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MicroRNA Gene Evidence category miRTarBase ID
hsa-miR-222-3p STAT5A Strong MIRT000018
hsa-miR-222-3p CDKN1B Strong MIRT000131
hsa-miR-222-3p SOD2 Strong MIRT000135
hsa-miR-222-3p MMP1 Strong MIRT000136
hsa-miR-222-3p FOXO3 Strong MIRT000433
hsa-miR-222-3p CDKN1C Strong MIRT000719
hsa-miR-222-3p KIT Strong MIRT001779
hsa-miR-222-3p TMED7 Strong MIRT002334
hsa-miR-222-3p PPP2R2A Strong MIRT003191
hsa-miR-222-3p TIMP3 Strong MIRT003451
hsa-miR-222-3p TNFSF10 Strong MIRT003756
hsa-miR-222-3p FOS Strong MIRT004485
hsa-miR-222-3p ICAM1 Strong MIRT004595
hsa-miR-222-3p ESR1 Strong MIRT005321
hsa-miR-222-3p BBC3 Strong MIRT005369
hsa-miR-222-3p PTEN Strong MIRT005586
hsa-miR-222-3p SELE Strong MIRT005715
hsa-miR-222-3p TP53 Strong MIRT005786
hsa-miR-222-3p CORO1A Strong MIRT005791
hsa-miR-222-3p TCEAL1 Strong MIRT005792
hsa-miR-222-3p DIRAS3 Strong MIRT006019
hsa-miR-222-3p ETS1 Strong MIRT006064
hsa-miR-222-3p DICER1 Strong MIRT006377
hsa-miR-222-3p RECK Strong MIRT006728
hsa-miR-222-3p TRPS1 Strong MIRT006842
hsa-miR-222-3p CERS2 Strong MIRT006918
hsa-miR-222-3p GJA1 Strong MIRT052944
hsa-miR-222-3p SSX2IP Strong MIRT053144
hsa-miR-222-3p DKK2 Strong MIRT053325
hsa-miR-222-3p ADAM1A Strong MIRT438252
hsa-miR-222-3p MGMT Strong MIRT438295
hsa-miR-222-3p VGLL4 Strong MIRT438320
hsa-miR-222-3p BCL2L11 Weak MIRT000134
hsa-miR-222-3p IPP Weak MIRT046572
hsa-miR-222-3p SLC25A36 Weak MIRT046573
hsa-miR-222-3p KITLG Weak MIRT046574
hsa-miR-222-3p LYN Weak MIRT046575
hsa-miR-222-3p TEX10 Weak MIRT046576
hsa-miR-222-3p MROH8 Weak MIRT046577
hsa-miR-222-3p ATP11B Weak MIRT046578
hsa-miR-222-3p THOP1 Weak MIRT046579
hsa-miR-222-3p MDN1 Weak MIRT046580
hsa-miR-222-3p ZFYVE16 Weak MIRT046581
hsa-miR-222-3p HCFC1 Weak MIRT046582
hsa-miR-222-3p PRDX4 Weak MIRT046583
hsa-miR-222-3p TIMM50 Weak MIRT046584
hsa-miR-222-3p TCEB2 Weak MIRT046585
hsa-miR-222-3p TNRC6B Weak MIRT046586
hsa-miR-222-3p PAN2 Weak MIRT046587
hsa-miR-222-3p FUBP1 Weak MIRT046588
hsa-miR-222-3p ACTB Weak MIRT046589
hsa-miR-222-3p ZNF772 Weak MIRT046590
hsa-miR-222-3p DMWD Weak MIRT046591
hsa-miR-222-3p RABL6 Weak MIRT046592
hsa-miR-222-3p NCKAP5L Weak MIRT046593
hsa-miR-222-3p CDK18 Weak MIRT046594
hsa-miR-222-3p PPRC1 Weak MIRT046595
hsa-miR-222-3p TOM1 Weak MIRT046596
hsa-miR-222-3p HIST2H4B Weak MIRT046597
hsa-miR-222-3p LGALS3BP Weak MIRT046598
hsa-miR-222-3p IRS4 Weak MIRT046599
hsa-miR-222-3p RBM15B Weak MIRT046600
hsa-miR-222-3p FAT1 Weak MIRT046601
hsa-miR-222-3p KIF3B Weak MIRT046602
hsa-miR-222-3p IPO5 Weak MIRT046603
hsa-miR-222-3p GDI2 Weak MIRT046604
hsa-miR-222-3p HDLBP Weak MIRT046605
hsa-miR-222-3p DAZAP1 Weak MIRT046606
hsa-miR-222-3p FAM53C Weak MIRT046607
hsa-miR-222-3p COIL Weak MIRT046608
hsa-miR-222-3p UBR7 Weak MIRT046609
hsa-miR-222-3p SAPCD2 Weak MIRT046610
hsa-miR-222-3p AUTS2 Weak MIRT046611
hsa-miR-222-3p DERA Weak MIRT046612
