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MicroRNA Gene Evidence category miRTarBase ID
hsa-miR-208b-5p FBXO28 Weak MIRT063604
hsa-miR-208b-5p PI4K2B Weak MIRT093693
hsa-miR-208b-5p RNF11 Weak MIRT114889
hsa-miR-208b-5p SKIL Weak MIRT306036
hsa-miR-208b-5p CBX3 Weak MIRT320271
hsa-miR-208b-5p RACGAP1 Weak MIRT337956
hsa-miR-208b-5p TPBG Weak MIRT361346
hsa-miR-208b-5p SP8 Weak MIRT444748
hsa-miR-208b-5p BRCC3 Weak MIRT445915
hsa-miR-208b-5p PPP2R1B Weak MIRT452156
hsa-miR-208b-5p CYP1B1 Weak MIRT478505
hsa-miR-208b-5p FAM199X Weak MIRT486407
hsa-miR-208b-5p SNAP25 Weak MIRT497004
hsa-miR-208b-5p RAPH1 Weak MIRT509705
hsa-miR-208b-5p RPLP1 Weak MIRT510128
hsa-miR-208b-5p GAS1 Weak MIRT511887
hsa-miR-208b-5p ANP32B Weak MIRT512291
hsa-miR-208b-5p RAP1B Weak MIRT513721
hsa-miR-208b-5p CEP97 Weak MIRT513979
hsa-miR-208b-5p TBRG1 Weak MIRT520790
hsa-miR-208b-5p SLC28A2 Weak MIRT529450
hsa-miR-208b-5p HDHD2 Weak MIRT530789
hsa-miR-208b-5p STXBP5L Weak MIRT531583
hsa-miR-208b-5p SAR1B Weak MIRT534488
hsa-miR-208b-5p RNF125 Weak MIRT534686
hsa-miR-208b-5p LRRC8A Weak MIRT536216
hsa-miR-208b-5p JMJD1C Weak MIRT536562
hsa-miR-208b-5p MYLIP Weak MIRT541168
hsa-miR-208b-5p HMGN2 Weak MIRT542932
hsa-miR-208b-5p ZFP36L1 Weak MIRT543131
hsa-miR-208b-5p PRR23A Weak MIRT543980
hsa-miR-208b-5p CCBL2 Weak MIRT544243
hsa-miR-208b-5p KIAA1715 Weak MIRT545402
hsa-miR-208b-5p LRIG3 Weak MIRT547567
hsa-miR-208b-5p KPNA3 Weak MIRT547658
hsa-miR-208b-5p DSN1 Weak MIRT550232
hsa-miR-208b-5p ARSK Weak MIRT550553
hsa-miR-208b-5p SOCS5 Weak MIRT554060
hsa-miR-208b-5p MAP3K5 Weak MIRT556294
hsa-miR-208b-5p FAM60A Weak MIRT559913
hsa-miR-208b-5p SYNCRIP Weak MIRT560629
hsa-miR-208b-5p SON Weak MIRT565529
hsa-miR-208b-5p BTG2 Weak MIRT568243
hsa-miR-208b-5p KIF21A Weak MIRT571975
hsa-miR-208b-5p ATP8B4 Weak MIRT573102
hsa-miR-208b-5p UFM1 Weak MIRT573298
hsa-miR-208b-5p SRRM4 Weak MIRT611866
hsa-miR-208b-5p WBSCR22 Weak MIRT611883
hsa-miR-208b-5p FOXP1 Weak MIRT613045
hsa-miR-208b-5p KIAA1210 Weak MIRT613674
hsa-miR-208b-5p UNKL Weak MIRT613752
hsa-miR-208b-5p ATF6 Weak MIRT615646
hsa-miR-208b-5p TPGS1 Weak MIRT615692
hsa-miR-208b-5p ACO1 Weak MIRT615854
hsa-miR-208b-5p RWDD1 Weak MIRT616375
hsa-miR-208b-5p PCDH19 Weak MIRT618060
hsa-miR-208b-5p SLC2A6 Weak MIRT619016
hsa-miR-208b-5p SLC35G1 Weak MIRT619033
hsa-miR-208b-5p PAPSS2 Weak MIRT619438
hsa-miR-208b-5p TCN2 Weak MIRT621451
hsa-miR-208b-5p CCT4 Weak MIRT628633
hsa-miR-208b-5p PCDHB11 Weak MIRT631626
hsa-miR-208b-5p FSIP2 Weak MIRT636832
hsa-miR-208b-5p C9orf41 Weak MIRT639331
hsa-miR-208b-5p PKHD1 Weak MIRT639389
hsa-miR-208b-5p PTAFR Weak MIRT639949
hsa-miR-208b-5p OSTM1 Weak MIRT640008
hsa-miR-208b-5p CLEC17A Weak MIRT640468
hsa-miR-208b-5p RABGEF1 Weak MIRT641374
hsa-miR-208b-5p LRIG1 Weak MIRT641460
hsa-miR-208b-5p FAM9C Weak MIRT642772
hsa-miR-208b-5p FBLIM1 Weak MIRT645395
hsa-miR-208b-5p TTF2 Weak MIRT645962
hsa-miR-208b-5p ZDHHC20 Weak MIRT651309
hsa-miR-208b-5p UBFD1 Weak MIRT651942
hsa-miR-208b-5p SUMO2 Weak MIRT652985
hsa-miR-208b-5p SIN3A Weak MIRT653813
hsa-miR-208b-5p SENP1 Weak MIRT653967
hsa-miR-208b-5p S1PR1 Weak MIRT654061
hsa-miR-208b-5p RYK Weak MIRT654068
hsa-miR-208b-5p PPT1 Weak MIRT654809
hsa-miR-208b-5p PPM1F Weak MIRT654864
hsa-miR-208b-5p OLFML2A Weak MIRT655642
hsa-miR-208b-5p HNRNPDL Weak MIRT657336
hsa-miR-208b-5p TSC22D2 Weak MIRT698018
hsa-miR-208b-5p CAV1 Weak MIRT704983
hsa-miR-208b-5p HEY2 Weak MIRT710109
hsa-miR-208b-5p MTRF1L Weak MIRT710177
hsa-miR-208b-5p PINX1 Weak MIRT712988
hsa-miR-208b-5p MAK16 Weak MIRT713791
hsa-miR-208b-5p HOMEZ Weak MIRT713863
hsa-miR-208b-5p C19orf68 Weak MIRT714152
hsa-miR-208b-5p KCTD20 Weak MIRT717296
hsa-miR-208b-5p CAPZA2 Weak MIRT717725
hsa-miR-208b-5p MIA3 Weak MIRT717960
hsa-miR-208b-5p TRAPPC6B Weak MIRT718379
hsa-miR-208b-5p IBTK Weak MIRT723785
hsa-miR-208b-5p ADAMTS15 Weak MIRT723923
hsa-miR-208b-5p FLI1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-208b-5p PTPN11 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-208b-5p FAM171B Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-208b-5p SYT15 Prediction N/A

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