9 Weak MIRT673414
hsa-miR-24-3p RNF24 Weak MIRT673420
hsa-miR-24-3p APAF1 Weak MIRT673425
hsa-miR-24-3p GTF3C6 Weak MIRT673481
hsa-miR-24-3p VCPIP1 Weak MIRT673622
hsa-miR-24-3p PPM1D Weak MIRT673629
hsa-miR-24-3p NUDCD2 Weak MIRT673675
hsa-miR-24-3p NDUFA7 Weak MIRT673686
hsa-miR-24-3p SLU7 Weak MIRT673709
hsa-miR-24-3p TCF23 Weak MIRT673735
hsa-miR-24-3p CDKAL1 Weak MIRT673786
hsa-miR-24-3p MALL Weak MIRT673797
hsa-miR-24-3p DARS Weak MIRT673816
hsa-miR-24-3p INMT Weak MIRT673969
hsa-miR-24-3p ANKRD9 Weak MIRT674025
hsa-miR-24-3p ZNF284 Weak MIRT674257
hsa-miR-24-3p POLR1B Weak MIRT674319
hsa-miR-24-3p ULK2 Weak MIRT674456
hsa-miR-24-3p GREB1 Weak MIRT674549
hsa-miR-24-3p KIF3A Weak MIRT674571
hsa-miR-24-3p TRUB2 Weak MIRT674621
hsa-miR-24-3p HECTD3 Weak MIRT674624
hsa-miR-24-3p GLRX2 Weak MIRT674837
hsa-miR-24-3p GINM1 Weak MIRT674859
hsa-miR-24-3p PEX2 Weak MIRT674947
hsa-miR-24-3p PPTC7 Weak MIRT675004
hsa-miR-24-3p SNX1 Weak MIRT675028
hsa-miR-24-3p NDRG1 Weak MIRT675151
hsa-miR-24-3p TTC9C Weak MIRT675209
hsa-miR-24-3p CLEC7A Weak MIRT675427
hsa-miR-24-3p SRP19 Weak MIRT675450
hsa-miR-24-3p SLC1A2 Weak MIRT675483
hsa-miR-24-3p HSD17B12 Weak MIRT675508
hsa-miR-24-3p COL8A1 Weak MIRT675656
hsa-miR-24-3p EMC3 Weak MIRT675709
hsa-miR-24-3p RDH10 Weak MIRT675759
hsa-miR-24-3p ATP1B4 Weak MIRT675872
hsa-miR-24-3p CYP51A1 Weak MIRT675920
hsa-miR-24-3p RAP2B Weak MIRT675934
hsa-miR-24-3p NAV1 Weak MIRT675945
hsa-miR-24-3p ATL3 Weak MIRT676053
hsa-miR-24-3p ZNF260 Weak MIRT676277
hsa-miR-24-3p MRO Weak MIRT676414
hsa-miR-24-3p CDH7 Weak MIRT676635
hsa-miR-24-3p TNFSF15 Weak MIRT676822
hsa-miR-24-3p ZNF451 Weak MIRT676866
hsa-miR-24-3p ZNF708 Weak MIRT676985
hsa-miR-24-3p ZNF107 Weak MIRT677031
hsa-miR-24-3p CPSF2 Weak MIRT677310
hsa-miR-24-3p PCNP Weak MIRT677401
hsa-miR-24-3p PDF Weak MIRT677430
hsa-miR-24-3p GATA6 Weak MIRT677587
hsa-miR-24-3p ITGB3 Weak MIRT677977
hsa-miR-24-3p KLLN Weak MIRT678135
hsa-miR-24-3p TMEM239 Weak MIRT678390
hsa-miR-24-3p MYPN Weak MIRT678398
hsa-miR-24-3p ANAPC16 Weak MIRT678593
hsa-miR-24-3p SCUBE3 Weak MIRT678675
hsa-miR-24-3p RMDN1 Weak MIRT679058
hsa-miR-24-3p RHOF Weak MIRT679472
hsa-miR-24-3p HUS1 Weak MIRT679591
hsa-miR-24-3p OSBPL2 Weak MIRT680041
hsa-miR-24-3p ZDHHC20 Weak MIRT680163
hsa-miR-24-3p AKIP1 Weak MIRT680290
hsa-miR-24-3p ZNF281 Weak MIRT680342
hsa-miR-24-3p GSTO2 Weak MIRT681090
hsa-miR-24-3p TMEM70 Weak MIRT686602
hsa-miR-24-3p QPCTL Weak MIRT687128
hsa-miR-24-3p OTUD7B Weak MIRT687298
hsa-miR-24-3p NUDT7 Weak MIRT689577