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Gene MicroRNA Evidence category miRTarBase ID
FEM1C hsa-miR-103a-3p Weak MIRT027153
FEM1C hsa-miR-93-5p Weak MIRT028176
FEM1C hsa-miR-18a-5p Weak MIRT031336
FEM1C hsa-miR-16-5p Weak MIRT031848
FEM1C hsa-miR-559 Weak MIRT094671
FEM1C hsa-miR-548b-5p Weak MIRT094672
FEM1C hsa-miR-548a-5p Weak MIRT094673
FEM1C hsa-miR-548c-5p Weak MIRT094674
FEM1C hsa-miR-548d-5p Weak MIRT094675
FEM1C hsa-miR-548j-5p Weak MIRT094679
FEM1C hsa-miR-548h-5p Weak MIRT094681
FEM1C hsa-miR-548i Weak MIRT094682
FEM1C hsa-miR-548w Weak MIRT094685
FEM1C hsa-miR-548y Weak MIRT094686
FEM1C hsa-miR-548o-5p Weak MIRT094687
FEM1C hsa-miR-548ab Weak MIRT094688
FEM1C hsa-miR-548ad-5p Weak MIRT094689
FEM1C hsa-miR-548ae-5p Weak MIRT094690
FEM1C hsa-miR-548ak Weak MIRT094691
FEM1C hsa-miR-548am-5p Weak MIRT094692
FEM1C hsa-miR-548ap-5p Weak MIRT094693
FEM1C hsa-miR-548aq-5p Weak MIRT094694
FEM1C hsa-miR-548ar-5p Weak MIRT094695
FEM1C hsa-miR-548as-5p Weak MIRT094696
FEM1C hsa-miR-548au-5p Weak MIRT094697
FEM1C hsa-miR-548ay-5p Weak MIRT094698
FEM1C hsa-miR-548bb-5p Weak MIRT094699
FEM1C hsa-miR-95-5p Weak MIRT165138
FEM1C hsa-miR-548k Weak MIRT165150
FEM1C hsa-miR-548av-5p Weak MIRT165164
FEM1C hsa-miR-8054 Weak MIRT165171
FEM1C hsa-miR-4422 Weak MIRT238216
FEM1C hsa-miR-6835-3p Weak MIRT238220
FEM1C hsa-miR-302a-3p Weak MIRT356934
FEM1C hsa-miR-302b-3p Weak MIRT356935
FEM1C hsa-miR-302c-3p Weak MIRT356936
FEM1C hsa-miR-302d-3p Weak MIRT356937
FEM1C hsa-miR-372-3p Weak MIRT356938
FEM1C hsa-miR-373-3p Weak MIRT356939
FEM1C hsa-miR-512-3p Weak MIRT356940
FEM1C hsa-miR-520e Weak MIRT356941
FEM1C hsa-miR-520a-3p Weak MIRT356944
FEM1C hsa-miR-520b Weak MIRT356946
FEM1C hsa-miR-520c-3p Weak MIRT356947
FEM1C hsa-miR-520d-3p Weak MIRT356948
FEM1C hsa-miR-302e Weak MIRT356951
FEM1C hsa-miR-20a-5p Weak MIRT440646
FEM1C hsa-miR-106b-5p Weak MIRT440648
FEM1C hsa-miR-4709-3p Weak MIRT448840
FEM1C hsa-miR-3185 Weak MIRT448841
FEM1C hsa-miR-4635 Weak MIRT448842
FEM1C hsa-miR-3646 Weak MIRT448843
FEM1C hsa-miR-548l Weak MIRT448844
FEM1C hsa-miR-3662 Weak MIRT448845
FEM1C hsa-miR-142-5p Weak MIRT448846
FEM1C hsa-miR-5590-3p Weak MIRT448847
FEM1C hsa-miR-6858-5p Weak MIRT448848
FEM1C hsa-miR-4689 Weak MIRT448849
FEM1C hsa-miR-1224-5p Weak MIRT448850
FEM1C hsa-miR-3915 Weak MIRT448851
FEM1C hsa-miR-526b-5p Weak MIRT448852
FEM1C hsa-miR-4751 Weak MIRT448853
FEM1C hsa-miR-5004-5p Weak MIRT448854
FEM1C hsa-miR-3121-3p Weak MIRT448855
FEM1C hsa-miR-3117-3p Weak MIRT490468
FEM1C hsa-miR-411-5p Weak MIRT490469
FEM1C hsa-miR-1258 Weak MIRT490470
