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Gene MicroRNA Evidence category miRTarBase ID
EN2 hsa-miR-103a-3p Weak MIRT027200
EN2 hsa-miR-16-5p Weak MIRT032001
EN2 hsa-miR-744-5p Weak MIRT037416
EN2 hsa-miR-331-3p Weak MIRT043555
EN2 hsa-let-7e-5p Weak MIRT051493
EN2 hsa-miR-95-5p Weak MIRT102956
EN2 hsa-miR-203a-3p Weak MIRT102957
EN2 hsa-miR-545-3p Weak MIRT102958
EN2 hsa-miR-548c-3p Weak MIRT102959
EN2 hsa-miR-1269a Weak MIRT102960
EN2 hsa-miR-3942-5p Weak MIRT102961
EN2 hsa-miR-1269b Weak MIRT102962
EN2 hsa-miR-4529-3p Weak MIRT102963
EN2 hsa-miR-4703-5p Weak MIRT102965
EN2 hsa-miR-4520-2-3p Weak MIRT102966
EN2 hsa-miR-5009-5p Weak MIRT102967
EN2 hsa-miR-6818-5p Weak MIRT102968
EN2 hsa-miR-7850-5p Weak MIRT102969
EN2 hsa-miR-8058 Weak MIRT102970
EN2 hsa-miR-15a-5p Weak MIRT102971
EN2 hsa-miR-15b-5p Weak MIRT102972
EN2 hsa-miR-195-5p Weak MIRT102973
EN2 hsa-miR-424-5p Weak MIRT102974
EN2 hsa-miR-487a-5p Weak MIRT102975
EN2 hsa-miR-497-5p Weak MIRT102976
EN2 hsa-miR-487b-5p Weak MIRT102977
EN2 hsa-miR-922 Weak MIRT102978
EN2 hsa-miR-4494 Weak MIRT102979
EN2 hsa-miR-499b-5p Weak MIRT102980
EN2 hsa-miR-892c-5p Weak MIRT102981
EN2 hsa-miR-6792-5p Weak MIRT102982
EN2 hsa-miR-6838-5p Weak MIRT102983
EN2 hsa-miR-8069 Weak MIRT102984
EN2 hsa-miR-27a-3p Weak MIRT320050
EN2 hsa-miR-216a-3p Weak MIRT320051
EN2 hsa-miR-27b-3p Weak MIRT320052
EN2 hsa-miR-128-3p Weak MIRT320053
EN2 hsa-miR-513a-5p Weak MIRT320054
EN2 hsa-miR-3681-3p Weak MIRT320055
EN2 hsa-miR-4717-3p Weak MIRT320075
EN2 hsa-let-7c-5p Weak MIRT439164
EN2 hsa-miR-6858-5p Weak MIRT477406
EN2 hsa-miR-4689 Weak MIRT477407
EN2 hsa-miR-4710 Weak MIRT477408
EN2 hsa-miR-6827-5p Weak MIRT477409
EN2 hsa-miR-873-5p Weak MIRT477410
EN2 hsa-miR-1286 Weak MIRT477411
EN2 hsa-miR-6804-5p Weak MIRT477412
EN2 hsa-miR-6133 Weak MIRT477413
EN2 hsa-miR-6130 Weak MIRT477414
EN2 hsa-miR-6129 Weak MIRT477415
EN2 hsa-miR-6127 Weak MIRT477416
EN2 hsa-miR-4510 Weak MIRT477417
EN2 hsa-miR-4784 Weak MIRT477418
EN2 hsa-miR-4419a Weak MIRT477419
EN2 hsa-miR-3150b-3p Weak MIRT477420
EN2 hsa-miR-4779 Weak MIRT477421
EN2 hsa-miR-6873-5p Weak MIRT477422
EN2 hsa-miR-384 Weak MIRT507382
EN2 hsa-miR-3685 Weak MIRT507383
EN2 hsa-miR-506-5p Weak MIRT507384
EN2 hsa-miR-147a Weak MIRT507385
EN2 hsa-miR-4291 Weak MIRT507386
EN2 hsa-miR-107 Weak MIRT507387
EN2 hsa-miR-9-5p Weak MIRT507388
EN2 hsa-miR-6070 Weak MIRT558145
EN2 hsa-miR-6746-5p Weak MIRT562379
EN2 hsa-miR-6880-5p Weak MIRT562380
EN2 hsa-miR-5703 Weak MIRT562381
EN2 hsa-miR-766-5p Weak MIRT562382
EN2 hsa-miR-4516 Weak MIRT562383
EN2 hsa-miR-4434 Weak MIRT562384
EN2 hsa-miR-4533 Weak MIRT562385
EN2 hsa-miR-6077 Weak MIRT562386
EN2 hsa-miR-3148 Weak MIRT562387
EN2 hsa-miR-6876-5p Weak MIRT562388
EN2 hsa-miR-4476 Weak MIRT562389
EN2 hsa-miR-6891-5p Weak MIRT562390
EN2 hsa-miR-3173-3p Weak MIRT562391
EN2 hsa-miR-4428 Weak MIRT562392
EN2 hsa-miR-574-5p Weak MIRT624020
EN2 hsa-miR-4455 Weak MIRT624021
EN2 hsa-miR-23c Weak MIRT624022
EN2 hsa-miR-23b-3p Weak MIRT624023
EN2 hsa-miR-23a-3p Weak MIRT624024
EN2 hsa-miR-130a-5p Weak MIRT624025
EN2 hsa-miR-124-5p Weak MIRT624026
EN2 hsa-miR-6867-5p Weak MIRT624027
EN2 hsa-miR-3650 Weak MIRT624028
EN2 hsa-miR-7978 Weak MIRT626528
EN2 hsa-miR-664b-3p Weak MIRT725531
EN2 hsa-miR-579-3p Weak MIRT725532
EN2 hsa-miR-5696 Weak MIRT725533
EN2 hsa-miR-1298-5p Weak MIRT725534
EN2 hsa-miR-664a-3p Weak MIRT725535
EN2 hsa-miR-494-3p Weak MIRT725536
EN2 hsa-miR-543 Weak MIRT725537
EN2 hsa-miR-181d-5p Weak MIRT725538
EN2 hsa-miR-4262 Weak MIRT725539
EN2 hsa-miR-181c-5p Weak MIRT725540
EN2 hsa-miR-181b-5p Weak MIRT725541
EN2 hsa-miR-181a-5p Weak MIRT725542

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