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MicroRNA Gene Evidence category miRTarBase ID
hsa-miR-20a-5p HIF1A Strong MIRT000002
hsa-miR-20a-5p TCEAL1 Strong MIRT000178
hsa-miR-20a-5p CCND1 Strong MIRT000179
hsa-miR-20a-5p E2F1 Strong MIRT000180
hsa-miR-20a-5p BMPR2 Strong MIRT000181
hsa-miR-20a-5p CDKN1A Strong MIRT000597
hsa-miR-20a-5p TGFBR2 Strong MIRT001785
hsa-miR-20a-5p MAP3K12 Strong MIRT003010
hsa-miR-20a-5p BCL2 Strong MIRT003011
hsa-miR-20a-5p MEF2D Strong MIRT003012
hsa-miR-20a-5p PTEN Strong MIRT003369
hsa-miR-20a-5p APP Strong MIRT003382
hsa-miR-20a-5p RUNX1 Strong MIRT003742
hsa-miR-20a-5p NRAS Strong MIRT003903
hsa-miR-20a-5p VEGFA Strong MIRT004450
hsa-miR-20a-5p MYC Strong MIRT005289
hsa-miR-20a-5p BNIP2 Strong MIRT005481
hsa-miR-20a-5p CCND2 Strong MIRT005854
hsa-miR-20a-5p E2F3 Strong MIRT005855
hsa-miR-20a-5p MAPK9 Strong MIRT005856
hsa-miR-20a-5p RB1 Strong MIRT005857
hsa-miR-20a-5p RBL1 Strong MIRT005858
hsa-miR-20a-5p RBL2 Strong MIRT005859
hsa-miR-20a-5p WEE1 Strong MIRT005860
hsa-miR-20a-5p IRF2 Strong MIRT006178
hsa-miR-20a-5p KIT Strong MIRT006180
hsa-miR-20a-5p EGLN3 Strong MIRT006289
hsa-miR-20a-5p PPARG Strong MIRT006754
hsa-miR-20a-5p BAMBI Strong MIRT006755
hsa-miR-20a-5p CRIM1 Strong MIRT006756
hsa-miR-20a-5p MAP2K3 Strong MIRT006772
hsa-miR-20a-5p PURA Strong MIRT007002
hsa-miR-20a-5p ARHGAP12 Strong MIRT031082
hsa-miR-20a-5p TSG101 Strong MIRT031083
hsa-miR-20a-5p SIRPA Strong MIRT035531
hsa-miR-20a-5p UBE2C Strong MIRT050549
hsa-miR-20a-5p STAT3 Strong MIRT050559
hsa-miR-20a-5p LIMK1 Strong MIRT052914
hsa-miR-20a-5p PHLPP2 Strong MIRT052971
hsa-miR-20a-5p GJA1 Strong MIRT053007
hsa-miR-20a-5p DUSP2 Strong MIRT053023
hsa-miR-20a-5p ITGB8 Strong MIRT053109
hsa-miR-20a-5p SMAD7 Strong MIRT053159
hsa-miR-20a-5p MAP3K5 Strong MIRT053208
hsa-miR-20a-5p MCL1 Strong MIRT053332
hsa-miR-20a-5p TP53INP1 Strong MIRT053505
hsa-miR-20a-5p EGR2 Strong MIRT053563
hsa-miR-20a-5p ABL2 Strong MIRT054860
hsa-miR-20a-5p PRKG1 Strong MIRT437765
hsa-miR-20a-5p RGS5 Strong MIRT437944
hsa-miR-20a-5p ETV1 Strong MIRT438054
hsa-miR-20a-5p EPAS1 Strong MIRT438160
hsa-miR-20a-5p FBXO31 Strong MIRT438351
hsa-miR-20a-5p DNMT1 Strong MIRT438806
hsa-miR-20a-5p PKD1 Strong MIRT438812
hsa-miR-20a-5p BCL2L11 Weak MIRT004570
hsa-miR-20a-5p MUC17 Weak MIRT004711
hsa-miR-20a-5p THBS1 Weak MIRT005627
hsa-miR-20a-5p SMAD4 Weak MIRT005631
hsa-miR-20a-5p JAK1 Weak MIRT031081
hsa-miR-20a-5p PHF8 Weak MIRT050476
hsa-miR-20a-5p GPATCH11 Weak MIRT050477
hsa-miR-20a-5p RPRD1A Weak MIRT050478
hsa-miR-20a-5p ATP8B2 Weak MIRT050479
hsa-miR-20a-5p PSMD2 Weak MIRT050480
hsa-miR-20a-5p INSIG1 Weak MIRT050481
