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Gene MicroRNA Evidence category miRTarBase ID
RAD51 hsa-miR-96-5p Strong MIRT006780
RAD51 hsa-miR-103a-3p Strong MIRT027144
RAD51 hsa-miR-155-5p Strong MIRT054639
RAD51 hsa-miR-107 Strong MIRT438264
RAD51 hsa-miR-221-3p Strong MIRT438601
RAD51 hsa-miR-197-3p Weak MIRT003819
RAD51 hsa-miR-193b-3p Weak MIRT016582
RAD51 hsa-miR-124-3p Weak MIRT023031
RAD51 hsa-miR-215-5p Weak MIRT024626
RAD51 hsa-miR-192-5p Weak MIRT026888
RAD51 hsa-miR-92a-1-5p Weak MIRT038926
RAD51 hsa-miR-23b-3p Weak MIRT046358
RAD51 hsa-miR-3149 Weak MIRT453413
RAD51 hsa-miR-4775 Weak MIRT453414
RAD51 hsa-miR-4735-5p Weak MIRT453415
RAD51 hsa-miR-6872-3p Weak MIRT453416
RAD51 hsa-miR-590-3p Weak MIRT453417
RAD51 hsa-miR-6780a-5p Weak MIRT521437
RAD51 hsa-miR-6779-5p Weak MIRT521438
RAD51 hsa-miR-3689c Weak MIRT521439
RAD51 hsa-miR-3689b-3p Weak MIRT521440
RAD51 hsa-miR-3689a-3p Weak MIRT521441
RAD51 hsa-miR-30b-3p Weak MIRT521442
RAD51 hsa-miR-1273h-5p Weak MIRT521443
RAD51 hsa-miR-921 Weak MIRT521444
RAD51 hsa-miR-142-3p Weak MIRT521445
RAD51 hsa-miR-6073 Weak MIRT521446
RAD51 hsa-miR-6799-5p Weak MIRT521447
RAD51 hsa-miR-6883-5p Weak MIRT521448
RAD51 hsa-miR-6785-5p Weak MIRT521449
RAD51 hsa-miR-4728-5p Weak MIRT521450
RAD51 hsa-miR-149-3p Weak MIRT521451
RAD51 hsa-miR-7106-5p Weak MIRT521452
RAD51 hsa-miR-6851-5p Weak MIRT521453
RAD51 hsa-miR-3689d Weak MIRT521454
RAD51 hsa-miR-571 Weak MIRT521455
RAD51 hsa-miR-219a-1-3p Weak MIRT521456
RAD51 hsa-miR-7854-3p Weak MIRT521457
RAD51 hsa-miR-493-3p Weak MIRT521458
RAD51 hsa-miR-3192-5p Weak MIRT521459
RAD51 hsa-miR-3174 Weak MIRT521460
RAD51 hsa-miR-7851-3p Weak MIRT521461
RAD51 hsa-miR-490-3p Weak MIRT521462
RAD51 hsa-miR-384 Weak MIRT609808
RAD51 hsa-miR-3685 Weak MIRT609809
RAD51 hsa-miR-7975 Weak MIRT609810
RAD51 hsa-miR-5571-3p Weak MIRT609811
RAD51 hsa-miR-4321 Weak MIRT609812
RAD51 hsa-miR-575 Weak MIRT609813
RAD51 hsa-miR-4676-5p Weak MIRT609814
RAD51 hsa-miR-6858-3p Weak MIRT609815
RAD51 hsa-miR-4279 Weak MIRT622521
RAD51 hsa-miR-1976 Weak MIRT622522
RAD51 hsa-miR-3653-5p Weak MIRT622523
RAD51 hsa-miR-6747-3p Weak MIRT622524
RAD51 hsa-miR-6727-3p Weak MIRT622525
RAD51 hsa-miR-4722-3p Weak MIRT622526
RAD51 hsa-miR-770-5p Weak MIRT622527
RAD51 hsa-miR-4712-5p Weak MIRT622528
RAD51 hsa-miR-6877-3p Weak MIRT622529
RAD51 hsa-miR-6819-3p Weak MIRT622530
RAD51 hsa-miR-328-3p Weak MIRT635121
RAD51 hsa-miR-514b-5p Weak MIRT635122
RAD51 hsa-miR-513c-5p Weak MIRT635123
RAD51 hsa-miR-378a-5p Weak MIRT635124
RAD51 hsa-miR-874-5p Weak MIRT635125
RAD51 hsa-miR-4454 Weak MIRT635126
RAD51 hsa-miR-6821-3p Weak MIRT635127
RAD51 hsa-miR-6790-3p Weak MIRT635128
RAD51 hsa-miR-372-5p Weak MIRT635129
