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Gene MicroRNA Evidence category miRTarBase ID
TMEM167A hsa-miR-548b-3p Weak MIRT016234
TMEM167A hsa-miR-155-5p Weak MIRT020966
TMEM167A hsa-let-7b-5p Weak MIRT032496
TMEM167A hsa-miR-877-5p Weak MIRT037214
TMEM167A hsa-miR-130b-5p Weak MIRT038333
TMEM167A hsa-miR-1260b Weak MIRT052668
TMEM167A hsa-miR-4432 Weak MIRT097538
TMEM167A hsa-miR-488-3p Weak MIRT167237
TMEM167A hsa-miR-6515-5p Weak MIRT167277
TMEM167A hsa-miR-5696 Weak MIRT314678
TMEM167A hsa-miR-4273 Weak MIRT314688
TMEM167A hsa-miR-7156-5p Weak MIRT314693
TMEM167A hsa-miR-543 Weak MIRT314694
TMEM167A hsa-miR-4729 Weak MIRT314695
TMEM167A hsa-miR-3646 Weak MIRT359330
TMEM167A hsa-miR-5692a Weak MIRT359335
TMEM167A hsa-miR-2117 Weak MIRT359344
TMEM167A hsa-miR-20a-5p Weak MIRT439435
TMEM167A hsa-miR-106b-5p Weak MIRT439436
TMEM167A hsa-miR-7856-5p Weak MIRT448423
TMEM167A hsa-miR-3658 Weak MIRT448424
TMEM167A hsa-miR-1273e Weak MIRT448425
TMEM167A hsa-miR-7-1-3p Weak MIRT448426
TMEM167A hsa-miR-6869-5p Weak MIRT448427
TMEM167A hsa-miR-6730-5p Weak MIRT448428
TMEM167A hsa-miR-5681a Weak MIRT448429
TMEM167A hsa-miR-27b-3p Weak MIRT448430
TMEM167A hsa-miR-27a-3p Weak MIRT448431
TMEM167A hsa-miR-3681-3p Weak MIRT448432
TMEM167A hsa-miR-128-3p Weak MIRT448433
TMEM167A hsa-miR-216a-3p Weak MIRT448434
TMEM167A hsa-miR-7843-3p Weak MIRT494929
TMEM167A hsa-miR-4522 Weak MIRT494930
TMEM167A hsa-miR-4786-3p Weak MIRT494931
TMEM167A hsa-miR-146a-3p Weak MIRT494932
TMEM167A hsa-miR-4714-5p Weak MIRT494933
TMEM167A hsa-miR-7161-5p Weak MIRT494934
TMEM167A hsa-miR-548u Weak MIRT494935
TMEM167A hsa-miR-568 Weak MIRT505350
TMEM167A hsa-miR-3143 Weak MIRT505351
TMEM167A hsa-miR-449b-5p Weak MIRT505352
TMEM167A hsa-miR-449a Weak MIRT505353
TMEM167A hsa-miR-34c-5p Weak MIRT505354
TMEM167A hsa-miR-34a-5p Weak MIRT505355
TMEM167A hsa-miR-3202 Weak MIRT505356
TMEM167A hsa-miR-4533 Weak MIRT505357
TMEM167A hsa-miR-6499-3p Weak MIRT505358
TMEM167A hsa-miR-605-3p Weak MIRT505359
TMEM167A hsa-miR-490-5p Weak MIRT505360
TMEM167A hsa-miR-449c-5p Weak MIRT505361
TMEM167A hsa-miR-34b-5p Weak MIRT505362
TMEM167A hsa-miR-2682-5p Weak MIRT505363
TMEM167A hsa-miR-3714 Weak MIRT505364
TMEM167A hsa-miR-6780a-5p Weak MIRT510614
TMEM167A hsa-miR-6779-5p Weak MIRT510615
TMEM167A hsa-miR-3689c Weak MIRT510616