hsa-miR-222-3p ISG20L2 Weak MIRT046613
hsa-miR-222-3p VCP Weak MIRT046614
hsa-miR-222-3p UHRF2 Weak MIRT046615
hsa-miR-222-3p ATP7B Weak MIRT046616
hsa-miR-222-3p MINK1 Weak MIRT046617
hsa-miR-222-3p KPNB1 Weak MIRT046618
hsa-miR-222-3p SERTAD4 Weak MIRT046619
hsa-miR-222-3p C11orf57 Weak MIRT046620
hsa-miR-222-3p PDXDC1 Weak MIRT046621
hsa-miR-222-3p FYTTD1 Weak MIRT046622
hsa-miR-222-3p SON Weak MIRT046623
hsa-miR-222-3p RPS17 Weak MIRT046624
hsa-miR-222-3p HES1 Weak MIRT046625
hsa-miR-222-3p MGAT4B Weak MIRT046626
hsa-miR-222-3p SMC6 Weak MIRT046627
hsa-miR-222-3p TMUB1 Weak MIRT046628
hsa-miR-222-3p ZW10 Weak MIRT046629
hsa-miR-222-3p BAG6 Weak MIRT046630
hsa-miR-222-3p MROH1 Weak MIRT046631
hsa-miR-222-3p EPB41L2 Weak MIRT046632
hsa-miR-222-3p CASC3 Weak MIRT046633
hsa-miR-222-3p NSUN5 Weak MIRT046634
hsa-miR-222-3p CCDC47 Weak MIRT046635
hsa-miR-222-3p PPP6C Weak MIRT046636
hsa-miR-222-3p GCN1L1 Weak MIRT046637
hsa-miR-222-3p HDGF Weak MIRT046638
hsa-miR-222-3p TOP3A Weak MIRT046639
hsa-miR-222-3p EIF3I Weak MIRT046640
hsa-miR-222-3p DBNL Weak MIRT046641
hsa-miR-222-3p TLN1 Weak MIRT046642
hsa-miR-222-3p RPL8 Weak MIRT046643
hsa-miR-222-3p YWHAG Weak MIRT046644
hsa-miR-222-3p TRMT5 Weak MIRT046645
hsa-miR-222-3p ACACA Weak MIRT046646
hsa-miR-222-3p MAP1B Weak MIRT046647
hsa-miR-222-3p HSP90AA1 Weak MIRT046648
hsa-miR-222-3p ZFYVE20 Weak MIRT046649
hsa-miR-222-3p RPL12 Weak MIRT046650
hsa-miR-222-3p ZNF708 Weak MIRT046651
hsa-miR-222-3p CSNK1G1 Weak MIRT046652
hsa-miR-222-3p SART1 Weak MIRT046653
hsa-miR-222-3p VCL Weak MIRT046654
hsa-miR-222-3p HMGA1 Weak MIRT046655
hsa-miR-222-3p DARS2 Weak MIRT046656
hsa-miR-222-3p CDKL5 Weak MIRT046657
hsa-miR-222-3p SETD1B Weak MIRT046658
hsa-miR-222-3p SAP30L Weak MIRT046659
hsa-miR-222-3p GLRX5 Weak MIRT046660
hsa-miR-222-3p SLC25A51 Weak MIRT046661
hsa-miR-222-3p IRAK1 Weak MIRT046662
hsa-miR-222-3p TMEM245 Weak MIRT046663
hsa-miR-222-3p TRIM44 Weak MIRT046664
hsa-miR-222-3p MAK16 Weak MIRT046665
hsa-miR-222-3p RNF215 Weak MIRT046666
hsa-miR-222-3p FASN Weak MIRT046667
hsa-miR-222-3p SLC25A10 Weak MIRT046668
hsa-miR-222-3p STOX2 Weak MIRT046669
hsa-miR-222-3p SHISA2 Weak MIRT046670
hsa-miR-222-3p EXOSC10 Weak MIRT046671
hsa-miR-222-3p RPS2 Weak MIRT046672
hsa-miR-222-3p PRRC2A Weak MIRT046673
hsa-miR-222-3p LRP10 Weak MIRT046674
hsa-miR-222-3p MACF1 Weak MIRT046675
hsa-miR-222-3p HOXA13 Weak MIRT046676
hsa-miR-222-3p IRF2BP2 Weak MIRT046677
hsa-miR-222-3p ZNF714 Weak MIRT046678
hsa-miR-222-3p DCAF7 Weak MIRT046679
hsa-miR-222-3p PKM Weak MIRT046680
hsa-miR-222-3p QKI Weak MIRT046681
hsa-miR-222-3p MDH2 Weak MIRT046682
hsa-miR-222-3p NGRN Weak MIRT046683
hsa-miR-222-3p PSMC4 Weak MIRT046684
hsa-miR-222-3p DDX21 Weak MIRT046685
hsa-miR-222-3p HAUS8 Weak MIRT046686
hsa-miR-222-3p TANGO6 Weak MIRT046687
hsa-miR-222-3p PCBP2 Weak MIRT046688
hsa-miR-222-3p CANX Weak MIRT046689