FEM1C hsa-miR-20b-3p Weak MIRT490471
FEM1C hsa-miR-1197 Weak MIRT490472
FEM1C hsa-miR-5680 Weak MIRT490473
FEM1C hsa-miR-1183 Weak MIRT490474
FEM1C hsa-miR-522-3p Weak MIRT490475
FEM1C hsa-miR-224-3p Weak MIRT490476
FEM1C hsa-miR-548g-3p Weak MIRT490477
FEM1C hsa-miR-548f-3p Weak MIRT490478
FEM1C hsa-miR-548e-3p Weak MIRT490479
FEM1C hsa-miR-548az-3p Weak MIRT490480
FEM1C hsa-miR-548ar-3p Weak MIRT490481
FEM1C hsa-miR-548a-3p Weak MIRT490482
FEM1C hsa-miR-548x-3p Weak MIRT490483
FEM1C hsa-miR-548j-3p Weak MIRT490484
FEM1C hsa-miR-548aq-3p Weak MIRT490485
FEM1C hsa-miR-548am-3p Weak MIRT490486
FEM1C hsa-miR-548aj-3p Weak MIRT490487
FEM1C hsa-miR-548ah-3p Weak MIRT490488
FEM1C hsa-miR-548ae-3p Weak MIRT490489
FEM1C hsa-miR-5187-3p Weak MIRT498156
FEM1C hsa-miR-3140-5p Weak MIRT498157
FEM1C hsa-miR-338-5p Weak MIRT498158
FEM1C hsa-miR-4796-3p Weak MIRT498159
FEM1C hsa-miR-548ah-5p Weak MIRT498160
FEM1C hsa-miR-3609 Weak MIRT498161
FEM1C hsa-miR-20b-5p Weak MIRT498162
FEM1C hsa-miR-519d-3p Weak MIRT498163
FEM1C hsa-miR-17-5p Weak MIRT498164
FEM1C hsa-miR-526b-3p Weak MIRT498165
FEM1C hsa-miR-106a-5p Weak MIRT498166
FEM1C hsa-miR-1278 Weak MIRT523702
FEM1C hsa-miR-5003-3p Weak MIRT523703
FEM1C hsa-miR-183-3p Weak MIRT537398
FEM1C hsa-miR-4680-3p Weak MIRT537399
FEM1C hsa-miR-584-5p Weak MIRT567568
FEM1C hsa-miR-6811-3p Weak MIRT567569
FEM1C hsa-miR-1253 Weak MIRT567570
FEM1C hsa-miR-1914-5p Weak MIRT567571
FEM1C hsa-miR-5579-5p Weak MIRT567572
FEM1C hsa-miR-3976 Weak MIRT567573
FEM1C hsa-miR-577 Weak MIRT567574
FEM1C hsa-miR-3123 Weak MIRT567575
FEM1C hsa-miR-3925-5p Weak MIRT567576
FEM1C hsa-miR-7109-3p Weak MIRT567577
FEM1C hsa-miR-153-3p Weak MIRT567578
FEM1C hsa-miR-101-5p Prediction N/A
FEM1C hsa-miR-138-5p Prediction N/A
FEM1C hsa-miR-610 Prediction N/A
FEM1C hsa-miR-1261 Prediction N/A
FEM1C hsa-miR-1276 Prediction N/A
FEM1C hsa-miR-1322 Prediction N/A
FEM1C hsa-miR-548q Prediction N/A
FEM1C hsa-miR-3154 Prediction N/A
FEM1C hsa-miR-3174 Prediction N/A
FEM1C hsa-miR-3688-5p Prediction N/A
FEM1C hsa-miR-3916 Prediction N/A
FEM1C hsa-miR-4436a Prediction N/A
FEM1C hsa-miR-3135b Prediction N/A
FEM1C hsa-miR-4644 Prediction N/A
FEM1C hsa-miR-4687-5p Prediction N/A
FEM1C hsa-miR-4723-5p Prediction N/A
FEM1C hsa-miR-4779 Prediction N/A
FEM1C hsa-miR-6739-5p Prediction N/A
FEM1C hsa-miR-6758-5p Prediction N/A
FEM1C hsa-miR-6760-5p Prediction N/A
FEM1C hsa-miR-6795-5p Prediction N/A
FEM1C hsa-miR-6865-5p Prediction N/A
FEM1C hsa-miR-6887-5p Prediction N/A
FEM1C hsa-miR-6892-5p Prediction N/A

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