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Gene MicroRNA Evidence category miRTarBase ID
BACH1 hsa-miR-155-5p Strong MIRT001043
BACH1 hsa-miR-196a-5p Strong MIRT004718
BACH1 hsa-miR-769-5p Weak MIRT039211
BACH1 hsa-miR-125b-5p Weak MIRT045958
BACH1 hsa-miR-20a-5p Weak MIRT050569
BACH1 hsa-miR-185-5p Weak MIRT084941
BACH1 hsa-miR-190a-3p Weak MIRT084942
BACH1 hsa-miR-4306 Weak MIRT084943
BACH1 hsa-miR-3924 Weak MIRT084944
BACH1 hsa-miR-4644 Weak MIRT084945
BACH1 hsa-miR-5011-5p Weak MIRT084946
BACH1 hsa-miR-8076 Weak MIRT084947
BACH1 hsa-miR-302a-3p Weak MIRT084948
BACH1 hsa-miR-302b-3p Weak MIRT084949
BACH1 hsa-miR-302c-3p Weak MIRT084950
BACH1 hsa-miR-302d-3p Weak MIRT084951
BACH1 hsa-miR-372-3p Weak MIRT084952
BACH1 hsa-miR-373-3p Weak MIRT084953
BACH1 hsa-miR-520e Weak MIRT084955
BACH1 hsa-miR-520f-3p Weak MIRT084956
BACH1 hsa-miR-520a-3p Weak MIRT084958
BACH1 hsa-miR-520b Weak MIRT084960
BACH1 hsa-miR-520c-3p Weak MIRT084961
BACH1 hsa-miR-520d-3p Weak MIRT084962
BACH1 hsa-miR-539-5p Weak MIRT084964
BACH1 hsa-miR-302e Weak MIRT084966
BACH1 hsa-miR-4451 Weak MIRT084968
BACH1 hsa-miR-6832-5p Weak MIRT084971
BACH1 hsa-let-7a-5p Weak MIRT084972
BACH1 hsa-let-7b-5p Weak MIRT084973
BACH1 hsa-let-7c-5p Weak MIRT084974
BACH1 hsa-let-7d-5p Weak MIRT084975
BACH1 hsa-let-7e-5p Weak MIRT084976
BACH1 hsa-let-7f-5p Weak MIRT084977
BACH1 hsa-miR-98-5p Weak MIRT084978
BACH1 hsa-let-7g-5p Weak MIRT084979
BACH1 hsa-let-7i-5p Weak MIRT084980
BACH1 hsa-miR-142-3p Weak MIRT084981
BACH1 hsa-miR-196b-5p Weak MIRT084982
BACH1 hsa-miR-643 Weak MIRT084983
BACH1 hsa-miR-4280 Weak MIRT084985
BACH1 hsa-miR-3668 Weak MIRT084986
BACH1 hsa-miR-3935 Weak MIRT084987
BACH1 hsa-miR-4458 Weak MIRT084988
BACH1 hsa-miR-4500 Weak MIRT084989
BACH1 hsa-miR-6504-3p Weak MIRT084991
BACH1 hsa-miR-6728-5p Weak MIRT203108
BACH1 hsa-miR-6871-5p Weak MIRT203109
BACH1 hsa-miR-6516-5p Weak MIRT203110
BACH1 hsa-miR-513a-3p Weak MIRT203131
BACH1 hsa-miR-559 Weak MIRT203132
BACH1 hsa-miR-548b-5p Weak MIRT203133
BACH1 hsa-miR-590-3p Weak MIRT203134
BACH1 hsa-miR-548a-5p Weak MIRT203135
BACH1 hsa-miR-548c-5p Weak MIRT203136
BACH1 hsa-miR-548d-5p Weak MIRT203137
BACH1 hsa-miR-548j-5p Weak MIRT203138
BACH1 hsa-miR-548h-5p Weak MIRT203139
BACH1 hsa-miR-548i Weak MIRT203140
BACH1 hsa-miR-664a-5p Weak MIRT203141
BACH1 hsa-miR-513c-3p Weak MIRT203142
BACH1 hsa-miR-548w Weak MIRT203143
BACH1 hsa-miR-3606-3p Weak MIRT203144
BACH1 hsa-miR-548y Weak MIRT203146
BACH1 hsa-miR-548o-5p Weak MIRT203147
BACH1 hsa-miR-548ab Weak MIRT203148
BACH1 hsa-miR-548ad-5p Weak MIRT203149
BACH1 hsa-miR-548ae-5p Weak MIRT203150
BACH1 hsa-miR-548ak Weak MIRT203151
BACH1 hsa-miR-548am-5p Weak MIRT203152
BACH1 hsa-miR-4794 Weak MIRT203153
BACH1 hsa-miR-548ap-5p Weak MIRT203154
BACH1 hsa-miR-548aq-5p Weak MIRT203155
BACH1 hsa-miR-548ar-5p Weak MIRT203156
BACH1 hsa-miR-548as-5p Weak MIRT203157
BACH1 hsa-miR-5580-5p Weak MIRT203158
BACH1 hsa-miR-548au-5p Weak MIRT203159
BACH1 hsa-miR-548ay-5p Weak MIRT203160
BACH1 hsa-miR-6516-3p Weak MIRT203161
BACH1 hsa-miR-548bb-5p Weak MIRT203162
BACH1 hsa-miR-361-5p Weak MIRT235959
BACH1 hsa-miR-944 Weak MIRT235960
BACH1 hsa-miR-2115-3p Weak MIRT235961
BACH1 hsa-miR-548s Weak MIRT235966
