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Gene MicroRNA Evidence category miRTarBase ID
TIMM8A hsa-miR-375 Strong MIRT000053
TIMM8A hsa-miR-155-5p Weak MIRT020870
TIMM8A hsa-miR-30a-5p Weak MIRT028557
TIMM8A hsa-let-7b-5p Weak MIRT032388
TIMM8A hsa-miR-532-3p Weak MIRT394175
TIMM8A hsa-miR-6516-5p Weak MIRT455800
TIMM8A hsa-miR-1273e Weak MIRT455801
TIMM8A hsa-miR-455-3p Weak MIRT455802
TIMM8A hsa-miR-650 Weak MIRT455803
TIMM8A hsa-miR-3612 Weak MIRT455804
TIMM8A hsa-miR-6499-3p Weak MIRT455805
TIMM8A hsa-miR-1827 Weak MIRT455806
TIMM8A hsa-miR-4537 Weak MIRT455807
TIMM8A hsa-miR-5186 Weak MIRT455808
TIMM8A hsa-miR-6840-3p Weak MIRT455809
TIMM8A hsa-miR-665 Weak MIRT455810
TIMM8A hsa-miR-4756-3p Weak MIRT455811
TIMM8A hsa-miR-4459 Weak MIRT455812
TIMM8A hsa-miR-6511a-5p Weak MIRT455813
TIMM8A hsa-miR-1910-3p Weak MIRT455814
TIMM8A hsa-miR-4695-5p Weak MIRT455815
TIMM8A hsa-miR-1273g-3p Weak MIRT542631
TIMM8A hsa-miR-7703 Weak MIRT542632
TIMM8A hsa-miR-1260b Weak MIRT542633
TIMM8A hsa-miR-1260a Weak MIRT542634
TIMM8A hsa-miR-6720-5p Weak MIRT542635
TIMM8A hsa-miR-6512-3p Weak MIRT542636
TIMM8A hsa-miR-6729-5p Weak MIRT542637
TIMM8A hsa-miR-661 Weak MIRT542638
TIMM8A hsa-miR-4649-5p Weak MIRT542639
TIMM8A hsa-miR-4486 Weak MIRT542640
TIMM8A hsa-miR-4793-3p Weak MIRT542641
TIMM8A hsa-miR-766-3p Weak MIRT542642
TIMM8A hsa-miR-939-3p Weak MIRT542643
TIMM8A hsa-miR-1224-3p Weak MIRT542644
TIMM8A hsa-miR-6849-3p Weak MIRT542645
TIMM8A hsa-miR-508-5p Weak MIRT542646
TIMM8A hsa-miR-569 Weak MIRT560375
TIMM8A hsa-miR-185-3p Weak MIRT560376
TIMM8A hsa-miR-4283 Weak MIRT560377
TIMM8A hsa-miR-4489 Weak MIRT560378
TIMM8A hsa-miR-6828-5p Weak MIRT560379
TIMM8A hsa-miR-3675-5p Weak MIRT560380
TIMM8A hsa-miR-4476 Weak MIRT560381
TIMM8A hsa-miR-6876-5p Weak MIRT560382
TIMM8A hsa-miR-4506 Weak MIRT560383
TIMM8A hsa-miR-2681-5p Weak MIRT621824
TIMM8A hsa-miR-466 Weak MIRT621826
TIMM8A hsa-miR-4672 Weak MIRT621827
TIMM8A hsa-miR-3941 Weak MIRT621828
TIMM8A hsa-miR-6832-3p Weak MIRT621829
TIMM8A hsa-miR-4715-3p Weak MIRT621830
TIMM8A hsa-miR-6720-3p Weak MIRT621831
TIMM8A hsa-miR-4763-5p Weak MIRT621832
TIMM8A hsa-miR-6727-3p Weak MIRT621833
TIMM8A hsa-miR-4722-3p Weak MIRT621834
TIMM8A hsa-miR-4267 Weak MIRT621835
TIMM8A hsa-miR-566 Weak MIRT627412
TIMM8A hsa-miR-4801 Weak MIRT632323
TIMM8A hsa-miR-4731-3p Weak MIRT632324
TIMM8A hsa-miR-1295b-3p Weak MIRT633569
TIMM8A hsa-miR-640 Weak MIRT636164
TIMM8A hsa-miR-203b-3p Weak MIRT636165
TIMM8A hsa-miR-378a-5p Weak MIRT636166
TIMM8A hsa-miR-6821-3p Weak MIRT636167
TIMM8A hsa-miR-6790-3p Weak MIRT636168
TIMM8A hsa-miR-4680-5p Weak MIRT636169