hsa-miR-20a-5p RTN2 Weak MIRT050482
hsa-miR-20a-5p TCEA1 Weak MIRT050483
hsa-miR-20a-5p PLEKHM3 Weak MIRT050484
hsa-miR-20a-5p RPS10 Weak MIRT050485
hsa-miR-20a-5p ALDH18A1 Weak MIRT050486
hsa-miR-20a-5p UEVLD Weak MIRT050487
hsa-miR-20a-5p FGF7 Weak MIRT050488
hsa-miR-20a-5p SSRP1 Weak MIRT050489
hsa-miR-20a-5p COX5A Weak MIRT050490
hsa-miR-20a-5p AGO1 Weak MIRT050491
hsa-miR-20a-5p KIAA0100 Weak MIRT050492
hsa-miR-20a-5p FHL3 Weak MIRT050493
hsa-miR-20a-5p GDI2 Weak MIRT050494
hsa-miR-20a-5p INTS3 Weak MIRT050495
hsa-miR-20a-5p HMG20A Weak MIRT050496
hsa-miR-20a-5p APOA1BP Weak MIRT050497
hsa-miR-20a-5p PRKD3 Weak MIRT050498
hsa-miR-20a-5p AP3S2 Weak MIRT050499
hsa-miR-20a-5p PCNXL4 Weak MIRT050500
hsa-miR-20a-5p IKZF5 Weak MIRT050501
hsa-miR-20a-5p TMEM97 Weak MIRT050502
hsa-miR-20a-5p ATP6 Weak MIRT050503
hsa-miR-20a-5p RPA2 Weak MIRT050504
hsa-miR-20a-5p PHYH Weak MIRT050505
hsa-miR-20a-5p KIF2C Weak MIRT050506
hsa-miR-20a-5p DDX5 Weak MIRT050507
hsa-miR-20a-5p DTX2 Weak MIRT050508
hsa-miR-20a-5p MPHOSPH8 Weak MIRT050509
hsa-miR-20a-5p HAUS2 Weak MIRT050510
hsa-miR-20a-5p ZNF331 Weak MIRT050511
hsa-miR-20a-5p PPP6R3 Weak MIRT050512
hsa-miR-20a-5p METTL22 Weak MIRT050513
hsa-miR-20a-5p PPAN Weak MIRT050514
hsa-miR-20a-5p FBL Weak MIRT050515
hsa-miR-20a-5p RPL31 Weak MIRT050516
hsa-miR-20a-5p SEPT2 Weak MIRT050517
hsa-miR-20a-5p TOMM20 Weak MIRT050518
hsa-miR-20a-5p NCOR2 Weak MIRT050519
hsa-miR-20a-5p PSD3 Weak MIRT050520
hsa-miR-20a-5p AP3D1 Weak MIRT050521
hsa-miR-20a-5p TBC1D15 Weak MIRT050522
hsa-miR-20a-5p DPY19L4 Weak MIRT050523
hsa-miR-20a-5p PTPN23 Weak MIRT050524
hsa-miR-20a-5p C11orf68 Weak MIRT050525
hsa-miR-20a-5p CTR9 Weak MIRT050526
hsa-miR-20a-5p PAIP1 Weak MIRT050527
hsa-miR-20a-5p L2HGDH Weak MIRT050528
hsa-miR-20a-5p CDT1 Weak MIRT050529
hsa-miR-20a-5p RPL30 Weak MIRT050530
hsa-miR-20a-5p MRS2 Weak MIRT050531
hsa-miR-20a-5p TMX4 Weak MIRT050532
hsa-miR-20a-5p LAMTOR1 Weak MIRT050533
hsa-miR-20a-5p LPHN3 Weak MIRT050534
hsa-miR-20a-5p RBM10 Weak MIRT050535
hsa-miR-20a-5p EMR2 Weak MIRT050536
hsa-miR-20a-5p FBXO3 Weak MIRT050537
hsa-miR-20a-5p MLXIP Weak MIRT050538
hsa-miR-20a-5p RNGTT Weak MIRT050539
hsa-miR-20a-5p MAD1L1 Weak MIRT050540
hsa-miR-20a-5p DLC1 Weak MIRT050541
hsa-miR-20a-5p NUP214 Weak MIRT050542
hsa-miR-20a-5p PAQR5 Weak MIRT050543
hsa-miR-20a-5p BTBD2 Weak MIRT050544
hsa-miR-20a-5p XYLT2 Weak MIRT050545
hsa-miR-20a-5p ZNF398 Weak MIRT050546
hsa-miR-20a-5p CEP120 Weak MIRT050547
hsa-miR-20a-5p IL17RC Weak MIRT050548
hsa-miR-20a-5p PGK1 Weak MIRT050550
hsa-miR-20a-5p ORMDL3 Weak MIRT050551
hsa-miR-20a-5p TUBB Weak MIRT050552
hsa-miR-20a-5p TDRD3 Weak MIRT050553
