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Gene MicroRNA Evidence category miRTarBase ID
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-590-3p Weak MIRT016210
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-335-5p Weak MIRT017173
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-124-3p Weak MIRT022329
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-93-5p Weak MIRT028076
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-32-5p Weak MIRT028276
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-26b-5p Weak MIRT029065
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-21-5p Weak MIRT030792
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-769-5p Weak MIRT039173
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-25-3p Weak MIRT055786
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-92a-3p Weak MIRT055787
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-125b-2-3p Weak MIRT055788
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-190a-3p Weak MIRT055789
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-363-3p Weak MIRT055790
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-367-3p Weak MIRT055791
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-338-3p Weak MIRT055792
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-92b-3p Weak MIRT055793
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-634 Weak MIRT055795
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-1179 Weak MIRT055796
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-4310 Weak MIRT055797
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-5011-5p Weak MIRT055800
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-5697 Weak MIRT055801
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-7157-5p Weak MIRT055802
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-371a-5p Weak MIRT055803
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-372-5p Weak MIRT055804
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-373-5p Weak MIRT055805
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-616-5p Weak MIRT055806
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-630 Weak MIRT055807
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-371b-5p Weak MIRT055809
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-6883-3p Weak MIRT055810
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-15a-5p Weak MIRT055811
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-16-5p Weak MIRT055812
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-103a-3p Weak MIRT055813
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-107 Weak MIRT055814
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-15b-5p Weak MIRT055816
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-195-5p Weak MIRT055817
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-424-5p Weak MIRT055818
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-497-5p Weak MIRT055819
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-3607-5p Weak MIRT055824
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-4524a-5p Weak MIRT055826
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-5197-5p Weak MIRT055827
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-4524b-5p Weak MIRT055828
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-6838-5p Weak MIRT055829
PLEKHA1 hsa-let-7e-3p Weak MIRT055836
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-545-3p Weak MIRT055837
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-570-5p Weak MIRT055838
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-3148 Weak MIRT055840
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-548ag Weak MIRT055841
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-548ai Weak MIRT055842
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-4477a Weak MIRT055843
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-4678 Weak MIRT055845
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-548ba Weak MIRT055846
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-3973 Weak MIRT110447
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-124-5p Weak MIRT110455
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-3607-3p Weak MIRT261690
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-1206 Weak MIRT404445
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-3650 Weak MIRT404446
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-7154-5p Weak MIRT404448
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-411-5p Weak MIRT470910
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-520h Weak MIRT501583
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-520g-3p Weak MIRT501584
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-4272 Weak MIRT501585
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-4470 Weak MIRT555554
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-548o-3p Weak MIRT555555
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-1323 Weak MIRT555556
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-1278 Weak MIRT555557
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-646 Weak MIRT555558
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-503-5p Weak MIRT555559
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-1183 Weak MIRT555560
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-101-3p Weak MIRT555561
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-433-3p Weak MIRT566382
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-6853-3p Weak MIRT566383
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-4455 Weak MIRT566384
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-8060 Weak MIRT566385
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-514b-5p Weak MIRT566386
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-513c-5p Weak MIRT566387
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-454-5p Weak MIRT566388
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-6866-3p Weak MIRT566389
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-188-5p Weak MIRT566390
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-6513-5p Weak MIRT674065
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-887-5p Weak MIRT674066
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-3913-5p Weak MIRT674067
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-3122 Weak MIRT674068
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-450a-1-3p Weak MIRT674069
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-6780a-5p Weak MIRT674070
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-6779-5p Weak MIRT674071
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-3689c Weak MIRT674072
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-3689b-3p Weak MIRT674073
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-3689a-3p Weak MIRT674074
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-30b-3p Weak MIRT674075
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-1273h-5p Weak MIRT674076
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-6788-5p Weak MIRT674077
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-30c-2-3p Weak MIRT674078
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-30c-1-3p Weak MIRT674079
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-7977 Weak MIRT674080
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-4483 Weak MIRT674081
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-1293 Weak MIRT674082
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-6766-5p Weak MIRT674083
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-6756-5p Weak MIRT674084
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-6745 Weak MIRT674085
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-363-5p Weak MIRT674086
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-6799-5p Weak MIRT674087
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-6883-5p Weak MIRT674088
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-6785-5p Weak MIRT674089
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-4728-5p Weak MIRT674090
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-149-3p Weak MIRT674091
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-7106-5p Weak MIRT674092
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-6884-5p Weak MIRT674093
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-485-5p Weak MIRT674094
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-1273f Weak MIRT674095
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-4708-5p Weak MIRT674096
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-6088 Weak MIRT674097
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-4770 Weak MIRT674098
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-143-3p Weak MIRT674099
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-383-3p Weak MIRT674100
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-4478 Weak MIRT674101
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-4419b Weak MIRT674102
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-3929 Weak MIRT674103
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-204-5p Prediction N/A
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-211-5p Prediction N/A
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-370-5p Prediction N/A
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-539-5p Prediction N/A
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-658 Prediction N/A
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-449c-5p Prediction N/A
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-1285-3p Prediction N/A
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-1244 Prediction N/A
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-1288-3p Prediction N/A
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-2682-5p Prediction N/A
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-3127-5p Prediction N/A
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-3065-3p Prediction N/A
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-1273d Prediction N/A
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-4491 Prediction N/A
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-4496 Prediction N/A
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-4657 Prediction N/A
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-203b-3p Prediction N/A
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-2467-3p Prediction N/A
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-4793-3p Prediction N/A
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-4796-3p Prediction N/A
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-1273g-3p Prediction N/A
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-5190 Prediction N/A
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-5684 Prediction N/A
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-5689 Prediction N/A
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-6073 Prediction N/A
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-6134 Prediction N/A
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-6807-3p Prediction N/A
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-6848-5p Prediction N/A
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-6880-5p Prediction N/A
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-7107-3p Prediction N/A
PLEKHA1 hsa-miR-7703 Prediction N/A

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