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Gene MicroRNA Evidence category miRTarBase ID
SHISA9 hsa-miR-4531 Weak MIRT514496
SHISA9 hsa-miR-7847-3p Weak MIRT514498
SHISA9 hsa-miR-4764-5p Weak MIRT514499
SHISA9 hsa-miR-5192 Weak MIRT514500
SHISA9 hsa-miR-4644 Weak MIRT514501
SHISA9 hsa-miR-4306 Weak MIRT514502
SHISA9 hsa-miR-185-5p Weak MIRT514503
SHISA9 hsa-miR-5703 Weak MIRT514504
SHISA9 hsa-miR-4516 Weak MIRT514505
SHISA9 hsa-miR-4434 Weak MIRT514506
SHISA9 hsa-miR-1287-5p Weak MIRT514507
SHISA9 hsa-miR-3135b Weak MIRT514508
SHISA9 hsa-miR-3605-5p Weak MIRT514509
SHISA9 hsa-miR-764 Weak MIRT514510
SHISA9 hsa-miR-4657 Weak MIRT514511
SHISA9 hsa-miR-4491 Weak MIRT514512
SHISA9 hsa-miR-1265 Weak MIRT514513
SHISA9 hsa-miR-3914 Weak MIRT514514
SHISA9 hsa-miR-5096 Weak MIRT514515
SHISA9 hsa-miR-7641 Weak MIRT514516
SHISA9 hsa-miR-197-3p Weak MIRT514517
SHISA9 hsa-miR-4695-3p Weak MIRT514518
SHISA9 hsa-miR-4716-5p Weak MIRT514519
SHISA9 hsa-miR-4478 Weak MIRT514520
SHISA9 hsa-miR-4419b Weak MIRT514521
SHISA9 hsa-miR-3929 Weak MIRT514522
SHISA9 hsa-miR-1911-3p Weak MIRT514523
SHISA9 hsa-miR-4261 Weak MIRT525384
SHISA9 hsa-miR-873-5p Weak MIRT525385
SHISA9 hsa-miR-1285-5p Weak MIRT525386
SHISA9 hsa-miR-4496 Weak MIRT525387
SHISA9 hsa-miR-552-3p Weak MIRT525388
SHISA9 hsa-miR-5197-5p Weak MIRT525389
SHISA9 hsa-miR-374b-5p Weak MIRT525390
SHISA9 hsa-miR-374a-5p Weak MIRT525391
SHISA9 hsa-miR-5692c Weak MIRT525392
SHISA9 hsa-miR-5692b Weak MIRT525393
SHISA9 hsa-miR-369-3p Weak MIRT525394
SHISA9 hsa-miR-508-5p Weak MIRT525395
SHISA9 hsa-miR-3145-5p Weak MIRT525396
SHISA9 hsa-miR-548l Weak MIRT525397
SHISA9 hsa-miR-8054 Weak MIRT525398
SHISA9 hsa-miR-548k Weak MIRT525399
SHISA9 hsa-miR-548av-5p Weak MIRT525400
SHISA9 hsa-miR-559 Weak MIRT525401
SHISA9 hsa-miR-548y Weak MIRT525402
SHISA9 hsa-miR-548w Weak MIRT525403
SHISA9 hsa-miR-548o-5p Weak MIRT525404
SHISA9 hsa-miR-548j-5p Weak MIRT525405
SHISA9 hsa-miR-548i Weak MIRT525406
SHISA9 hsa-miR-548h-5p Weak MIRT525407
SHISA9 hsa-miR-548d-5p Weak MIRT525408
SHISA9 hsa-miR-548c-5p Weak MIRT525409
SHISA9 hsa-miR-548bb-5p Weak MIRT525410
SHISA9 hsa-miR-548b-5p Weak MIRT525411
SHISA9 hsa-miR-548ay-5p Weak MIRT525412
SHISA9 hsa-miR-548au-5p Weak MIRT525413
SHISA9 hsa-miR-548as-5p Weak MIRT525414
SHISA9 hsa-miR-548ar-5p Weak MIRT525415
SHISA9 hsa-miR-548aq-5p Weak MIRT525416
SHISA9 hsa-miR-548ap-5p Weak MIRT525417
SHISA9 hsa-miR-548am-5p Weak MIRT525418
SHISA9 hsa-miR-548ak Weak MIRT525419
SHISA9 hsa-miR-548ae-5p Weak MIRT525420
SHISA9 hsa-miR-548ad-5p Weak MIRT525421
SHISA9 hsa-miR-548ab Weak MIRT525422
SHISA9 hsa-miR-548a-5p Weak MIRT525423
SHISA9 hsa-miR-3187-3p Weak MIRT539606
SHISA9 hsa-miR-653-3p Weak MIRT539607
SHISA9 hsa-miR-4529-5p Weak MIRT539608
SHISA9 hsa-miR-6847-3p Weak MIRT539609
SHISA9 hsa-miR-539-5p Weak MIRT539610
SHISA9 hsa-miR-3190-5p Weak MIRT539611
SHISA9 hsa-miR-3919 Weak MIRT539612
SHISA9 hsa-miR-4756-3p Weak MIRT539613
SHISA9 hsa-miR-548o-3p Weak MIRT539614
SHISA9 hsa-miR-5680 Weak MIRT539615
SHISA9 hsa-miR-1323 Weak MIRT539616
SHISA9 hsa-miR-193b-3p Weak MIRT539617
SHISA9 hsa-miR-193a-3p Weak MIRT539618
SHISA9 hsa-miR-551b-5p Weak MIRT539619
SHISA9 hsa-miR-497-3p Weak MIRT539620
SHISA9 hsa-miR-548t-3p Weak MIRT539621
SHISA9 hsa-miR-548ap-3p Weak MIRT539622
SHISA9 hsa-miR-548aa Weak MIRT539623
SHISA9 hsa-miR-7156-3p Weak MIRT570786
SHISA9 hsa-miR-6516-3p Weak MIRT570787
SHISA9 hsa-miR-1206 Weak MIRT570788
SHISA9 hsa-miR-1272 Weak MIRT570789
SHISA9 hsa-miR-3662 Weak MIRT570790
SHISA9 hsa-miR-8084 Weak MIRT570791
SHISA9 hsa-miR-642a-5p Weak MIRT653834
SHISA9 hsa-miR-6883-3p Weak MIRT653835
SHISA9 hsa-miR-6515-3p Weak MIRT653836
SHISA9 hsa-miR-6734-3p Weak MIRT653837
SHISA9 hsa-miR-877-3p Weak MIRT653838
SHISA9 hsa-miR-2276-5p Weak MIRT653839
SHISA9 hsa-miR-6892-3p Weak MIRT653840
SHISA9 hsa-miR-454-5p Weak MIRT653841
SHISA9 hsa-miR-4277 Weak MIRT653842
SHISA9 hsa-miR-584-3p Weak MIRT653843
SHISA9 hsa-miR-6505-5p Weak MIRT699614
SHISA9 hsa-miR-4789-5p Weak MIRT699615
SHISA9 hsa-miR-7153-3p Weak MIRT699616

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