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Gene MicroRNA Evidence category miRTarBase ID
RAB10 hsa-miR-375 Strong MIRT019696
RAB10 hsa-miR-148a-3p Weak MIRT025986
RAB10 hsa-miR-877-3p Weak MIRT037193
RAB10 hsa-let-7c-5p Weak MIRT051750
RAB10 hsa-let-7b-5p Weak MIRT052065
RAB10 hsa-miR-140-5p Weak MIRT088309
RAB10 hsa-miR-299-5p Weak MIRT088310
RAB10 hsa-miR-759 Weak MIRT088311
RAB10 hsa-miR-4520-3p Weak MIRT088313
RAB10 hsa-miR-451b Weak MIRT088316
RAB10 hsa-miR-4797-5p Weak MIRT088318
RAB10 hsa-miR-5197-3p Weak MIRT088320
RAB10 hsa-miR-30a-5p Weak MIRT206178
RAB10 hsa-miR-30c-5p Weak MIRT206179
RAB10 hsa-miR-30d-5p Weak MIRT206180
RAB10 hsa-miR-30b-5p Weak MIRT206181
RAB10 hsa-miR-142-5p Weak MIRT206182
RAB10 hsa-miR-30e-5p Weak MIRT206183
RAB10 hsa-miR-325 Weak MIRT206184
RAB10 hsa-miR-5590-3p Weak MIRT206185
RAB10 hsa-miR-17-5p Weak MIRT206191
RAB10 hsa-miR-20a-5p Weak MIRT206192
RAB10 hsa-miR-93-5p Weak MIRT206193
RAB10 hsa-miR-106a-5p Weak MIRT206194
RAB10 hsa-miR-106b-5p Weak MIRT206196
RAB10 hsa-miR-20b-5p Weak MIRT206197
RAB10 hsa-miR-519c-3p Weak MIRT206198
RAB10 hsa-miR-526b-3p Weak MIRT206199
RAB10 hsa-miR-519b-3p Weak MIRT206200
RAB10 hsa-miR-519d-3p Weak MIRT206201
RAB10 hsa-miR-519a-3p Weak MIRT206202
RAB10 hsa-miR-3145-3p Weak MIRT206203
RAB10 hsa-miR-7-1-3p Weak MIRT302194
RAB10 hsa-miR-7-2-3p Weak MIRT302195
RAB10 hsa-miR-495-3p Weak MIRT302196
RAB10 hsa-miR-5688 Weak MIRT302203
RAB10 hsa-miR-103a-3p Weak MIRT302228
RAB10 hsa-miR-107 Weak MIRT302229
RAB10 hsa-miR-595 Weak MIRT302249
RAB10 hsa-miR-6513-3p Weak MIRT302250
RAB10 hsa-miR-545-3p Weak MIRT353129
RAB10 hsa-miR-2681-5p Weak MIRT353140
RAB10 hsa-miR-3923 Weak MIRT353141
RAB10 hsa-miR-4446-5p Weak MIRT546861
RAB10 hsa-miR-5006-3p Weak MIRT546862
RAB10 hsa-miR-4755-5p Weak MIRT546863
RAB10 hsa-miR-302c-5p Weak MIRT546864
RAB10 hsa-miR-623 Weak MIRT546865
RAB10 hsa-miR-6832-3p Weak MIRT546866
RAB10 hsa-miR-204-5p Weak MIRT546867
RAB10 hsa-miR-211-5p Weak MIRT546868
RAB10 hsa-miR-129-5p Weak MIRT546869
RAB10 hsa-miR-3680-3p Weak MIRT546870
RAB10 hsa-miR-557 Weak MIRT546871
RAB10 hsa-miR-507 Weak MIRT546872
RAB10 hsa-miR-450b-5p Weak MIRT546873
RAB10 hsa-miR-6516-5p Weak MIRT546874
RAB10 hsa-miR-5047 Weak MIRT546875
RAB10 hsa-miR-1301-3p Weak MIRT546876
RAB10 hsa-miR-7156-3p Weak MIRT546877
RAB10 hsa-miR-599 Weak MIRT555038
RAB10 hsa-miR-4769-5p Weak MIRT555039
RAB10 hsa-miR-4654 Weak MIRT555040
RAB10 hsa-miR-6778-5p Weak MIRT555041
RAB10 hsa-miR-1233-5p Weak MIRT555042
RAB10 hsa-miR-4648 Weak MIRT555043
RAB10 hsa-miR-6716-5p Weak MIRT555044
