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MicroRNA Gene Evidence category miRTarBase ID
hsa-miR-137 E2F6 Strong MIRT002489
hsa-miR-137 CDK6 Strong MIRT002490
hsa-miR-137 NCOA2 Strong MIRT004004
hsa-miR-137 KDM1A Strong MIRT004579
hsa-miR-137 CDC42 Strong MIRT005485
hsa-miR-137 CTBP1 Strong MIRT005605
hsa-miR-137 MITF Strong MIRT005883
hsa-miR-137 PTGS2 Strong MIRT006329
hsa-miR-137 ESRRA Strong MIRT006957
hsa-miR-137 ZNF804A Strong MIRT007068
hsa-miR-137 YBX1 Strong MIRT007092
hsa-miR-137 CSE1L Strong MIRT007252
hsa-miR-137 PXN Strong MIRT007346
hsa-miR-137 GLIPR1 Strong MIRT053056
hsa-miR-137 MET Strong MIRT053225
hsa-miR-137 FUNDC1 Strong MIRT054547
hsa-miR-137 BNIP3L Strong MIRT054568
hsa-miR-137 FMNL2 Strong MIRT437385
hsa-miR-137 RORA Strong MIRT437406
hsa-miR-137 KIT Strong MIRT437423
hsa-miR-137 AKT2 Strong MIRT437424
hsa-miR-137 TGFB2 Strong MIRT437425
hsa-miR-137 SERPINA3 Strong MIRT437804
hsa-miR-137 COX2 Strong MIRT437978
hsa-miR-137 TRIM13 Strong MIRT438078
hsa-miR-137 TBX3 Strong MIRT438287
hsa-miR-137 KLF4 Strong MIRT438288
hsa-miR-137 MTDH Strong MIRT438537
hsa-miR-137 Nr1i3 Strong MIRT438757
hsa-miR-137 PLS1 Weak MIRT090615
hsa-miR-137 TMA16 Weak MIRT093393
hsa-miR-137 VMA21 Weak MIRT109230
hsa-miR-137 NCOA3 Weak MIRT153687
hsa-miR-137 FOXK1 Weak MIRT170929
hsa-miR-137 RREB1 Weak MIRT219251
hsa-miR-137 KLHL15 Weak MIRT259552
hsa-miR-137 ZNF678 Weak MIRT271869
hsa-miR-137 BCL11B Weak MIRT280623
hsa-miR-137 DR1 Weak MIRT293284
hsa-miR-137 PAPD7 Weak MIRT314017
hsa-miR-137 AGO4 Weak MIRT374677
hsa-miR-137 CCDC59 Weak MIRT442564
hsa-miR-137 JAG1 Weak MIRT442778
hsa-miR-137 SREK1IP1 Weak MIRT444302
hsa-miR-137 SLCO4C1 Weak MIRT446969
hsa-miR-137 FKBP1A Weak MIRT448824
hsa-miR-137 SNRPE Weak MIRT453617
hsa-miR-137 MRPS21 Weak MIRT459217
hsa-miR-137 ZC3H11A Weak MIRT463490
hsa-miR-137 PTGES2 Weak MIRT470084
hsa-miR-137 H3F3C Weak MIRT475876
hsa-miR-137 H3F3B Weak MIRT475912
hsa-miR-137 FUT11 Weak MIRT476669
hsa-miR-137 EOGT Weak MIRT477346
hsa-miR-137 EIF1 Weak MIRT477596
hsa-miR-137 DDI2 Weak MIRT478367
hsa-miR-137 CNN2 Weak MIRT479111
hsa-miR-137 CTPS2 Weak MIRT482926
hsa-miR-137 SNRK Weak MIRT485083
hsa-miR-137 NBEAL1 Weak MIRT497120
hsa-miR-137 UBXN4 Weak MIRT498029
hsa-miR-137 UBE2Z Weak MIRT500603
hsa-miR-137 SSFA2 Weak MIRT500927
hsa-miR-137 ASGR2 Weak MIRT504324
hsa-miR-137 RPL9 Weak MIRT504647
hsa-miR-137 PCMTD1 Weak MIRT506304
hsa-miR-137 BCAT1 Weak MIRT508007
hsa-miR-137 XKR7 Weak MIRT510538
hsa-miR-137 LYPD6 Weak MIRT513051
hsa-miR-137 COX20 Weak MIRT515223
hsa-miR-137 ZFP62 Weak MIRT519857