TIMM8A hsa-miR-4635 Weak MIRT636170
TIMM8A hsa-miR-3653-5p Weak MIRT636171
TIMM8A hsa-miR-3934-5p Weak MIRT636172
TIMM8A hsa-miR-764 Weak MIRT636173
TIMM8A hsa-miR-125a-3p Weak MIRT636174
TIMM8A hsa-miR-7151-5p Weak MIRT636175
TIMM8A hsa-miR-129-5p Weak MIRT638186
TIMM8A hsa-miR-3149 Weak MIRT638187
TIMM8A hsa-miR-630 Weak MIRT638188
TIMM8A hsa-miR-6783-3p Weak MIRT652577
TIMM8A hsa-miR-4674 Weak MIRT652578
TIMM8A hsa-miR-6749-3p Weak MIRT652579
TIMM8A hsa-miR-1343-3p Weak MIRT652580
TIMM8A hsa-miR-3156-3p Weak MIRT652581
TIMM8A hsa-miR-3157-5p Weak MIRT652582
TIMM8A hsa-miR-4437 Weak MIRT652583
TIMM8A hsa-miR-378g Weak MIRT652584
TIMM8A hsa-miR-6742-3p Weak MIRT652585
TIMM8A hsa-miR-6852-5p Weak MIRT652586
TIMM8A hsa-miR-4301 Weak MIRT652587
TIMM8A hsa-miR-8055 Weak MIRT652588
TIMM8A hsa-miR-4309 Weak MIRT652589
TIMM8A hsa-miR-3198 Weak MIRT652590
TIMM8A hsa-miR-1229-3p Weak MIRT652591
TIMM8A hsa-miR-6794-3p Weak MIRT652592
TIMM8A hsa-miR-4430 Weak MIRT652593
TIMM8A hsa-miR-3652 Weak MIRT652594
TIMM8A hsa-miR-4284 Weak MIRT652595
TIMM8A hsa-miR-4294 Weak MIRT652596
TIMM8A hsa-miR-1289 Weak MIRT652597
TIMM8A hsa-miR-3135b Weak MIRT652598
TIMM8A hsa-miR-8082 Weak MIRT652599
TIMM8A hsa-miR-4534 Weak MIRT652600
TIMM8A hsa-miR-1273f Weak MIRT652601
TIMM8A hsa-miR-4708-5p Weak MIRT652602
TIMM8A hsa-miR-6088 Weak MIRT652603
TIMM8A hsa-miR-4770 Weak MIRT652604
TIMM8A hsa-miR-143-3p Weak MIRT652605
TIMM8A hsa-miR-7110-3p Weak MIRT652606
TIMM8A hsa-miR-1304-3p Weak MIRT652607
TIMM8A hsa-miR-6862-3p Weak MIRT652608
TIMM8A hsa-miR-6784-3p Weak MIRT652609
TIMM8A hsa-miR-6511b-3p Weak MIRT652610
TIMM8A hsa-miR-6511a-3p Weak MIRT652611
TIMM8A hsa-miR-6890-3p Weak MIRT652612
TIMM8A hsa-miR-4639-3p Weak MIRT652613
TIMM8A hsa-miR-6836-3p Weak MIRT652614
TIMM8A hsa-miR-377-3p Weak MIRT652615
TIMM8A hsa-miR-3194-3p Weak MIRT652616
TIMM8A hsa-miR-6829-3p Weak MIRT652617
TIMM8A hsa-miR-6791-3p Weak MIRT652618
TIMM8A hsa-miR-2276-3p Weak MIRT652619
TIMM8A hsa-miR-4783-3p Weak MIRT652620
TIMM8A hsa-miR-6796-3p Weak MIRT652621
TIMM8A hsa-miR-6743-3p Weak MIRT681072
TIMM8A hsa-miR-3942-3p Weak MIRT722194
TIMM8A hsa-miR-655-3p Weak MIRT722195
TIMM8A hsa-miR-374c-5p Weak MIRT722196
TIMM8A hsa-miR-3680-5p Weak MIRT722197
TIMM8A hsa-miR-376c-3p Weak MIRT722198
TIMM8A hsa-miR-573 Prediction N/A
TIMM8A hsa-miR-1265 Prediction N/A
TIMM8A hsa-miR-3915 Prediction N/A
TIMM8A hsa-miR-4743-3p Prediction N/A
TIMM8A hsa-miR-4757-5p Prediction N/A
TIMM8A hsa-miR-6744-3p Prediction N/A
TIMM8A hsa-miR-6768-3p Prediction N/A
TIMM8A hsa-miR-6801-5p Prediction N/A
TIMM8A hsa-miR-6882-3p Prediction N/A

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