hsa-miR-222-3p XPO6 Weak MIRT046690
hsa-miR-222-3p C8orf33 Weak MIRT046691
hsa-miR-222-3p CEP250 Weak MIRT046692
hsa-miR-222-3p IARS Weak MIRT046693
hsa-miR-222-3p ZNF770 Weak MIRT046694
hsa-miR-222-3p NARS Weak MIRT046695
hsa-miR-222-3p SPTBN2 Weak MIRT046696
hsa-miR-222-3p GTF3C5 Weak MIRT046697
hsa-miR-222-3p GDI1 Weak MIRT046698
hsa-miR-222-3p SV2A Weak MIRT046699
hsa-miR-222-3p PELI2 Weak MIRT046700
hsa-miR-222-3p SKIV2L Weak MIRT046701
hsa-miR-222-3p SLC37A4 Weak MIRT046702
hsa-miR-222-3p KPNA6 Weak MIRT046703
hsa-miR-222-3p CLDN23 Weak MIRT046704
hsa-miR-222-3p AHSA1 Weak MIRT046705
hsa-miR-222-3p SLFN11 Weak MIRT046706
hsa-miR-222-3p PFN1 Weak MIRT046707
hsa-miR-222-3p UROD Weak MIRT046708
hsa-miR-222-3p USP15 Weak MIRT046709
hsa-miR-222-3p MCM7 Weak MIRT046710
hsa-miR-222-3p SCARB2 Weak MIRT046711
hsa-miR-222-3p UBA1 Weak MIRT046712
hsa-miR-222-3p CASKIN2 Weak MIRT046713
hsa-miR-222-3p GRB10 Weak MIRT046714
hsa-miR-222-3p NSMF Weak MIRT046715
hsa-miR-222-3p OSBPL10 Weak MIRT046716
hsa-miR-222-3p DAG1 Weak MIRT046717
hsa-miR-222-3p RNF10 Weak MIRT046718
hsa-miR-222-3p MESDC2 Weak MIRT046719
hsa-miR-222-3p TCERG1 Weak MIRT046720
hsa-miR-222-3p DOCK5 Weak MIRT046721
hsa-miR-222-3p POM121 Weak MIRT046722
hsa-miR-222-3p KIF5C Weak MIRT046723
hsa-miR-222-3p OAZ2 Weak MIRT046724
hsa-miR-222-3p GLO1 Weak MIRT046725
hsa-miR-222-3p MCM3 Weak MIRT046726
hsa-miR-222-3p WDR6 Weak MIRT046727
hsa-miR-222-3p PRICKLE4 Weak MIRT046728
hsa-miR-222-3p MARS Weak MIRT046729
hsa-miR-222-3p MTA2 Weak MIRT046730
hsa-miR-222-3p PEBP1 Weak MIRT046731
hsa-miR-222-3p BPTF Weak MIRT046732
hsa-miR-222-3p DBN1 Weak MIRT046733
hsa-miR-222-3p LUC7L2 Weak MIRT046734
hsa-miR-222-3p FBXW2 Weak MIRT046735
hsa-miR-222-3p OLA1 Weak MIRT046736
hsa-miR-222-3p MORF4L1 Weak MIRT046737
hsa-miR-222-3p TATDN2 Weak MIRT046738
hsa-miR-222-3p USP9X Weak MIRT046739
hsa-miR-222-3p TCOF1 Weak MIRT046740
hsa-miR-222-3p CSAG1 Weak MIRT046741
hsa-miR-222-3p RBM10 Weak MIRT046742
hsa-miR-222-3p SEC24C Weak MIRT046743
hsa-miR-222-3p SF3B3 Weak MIRT046744
hsa-miR-222-3p CKAP2 Weak MIRT046745
hsa-miR-222-3p EIF3B Weak MIRT046746
hsa-miR-222-3p TXN Weak MIRT046747
hsa-miR-222-3p NCAPD2 Weak MIRT046748
hsa-miR-222-3p SUN2 Weak MIRT046749
hsa-miR-222-3p DAXX Weak MIRT046750
hsa-miR-222-3p ZFYVE9 Weak MIRT046751
hsa-miR-222-3p PAIP2 Weak MIRT046752
hsa-miR-222-3p COL5A2 Weak MIRT046753
hsa-miR-222-3p FAM83G Weak MIRT046754
hsa-miR-222-3p APP Weak MIRT046755
hsa-miR-222-3p ZBTB7A Weak MIRT046756
hsa-miR-222-3p YLPM1 Weak MIRT046757
hsa-miR-222-3p ZMYND11 Weak MIRT046758
hsa-miR-222-3p NFS1 Weak MIRT046759
hsa-miR-222-3p HERC4 Weak MIRT046760
hsa-miR-222-3p ZNF460 Weak MIRT046761
hsa-miR-222-3p YY1AP1 Weak MIRT046762
hsa-miR-222-3p HSPA14 Weak MIRT046763
hsa-miR-222-3p HEXIM1 Weak MIRT046764
hsa-miR-222-3p PPP2R1A Weak MIRT046765
hsa-miR-222-3p HNRNPH1 Weak MIRT046766
hsa-miR-222-3p C12orf65 Weak MIRT046767