hsa-miR-20a-5p DLG5 Weak MIRT050554
hsa-miR-20a-5p VEZF1 Weak MIRT050555
hsa-miR-20a-5p CCDC88C Weak MIRT050556
hsa-miR-20a-5p USP10 Weak MIRT050557
hsa-miR-20a-5p KIAA1191 Weak MIRT050558
hsa-miR-20a-5p GATA6 Weak MIRT050560
hsa-miR-20a-5p RPL18A Weak MIRT050561
hsa-miR-20a-5p TMEM66 Weak MIRT050562
hsa-miR-20a-5p ARL9 Weak MIRT050563
hsa-miR-20a-5p CTSA Weak MIRT050564
hsa-miR-20a-5p ABCA3 Weak MIRT050565
hsa-miR-20a-5p MRPL13 Weak MIRT050566
hsa-miR-20a-5p MAN1C1 Weak MIRT050567
hsa-miR-20a-5p AGO4 Weak MIRT050568
hsa-miR-20a-5p BACH1 Weak MIRT050569
hsa-miR-20a-5p RFC3 Weak MIRT050570
hsa-miR-20a-5p ARHGEF7 Weak MIRT050571
hsa-miR-20a-5p GPN2 Weak MIRT050572
hsa-miR-20a-5p LDHB Weak MIRT050573
hsa-miR-20a-5p PTPRS Weak MIRT050574
hsa-miR-20a-5p PPP2R1A Weak MIRT050575
hsa-miR-20a-5p CDK16 Weak MIRT050576
hsa-miR-20a-5p WBP4 Weak MIRT050577
hsa-miR-20a-5p CCNB1 Weak MIRT050578
hsa-miR-20a-5p POGZ Weak MIRT050579
hsa-miR-20a-5p KLHL15 Weak MIRT050580
hsa-miR-20a-5p RTFDC1 Weak MIRT050581
hsa-miR-20a-5p FLNA Weak MIRT050582
hsa-miR-20a-5p PLXNA1 Weak MIRT050583
hsa-miR-20a-5p ADSS Weak MIRT050584
hsa-miR-20a-5p MANEAL Weak MIRT050585
hsa-miR-20a-5p NUP188 Weak MIRT050586
hsa-miR-20a-5p ECI1 Weak MIRT050587
hsa-miR-20a-5p NCOA3 Weak MIRT050588
hsa-miR-20a-5p MORF4L2 Weak MIRT050589
hsa-miR-20a-5p ATL3 Weak MIRT050590
hsa-miR-20a-5p FOXJ3 Weak MIRT050591
hsa-miR-20a-5p PRRC2C Weak MIRT050592
hsa-miR-20a-5p RPL21 Weak MIRT050593
hsa-miR-20a-5p SELENBP1 Weak MIRT050594
hsa-miR-20a-5p YBX1 Weak MIRT050595
hsa-miR-20a-5p B4GALT2 Weak MIRT050596
hsa-miR-20a-5p PYGB Weak MIRT050597
hsa-miR-20a-5p AKR7A2 Weak MIRT050598
hsa-miR-20a-5p C9orf78 Weak MIRT050599
hsa-miR-20a-5p STIL Weak MIRT050600
hsa-miR-20a-5p CDK19 Weak MIRT050601
hsa-miR-20a-5p KDM4D Weak MIRT050602
hsa-miR-20a-5p UQCRC1 Weak MIRT050603
hsa-miR-20a-5p RUFY2 Weak MIRT050604
hsa-miR-20a-5p RPS27 Weak MIRT050605
hsa-miR-20a-5p BTN3A1 Weak MIRT050606
hsa-miR-20a-5p PBXIP1 Weak MIRT050607
hsa-miR-20a-5p ARFGEF2 Weak MIRT050608
hsa-miR-20a-5p NUDT21 Weak MIRT050609
hsa-miR-20a-5p NETO2 Weak MIRT050610
hsa-miR-20a-5p SLC25A28 Weak MIRT050611
hsa-miR-20a-5p NAP1L1 Weak MIRT050612
hsa-miR-20a-5p PHC1 Weak MIRT050613
hsa-miR-20a-5p ZNF706 Weak MIRT050614
hsa-miR-20a-5p CCDC47 Weak MIRT050615
hsa-miR-20a-5p ARPC2 Weak MIRT050616
hsa-miR-20a-5p EIF4G2 Weak MIRT050617
hsa-miR-20a-5p MAGOHB Weak MIRT050618
hsa-miR-20a-5p ZNF598 Weak MIRT050619
hsa-miR-20a-5p LEPREL4 Weak MIRT050620
hsa-miR-20a-5p CERS2 Weak MIRT050621
hsa-miR-20a-5p LYPD6 Weak MIRT050622
hsa-miR-20a-5p HEXIM1 Weak MIRT050623
hsa-miR-20a-5p WAC Weak MIRT050624