BACH1 hsa-miR-3926 Weak MIRT235968
BACH1 hsa-miR-580-3p Weak MIRT254065
BACH1 hsa-miR-3143 Weak MIRT254066
BACH1 hsa-miR-4324 Weak MIRT254068
BACH1 hsa-miR-4251 Weak MIRT254069
BACH1 hsa-miR-3622a-3p Weak MIRT254070
BACH1 hsa-miR-3622b-3p Weak MIRT254071
BACH1 hsa-miR-31-3p Weak MIRT298041
BACH1 hsa-miR-511-3p Weak MIRT298042
BACH1 hsa-miR-188-3p Weak MIRT350953
BACH1 hsa-miR-1260a Weak MIRT350954
BACH1 hsa-miR-3156-3p Weak MIRT350955
BACH1 hsa-miR-1260b Weak MIRT350956
BACH1 hsa-miR-4301 Weak MIRT350957
BACH1 hsa-miR-96-3p Weak MIRT350958
BACH1 hsa-miR-6856-5p Weak MIRT443654
BACH1 hsa-miR-6758-5p Weak MIRT443655
BACH1 hsa-miR-497-3p Weak MIRT443656
BACH1 hsa-miR-466 Weak MIRT524799
BACH1 hsa-miR-3941 Weak MIRT524800
BACH1 hsa-miR-5192 Weak MIRT524801
BACH1 hsa-miR-6514-5p Weak MIRT524802
BACH1 hsa-miR-4802-5p Weak MIRT524803
BACH1 hsa-miR-4643 Weak MIRT524804
BACH1 hsa-miR-4789-3p Weak MIRT524805
BACH1 hsa-miR-603 Weak MIRT524806
BACH1 hsa-miR-362-3p Weak MIRT524807
BACH1 hsa-miR-329-3p Weak MIRT524808
BACH1 hsa-miR-8485 Weak MIRT524809
BACH1 hsa-miR-6765-3p Weak MIRT559271
BACH1 hsa-miR-543 Weak MIRT559272
BACH1 hsa-miR-4666a-5p Weak MIRT568317
BACH1 hsa-miR-4703-3p Weak MIRT568318
BACH1 hsa-miR-376a-2-5p Weak MIRT568319
BACH1 hsa-miR-202-3p Weak MIRT568320
BACH1 hsa-miR-548l Weak MIRT568321
BACH1 hsa-miR-8054 Weak MIRT568322
BACH1 hsa-miR-548k Weak MIRT568323
BACH1 hsa-miR-548av-5p Weak MIRT568324
BACH1 hsa-miR-496 Weak MIRT568325
BACH1 hsa-miR-3680-3p Weak MIRT568326
BACH1 hsa-miR-557 Weak MIRT568327
BACH1 hsa-miR-507 Weak MIRT568328
BACH1 hsa-miR-450b-5p Weak MIRT568329
BACH1 hsa-miR-629-3p Weak MIRT568330
BACH1 hsa-miR-455-3p Weak MIRT568331
BACH1 hsa-miR-4713-5p Weak MIRT568332
BACH1 hsa-miR-6867-3p Weak MIRT568333
BACH1 hsa-miR-5187-5p Weak MIRT568334
BACH1 hsa-miR-4685-3p Weak MIRT568335
BACH1 hsa-miR-4287 Weak MIRT568336
BACH1 hsa-miR-7113-3p Weak MIRT568337
BACH1 hsa-miR-4469 Weak MIRT568338
BACH1 hsa-miR-4719 Weak MIRT611699
BACH1 hsa-miR-8074 Weak MIRT705275
BACH1 hsa-miR-1185-2-3p Weak MIRT705276
BACH1 hsa-miR-1185-1-3p Weak MIRT705277
BACH1 hsa-let-7f-2-3p Weak MIRT705278
BACH1 hsa-miR-23a-5p Prediction N/A
BACH1 hsa-miR-215-3p Prediction N/A
BACH1 hsa-miR-134-5p Prediction N/A
BACH1 hsa-miR-149-3p Prediction N/A
BACH1 hsa-miR-328-5p Prediction N/A
BACH1 hsa-miR-665 Prediction N/A
BACH1 hsa-miR-297 Prediction N/A
BACH1 hsa-miR-1207-5p Prediction N/A
BACH1 hsa-miR-1321 Prediction N/A
BACH1 hsa-miR-514b-5p Prediction N/A
BACH1 hsa-miR-3614-3p Prediction N/A
BACH1 hsa-miR-3678-3p Prediction N/A
BACH1 hsa-miR-3934-3p Prediction N/A
BACH1 hsa-miR-4660 Prediction N/A
BACH1 hsa-miR-4700-3p Prediction N/A
BACH1 hsa-miR-4709-3p Prediction N/A
BACH1 hsa-miR-4753-3p Prediction N/A
BACH1 hsa-miR-5006-5p Prediction N/A
BACH1 hsa-miR-5583-3p Prediction N/A
BACH1 hsa-miR-5683 Prediction N/A
BACH1 hsa-miR-6760-5p Prediction N/A
BACH1 hsa-miR-6765-5p Prediction N/A
BACH1 hsa-miR-6770-5p Prediction N/A
BACH1 hsa-miR-6772-5p Prediction N/A
BACH1 hsa-miR-6797-5p Prediction N/A
BACH1 hsa-miR-7843-5p Prediction N/A
BACH1 hsa-miR-7853-5p Prediction N/A
BACH1 hsa-miR-8060 Prediction N/A
BACH1 hsa-miR-8069 Prediction N/A

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