RAD51 hsa-miR-371a-5p Weak MIRT635130
RAD51 hsa-miR-616-5p Weak MIRT635131
RAD51 hsa-miR-373-5p Weak MIRT635132
RAD51 hsa-miR-371b-5p Weak MIRT635133
RAD51 hsa-miR-1224-3p Weak MIRT635134
RAD51 hsa-miR-764 Weak MIRT635135
RAD51 hsa-miR-6813-3p Weak MIRT635136
RAD51 hsa-miR-6847-3p Weak MIRT638373
RAD51 hsa-miR-4267 Weak MIRT638374
RAD51 hsa-miR-548s Weak MIRT639203
RAD51 hsa-miR-6864-3p Weak MIRT639204
RAD51 hsa-miR-3672 Weak MIRT639205
RAD51 hsa-miR-4684-5p Weak MIRT639206
RAD51 hsa-miR-3926 Weak MIRT639207
RAD51 hsa-miR-769-5p Weak MIRT639208
RAD51 hsa-miR-4786-5p Weak MIRT639209
RAD51 hsa-miR-3190-5p Weak MIRT639210
RAD51 hsa-miR-6849-3p Weak MIRT639211
RAD51 hsa-miR-3675-3p Weak MIRT639212
RAD51 hsa-miR-6771-3p Weak MIRT639213
RAD51 hsa-miR-212-5p Weak MIRT654495
RAD51 hsa-miR-3934-5p Weak MIRT654496
RAD51 hsa-miR-3925-3p Weak MIRT674232
RAD51 hsa-miR-766-3p Weak MIRT674233
RAD51 hsa-miR-498 Weak MIRT676531
RAD51 hsa-miR-4726-3p Weak MIRT676532
RAD51 hsa-miR-6764-5p Weak MIRT676533
RAD51 hsa-miR-1915-3p Weak MIRT676534
RAD51 hsa-miR-6840-3p Weak MIRT676535
RAD51 hsa-miR-6514-3p Weak MIRT690919
RAD51 hsa-miR-6771-5p Weak MIRT690920
RAD51 hsa-miR-7977 Weak MIRT690921
RAD51 hsa-miR-891a-3p Weak MIRT690922
RAD51 hsa-miR-550a-5p Weak MIRT690923
RAD51 hsa-miR-550a-3-5p Weak MIRT690924
RAD51 hsa-miR-1271-3p Weak MIRT690925
RAD51 hsa-miR-4294 Weak MIRT690926
RAD51 hsa-miR-564 Weak MIRT690927
RAD51 hsa-miR-6811-3p Weak MIRT690928
RAD51 hsa-miR-214-5p Weak MIRT690929
RAD51 hsa-miR-6746-5p Weak MIRT690930
RAD51 hsa-miR-5690 Weak MIRT690931
RAD51 hsa-miR-6767-3p Weak MIRT690932
RAD51 hsa-miR-17-5p Prediction N/A
RAD51 hsa-miR-20a-5p Prediction N/A
RAD51 hsa-miR-93-5p Prediction N/A
RAD51 hsa-miR-106a-5p Prediction N/A
RAD51 hsa-miR-203a-3p Prediction N/A
RAD51 hsa-miR-136-5p Prediction N/A
RAD51 hsa-miR-106b-5p Prediction N/A
RAD51 hsa-miR-382-3p Prediction N/A
RAD51 hsa-miR-325 Prediction N/A
RAD51 hsa-miR-20b-5p Prediction N/A
RAD51 hsa-miR-593-5p Prediction N/A
RAD51 hsa-miR-619-5p Prediction N/A
RAD51 hsa-miR-1184 Prediction N/A
RAD51 hsa-miR-1285-5p Prediction N/A
RAD51 hsa-miR-1304-3p Prediction N/A
RAD51 hsa-miR-3916 Prediction N/A
RAD51 hsa-miR-4430 Prediction N/A
RAD51 hsa-miR-4696 Prediction N/A
RAD51 hsa-miR-4713-5p Prediction N/A
RAD51 hsa-miR-4772-3p Prediction N/A
RAD51 hsa-miR-5095 Prediction N/A
RAD51 hsa-miR-5096 Prediction N/A
RAD51 hsa-miR-6081 Prediction N/A
RAD51 hsa-miR-6499-5p Prediction N/A
RAD51 hsa-miR-6504-5p Prediction N/A
RAD51 hsa-miR-6512-5p Prediction N/A
RAD51 hsa-miR-6757-3p Prediction N/A
RAD51 hsa-miR-6831-5p Prediction N/A
RAD51 hsa-miR-6843-3p Prediction N/A
RAD51 hsa-miR-7113-5p Prediction N/A

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