hsa-miR-20a-5p ZNFX1 Weak MIRT050625
hsa-miR-20a-5p RBM12B Weak MIRT050626
hsa-miR-20a-5p TPRG1L Weak MIRT055020
hsa-miR-20a-5p SHOC2 Weak MIRT055382
hsa-miR-20a-5p WDR37 Weak MIRT055649
hsa-miR-20a-5p PFKP Weak MIRT056476
hsa-miR-20a-5p REEP3 Weak MIRT056811
hsa-miR-20a-5p TNKS2 Weak MIRT057384
hsa-miR-20a-5p SLC30A7 Weak MIRT057822
hsa-miR-20a-5p FAM46C Weak MIRT058912
hsa-miR-20a-5p CRY2 Weak MIRT059186
hsa-miR-20a-5p TMEM138 Weak MIRT060075
hsa-miR-20a-5p KLHL20 Weak MIRT060678
hsa-miR-20a-5p MED17 Weak MIRT061181
hsa-miR-20a-5p PPP1R15B Weak MIRT061789
hsa-miR-20a-5p ULK1 Weak MIRT063054
hsa-miR-20a-5p SKI Weak MIRT063434
hsa-miR-20a-5p GPR137B Weak MIRT064435
hsa-miR-20a-5p ZBTB18 Weak MIRT064797
hsa-miR-20a-5p TMBIM6 Weak MIRT065364
hsa-miR-20a-5p ACVR1B Weak MIRT065670
hsa-miR-20a-5p GDF11 Weak MIRT065858
hsa-miR-20a-5p RAB5B Weak MIRT065886
hsa-miR-20a-5p FOXJ2 Weak MIRT067229
hsa-miR-20a-5p NHLRC3 Weak MIRT068492
hsa-miR-20a-5p EIF2S1 Weak MIRT070839
hsa-miR-20a-5p SMOC1 Weak MIRT070995
hsa-miR-20a-5p CMPK1 Weak MIRT071324
hsa-miR-20a-5p ZFYVE9 Weak MIRT071903
hsa-miR-20a-5p B2M Weak MIRT072247
hsa-miR-20a-5p USP3 Weak MIRT072567
hsa-miR-20a-5p UBE2Q2 Weak MIRT073117
hsa-miR-20a-5p ABHD2 Weak MIRT073374
hsa-miR-20a-5p SEMA4B Weak MIRT073407
hsa-miR-20a-5p CYLD Weak MIRT074789
hsa-miR-20a-5p CHD9 Weak MIRT074891
hsa-miR-20a-5p KIAA0513 Weak MIRT075775
hsa-miR-20a-5p GID4 Weak MIRT076177
hsa-miR-20a-5p KRT10 Weak MIRT077064
hsa-miR-20a-5p MINK1 Weak MIRT077831
hsa-miR-20a-5p UNK Weak MIRT078811
hsa-miR-20a-5p CCDC137 Weak MIRT079344
hsa-miR-20a-5p FOXK2 Weak MIRT079411
hsa-miR-20a-5p CABLES1 Weak MIRT079772
hsa-miR-20a-5p PRKACB Weak MIRT080178
hsa-miR-20a-5p RAB12 Weak MIRT080848
hsa-miR-20a-5p LDLR Weak MIRT081117
hsa-miR-20a-5p MIDN Weak MIRT081198
hsa-miR-20a-5p GRAMD1A Weak MIRT081981
hsa-miR-20a-5p FNBP1L Weak MIRT082290
hsa-miR-20a-5p PARD6B Weak MIRT083739
hsa-miR-20a-5p RAB22A Weak MIRT083960
hsa-miR-20a-5p RRM2 Weak MIRT084344
hsa-miR-20a-5p SLC5A3 Weak MIRT085173
hsa-miR-20a-5p SPOPL Weak MIRT085375
hsa-miR-20a-5p TANC1 Weak MIRT085867
hsa-miR-20a-5p NABP1 Weak MIRT086425
hsa-miR-20a-5p ATG16L1 Weak MIRT087604
hsa-miR-20a-5p UBXN2A Weak MIRT088033
hsa-miR-20a-5p MAPRE3 Weak MIRT088337
hsa-miR-20a-5p U2SURP Weak MIRT090633
hsa-miR-20a-5p C3ORF38 Weak MIRT092685
hsa-miR-20a-5p KLF3 Weak MIRT093800
hsa-miR-20a-5p SLAIN2 Weak MIRT093941
hsa-miR-20a-5p SMAD5 Weak MIRT095200
hsa-miR-20a-5p ANKH Weak MIRT095719
hsa-miR-20a-5p ATP6V0E1 Weak MIRT095997
hsa-miR-20a-5p SQSTM1 Weak MIRT096308
hsa-miR-20a-5p FCHO2 Weak MIRT097128
hsa-miR-20a-5p POLR3G Weak MIRT097603
hsa-miR-20a-5p LYSMD3 Weak MIRT097649