RAB10 hsa-miR-1244 Weak MIRT555045
RAB10 hsa-miR-6507-3p Weak MIRT555046
RAB10 hsa-miR-5698 Weak MIRT666758
RAB10 hsa-miR-143-5p Weak MIRT666759
RAB10 hsa-miR-4430 Weak MIRT666760
RAB10 hsa-miR-3652 Weak MIRT666761
RAB10 hsa-miR-122-5p Weak MIRT666762
RAB10 hsa-miR-504-3p Weak MIRT666763
RAB10 hsa-miR-3135b Weak MIRT666764
RAB10 hsa-miR-3194-3p Weak MIRT666765
RAB10 hsa-miR-6499-3p Weak MIRT666766
RAB10 hsa-miR-4638-5p Weak MIRT666767
RAB10 hsa-miR-1307-3p Weak MIRT666768
RAB10 hsa-miR-5693 Weak MIRT666769
RAB10 hsa-miR-3149 Weak MIRT670870
RAB10 hsa-miR-7151-3p Weak MIRT670871
RAB10 hsa-miR-5095 Weak MIRT670872
RAB10 hsa-miR-4775 Weak MIRT670873
RAB10 hsa-miR-6789-3p Weak MIRT670874
RAB10 hsa-miR-4707-3p Weak MIRT670875
RAB10 hsa-miR-4735-5p Weak MIRT670876
RAB10 hsa-miR-4258 Weak MIRT670877
RAB10 hsa-miR-4438 Weak MIRT670878
RAB10 hsa-miR-590-3p Weak MIRT670879
RAB10 hsa-miR-6805-3p Weak MIRT672434
RAB10 hsa-miR-5691 Weak MIRT672435
RAB10 hsa-miR-4284 Weak MIRT675588
RAB10 hsa-miR-1304-3p Weak MIRT675589
RAB10 hsa-miR-6741-3p Weak MIRT675590
RAB10 hsa-miR-6890-3p Weak MIRT675591
RAB10 hsa-miR-4703-3p Weak MIRT719515
RAB10 hsa-miR-6787-3p Weak MIRT719516
RAB10 hsa-miR-7852-3p Weak MIRT719517
RAB10 hsa-miR-22-5p Prediction N/A
RAB10 hsa-miR-199b-5p Prediction N/A
RAB10 hsa-miR-135a-3p Prediction N/A
RAB10 hsa-miR-337-5p Prediction N/A
RAB10 hsa-miR-483-3p Prediction N/A
RAB10 hsa-miR-486-5p Prediction N/A
RAB10 hsa-miR-605-5p Prediction N/A
RAB10 hsa-miR-642a-3p Prediction N/A
RAB10 hsa-miR-645 Prediction N/A
RAB10 hsa-miR-449b-3p Prediction N/A
RAB10 hsa-miR-1249-5p Prediction N/A
RAB10 hsa-miR-3120-3p Prediction N/A
RAB10 hsa-miR-3065-5p Prediction N/A
RAB10 hsa-miR-3202 Prediction N/A
RAB10 hsa-miR-4270 Prediction N/A
RAB10 hsa-miR-4271 Prediction N/A
RAB10 hsa-miR-374c-3p Prediction N/A
RAB10 hsa-miR-642b-3p Prediction N/A
RAB10 hsa-miR-4476 Prediction N/A
RAB10 hsa-miR-4700-3p Prediction N/A
RAB10 hsa-miR-4704-5p Prediction N/A
RAB10 hsa-miR-4725-3p Prediction N/A
RAB10 hsa-miR-4728-5p Prediction N/A
RAB10 hsa-miR-4739 Prediction N/A
RAB10 hsa-miR-4742-3p Prediction N/A
RAB10 hsa-miR-5003-5p Prediction N/A
RAB10 hsa-miR-6079 Prediction N/A
RAB10 hsa-miR-6750-5p Prediction N/A
RAB10 hsa-miR-6757-5p Prediction N/A
RAB10 hsa-miR-6758-5p Prediction N/A
RAB10 hsa-miR-6760-5p Prediction N/A
RAB10 hsa-miR-6797-5p Prediction N/A
RAB10 hsa-miR-6812-5p Prediction N/A
RAB10 hsa-miR-6830-5p Prediction N/A
RAB10 hsa-miR-6769b-5p Prediction N/A
RAB10 hsa-miR-6876-5p Prediction N/A

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