TMEM167A hsa-miR-3689b-3p Weak MIRT510617
TMEM167A hsa-miR-3689a-3p Weak MIRT510618
TMEM167A hsa-miR-30b-3p Weak MIRT510619
TMEM167A hsa-miR-1273h-5p Weak MIRT510620
TMEM167A hsa-miR-6778-5p Weak MIRT510621
TMEM167A hsa-miR-1233-5p Weak MIRT510622
TMEM167A hsa-miR-6766-5p Weak MIRT510623
TMEM167A hsa-miR-6756-5p Weak MIRT510624
TMEM167A hsa-miR-6799-5p Weak MIRT510625
TMEM167A hsa-miR-6883-5p Weak MIRT510626
TMEM167A hsa-miR-6785-5p Weak MIRT510627
TMEM167A hsa-miR-4728-5p Weak MIRT510628
TMEM167A hsa-miR-149-3p Weak MIRT510629
TMEM167A hsa-miR-7106-5p Weak MIRT510630
TMEM167A hsa-miR-6878-5p Weak MIRT510631
TMEM167A hsa-miR-6797-5p Weak MIRT510632
TMEM167A hsa-miR-1249-5p Weak MIRT510633
TMEM167A hsa-miR-765 Weak MIRT510634
TMEM167A hsa-miR-5703 Weak MIRT510635
TMEM167A hsa-miR-4516 Weak MIRT510636
TMEM167A hsa-miR-4434 Weak MIRT510637
TMEM167A hsa-miR-6804-5p Weak MIRT510638
TMEM167A hsa-miR-6133 Weak MIRT510639
TMEM167A hsa-miR-6130 Weak MIRT510640
TMEM167A hsa-miR-6129 Weak MIRT510641
TMEM167A hsa-miR-6127 Weak MIRT510642
TMEM167A hsa-miR-4510 Weak MIRT510643
TMEM167A hsa-miR-4419a Weak MIRT510644
TMEM167A hsa-miR-1253 Weak MIRT510645
TMEM167A hsa-miR-6760-5p Weak MIRT510646
TMEM167A hsa-miR-5584-5p Weak MIRT510647
TMEM167A hsa-miR-4779 Weak MIRT510648
TMEM167A hsa-miR-6510-5p Weak MIRT510649
TMEM167A hsa-miR-5197-3p Weak MIRT510650
TMEM167A hsa-miR-2278 Weak MIRT510651
TMEM167A hsa-miR-6500-5p Weak MIRT553539
TMEM167A hsa-miR-4633-3p Weak MIRT553540
TMEM167A hsa-miR-7153-5p Weak MIRT553541
TMEM167A hsa-miR-146b-5p Weak MIRT553542
TMEM167A hsa-miR-146a-5p Weak MIRT553543
TMEM167A hsa-miR-589-5p Weak MIRT553544
TMEM167A hsa-miR-6758-3p Weak MIRT553545
TMEM167A hsa-miR-1272 Weak MIRT553546
TMEM167A hsa-miR-708-5p Weak MIRT553547
TMEM167A hsa-miR-3139 Weak MIRT553548
TMEM167A hsa-miR-28-5p Weak MIRT553549
TMEM167A hsa-miR-1252-3p Weak MIRT553550
TMEM167A hsa-miR-4668-5p Weak MIRT568781
TMEM167A hsa-miR-6832-3p Weak MIRT639154
TMEM167A hsa-miR-1306-5p Weak MIRT639155
TMEM167A hsa-miR-4762-3p Weak MIRT652506
TMEM167A hsa-miR-3192-3p Weak MIRT652507
TMEM167A hsa-miR-519d-3p Weak MIRT726300
TMEM167A hsa-miR-93-5p Weak MIRT726301
TMEM167A hsa-miR-20b-5p Weak MIRT726302
TMEM167A hsa-miR-17-5p Weak MIRT726303

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