hsa-miR-20a-5p QKI Weak MIRT099308
hsa-miR-20a-5p C6ORF120 Weak MIRT099355
hsa-miR-20a-5p SOX4 Weak MIRT099824
hsa-miR-20a-5p MICB Weak MIRT100277
hsa-miR-20a-5p ZBTB9 Weak MIRT100454
hsa-miR-20a-5p CENPQ Weak MIRT100945
hsa-miR-20a-5p HBP1 Weak MIRT102221
hsa-miR-20a-5p DNAJB9 Weak MIRT102294
hsa-miR-20a-5p SP4 Weak MIRT103189
hsa-miR-20a-5p PHTF2 Weak MIRT104161
hsa-miR-20a-5p ANKIB1 Weak MIRT104394
hsa-miR-20a-5p ZBTB33 Weak MIRT108651
hsa-miR-20a-5p XIAP Weak MIRT108719
hsa-miR-20a-5p GBF1 Weak MIRT110266
hsa-miR-20a-5p TIMM17A Weak MIRT112089
hsa-miR-20a-5p CAPN15 Weak MIRT115779
hsa-miR-20a-5p GRPEL2 Weak MIRT121800
hsa-miR-20a-5p RGMB Weak MIRT122363
hsa-miR-20a-5p GINS4 Weak MIRT124125
hsa-miR-20a-5p TRIM8 Weak MIRT125725
hsa-miR-20a-5p ACADSB Weak MIRT126308
hsa-miR-20a-5p ZRANB1 Weak MIRT126344
hsa-miR-20a-5p MASTL Weak MIRT126550
hsa-miR-20a-5p VPS26A Weak MIRT127161
hsa-miR-20a-5p ARCN1 Weak MIRT129131
hsa-miR-20a-5p TXNIP Weak MIRT130070
hsa-miR-20a-5p PPP1R12B Weak MIRT132394
hsa-miR-20a-5p ORAI1 Weak MIRT133313
hsa-miR-20a-5p DNM1L Weak MIRT134275
hsa-miR-20a-5p PIP4K2C Weak MIRT135706
hsa-miR-20a-5p GNS Weak MIRT135793
hsa-miR-20a-5p TXLNA Weak MIRT136562
hsa-miR-20a-5p BRMS1L Weak MIRT138110
hsa-miR-20a-5p FRMD6 Weak MIRT138348
hsa-miR-20a-5p SUSD6 Weak MIRT138792
hsa-miR-20a-5p PLEKHO2 Weak MIRT140626
hsa-miR-20a-5p SMAD6 Weak MIRT140794
hsa-miR-20a-5p SCAMP5 Weak MIRT141126
hsa-miR-20a-5p RCCD1 Weak MIRT141698
hsa-miR-20a-5p CCP110 Weak MIRT142095
hsa-miR-20a-5p TNRC6A Weak MIRT142381
hsa-miR-20a-5p SNTB2 Weak MIRT144207
hsa-miR-20a-5p NFAT5 Weak MIRT144294
hsa-miR-20a-5p PAFAH1B1 Weak MIRT144978
hsa-miR-20a-5p TNFAIP1 Weak MIRT145019
hsa-miR-20a-5p LASP1 Weak MIRT145597
hsa-miR-20a-5p RUNDC1 Weak MIRT146071
hsa-miR-20a-5p MAP3K3 Weak MIRT147118
hsa-miR-20a-5p KPNA2 Weak MIRT147273
hsa-miR-20a-5p CAMTA1 Weak MIRT147921
hsa-miR-20a-5p ANKRD12 Weak MIRT148868
hsa-miR-20a-5p CHAF1A Weak MIRT151690
hsa-miR-20a-5p BLOC1S3 Weak MIRT151799
hsa-miR-20a-5p ARHGAP35 Weak MIRT151853
hsa-miR-20a-5p TBC1D17 Weak MIRT151932
hsa-miR-20a-5p ARHGEF18 Weak MIRT152367
hsa-miR-20a-5p POFUT1 Weak MIRT152673
hsa-miR-20a-5p MAVS Weak MIRT153327
hsa-miR-20a-5p TTPAL Weak MIRT153454
hsa-miR-20a-5p PRNP Weak MIRT153969
hsa-miR-20a-5p IFNAR2 Weak MIRT155231
hsa-miR-20a-5p IFNAR1 Weak MIRT155333
hsa-miR-20a-5p SIK1 Weak MIRT155886
hsa-miR-20a-5p RAPGEF4 Weak MIRT156404
hsa-miR-20a-5p C2ORF69 Weak MIRT156640
hsa-miR-20a-5p FAM117B Weak MIRT157145
hsa-miR-20a-5p MTMR3 Weak MIRT157585
hsa-miR-20a-5p ASB1 Weak MIRT158288
hsa-miR-20a-5p TNRC6B Weak MIRT158573
hsa-miR-20a-5p NRBP1 Weak MIRT159105