hsa-miR-222-3p SRRT Weak MIRT046768
hsa-miR-222-3p PIP5K1A Weak MIRT046769
hsa-miR-222-3p JTB Weak MIRT046770
hsa-miR-222-3p KIF4A Weak MIRT046771
hsa-miR-222-3p NOLC1 Weak MIRT046772
hsa-miR-222-3p DPP8 Weak MIRT046773
hsa-miR-222-3p ZNF131 Weak MIRT046774
hsa-miR-222-3p UBIAD1 Weak MIRT046775
hsa-miR-222-3p PCNT Weak MIRT046776
hsa-miR-222-3p CBX2 Weak MIRT046777
hsa-miR-222-3p PPM1H Weak MIRT046778
hsa-miR-222-3p RFC1 Weak MIRT046779
hsa-miR-222-3p PLXNB2 Weak MIRT046780
hsa-miR-222-3p SMARCA4 Weak MIRT046781
hsa-miR-222-3p ACTG1 Weak MIRT046782
hsa-miR-222-3p PKP2 Weak MIRT046783
hsa-miR-222-3p FBXO21 Weak MIRT046784
hsa-miR-222-3p SRRM2 Weak MIRT046785
hsa-miR-222-3p FAM126B Weak MIRT046786
hsa-miR-222-3p OGFOD1 Weak MIRT046787
hsa-miR-222-3p PHAX Weak MIRT046788
hsa-miR-222-3p MAZ Weak MIRT046789
hsa-miR-222-3p ILK Weak MIRT046790
hsa-miR-222-3p TLE3 Weak MIRT046791
hsa-miR-222-3p ERCC6L Weak MIRT046792
hsa-miR-222-3p NDC1 Weak MIRT046793
hsa-miR-222-3p POMGNT1 Weak MIRT046794
hsa-miR-222-3p CAPRIN1 Weak MIRT046795
hsa-miR-222-3p POLE Weak MIRT046796
hsa-miR-222-3p HNRNPD Weak MIRT046797
hsa-miR-222-3p KNSTRN Weak MIRT046798
hsa-miR-222-3p HIPK2 Weak MIRT046799
hsa-miR-222-3p SSH2 Weak MIRT046800
hsa-miR-222-3p NKRF Weak MIRT046801
hsa-miR-222-3p EZR Weak MIRT046802
hsa-miR-222-3p RNF4 Weak MIRT046803
hsa-miR-222-3p PBX2 Weak MIRT046804
hsa-miR-222-3p AP1B1 Weak MIRT046805
hsa-miR-222-3p EEF2 Weak MIRT046806
hsa-miR-222-3p ATXN7L3 Weak MIRT046807
hsa-miR-222-3p SORT1 Weak MIRT046808
hsa-miR-222-3p PIGQ Weak MIRT046809
hsa-miR-222-3p RAP1GAP2 Weak MIRT046810
hsa-miR-222-3p FLNA Weak MIRT046811
hsa-miR-222-3p PHRF1 Weak MIRT046812
hsa-miR-222-3p SS18 Weak MIRT046813
hsa-miR-222-3p MCM3AP Weak MIRT046814
hsa-miR-222-3p EIF2S1 Weak MIRT046815
hsa-miR-222-3p FPGS Weak MIRT046816
hsa-miR-222-3p GANAB Weak MIRT046817
hsa-miR-222-3p PACS2 Weak MIRT046818
hsa-miR-222-3p PANK3 Weak MIRT046819
hsa-miR-222-3p POLD2 Weak MIRT046820
hsa-miR-222-3p ENO1 Weak MIRT046821
hsa-miR-222-3p SLC35A2 Weak MIRT046822
hsa-miR-222-3p PARK7 Weak MIRT046823
hsa-miR-222-3p SEPT11 Weak MIRT046824
hsa-miR-222-3p TRAP1 Weak MIRT046825
hsa-miR-222-3p CAST Weak MIRT046826
hsa-miR-222-3p KMT2D Weak MIRT046827
hsa-miR-222-3p NLE1 Weak MIRT046828
hsa-miR-222-3p RANBP10 Weak MIRT046829
hsa-miR-222-3p MEA1 Weak MIRT046830
hsa-miR-222-3p ATF5 Weak MIRT046831
hsa-miR-222-3p ALG3 Weak MIRT046832
hsa-miR-222-3p PTDSS2 Weak MIRT046833
hsa-miR-222-3p EXOSC1 Weak MIRT046834
hsa-miR-222-3p CABYR Weak MIRT046835
hsa-miR-222-3p SDHA Weak MIRT046836
hsa-miR-222-3p FAM35A Weak MIRT057260
hsa-miR-222-3p MIDN Weak MIRT081176
hsa-miR-222-3p MYLIP Weak MIRT099154
hsa-miR-222-3p MAT2A Weak MIRT243225
hsa-miR-222-3p PAFAH1B2 Weak MIRT264770
hsa-miR-222-3p TSPAN13 Weak MIRT320130
hsa-miR-222-3p HMBOX1 Weak MIRT322525
hsa-miR-222-3p ZNF275 Weak MIRT326671
hsa-miR-222-3p ARHGAP42 Weak MIRT367644
