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Gene MicroRNA Evidence category miRTarBase ID
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-21-5p Weak MIRT030866
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-1303 Weak MIRT308476
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-545-5p Weak MIRT445214
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-203a-3p Weak MIRT445215
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-33a-3p Weak MIRT445216
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-1273e Weak MIRT475920
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-6516-5p Weak MIRT475921
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-6803-5p Weak MIRT475922
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-6751-5p Weak MIRT475923
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-455-3p Weak MIRT475924
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-4447 Weak MIRT475925
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-4472 Weak MIRT475926
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-92a-2-5p Weak MIRT475927
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-7110-5p Weak MIRT475928
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-6842-5p Weak MIRT475929
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-6752-5p Weak MIRT475930
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-6835-5p Weak MIRT475931
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-6851-5p Weak MIRT475932
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-3689d Weak MIRT475933
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-6499-3p Weak MIRT475934
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-6134 Weak MIRT475935
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-4487 Weak MIRT475936
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-3160-3p Weak MIRT475937
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-6840-3p Weak MIRT475938
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-665 Weak MIRT475939
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-5006-5p Weak MIRT487508
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-6721-5p Weak MIRT487509
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-4763-3p Weak MIRT487510
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-1207-5p Weak MIRT487511
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-765 Weak MIRT487512
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-4644 Weak MIRT487513
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-4306 Weak MIRT487514
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-185-5p Weak MIRT487515
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-6836-5p Weak MIRT487516
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-6132 Weak MIRT487517
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-4784 Weak MIRT487518
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-4722-5p Weak MIRT487519
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-3150b-3p Weak MIRT487520
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-7153-5p Weak MIRT487521
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-146b-5p Weak MIRT487522
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-146a-5p Weak MIRT487523
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-4459 Weak MIRT487524
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-7843-5p Weak MIRT487525
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-6879-5p Weak MIRT487526
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-6735-5p Weak MIRT487527
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-4436b-3p Weak MIRT487528
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-4632-5p Weak MIRT487529
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-940 Weak MIRT487530
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-6893-5p Weak MIRT487531
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-6808-5p Weak MIRT487532
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-3925-5p Weak MIRT487533
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-3714 Weak MIRT487534
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-5586-3p Weak MIRT499053
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-4693-3p Weak MIRT499054
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-4311 Weak MIRT499055
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-558 Weak MIRT508864
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-574-5p Weak MIRT557414
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-4455 Weak MIRT557415
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-2278 Weak MIRT557416
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-3924 Weak MIRT557417
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-297 Weak MIRT557418
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-6867-5p Weak MIRT557419
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-223-5p Weak MIRT557420
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-567 Weak MIRT557421
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-449b-5p Weak MIRT557422
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-449a Weak MIRT557423
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-34c-5p Weak MIRT557424
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-34a-5p Weak MIRT557425
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-4302 Weak MIRT557426
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-511-3p Weak MIRT557427
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-449c-5p Weak MIRT557428
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-34b-5p Weak MIRT557429
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-2682-5p Weak MIRT557430
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-548an Weak MIRT557431
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-302d-5p Weak MIRT560197
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-302b-5p Weak MIRT560198
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-586 Weak MIRT560199
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-101-5p Weak MIRT560200
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-633 Weak MIRT616289
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-1179 Weak MIRT668030
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-577 Weak MIRT668031
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-3121-3p Weak MIRT668032
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-4279 Weak MIRT676696
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-6778-3p Weak MIRT676697
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-1976 Weak MIRT676698
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-3653-5p Weak MIRT676699
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-1281 Weak MIRT676700
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-6747-3p Weak MIRT676701
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-6727-3p Weak MIRT676702
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-4722-3p Weak MIRT676703
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-4532 Weak MIRT676704
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-1247-3p Weak MIRT676705
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-122-3p Weak MIRT676706
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-6763-5p Weak MIRT691864
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-3150a-3p Weak MIRT691865
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-7977 Weak MIRT691866
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-6825-5p Weak MIRT691867
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-939-5p Weak MIRT691868
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-1343-5p Weak MIRT691869
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-3175 Weak MIRT691870
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-7160-5p Weak MIRT691871
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-6884-5p Weak MIRT691872
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-485-5p Weak MIRT691873
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-1827 Weak MIRT691874
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-3607-3p Weak MIRT691875
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-8089 Weak MIRT691876
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-4700-5p Weak MIRT691877
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-4667-5p Weak MIRT691878
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-4649-3p Weak MIRT691879
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-4768-3p Weak MIRT691880
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-5690 Weak MIRT691881
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-6500-3p Weak MIRT691882
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-3614-5p Weak MIRT691883
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-4478 Weak MIRT691884
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-4419b Weak MIRT691885
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-3929 Weak MIRT691886
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-34b-3p Weak MIRT691887
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-605-5p Weak MIRT691888
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-4692 Prediction N/A
GXYLT2 hsa-miR-4801 Prediction N/A

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