hsa-miR-20a-5p FEZ2 Weak MIRT159399
hsa-miR-20a-5p TET3 Weak MIRT160004
hsa-miR-20a-5p GAB1 Weak MIRT164198
hsa-miR-20a-5p MSMO1 Weak MIRT164524
hsa-miR-20a-5p WHSC1 Weak MIRT164659
hsa-miR-20a-5p ADD1 Weak MIRT164720
hsa-miR-20a-5p FAF2 Weak MIRT166062
hsa-miR-20a-5p HECA Weak MIRT167840
hsa-miR-20a-5p BTN3A2 Weak MIRT168216
hsa-miR-20a-5p AGFG2 Weak MIRT169663
hsa-miR-20a-5p CASP2 Weak MIRT170564
hsa-miR-20a-5p TAX1BP1 Weak MIRT170849
hsa-miR-20a-5p OXR1 Weak MIRT172197
hsa-miR-20a-5p E2F5 Weak MIRT173112
hsa-miR-20a-5p PRPF4 Weak MIRT173688
hsa-miR-20a-5p ACSL4 Weak MIRT175379
hsa-miR-20a-5p OCRL Weak MIRT175594
hsa-miR-20a-5p PHF6 Weak MIRT175644
hsa-miR-20a-5p CHIC1 Weak MIRT176079
hsa-miR-20a-5p SAMD8 Weak MIRT178062
hsa-miR-20a-5p ZBTB37 Weak MIRT182517
hsa-miR-20a-5p PCBP2 Weak MIRT187472
hsa-miR-20a-5p DYRK2 Weak MIRT188183
hsa-miR-20a-5p UBFD1 Weak MIRT194849
hsa-miR-20a-5p ZNF532 Weak MIRT199106
hsa-miR-20a-5p SH3GLB1 Weak MIRT199283
hsa-miR-20a-5p ZNF264 Weak MIRT200924
hsa-miR-20a-5p ZNF805 Weak MIRT201019
hsa-miR-20a-5p CREB1 Weak MIRT205046
hsa-miR-20a-5p STK11IP Weak MIRT205281
hsa-miR-20a-5p RAB10 Weak MIRT206192
hsa-miR-20a-5p SKIL Weak MIRT208975
hsa-miR-20a-5p REST Weak MIRT213203
hsa-miR-20a-5p KIAA0232 Weak MIRT213321
hsa-miR-20a-5p SERF1A Weak MIRT216423
hsa-miR-20a-5p SERF1B Weak MIRT216448
hsa-miR-20a-5p F2R Weak MIRT216661
hsa-miR-20a-5p CAV1 Weak MIRT220118
hsa-miR-20a-5p EIF4H Weak MIRT222673
hsa-miR-20a-5p CROT Weak MIRT222908
hsa-miR-20a-5p DPYSL2 Weak MIRT224747
hsa-miR-20a-5p MAK16 Weak MIRT224885
hsa-miR-20a-5p TRIM32 Weak MIRT227326
hsa-miR-20a-5p PRRG4 Weak MIRT230965
hsa-miR-20a-5p ANKRD33B Weak MIRT238172
hsa-miR-20a-5p ZC3H12C Weak MIRT241294
hsa-miR-20a-5p TTC9 Weak MIRT242196
hsa-miR-20a-5p SALL3 Weak MIRT242657
hsa-miR-20a-5p AFF1 Weak MIRT243778
hsa-miR-20a-5p HOOK3 Weak MIRT244588
hsa-miR-20a-5p TSKU Weak MIRT246959
hsa-miR-20a-5p CEP57 Weak MIRT247079
hsa-miR-20a-5p SESN2 Weak MIRT248850
hsa-miR-20a-5p NFATC2IP Weak MIRT250444
hsa-miR-20a-5p TRAPPC10 Weak MIRT254248
hsa-miR-20a-5p FOXC1 Weak MIRT257279
hsa-miR-20a-5p FJX1 Weak MIRT266048
hsa-miR-20a-5p SLC25A44 Weak MIRT266853
hsa-miR-20a-5p EIF2B2 Weak MIRT280207
hsa-miR-20a-5p SPRED1 Weak MIRT280991
hsa-miR-20a-5p C16ORF52 Weak MIRT283172
hsa-miR-20a-5p SOCS7 Weak MIRT286945
hsa-miR-20a-5p KDM6B Weak MIRT289571
hsa-miR-20a-5p TPM4 Weak MIRT291931
hsa-miR-20a-5p PVR Weak MIRT293645
hsa-miR-20a-5p REV1 Weak MIRT296868
hsa-miR-20a-5p CYBRD1 Weak MIRT299337
hsa-miR-20a-5p CLIP4 Weak MIRT302434
hsa-miR-20a-5p NAGK Weak MIRT303488
hsa-miR-20a-5p HMBOX1 Weak MIRT322520
hsa-miR-20a-5p PTPDC1 Weak MIRT325510
