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Gene MicroRNA Evidence category miRTarBase ID
POU2F1 hsa-miR-9-5p Weak MIRT021477
POU2F1 hsa-miR-215-5p Weak MIRT024501
POU2F1 hsa-miR-34a-5p Weak MIRT025581
POU2F1 hsa-miR-192-5p Weak MIRT026960
POU2F1 hsa-miR-101-3p Weak MIRT027386
POU2F1 hsa-miR-98-5p Weak MIRT027851
POU2F1 hsa-miR-26b-5p Weak MIRT030341
POU2F1 hsa-miR-324-3p Weak MIRT043000
POU2F1 hsa-miR-15b-5p Weak MIRT046392
POU2F1 hsa-miR-30c-5p Weak MIRT047990
POU2F1 hsa-miR-515-3p Weak MIRT182155
POU2F1 hsa-miR-519e-3p Weak MIRT182156
POU2F1 hsa-miR-33b-3p Weak MIRT182157
POU2F1 hsa-miR-6778-3p Weak MIRT182161
POU2F1 hsa-miR-6791-3p Weak MIRT182162
POU2F1 hsa-miR-6829-3p Weak MIRT182163
POU2F1 hsa-miR-6836-3p Weak MIRT182164
POU2F1 hsa-miR-4311 Weak MIRT182166
POU2F1 hsa-miR-346 Weak MIRT182173
POU2F1 hsa-miR-569 Weak MIRT182174
POU2F1 hsa-miR-632 Weak MIRT182175
POU2F1 hsa-miR-654-3p Weak MIRT182176
POU2F1 hsa-miR-1185-5p Weak MIRT182177
POU2F1 hsa-miR-513b-3p Weak MIRT182178
POU2F1 hsa-miR-4288 Weak MIRT182180
POU2F1 hsa-miR-3679-5p Weak MIRT182181
POU2F1 hsa-miR-6847-5p Weak MIRT182183
POU2F1 hsa-miR-539-5p Weak MIRT182188
POU2F1 hsa-miR-5680 Weak MIRT182194
POU2F1 hsa-miR-548t-5p Weak MIRT182215
POU2F1 hsa-miR-548az-5p Weak MIRT182217
POU2F1 hsa-miR-3161 Weak MIRT182235
POU2F1 hsa-miR-3609 Weak MIRT182262
POU2F1 hsa-miR-548ah-5p Weak MIRT182263
POU2F1 hsa-miR-190a-3p Weak MIRT182287
POU2F1 hsa-miR-935 Weak MIRT182289
POU2F1 hsa-miR-1277-5p Weak MIRT182290
POU2F1 hsa-miR-5011-5p Weak MIRT182291
POU2F1 hsa-let-7a-2-3p Weak MIRT246906
POU2F1 hsa-let-7g-3p Weak MIRT246907
POU2F1 hsa-miR-3940-3p Weak MIRT268170
POU2F1 hsa-miR-3646 Weak MIRT334076
POU2F1 hsa-miR-185-5p Weak MIRT373663
POU2F1 hsa-miR-1257 Weak MIRT373664
POU2F1 hsa-miR-4306 Weak MIRT373665
POU2F1 hsa-miR-3150b-3p Weak MIRT373666
POU2F1 hsa-miR-4644 Weak MIRT373667
POU2F1 hsa-miR-4784 Weak MIRT373668
POU2F1 hsa-miR-302a-3p Weak MIRT383601
POU2F1 hsa-miR-302b-3p Weak MIRT383602
POU2F1 hsa-miR-302c-3p Weak MIRT383603
POU2F1 hsa-miR-302d-3p Weak MIRT383604
POU2F1 hsa-miR-372-3p Weak MIRT383605
POU2F1 hsa-miR-373-3p Weak MIRT383606
POU2F1 hsa-miR-520e Weak MIRT383608
POU2F1 hsa-miR-519c-3p Weak MIRT383610
POU2F1 hsa-miR-520a-3p Weak MIRT383611
POU2F1 hsa-miR-519b-3p Weak MIRT383612
POU2F1 hsa-miR-520b Weak MIRT383613
POU2F1 hsa-miR-520c-3p Weak MIRT383614
POU2F1 hsa-miR-520d-3p Weak MIRT383615
POU2F1 hsa-miR-519a-3p Weak MIRT383616
POU2F1 hsa-miR-302e Weak MIRT383617
POU2F1 hsa-miR-3163 Weak MIRT383618
POU2F1 hsa-miR-7977 Weak MIRT403232
POU2F1 hsa-miR-599 Weak MIRT449723
POU2F1 hsa-miR-100-3p Weak MIRT449724
POU2F1 hsa-miR-583 Weak MIRT449725
POU2F1 hsa-miR-1276 Weak MIRT449726
