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Gene MicroRNA Evidence category miRTarBase ID
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-98-5p Weak MIRT004941
ZFP36L1 hsa-let-7a-5p Weak MIRT004957
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-423-5p Weak MIRT038046
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-656-3p Weak MIRT070954
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-1277-5p Weak MIRT070956
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-6734-3p Weak MIRT191603
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-548a-3p Weak MIRT279830
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-548e-3p Weak MIRT279833
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-548f-3p Weak MIRT279835
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-548ar-3p Weak MIRT279846
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-5582-3p Weak MIRT279847
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-548az-3p Weak MIRT279848
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-181a-5p Weak MIRT279875
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-181b-5p Weak MIRT279876
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-181c-5p Weak MIRT279877
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-181d-5p Weak MIRT279878
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-4504 Weak MIRT385490
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-30a-3p Weak MIRT385491
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-30d-3p Weak MIRT385492
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-30e-3p Weak MIRT385493
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-624-3p Weak MIRT395090
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-8061 Weak MIRT463302
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-4760-5p Weak MIRT463303
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-4709-3p Weak MIRT463304
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-376a-5p Weak MIRT463305
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-5190 Weak MIRT463306
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-7852-3p Weak MIRT463307
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-548at-5p Weak MIRT463308
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-27b-3p Weak MIRT463309
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-27a-3p Weak MIRT463310
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-216a-3p Weak MIRT463311
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-128-3p Weak MIRT463312
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-3681-3p Weak MIRT463313
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-498 Weak MIRT500442
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-193b-5p Weak MIRT500443
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-6883-5p Weak MIRT500444
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-6785-5p Weak MIRT500445
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-4728-5p Weak MIRT500446
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-149-3p Weak MIRT500447
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-3185 Weak MIRT500448
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-6837-5p Weak MIRT500449
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-4685-5p Weak MIRT500450
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-7113-5p Weak MIRT500451
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-4441 Weak MIRT500452
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-6754-5p Weak MIRT500453
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-4270 Weak MIRT500454
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-6732-5p Weak MIRT500455
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-4756-5p Weak MIRT500456
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-4739 Weak MIRT500457
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-1321 Weak MIRT500458
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-5692c Weak MIRT543124
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-5692b Weak MIRT543125
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-6507-5p Weak MIRT543126
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-548g-3p Weak MIRT543127
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-6083 Weak MIRT543128
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-3944-5p Weak MIRT543129
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-6499-3p Weak MIRT543130
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-208b-5p Weak MIRT543131
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-208a-5p Weak MIRT543132
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-100-3p Weak MIRT543133
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-3977 Weak MIRT564765
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-103a-2-5p Weak MIRT564766
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-382-5p Weak MIRT564767
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-495-5p Weak MIRT564768
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-124-3p Weak MIRT564769
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-3148 Weak MIRT564770
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-4720-3p Weak MIRT564771
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-3910 Weak MIRT564772
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-548an Weak MIRT564773
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-335-3p Weak MIRT725044
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-3074-5p Weak MIRT725045
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-6868-3p Weak MIRT725046
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-3157-5p Weak MIRT725047
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-5581-5p Weak MIRT725048
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-4297 Weak MIRT725049
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-3667-3p Weak MIRT725050
ZFP36L1 hsa-miR-3614-3p Weak MIRT725051

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