hsa-miR-20a-5p UBE2V2 Weak MIRT363922
hsa-miR-20a-5p BCL2L2 Weak MIRT368882
hsa-miR-20a-5p ATXN7L3B Weak MIRT397684
hsa-miR-20a-5p ADRBK2 Weak MIRT400046
hsa-miR-20a-5p TP53 Weak MIRT438791
hsa-miR-20a-5p ZNF800 Weak MIRT439181
hsa-miR-20a-5p ZNF770 Weak MIRT439185
hsa-miR-20a-5p ZNF597 Weak MIRT439192
hsa-miR-20a-5p ZNF280C Weak MIRT439211
hsa-miR-20a-5p ZNF280B Weak MIRT439214
hsa-miR-20a-5p ZNF12 Weak MIRT439225
hsa-miR-20a-5p ZBTB7A Weak MIRT439256
hsa-miR-20a-5p ZBTB6 Weak MIRT439257
hsa-miR-20a-5p ZBTB4 Weak MIRT439259
hsa-miR-20a-5p YOD1 Weak MIRT439269
hsa-miR-20a-5p WDR89 Weak MIRT439286
hsa-miR-20a-5p WDR1 Weak MIRT439291
hsa-miR-20a-5p VTI1A Weak MIRT439295
hsa-miR-20a-5p VPS13C Weak MIRT439300
hsa-miR-20a-5p VDAC1 Weak MIRT439306
hsa-miR-20a-5p UXS1 Weak MIRT439319
hsa-miR-20a-5p USP32 Weak MIRT439327
hsa-miR-20a-5p USP28 Weak MIRT439332
hsa-miR-20a-5p USP16 Weak MIRT439337
hsa-miR-20a-5p UBR5 Weak MIRT439349
hsa-miR-20a-5p UBC Weak MIRT439366
hsa-miR-20a-5p TWF1 Weak MIRT439372
hsa-miR-20a-5p TOPORS Weak MIRT439399
hsa-miR-20a-5p TNFRSF21 Weak MIRT439410
hsa-miR-20a-5p TMX3 Weak MIRT439416
hsa-miR-20a-5p TMEM67 Weak MIRT439423
hsa-miR-20a-5p TMEM64 Weak MIRT439427
hsa-miR-20a-5p TMEM167A Weak MIRT439435
hsa-miR-20a-5p TMEM127 Weak MIRT439439
hsa-miR-20a-5p TMEM123 Weak MIRT439440
hsa-miR-20a-5p TGOLN2 Weak MIRT439460
hsa-miR-20a-5p TCF4 Weak MIRT439478
hsa-miR-20a-5p TADA2B Weak MIRT439489
hsa-miR-20a-5p STX6 Weak MIRT439512
hsa-miR-20a-5p STK17B Weak MIRT439521
hsa-miR-20a-5p SSX2IP Weak MIRT439535
hsa-miR-20a-5p SSH2 Weak MIRT439537
hsa-miR-20a-5p SOD2 Weak MIRT439566
hsa-miR-20a-5p SLK Weak MIRT439590
hsa-miR-20a-5p SLC4A7 Weak MIRT439594
hsa-miR-20a-5p SLC35F5 Weak MIRT439606
hsa-miR-20a-5p SLC16A9 Weak MIRT439620
hsa-miR-20a-5p SIKE1 Weak MIRT439633
hsa-miR-20a-5p SGTB Weak MIRT439644
hsa-miR-20a-5p PEAK1 Weak MIRT439648
hsa-miR-20a-5p SRSF2 Weak MIRT439654
hsa-miR-20a-5p SENP1 Weak MIRT439680
hsa-miR-20a-5p SEC23A Weak MIRT439688
hsa-miR-20a-5p SEC16A Weak MIRT439692
hsa-miR-20a-5p SCAMP2 Weak MIRT439703
hsa-miR-20a-5p SAMD9L Weak MIRT439711
hsa-miR-20a-5p SACS Weak MIRT439715
hsa-miR-20a-5p RPL17 Weak MIRT439742
hsa-miR-20a-5p RNF216 Weak MIRT439758
hsa-miR-20a-5p RFXANK Weak MIRT439776
hsa-miR-20a-5p REEP5 Weak MIRT439786
hsa-miR-20a-5p RBBP7 Weak MIRT439809
hsa-miR-20a-5p RAN Weak MIRT439821
hsa-miR-20a-5p RABEP1 Weak MIRT439832
hsa-miR-20a-5p RAB30 Weak MIRT439837
hsa-miR-20a-5p RAB11FIP1 Weak MIRT439848
hsa-miR-20a-5p PURB Weak MIRT439853
hsa-miR-20a-5p PTPN4 Weak MIRT439863
hsa-miR-20a-5p PTGES3 Weak MIRT439874
hsa-miR-20a-5p PTGER4 Weak MIRT439875
hsa-miR-20a-5p PPP6C Weak MIRT439905
