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Gene MicroRNA Evidence category miRTarBase ID
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-590-3p Weak MIRT016212
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-548b-3p Weak MIRT016240
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-128-3p Weak MIRT021920
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-215-5p Weak MIRT024510
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-192-5p Weak MIRT026265
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-26b-5p Weak MIRT029041
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-877-3p Weak MIRT036898
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-106b-3p Weak MIRT038588
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-17-5p Weak MIRT064794
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-19a-3p Weak MIRT064795
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-19b-3p Weak MIRT064796
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-20a-5p Weak MIRT064797
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-93-5p Weak MIRT064798
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-106a-5p Weak MIRT064799
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-130a-3p Weak MIRT064800
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-106b-5p Weak MIRT064801
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-301a-3p Weak MIRT064802
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-130b-3p Weak MIRT064803
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-20b-5p Weak MIRT064804
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-519c-3p Weak MIRT064805
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-526b-3p Weak MIRT064806
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-519b-3p Weak MIRT064807
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-519d-3p Weak MIRT064808
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-519a-3p Weak MIRT064809
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-454-3p Weak MIRT064810
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-889-3p Weak MIRT064811
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-301b-3p Weak MIRT064812
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-4295 Weak MIRT064813
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-3666 Weak MIRT064814
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-4509 Weak MIRT064815
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-4733-5p Weak MIRT064816
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-4744 Weak MIRT064817
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-548aw Weak MIRT064819
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-1277-5p Weak MIRT064836
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-5011-5p Weak MIRT064839
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-101-5p Weak MIRT064840
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-1301-3p Weak MIRT064841
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-4660 Weak MIRT064842
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-4720-3p Weak MIRT064843
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-5047 Weak MIRT064845
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-7156-3p Weak MIRT064846
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-6083 Weak MIRT064855
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-340-5p Weak MIRT064860
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-629-5p Weak MIRT064861
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-2113 Weak MIRT064862
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-3622b-5p Weak MIRT064865
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-4720-5p Weak MIRT064869
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-4799-3p Weak MIRT064870
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-5588-5p Weak MIRT064871
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-6839-3p Weak MIRT064872
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-8068 Weak MIRT064874
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-4263 Weak MIRT064881
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-2116-3p Weak MIRT064886
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-3684 Weak MIRT064887
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-4696 Weak MIRT064888
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-4524b-3p Weak MIRT064889
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-15a-3p Weak MIRT064904
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-26a-5p Weak MIRT064905
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-155-5p Weak MIRT064906
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-577 Weak MIRT064908
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-1297 Weak MIRT064910
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-1250-3p Weak MIRT064911
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-3922-5p Weak MIRT064912
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-4465 Weak MIRT064913
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-4753-5p Weak MIRT064916
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-5695 Weak MIRT064917
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-219a-5p Weak MIRT064918
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-330-3p Weak MIRT064919
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-4782-3p Weak MIRT064920
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-6766-3p Weak MIRT064921
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-6516-5p Weak MIRT064938
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-26a-1-3p Weak MIRT135004
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-190a-3p Weak MIRT135005
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-26a-2-3p Weak MIRT135006
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-3924 Weak MIRT135010
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-921 Weak MIRT186552
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-495-3p Weak MIRT248054
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-1468-3p Weak MIRT248055
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-548f-5p Weak MIRT248056
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-548g-5p Weak MIRT248057
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-548x-5p Weak MIRT248058
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-548aj-5p Weak MIRT248059
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-5688 Weak MIRT248061
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-570-3p Weak MIRT259928
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-4487 Weak MIRT273032
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-1199-5p Weak MIRT273033
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-6751-3p Weak MIRT273034
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-143-5p Weak MIRT273035
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-3944-5p Weak MIRT273036
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-126-5p Weak MIRT273037
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-4799-5p Weak MIRT273041
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-505-3p Weak MIRT337481
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-3121-3p Weak MIRT337484
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-2115-3p Weak MIRT405375
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-4697-3p Weak MIRT505079
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-4445-5p Weak MIRT505080
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-508-3p Weak MIRT505081
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-622 Weak MIRT505082
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-576-3p Weak MIRT505083
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-223-3p Weak MIRT505084
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-676-5p Weak MIRT505085
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-6515-3p Weak MIRT505086
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-5697 Weak MIRT505087
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-5583-5p Weak MIRT505088
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-3129-3p Weak MIRT505089
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-4795-3p Weak MIRT542592
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-656-3p Weak MIRT542593
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-506-5p Weak MIRT545944
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-892c-5p Weak MIRT545945
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-138-2-3p Weak MIRT545946
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-3180-5p Weak MIRT552637
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-665 Weak MIRT552638
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-4796-3p Weak MIRT552639
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-548ah-5p Weak MIRT552640
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-3609 Weak MIRT552641
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-5089-3p Weak MIRT561327
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-520b Weak MIRT561328
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-302a-3p Weak MIRT561329
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-302b-3p Weak MIRT561330
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-302c-3p Weak MIRT561331
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-302d-3p Weak MIRT561332
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-520a-3p Weak MIRT561333
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-373-3p Weak MIRT561334
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-520e Weak MIRT561335
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-372-3p Weak MIRT561336
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-520c-3p Weak MIRT561337
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-520d-3p Weak MIRT561338
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-302e Weak MIRT561339
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-5010-3p Weak MIRT561340
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-4303 Weak MIRT561341
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-8064 Weak MIRT561342
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-558 Weak MIRT561343
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-3160-3p Weak MIRT561344
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-4653-5p Weak MIRT561345
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-3921 Weak MIRT561346
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-4714-5p Weak MIRT561347
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-3919 Weak MIRT564812
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-5687 Weak MIRT564813
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-4773 Weak MIRT564814
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-5096 Weak MIRT564815
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-513a-5p Weak MIRT564816
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-27b-3p Weak MIRT564817
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-27a-3p Weak MIRT564818
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-5581-3p Weak MIRT564819
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-6872-3p Weak MIRT564820
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-4530 Weak MIRT564821
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-5586-5p Weak MIRT564822
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-374a-3p Weak MIRT564823
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-3606-5p Weak MIRT564824
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-5186 Weak MIRT564825
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-3174 Weak MIRT564826
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-361-5p Weak MIRT564827
ZBTB18 hsa-miR-5701 Weak MIRT571546

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