hsa-miR-137 TRAM2 Weak MIRT520508
hsa-miR-137 PAFAH1B2 Weak MIRT522047
hsa-miR-137 CHRM3 Weak MIRT524479
hsa-miR-137 ZNF772 Weak MIRT526904
hsa-miR-137 SLC39A14 Weak MIRT527862
hsa-miR-137 ZNF326 Weak MIRT528601
hsa-miR-137 ZNF24 Weak MIRT532950
hsa-miR-137 LMOD2 Weak MIRT536275
hsa-miR-137 GRAMD4 Weak MIRT537045
hsa-miR-137 GOLGA3 Weak MIRT537124
hsa-miR-137 BTBD1 Weak MIRT538884
hsa-miR-137 AURKA Weak MIRT541457
hsa-miR-137 HOXC8 Weak MIRT542924
hsa-miR-137 AP5Z1 Weak MIRT544580
hsa-miR-137 RFTN2 Weak MIRT545175
hsa-miR-137 GTF2E1 Weak MIRT545248
hsa-miR-137 SLC1A5 Weak MIRT546473
hsa-miR-137 MARCH9 Weak MIRT547523
hsa-miR-137 GIGYF1 Weak MIRT548071
hsa-miR-137 FNIP1 Weak MIRT548200
hsa-miR-137 CIDEC Weak MIRT551216
hsa-miR-137 USP28 Weak MIRT553046
hsa-miR-137 SUPT7L Weak MIRT553875
hsa-miR-137 SPCS3 Weak MIRT554026
hsa-miR-137 SLX4 Weak MIRT554153
hsa-miR-137 SLC35E2B Weak MIRT554192
hsa-miR-137 SFXN5 Weak MIRT554362
hsa-miR-137 PPP1R37 Weak MIRT555349
hsa-miR-137 PAX9 Weak MIRT555822
hsa-miR-137 PAIP1 Weak MIRT555866
hsa-miR-137 NUP43 Weak MIRT555931
hsa-miR-137 NFYB Weak MIRT555993
hsa-miR-137 LONRF3 Weak MIRT556429
hsa-miR-137 LHFPL2 Weak MIRT556582
hsa-miR-137 HNRNPDL Weak MIRT557220
hsa-miR-137 DBN1 Weak MIRT558490
hsa-miR-137 GPBP1L1 Weak MIRT560986
hsa-miR-137 GLO1 Weak MIRT562291
hsa-miR-137 TLR3 Weak MIRT564093
hsa-miR-137 TMEM41A Weak MIRT565312
hsa-miR-137 TEF Weak MIRT565424
hsa-miR-137 LIMCH1 Weak MIRT566946
hsa-miR-137 ATOX1 Weak MIRT572369
hsa-miR-137 ZNF267 Weak MIRT686211
hsa-miR-137 SFT2D3 Weak MIRT686935
hsa-miR-137 NR3C1 Weak MIRT687448
hsa-miR-137 COQ7 Weak MIRT710856
hsa-miR-137 RBM27 Weak MIRT719484
hsa-miR-137 TXNDC17 Weak MIRT719813
hsa-miR-137 YTHDF3 Weak MIRT720076
hsa-miR-137 ADAMTS15 Weak MIRT723920
hsa-miR-137 PCGF5 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-137 DPYSL2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-137 DST Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-137 MTUS2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-137 LMAN1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-137 SSR3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-137 AGK Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-137 SBNO1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-137 PAK2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-137 CACFD1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-137 BRWD3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-137 MDGA2 Prediction N/A

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