hsa-miR-20a-5p PPP3R1 Weak MIRT439910
hsa-miR-20a-5p PPP1R3B Weak MIRT439915
hsa-miR-20a-5p POLQ Weak MIRT439933
hsa-miR-20a-5p PNPLA4 Weak MIRT439940
hsa-miR-20a-5p PLAGL2 Weak MIRT439954
hsa-miR-20a-5p PKMYT1 Weak MIRT439959
hsa-miR-20a-5p PIP4K2A Weak MIRT439971
hsa-miR-20a-5p PIGO Weak MIRT439977
hsa-miR-20a-5p PGM2L1 Weak MIRT439991
hsa-miR-20a-5p PDZD11 Weak MIRT440006
hsa-miR-20a-5p PCMTD1 Weak MIRT440025
hsa-miR-20a-5p PANK3 Weak MIRT440046
hsa-miR-20a-5p NUP98 Weak MIRT440068
hsa-miR-20a-5p NUP35 Weak MIRT440072
hsa-miR-20a-5p NR2C2 Weak MIRT440093
hsa-miR-20a-5p NPAT Weak MIRT440099
hsa-miR-20a-5p NIPA1 Weak MIRT440112
hsa-miR-20a-5p NCAPD2 Weak MIRT440138
hsa-miR-20a-5p NAA50 Weak MIRT440145
hsa-miR-20a-5p N4BP1 Weak MIRT440158
hsa-miR-20a-5p MXI1 Weak MIRT440170
hsa-miR-20a-5p MTF1 Weak MIRT440208
hsa-miR-20a-5p MKRN1 Weak MIRT440233
hsa-miR-20a-5p MKNK2 Weak MIRT440235
hsa-miR-20a-5p MECP2 Weak MIRT440260
hsa-miR-20a-5p MAPK1 Weak MIRT440278
hsa-miR-20a-5p MAP3K2 Weak MIRT440284
hsa-miR-20a-5p MAP3K14 Weak MIRT440286
hsa-miR-20a-5p M6PR Weak MIRT440296
hsa-miR-20a-5p LPGAT1 Weak MIRT440318
hsa-miR-20a-5p LIMA1 Weak MIRT440325
hsa-miR-20a-5p LAPTM4A Weak MIRT440340
hsa-miR-20a-5p LAMC1 Weak MIRT440346
hsa-miR-20a-5p KLHL28 Weak MIRT440357
hsa-miR-20a-5p KIF23 Weak MIRT440369
hsa-miR-20a-5p CCSER2 Weak MIRT440386
hsa-miR-20a-5p ATG14 Weak MIRT440388
hsa-miR-20a-5p EFCAB14 Weak MIRT440391
hsa-miR-20a-5p KATNAL1 Weak MIRT440410
hsa-miR-20a-5p ITPKB Weak MIRT440417
hsa-miR-20a-5p ITCH Weak MIRT440427
hsa-miR-20a-5p IQSEC1 Weak MIRT440430
hsa-miR-20a-5p INPP5F Weak MIRT440451
hsa-miR-20a-5p IER3 Weak MIRT440469
hsa-miR-20a-5p HIF1AN Weak MIRT440506
hsa-miR-20a-5p HAUS8 Weak MIRT440509
hsa-miR-20a-5p HCP5 Weak MIRT440520
hsa-miR-20a-5p GPAM Weak MIRT440537
hsa-miR-20a-5p GOLGA1 Weak MIRT440543
hsa-miR-20a-5p GNAS Weak MIRT440557
hsa-miR-20a-5p GLO1 Weak MIRT440561
hsa-miR-20a-5p GIGYF1 Weak MIRT440573
hsa-miR-20a-5p GBP3 Weak MIRT440583
hsa-miR-20a-5p GAK Weak MIRT440590
hsa-miR-20a-5p GABPB1 Weak MIRT440593
hsa-miR-20a-5p GABBR1 Weak MIRT440595
hsa-miR-20a-5p FYCO1 Weak MIRT440601
hsa-miR-20a-5p FTSJD1 Weak MIRT440609
hsa-miR-20a-5p FMNL3 Weak MIRT440633
hsa-miR-20a-5p FEM1C Weak MIRT440646
hsa-miR-20a-5p FBXO48 Weak MIRT440653
hsa-miR-20a-5p FBXO21 Weak MIRT440657
hsa-miR-20a-5p FBXO10 Weak MIRT440660
hsa-miR-20a-5p FBXL5 Weak MIRT440662
hsa-miR-20a-5p FAM83D Weak MIRT440674
hsa-miR-20a-5p FAM57A Weak MIRT440677
hsa-miR-20a-5p FAM129A Weak MIRT440685
hsa-miR-20a-5p FAM126B Weak MIRT440686
hsa-miR-20a-5p FAM102A Weak MIRT440693
hsa-miR-20a-5p EZH1 Weak MIRT440699
hsa-miR-20a-5p ETF1 Weak