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Gene MicroRNA Evidence category miRTarBase ID
G3BP1 hsa-miR-124-3p Strong MIRT002572
G3BP1 hsa-miR-30a-5p Strong MIRT005163
G3BP1 hsa-miR-23b-3p Weak MIRT023470
G3BP1 hsa-miR-1-3p Weak MIRT024102
G3BP1 hsa-miR-320b Weak MIRT036199
G3BP1 hsa-miR-941 Weak MIRT036580
G3BP1 hsa-miR-744-5p Weak MIRT037518
G3BP1 hsa-miR-18a-3p Weak MIRT040861
G3BP1 hsa-miR-193b-3p Weak MIRT041227
G3BP1 hsa-miR-484 Weak MIRT042020
G3BP1 hsa-miR-320a Weak MIRT044514
G3BP1 hsa-miR-186-5p Weak MIRT045198
G3BP1 hsa-miR-30b-5p Weak MIRT046135
G3BP1 hsa-miR-197-3p Weak MIRT048116
G3BP1 hsa-miR-1260b Weak MIRT052672
G3BP1 hsa-miR-577 Weak MIRT243876
G3BP1 hsa-miR-605-3p Weak MIRT243877
G3BP1 hsa-miR-4328 Weak MIRT243879
G3BP1 hsa-miR-4709-5p Weak MIRT243880
G3BP1 hsa-miR-5003-5p Weak MIRT243881
G3BP1 hsa-miR-5582-5p Weak MIRT243882
G3BP1 hsa-miR-518a-5p Weak MIRT312573
G3BP1 hsa-miR-527 Weak MIRT312574
G3BP1 hsa-miR-559 Weak MIRT312575
G3BP1 hsa-miR-548b-5p Weak MIRT312577
G3BP1 hsa-miR-548a-5p Weak MIRT312578
G3BP1 hsa-miR-548c-5p Weak MIRT312579
G3BP1 hsa-miR-622 Weak MIRT312580
G3BP1 hsa-miR-651-3p Weak MIRT312581
G3BP1 hsa-miR-548d-5p Weak MIRT312582
G3BP1 hsa-miR-548j-5p Weak MIRT312583
G3BP1 hsa-miR-548h-5p Weak MIRT312584
G3BP1 hsa-miR-548i Weak MIRT312585
G3BP1 hsa-miR-548w Weak MIRT312586
G3BP1 hsa-miR-548y Weak MIRT312588
G3BP1 hsa-miR-548o-5p Weak MIRT312589
G3BP1 hsa-miR-548ab Weak MIRT312590
G3BP1 hsa-miR-548ad-5p Weak MIRT312591
G3BP1 hsa-miR-548ae-5p Weak MIRT312592
G3BP1 hsa-miR-548ak Weak MIRT312593
G3BP1 hsa-miR-548am-5p Weak MIRT312595
G3BP1 hsa-miR-3973 Weak MIRT312596
G3BP1 hsa-miR-548ap-5p Weak MIRT312597
G3BP1 hsa-miR-548aq-5p Weak MIRT312599
G3BP1 hsa-miR-548ar-5p Weak MIRT312600
G3BP1 hsa-miR-548as-5p Weak MIRT312601
G3BP1 hsa-miR-548au-5p Weak MIRT312602
G3BP1 hsa-miR-548ay-5p Weak MIRT312603
G3BP1 hsa-miR-6830-5p Weak MIRT312604
G3BP1 hsa-miR-548bb-5p Weak MIRT312605
G3BP1 hsa-miR-4419a Weak MIRT312617
G3BP1 hsa-miR-4510 Weak MIRT312619
G3BP1 hsa-miR-6127 Weak MIRT312620
G3BP1 hsa-miR-6129 Weak MIRT312621
G3BP1 hsa-miR-6130 Weak MIRT312622
G3BP1 hsa-miR-6133 Weak MIRT312623
G3BP1 hsa-miR-6873-5p Weak MIRT312625
G3BP1 hsa-miR-3714 Weak MIRT312631
G3BP1 hsa-miR-3154 Weak MIRT358104
G3BP1 hsa-miR-3145-5p Weak MIRT408320
G3BP1 hsa-miR-6510-5p Weak MIRT476570
G3BP1 hsa-miR-6824-5p Weak MIRT476571
G3BP1 hsa-miR-3175 Weak MIRT476572
G3BP1 hsa-miR-4644 Weak MIRT476573
G3BP1 hsa-miR-4306 Weak MIRT476574
G3BP1 hsa-miR-185-5p Weak MIRT476575
G3BP1 hsa-miR-27b-5p Weak MIRT476576
G3BP1 hsa-miR-600 Weak MIRT476577
G3BP1 hsa-miR-6747-3p Weak MIRT476578
G3BP1 hsa-miR-6727-3p Weak MIRT476579
G3BP1 hsa-miR-4722-3p Weak MIRT476580
G3BP1 hsa-miR-6783-5p Weak MIRT476581
G3BP1 hsa-miR-942-3p Weak MIRT476582
G3BP1 hsa-miR-4802-3p Weak MIRT476583
G3BP1 hsa-miR-6891-5p Weak MIRT476584
G3BP1 hsa-miR-4789-3p Weak MIRT476585
G3BP1 hsa-miR-3173-3p Weak MIRT476586
G3BP1 hsa-miR-3139 Weak MIRT476587
