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MicroRNA Gene Evidence category miRTarBase ID
hsa-miR-1297 TRIB2 Strong MIRT007038
hsa-miR-1297 VANGL2 Weak MIRT060009
hsa-miR-1297 WNK1 Weak MIRT062186
hsa-miR-1297 CCND2 Weak MIRT064740
hsa-miR-1297 ZBTB18 Weak MIRT064910
hsa-miR-1297 ZDHHC18 Weak MIRT066817
hsa-miR-1297 CHAC1 Weak MIRT072099
hsa-miR-1297 C16ORF70 Weak MIRT075122
hsa-miR-1297 PMAIP1 Weak MIRT080615
hsa-miR-1297 SLC5A3 Weak MIRT085207
hsa-miR-1297 UBR3 Weak MIRT086019
hsa-miR-1297 NABP1 Weak MIRT086444
hsa-miR-1297 TNRC6B Weak MIRT087908
hsa-miR-1297 TET3 Weak MIRT089457
hsa-miR-1297 MAT2A Weak MIRT089603
hsa-miR-1297 SLC25A36 Weak MIRT090521
hsa-miR-1297 KPNA2 Weak MIRT147314
hsa-miR-1297 FAM126B Weak MIRT156751
hsa-miR-1297 ZNF410 Weak MIRT191758
hsa-miR-1297 MAPK6 Weak MIRT193073
hsa-miR-1297 RHOQ Weak MIRT206547
hsa-miR-1297 CREBRF Weak MIRT215353
hsa-miR-1297 MTDH Weak MIRT226659
hsa-miR-1297 TBC1D13 Weak MIRT227695
hsa-miR-1297 MAP1B Weak MIRT243967
hsa-miR-1297 TNRC6A Weak MIRT250415
hsa-miR-1297 AKIRIN1 Weak MIRT277218
hsa-miR-1297 NUFIP2 Weak MIRT286394
hsa-miR-1297 STRADB Weak MIRT300116
hsa-miR-1297 PDE12 Weak MIRT308150
hsa-miR-1297 UBN2 Weak MIRT319700
hsa-miR-1297 KLHL15 Weak MIRT327082
hsa-miR-1297 ZNF772 Weak MIRT444708
hsa-miR-1297 C14orf37 Weak MIRT447552
hsa-miR-1297 OTUD4 Weak MIRT448616
hsa-miR-1297 UQCR11 Weak MIRT451359
hsa-miR-1297 ZBTB45 Weak MIRT457293
hsa-miR-1297 CES2 Weak MIRT458764
hsa-miR-1297 CD55 Weak MIRT458856
hsa-miR-1297 SLC26A2 Weak MIRT460262
hsa-miR-1297 ZNF426 Weak MIRT461703
hsa-miR-1297 TMTC3 Weak MIRT465729
hsa-miR-1297 TAF13 Weak MIRT466689
hsa-miR-1297 SERP1 Weak MIRT468542
hsa-miR-1297 SACS Weak MIRT468810
hsa-miR-1297 PSAT1 Weak MIRT470199
hsa-miR-1297 GTF2A1 Weak MIRT476010
hsa-miR-1297 ETF1 Weak MIRT477229
hsa-miR-1297 EDEM3 Weak MIRT477753
hsa-miR-1297 DDIT4 Weak MIRT478347
hsa-miR-1297 CTNS Weak MIRT478526
hsa-miR-1297 CKS2 Weak MIRT479226
hsa-miR-1297 BLOC1S2 Weak MIRT480794
hsa-miR-1297 AGPAT5 Weak MIRT482243
hsa-miR-1297 ADM Weak MIRT482432
hsa-miR-1297 MDM2 Weak MIRT486466
hsa-miR-1297 LOXL2 Weak MIRT487562
hsa-miR-1297 ZNF664 Weak MIRT498664
hsa-miR-1297 RNF6 Weak MIRT499510
hsa-miR-1297 FRAT2 Weak MIRT502457
hsa-miR-1297 CREBZF Weak MIRT502712
hsa-miR-1297 CHEK2 Weak MIRT502854
hsa-miR-1297 ADAM17 Weak MIRT503191
hsa-miR-1297 E2F7 Weak MIRT507484
hsa-miR-1297 DEPDC1 Weak MIRT507559
hsa-miR-1297 BRCA1 Weak MIRT524744
hsa-miR-1297 LRRTM4 Weak MIRT527179
hsa-miR-1297 B3GALT5 Weak MIRT527910
hsa-miR-1297 ZNF451 Weak MIRT532896
hsa-miR-1297 TOB1 Weak MIRT533589
hsa-miR-1297 SETD8 Weak MIRT534369
hsa-miR-1297 PPP2R5D Weak MIRT535061
hsa-miR-1297 MAD2L1 Weak MIRT536205
hsa-miR-1297 GALNT3 Weak MIRT537234
hsa-miR-1297 KIAA0408 Weak MIRT539775
hsa-miR-1297 ZBTB24 Weak MIRT540868
hsa-miR-1297 SOGA3 Weak MIRT541043
hsa-miR-1297 DDX3X Weak MIRT541351
hsa-miR-1297 TUB Weak MIRT544950
hsa-miR-1297 ZNF608 Weak MIRT545810
hsa-miR-1297 PPP1R15B Weak MIRT547009
hsa-miR-1297 EPB41L3 Weak MIRT551189
hsa-miR-1297 TMEM19 Weak MIRT551974
hsa-miR-1297 ALG1 Weak MIRT552045
hsa-miR-1297 TSC22D2 Weak MIRT553326
hsa-miR-1297 SFPQ Weak MIRT554368
hsa-miR-1297 PDCD10 Weak MIRT555742
