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Gene MicroRNA Evidence category miRTarBase ID
OTUD7B hsa-miR-500a-5p Strong MIRT054272
OTUD7B hsa-miR-218-5p Strong MIRT054406
OTUD7B hsa-miR-1229-3p Weak MIRT036370
OTUD7B hsa-miR-877-5p Weak MIRT037334
OTUD7B hsa-miR-339-5p Weak MIRT042784
OTUD7B hsa-miR-16-5p Weak MIRT051066
OTUD7B hsa-miR-6516-5p Weak MIRT541159
OTUD7B hsa-miR-455-3p Weak MIRT541160
OTUD7B hsa-miR-638 Weak MIRT541161
OTUD7B hsa-miR-6499-3p Weak MIRT541162
OTUD7B hsa-miR-4537 Weak MIRT541163
OTUD7B hsa-miR-1292-3p Weak MIRT541164
OTUD7B hsa-miR-4799-5p Weak MIRT555882
OTUD7B hsa-miR-6892-5p Weak MIRT555883
OTUD7B hsa-miR-6878-5p Weak MIRT555884
OTUD7B hsa-miR-5703 Weak MIRT555885
OTUD7B hsa-miR-4434 Weak MIRT555886
OTUD7B hsa-miR-4516 Weak MIRT555887
OTUD7B hsa-miR-658 Weak MIRT555888
OTUD7B hsa-miR-107 Weak MIRT555889
OTUD7B hsa-miR-103a-3p Weak MIRT555890
OTUD7B hsa-miR-95-5p Weak MIRT555891
OTUD7B hsa-miR-154-5p Weak MIRT555892
OTUD7B hsa-miR-7846-3p Weak MIRT555893
OTUD7B hsa-miR-6760-5p Weak MIRT555894
OTUD7B hsa-miR-4475 Weak MIRT555895
OTUD7B hsa-miR-6874-5p Weak MIRT570566
OTUD7B hsa-miR-513b-5p Weak MIRT570567
OTUD7B hsa-miR-6880-5p Weak MIRT570568
OTUD7B hsa-miR-6851-5p Weak MIRT570569
OTUD7B hsa-miR-3689d Weak MIRT570570
OTUD7B hsa-miR-6500-5p Weak MIRT570571
OTUD7B hsa-miR-4633-3p Weak MIRT570572
OTUD7B hsa-miR-8077 Weak MIRT570573
OTUD7B hsa-miR-4765 Weak MIRT570574
OTUD7B hsa-miR-1236-5p Weak MIRT570575
OTUD7B hsa-miR-6134 Weak MIRT570576
OTUD7B hsa-miR-6133 Weak MIRT570577
OTUD7B hsa-miR-6130 Weak MIRT570578
OTUD7B hsa-miR-6129 Weak MIRT570579
OTUD7B hsa-miR-6127 Weak MIRT570580
OTUD7B hsa-miR-4510 Weak MIRT570581
OTUD7B hsa-miR-4419a Weak MIRT570582
OTUD7B hsa-miR-3160-3p Weak MIRT570583
OTUD7B hsa-miR-125b-2-3p Weak MIRT570584
OTUD7B hsa-miR-4756-5p Weak MIRT570585
OTUD7B hsa-miR-4457 Weak MIRT570586
OTUD7B hsa-miR-4739 Weak MIRT570587
OTUD7B hsa-miR-1321 Weak MIRT570588
OTUD7B hsa-miR-587 Weak MIRT622946
OTUD7B hsa-miR-616-5p Weak MIRT622947
OTUD7B hsa-miR-373-5p Weak MIRT622948
OTUD7B hsa-miR-371b-5p Weak MIRT622949
OTUD7B hsa-miR-4698 Weak MIRT622950
OTUD7B hsa-miR-8063 Weak MIRT622951
OTUD7B hsa-miR-513c-3p Weak MIRT622952
OTUD7B hsa-miR-513a-3p Weak MIRT622953
OTUD7B hsa-miR-3606-3p Weak MIRT622954
OTUD7B hsa-miR-4282 Weak MIRT622955
OTUD7B hsa-miR-7850-5p Weak MIRT655573
OTUD7B hsa-miR-6079 Weak MIRT655574
OTUD7B hsa-miR-4533 Weak MIRT655575
OTUD7B hsa-miR-4733-5p Weak MIRT655576
OTUD7B hsa-miR-7703 Weak MIRT655577
OTUD7B hsa-miR-500a-3p Weak MIRT655578
OTUD7B hsa-miR-5708 Weak MIRT655579
OTUD7B hsa-miR-6720-5p Weak MIRT655580
OTUD7B hsa-miR-6512-3p Weak MIRT655581
OTUD7B hsa-miR-6721-5p Weak MIRT655582
OTUD7B hsa-miR-4663 Weak MIRT655583
OTUD7B hsa-miR-661 Weak MIRT655584
OTUD7B hsa-miR-767-5p Weak MIRT655585
OTUD7B hsa-miR-6860 Weak MIRT655586
OTUD7B hsa-miR-612 Weak MIRT655587
OTUD7B hsa-miR-5189-5p Weak MIRT655588
OTUD7B hsa-miR-3187-5p Weak MIRT655589
OTUD7B hsa-miR-1285-3p Weak MIRT655590
OTUD7B hsa-miR-4793-3p Weak MIRT655591
OTUD7B hsa-miR-766-3p Weak MIRT655592
OTUD7B hsa-miR-6849-3p Weak MIRT655593
OTUD7B hsa-miR-939-3p Weak MIRT655594
OTUD7B hsa-miR-1273g-3p Weak MIRT655595
OTUD7B hsa-miR-92b-3p Weak MIRT655596
OTUD7B hsa-miR-92a-3p Weak MIRT655597
OTUD7B hsa-miR-367-3p Weak MIRT655598
OTUD7B hsa-miR-363-3p Weak MIRT655599
OTUD7B hsa-miR-32-5p Weak MIRT655600
OTUD7B hsa-miR-25-3p Weak MIRT655601
OTUD7B hsa-miR-508-5p Weak MIRT655602
OTUD7B hsa-miR-6514-3p Weak MIRT687296
OTUD7B hsa-miR-7977 Weak MIRT687297
OTUD7B hsa-miR-24-3p Weak MIRT687298
OTUD7B hsa-miR-4284 Weak MIRT687299
OTUD7B hsa-miR-3202 Weak MIRT687300
OTUD7B hsa-miR-7160-5p Weak MIRT687301
OTUD7B hsa-miR-6847-3p Weak MIRT687302
OTUD7B hsa-miR-6811-3p Weak MIRT687303
OTUD7B hsa-miR-214-5p Weak MIRT687304
OTUD7B hsa-miR-7854-3p Weak MIRT687305
OTUD7B hsa-miR-7162-3p Weak MIRT687306
OTUD7B hsa-miR-383-3p Weak MIRT687307
OTUD7B hsa-miR-4478 Weak MIRT687308
OTUD7B hsa-miR-4419b Weak MIRT687309
OTUD7B hsa-miR-3929 Weak MIRT687310
OTUD7B hsa-miR-548s Weak MIRT687311
OTUD7B hsa-miR-4684-5p Weak MIRT687312
OTUD7B hsa-miR-3926 Weak MIRT687313
OTUD7B hsa-miR-3190-5p Weak MIRT687314
OTUD7B hsa-miR-3675-3p Weak MIRT687315
OTUD7B hsa-miR-6771-3p Weak MIRT687316
OTUD7B hsa-miR-19b-3p Weak MIRT727029
OTUD7B hsa-miR-19a-3p Weak MIRT727030

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