G3BP1 hsa-miR-28-5p Weak MIRT476588
G3BP1 hsa-miR-708-5p Weak MIRT476589
G3BP1 hsa-miR-101-3p Weak MIRT476590
G3BP1 hsa-miR-6800-5p Weak MIRT476591
G3BP1 hsa-miR-582-5p Weak MIRT476592
G3BP1 hsa-miR-4710 Weak MIRT476593
G3BP1 hsa-miR-6739-5p Weak MIRT476594
G3BP1 hsa-miR-6733-5p Weak MIRT476595
G3BP1 hsa-miR-3153 Weak MIRT476596
G3BP1 hsa-miR-483-5p Weak MIRT476597
G3BP1 hsa-miR-4681 Weak MIRT476598
G3BP1 hsa-miR-376c-3p Weak MIRT476599
G3BP1 hsa-miR-7161-5p Weak MIRT476600
G3BP1 hsa-miR-8087 Weak MIRT476601
G3BP1 hsa-miR-548u Weak MIRT476602
G3BP1 hsa-miR-8085 Weak MIRT476603
G3BP1 hsa-miR-6731-5p Weak MIRT476604
G3BP1 hsa-miR-6077 Weak MIRT476605
G3BP1 hsa-miR-5681a Weak MIRT476606
G3BP1 hsa-miR-873-5p Weak MIRT476607
G3BP1 hsa-miR-6760-5p Weak MIRT476608
G3BP1 hsa-miR-9500 Weak MIRT476609
G3BP1 hsa-miR-6758-5p Weak MIRT476610
G3BP1 hsa-miR-6856-5p Weak MIRT476611
G3BP1 hsa-miR-3974 Weak MIRT476612
G3BP1 hsa-miR-548m Weak MIRT476613
G3BP1 hsa-miR-4503 Weak MIRT476614
G3BP1 hsa-miR-6792-5p Weak MIRT476615
G3BP1 hsa-miR-7704 Weak MIRT476616
G3BP1 hsa-miR-615-5p Weak MIRT476617
G3BP1 hsa-miR-7155-5p Weak MIRT476618
G3BP1 hsa-miR-1-5p Weak MIRT476619
G3BP1 hsa-miR-4494 Weak MIRT476620
G3BP1 hsa-miR-4463 Weak MIRT476621
G3BP1 hsa-miR-508-5p Weak MIRT476622
G3BP1 hsa-miR-4707-3p Weak MIRT537288
G3BP1 hsa-miR-6885-3p Weak MIRT537289
G3BP1 hsa-miR-6805-3p Weak MIRT537290
G3BP1 hsa-miR-5691 Weak MIRT537291
G3BP1 hsa-miR-3194-3p Weak MIRT537292
G3BP1 hsa-miR-551b-5p Weak MIRT537293
G3BP1 hsa-miR-4674 Weak MIRT541324
G3BP1 hsa-miR-7156-3p Weak MIRT541325
G3BP1 hsa-miR-6783-3p Weak MIRT541326
G3BP1 hsa-miR-1343-3p Weak MIRT541327
G3BP1 hsa-miR-4437 Weak MIRT541328
G3BP1 hsa-miR-378g Weak MIRT541329
G3BP1 hsa-miR-1184 Weak MIRT541330
G3BP1 hsa-miR-1304-3p Weak MIRT541331
G3BP1 hsa-miR-6742-3p Weak MIRT541332
G3BP1 hsa-miR-6852-5p Weak MIRT541333
G3BP1 hsa-miR-939-3p Weak MIRT541334
G3BP1 hsa-miR-6890-3p Weak MIRT541335
G3BP1 hsa-miR-509-5p Weak MIRT541336
G3BP1 hsa-miR-509-3-5p Weak MIRT541337
G3BP1 hsa-miR-4418 Weak MIRT541338
G3BP1 hsa-miR-6750-3p Weak MIRT541339
G3BP1 hsa-miR-3680-5p Weak MIRT541340
G3BP1 hsa-miR-4742-3p Weak MIRT548140
G3BP1 hsa-miR-4641 Weak MIRT557722
G3BP1 hsa-miR-3925-5p Weak MIRT557723
G3BP1 hsa-miR-1180-3p Weak MIRT562313
G3BP1 hsa-miR-6079 Weak MIRT562314
G3BP1 hsa-miR-4703-3p Weak MIRT562315
G3BP1 hsa-miR-3202 Weak MIRT562316
G3BP1 hsa-miR-4533 Weak MIRT562317
G3BP1 hsa-miR-4722-5p Weak MIRT562318
G3BP1 hsa-miR-20b-3p Weak MIRT562319
G3BP1 hsa-miR-940 Weak MIRT562320
G3BP1 hsa-miR-6893-5p Weak MIRT562321
G3BP1 hsa-miR-6808-5p Weak MIRT562322
G3BP1 hsa-miR-890 Weak MIRT562323
G3BP1 hsa-miR-4715-3p Weak MIRT572570
G3BP1 hsa-miR-6845-3p Weak MIRT572571
G3BP1 hsa-miR-1227-3p Weak MIRT572572
G3BP1 hsa-miR-4717-3p Weak MIRT572573
G3BP1 hsa-miR-342-3p Weak MIRT572574
G3BP1 hsa-miR-455-5p Weak MIRT572575
G3BP1 hsa-miR-1285-5p Weak MIRT572576

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