hsa-miR-1297 MAN2A1 Weak MIRT556347
hsa-miR-1297 GSK3B Weak MIRT557460
hsa-miR-1297 TMEM254 Weak MIRT560390
hsa-miR-1297 SMIM9 Weak MIRT560466
hsa-miR-1297 ATP2B1 Weak MIRT561123
hsa-miR-1297 ARNTL2 Weak MIRT562627
hsa-miR-1297 NSA2 Weak MIRT564085
hsa-miR-1297 SDE2 Weak MIRT564208
hsa-miR-1297 TSHZ1 Weak MIRT565192
hsa-miR-1297 CSTF2 Weak MIRT567888
hsa-miR-1297 BMP2K Weak MIRT568260
hsa-miR-1297 ARF1 Weak MIRT568506
hsa-miR-1297 CDV3 Weak MIRT572179
hsa-miR-1297 HAUS8 Weak MIRT574712
hsa-miR-1297 NUS1 Weak MIRT610598
hsa-miR-1297 WDR92 Weak MIRT614446
hsa-miR-1297 FAXC Weak MIRT615443
hsa-miR-1297 HSPD1 Weak MIRT618504
hsa-miR-1297 CDK9 Weak MIRT618904
hsa-miR-1297 TNFAIP8L1 Weak MIRT620084
hsa-miR-1297 GLTP Weak MIRT620287
hsa-miR-1297 RNF11 Weak MIRT622465
hsa-miR-1297 ASXL3 Weak MIRT624646
hsa-miR-1297 AQR Weak MIRT624698
hsa-miR-1297 ZNF566 Weak MIRT625257
hsa-miR-1297 EFCAB14 Weak MIRT628259
hsa-miR-1297 FAM177A1 Weak MIRT628873
hsa-miR-1297 FPR1 Weak MIRT630721
hsa-miR-1297 SLFN13 Weak MIRT631888
hsa-miR-1297 MYOZ3 Weak MIRT637717
hsa-miR-1297 SSR3 Weak MIRT639893
hsa-miR-1297 ORC6 Weak MIRT642507
hsa-miR-1297 SEPT14 Weak MIRT644724
hsa-miR-1297 AGTPBP1 Weak MIRT645342
hsa-miR-1297 TUBGCP5 Weak MIRT648888
hsa-miR-1297 SLC35B3 Weak MIRT653566
hsa-miR-1297 PP13439 Weak MIRT654879
hsa-miR-1297 MTA3 Weak MIRT656096
hsa-miR-1297 BMPR1A Weak MIRT660205
hsa-miR-1297 ALDH6A1 Weak MIRT660754
hsa-miR-1297 RHCG Weak MIRT661380
hsa-miR-1297 ADM2 Weak MIRT662311
hsa-miR-1297 MCM8 Weak MIRT662629
hsa-miR-1297 ZNF347 Weak MIRT663689
hsa-miR-1297 FKTN Weak MIRT665110
hsa-miR-1297 ZKSCAN1 Weak MIRT665263
hsa-miR-1297 SLC31A1 Weak MIRT666274
hsa-miR-1297 RBM48 Weak MIRT666647
hsa-miR-1297 LUC7L2 Weak MIRT667512
hsa-miR-1297 C7orf55-LUC7L2 Weak MIRT669229
hsa-miR-1297 C1orf50 Weak MIRT669272
hsa-miR-1297 RGS17 Weak MIRT671784
hsa-miR-1297 RPL37 Weak MIRT672380
hsa-miR-1297 KDELR1 Weak MIRT673465
hsa-miR-1297 HPSE Weak MIRT673601
hsa-miR-1297 NWD1 Weak MIRT676270
hsa-miR-1297 RNF216 Weak MIRT676515
hsa-miR-1297 LRRC27 Weak MIRT676654
hsa-miR-1297 PHAX Weak MIRT677336
hsa-miR-1297 OCIAD2 Weak MIRT677524
hsa-miR-1297 C19orf52 Weak MIRT677549
hsa-miR-1297 SSR1 Weak MIRT677725
hsa-miR-1297 PNPLA3 Weak MIRT677801
hsa-miR-1297 DCP1A Weak MIRT677886
hsa-miR-1297 MICA Weak MIRT678105
hsa-miR-1297 PDE4C Weak MIRT678432
hsa-miR-1297 ARHGEF39 Weak MIRT678489
hsa-miR-1297 TTLL12 Weak MIRT678899
hsa-miR-1297 SSBP2 Weak MIRT679297
hsa-miR-1297 UGGT1 Weak MIRT679573
hsa-miR-1297 ZNF860 Weak MIRT680004
hsa-miR-1297 PLAC8 Weak MIRT694964
hsa-miR-1297 UBE2H Weak MIRT697862
hsa-miR-1297 TMEM2 Weak MIRT698311
hsa-miR-1297 MTMR12 Weak MIRT701713
hsa-miR-1297 ACBD5 Weak MIRT705965
hsa-miR-1297 DIP2A Weak MIRT714343
hsa-miR-1297 POLR2E Weak MIRT715310
hsa-miR-1297 PDE4DIP Weak MIRT717478
hsa-miR-1297 PRKX Weak MIRT719605
hsa-miR-1297 CSNK1A1 Weak MIRT724484
hsa-miR-1297 HECTD3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-1297 TIAL1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-1297 NXPE3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-1297 DNAJB5 Prediction N/A

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