hsa-miR-222-3p PHACTR4 Weak MIRT437677
hsa-miR-222-3p C18orf25 Weak MIRT437678
hsa-miR-222-3p INPP4B Weak MIRT437679
hsa-miR-222-3p ZFAND5 Weak MIRT437680
hsa-miR-222-3p KIAA1370 Weak MIRT437681
hsa-miR-222-3p LYPLA1 Weak MIRT437682
hsa-miR-222-3p TIPARP Weak MIRT437683
hsa-miR-222-3p TP53BP2 Weak MIRT437684
hsa-miR-222-3p MEGF9 Weak MIRT437685
hsa-miR-222-3p ZEB2 Weak MIRT439100
hsa-miR-222-3p MYC Weak MIRT439102
hsa-miR-222-3p ABLIM1 Weak MIRT441687
hsa-miR-222-3p OIP5 Weak MIRT442656
hsa-miR-222-3p CIAPIN1 Weak MIRT451542
hsa-miR-222-3p SLC19A3 Weak MIRT461459
hsa-miR-222-3p UBN2 Weak MIRT464591
hsa-miR-222-3p KPNA2 Weak MIRT474333
hsa-miR-222-3p DYRK3 Weak MIRT477806
hsa-miR-222-3p DDX6 Weak MIRT478191
hsa-miR-222-3p C5orf51 Weak MIRT480335
hsa-miR-222-3p ARL6IP1 Weak MIRT481489
hsa-miR-222-3p MDM2 Weak MIRT486467
hsa-miR-222-3p TRAT1 Weak MIRT495909
hsa-miR-222-3p FAM84A Weak MIRT497807
hsa-miR-222-3p ZNF652 Weak MIRT504998
hsa-miR-222-3p PPP1R14C Weak MIRT512975
hsa-miR-222-3p OBFC1 Weak MIRT519356
hsa-miR-222-3p STMN1 Weak MIRT520907
hsa-miR-222-3p PGPEP1 Weak MIRT525161
hsa-miR-222-3p MKKS Weak MIRT529456
hsa-miR-222-3p EXO5 Weak MIRT530965
hsa-miR-222-3p ZBTB5 Weak MIRT533030
hsa-miR-222-3p ZBTB37 Weak MIRT533058
hsa-miR-222-3p VANGL1 Weak MIRT533273
hsa-miR-222-3p GALNT3 Weak MIRT537264
hsa-miR-222-3p COG5 Weak MIRT538434
hsa-miR-222-3p FICD Weak MIRT543196
hsa-miR-222-3p CSTF2T Weak MIRT544773
hsa-miR-222-3p RNPS1 Weak MIRT546723
hsa-miR-222-3p PDIK1L Weak MIRT547177
hsa-miR-222-3p C19orf12 Weak MIRT549567
hsa-miR-222-3p ZFP30 Weak MIRT552568
hsa-miR-222-3p SNX4 Weak MIRT554085
hsa-miR-222-3p PTBP3 Weak MIRT555170
hsa-miR-222-3p CHORDC1 Weak MIRT558732
hsa-miR-222-3p AGO2 Weak MIRT559693
hsa-miR-222-3p CDK6 Weak MIRT562519
hsa-miR-222-3p AKT3 Weak MIRT562673
hsa-miR-222-3p TMCC1 Weak MIRT565369
hsa-miR-222-3p CPSF6 Weak MIRT567967
hsa-miR-222-3p CDC27 Weak MIRT568110
hsa-miR-222-3p ZNF805 Weak MIRT571506
hsa-miR-222-3p SRSF2 Weak MIRT571617
hsa-miR-222-3p PNRC2 Weak MIRT571799
hsa-miR-222-3p EXOC8 Weak MIRT572088
hsa-miR-222-3p PRPS1L1 Weak MIRT573870
hsa-miR-222-3p UBE2N Weak MIRT574384
hsa-miR-222-3p TFAP2A Weak MIRT574414
hsa-miR-222-3p PIWIL1 Weak MIRT621273
hsa-miR-222-3p RBMS2 Weak MIRT638365
hsa-miR-222-3p SERPINH1 Weak MIRT639929
hsa-miR-222-3p ZFP1 Weak MIRT643165
hsa-miR-222-3p SLC10A7 Weak MIRT649463
hsa-miR-222-3p DERL2 Weak MIRT659057
hsa-miR-222-3p FBXL18 Weak MIRT691897
hsa-miR-222-3p TMEM2 Weak MIRT698288
hsa-miR-222-3p BRWD1 Weak MIRT705230
hsa-miR-222-3p ZNF236 Weak MIRT719771
hsa-miR-222-3p SMC2 Weak MIRT722076
hsa-miR-222-3p GOSR1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p THBS1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p IPO7 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p TMEM120B Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p FUK Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p ETS1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p DUSP3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p HSPA8 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p ZC3H7B Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p RECK Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p NUDT21 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p MOCS1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p CLDN12 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p TTC8 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p DBT Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p CXADR Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p SERPINB5 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p UPF2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p PYGB Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p EPB41L1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p HTT Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p LHCGR Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p ARHGAP19 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p FNBP1L Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p SLC7A6 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p SNTB1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p KIAA1549L Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p CDCA7L Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p CUX1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p ZNF407 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p CDK14 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p NSUN4 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p ZNF572 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p GPR107 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p LEPROT Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p TROVE2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p MOBP Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p SPATA5 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p GMFB Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p LPP Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p AMZ1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p DPY19L4 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p ADNP2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p KCNE1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p PCDH10 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p ZNF704 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p ZNF557 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p PRTG Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p ZNF74 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p KRTAP4-4 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p PDE11A Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-222-3p SGOL1 Prediction N/A

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