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Gene MicroRNA Evidence category miRTarBase ID
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-302a-3p Strong MIRT006201
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-193b-3p Weak MIRT016525
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-375 Weak MIRT020036
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-7-5p Weak MIRT025951
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-455-3p Weak MIRT037871
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-324-3p Weak MIRT042962
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-100-5p Weak MIRT048456
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-203a-3p Weak MIRT065601
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-3163 Weak MIRT065604
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-216a-3p Weak MIRT065606
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-128-3p Weak MIRT065607
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-140-3p Weak MIRT065608
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-519c-3p Weak MIRT065609
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-519b-3p Weak MIRT065610
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-519a-3p Weak MIRT065611
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-4280 Weak MIRT065612
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-3681-3p Weak MIRT065613
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-6832-5p Weak MIRT065615
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-302b-3p Weak MIRT187255
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-302c-3p Weak MIRT187256
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-302d-3p Weak MIRT187257
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-372-3p Weak MIRT187258
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-373-3p Weak MIRT187259
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-511-5p Weak MIRT187260
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-512-3p Weak MIRT187261
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-520e Weak MIRT187262
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-520a-3p Weak MIRT187263
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-520b Weak MIRT187264
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-520c-3p Weak MIRT187265
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-520d-3p Weak MIRT187266
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-1253 Weak MIRT187269
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-302e Weak MIRT187270
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-4257 Weak MIRT187271
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-4289 Weak MIRT187272
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-4501 Weak MIRT187275
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-219b-5p Weak MIRT187276
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-6770-5p Weak MIRT187278
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-6830-3p Weak MIRT187279
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-6847-5p Weak MIRT187280
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-153-5p Weak MIRT187283
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-125b-2-3p Weak MIRT187284
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-548c-3p Weak MIRT187285
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-3692-3p Weak MIRT187287
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-935 Weak MIRT273428
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-491-5p Weak MIRT273431
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-651-3p Weak MIRT273432
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-1252-5p Weak MIRT273433
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-3150a-3p Weak MIRT273434
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-3175 Weak MIRT273435
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-4434 Weak MIRT273436
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-4516 Weak MIRT273438
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-4737 Weak MIRT273439
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-5703 Weak MIRT273441
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-6763-5p Weak MIRT273442
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-6878-5p Weak MIRT273443
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-181a-5p Weak MIRT273444
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-181b-5p Weak MIRT273445
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-181c-5p Weak MIRT273446
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-181d-5p Weak MIRT273449
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-101-3p Weak MIRT338018
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-1296-3p Weak MIRT338031
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-4481 Weak MIRT338033
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-4704-5p Weak MIRT338034
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-4745-5p Weak MIRT338035
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-892b Weak MIRT384590
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-557 Weak MIRT478422
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-507 Weak MIRT478423
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-6739-3p Weak MIRT478424
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-6844 Weak MIRT478425
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-27b-3p Weak MIRT478426
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-27a-3p Weak MIRT478427
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-513a-5p Weak MIRT478428
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-6715b-3p Weak MIRT478429
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-582-5p Weak MIRT478430
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-516a-5p Weak MIRT478431
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-4260 Weak MIRT478432
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-3942-3p Weak MIRT478433
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-3611 Weak MIRT478434
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-1227-5p Weak MIRT478435
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-4474-5p Weak MIRT478436
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-6825-5p Weak MIRT478437
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-486-3p Weak MIRT478438
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-939-5p Weak MIRT478439
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-1343-5p Weak MIRT478440
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-3119 Weak MIRT478441
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-3160-5p Weak MIRT478442
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-381-5p Weak MIRT478443
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-494-3p Weak MIRT478444
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-345-5p Weak MIRT478445
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-500b-5p Weak MIRT478446
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-362-5p Weak MIRT478447
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-4661-3p Weak MIRT478448
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-6856-5p Weak MIRT478449
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-6758-5p Weak MIRT478450
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-890 Weak MIRT478451
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-4732-5p Weak MIRT485654
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-767-5p Weak MIRT485655
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-493-3p Weak MIRT524255
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-3124-3p Weak MIRT524256
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-502-5p Weak MIRT609852
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-210-5p Weak MIRT609853
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-4749-3p Weak MIRT609854
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-324-5p Weak MIRT609855
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-1915-5p Weak MIRT609856
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-6841-3p Weak MIRT609857
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-660-3p Weak MIRT609858
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-5193 Weak MIRT609859
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-5196-3p Weak MIRT609860
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-5700 Weak MIRT609861
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-15b-5p Prediction N/A
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-378a-3p Prediction N/A
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-422a Prediction N/A
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-500a-5p Prediction N/A
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-506-3p Prediction N/A
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-378d Prediction N/A
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-3151-5p Prediction N/A
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-3185 Prediction N/A
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-378c Prediction N/A
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-3945 Prediction N/A
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-378e Prediction N/A
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-4667-5p Prediction N/A
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-4689 Prediction N/A
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-4769-5p Prediction N/A
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-4436b-5p Prediction N/A
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-5093 Prediction N/A
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-6501-3p Prediction N/A
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-6728-5p Prediction N/A
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-6756-5p Prediction N/A
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-6757-5p Prediction N/A
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-6827-5p Prediction N/A
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-6838-5p Prediction N/A
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-6858-5p Prediction N/A
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-6888-5p Prediction N/A
DAZAP2 hsa-miR-6516-5p Prediction N/A

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