POU2F1 hsa-miR-450a-1-3p Weak MIRT470557
POU2F1 hsa-miR-3915 Weak MIRT470558
POU2F1 hsa-miR-4799-5p Weak MIRT470559
POU2F1 hsa-miR-4425 Weak MIRT470560
POU2F1 hsa-miR-8059 Weak MIRT470561
POU2F1 hsa-miR-4471 Weak MIRT470562
POU2F1 hsa-miR-1292-5p Weak MIRT470563
POU2F1 hsa-miR-3928-3p Weak MIRT470564
POU2F1 hsa-miR-4259 Weak MIRT470565
POU2F1 hsa-miR-605-5p Weak MIRT470566
POU2F1 hsa-miR-489-3p Weak MIRT470567
POU2F1 hsa-miR-5192 Weak MIRT470568
POU2F1 hsa-miR-4790-3p Weak MIRT470569
POU2F1 hsa-miR-3919 Weak MIRT470570
POU2F1 hsa-miR-3529-3p Weak MIRT470571
POU2F1 hsa-miR-144-5p Weak MIRT535079
POU2F1 hsa-miR-18a-3p Weak MIRT535080
POU2F1 hsa-miR-1913 Weak MIRT535081
POU2F1 hsa-miR-889-3p Weak MIRT566311
POU2F1 hsa-miR-6504-3p Weak MIRT566312
POU2F1 hsa-miR-410-3p Weak MIRT566313
POU2F1 hsa-miR-3120-3p Weak MIRT566314
POU2F1 hsa-miR-144-3p Weak MIRT566315
POU2F1 hsa-miR-4756-3p Weak MIRT571791
POU2F1 hsa-miR-6880-3p Weak MIRT612664
POU2F1 hsa-miR-6833-3p Weak MIRT612665
POU2F1 hsa-miR-4768-5p Weak MIRT612666
POU2F1 hsa-miR-629-3p Weak MIRT612667
POU2F1 hsa-miR-6873-3p Weak MIRT612668
POU2F1 hsa-miR-6867-3p Weak MIRT612669
POU2F1 hsa-miR-4713-5p Weak MIRT612670
POU2F1 hsa-miR-1273g-5p Weak MIRT612671
POU2F1 hsa-miR-203a-5p Weak MIRT612672
POU2F1 hsa-miR-6886-3p Weak MIRT612673
POU2F1 hsa-miR-942-5p Weak MIRT612674
POU2F1 hsa-miR-6845-3p Weak MIRT612675
POU2F1 hsa-miR-4685-3p Weak MIRT612676
POU2F1 hsa-miR-4287 Weak MIRT612677
POU2F1 hsa-miR-7113-3p Weak MIRT612678
POU2F1 hsa-miR-4469 Weak MIRT612679
POU2F1 hsa-miR-5088-3p Weak MIRT612680
POU2F1 hsa-miR-147a Weak MIRT630656
POU2F1 hsa-miR-644a Weak MIRT630657
POU2F1 hsa-miR-3911 Weak MIRT630658
POU2F1 hsa-miR-5006-3p Weak MIRT640919
POU2F1 hsa-miR-4755-5p Weak MIRT640920
POU2F1 hsa-miR-211-5p Weak MIRT640921
POU2F1 hsa-miR-204-5p Weak MIRT640922
POU2F1 hsa-miR-623 Weak MIRT640923
POU2F1 hsa-miR-302d-5p Weak MIRT640924
POU2F1 hsa-miR-302b-5p Weak MIRT640925
POU2F1 hsa-miR-6832-3p Weak MIRT640926
POU2F1 hsa-miR-141-5p Weak MIRT640927
POU2F1 hsa-miR-3157-3p Weak MIRT654889
POU2F1 hsa-miR-502-5p Weak MIRT654890
POU2F1 hsa-miR-938 Weak MIRT654891
POU2F1 hsa-miR-1915-5p Weak MIRT654892
POU2F1 hsa-miR-6841-3p Weak MIRT654893
POU2F1 hsa-miR-6776-3p Weak MIRT654894
POU2F1 hsa-miR-497-3p Weak MIRT654895
POU2F1 hsa-miR-548t-3p Weak MIRT654896
POU2F1 hsa-miR-548ap-3p Weak MIRT654897
POU2F1 hsa-miR-548aa Weak MIRT654898
POU2F1 hsa-miR-384 Weak MIRT710129
POU2F1 hsa-miR-3685 Weak MIRT710130
POU2F1 hsa-miR-627-3p Weak MIRT710131
POU2F1 hsa-miR-4509 Weak MIRT710132
POU2F1 hsa-miR-4744 Weak MIRT710133
POU2F1 hsa-miR-5009-3p Weak MIRT710134

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