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Gene MicroRNA Evidence category miRTarBase ID
ARL5B hsa-miR-155-5p Strong MIRT001567
ARL5B hsa-miR-335-5p Weak MIRT017382
ARL5B hsa-miR-186-5p Weak MIRT044984
ARL5B hsa-miR-340-5p Weak MIRT055997
ARL5B hsa-miR-4257 Weak MIRT056003
ARL5B hsa-miR-4464 Weak MIRT056004
ARL5B hsa-miR-4748 Weak MIRT056005
ARL5B hsa-miR-5010-3p Weak MIRT056006
ARL5B hsa-miR-5087 Weak MIRT056007
ARL5B hsa-miR-6847-5p Weak MIRT056010
ARL5B hsa-miR-181b-3p Weak MIRT056011
ARL5B hsa-miR-181b-2-3p Weak MIRT056012
ARL5B hsa-miR-34b-5p Weak MIRT056014
ARL5B hsa-miR-449c-5p Weak MIRT056015
ARL5B hsa-miR-2682-5p Weak MIRT056018
ARL5B hsa-miR-3714 Weak MIRT056020
ARL5B hsa-miR-3920 Weak MIRT056021
ARL5B hsa-miR-4420 Weak MIRT056022
ARL5B hsa-miR-4704-3p Weak MIRT056024
ARL5B hsa-miR-141-3p Weak MIRT126444
ARL5B hsa-miR-200a-3p Weak MIRT126445
ARL5B hsa-miR-548f-5p Weak MIRT126455
ARL5B hsa-miR-548g-5p Weak MIRT126457
ARL5B hsa-miR-548x-5p Weak MIRT126459
ARL5B hsa-miR-548aj-5p Weak MIRT126461
ARL5B hsa-miR-4728-3p Weak MIRT126468
ARL5B hsa-miR-8075 Weak MIRT126470
ARL5B hsa-miR-648 Weak MIRT177143
ARL5B hsa-miR-3658 Weak MIRT177146
ARL5B hsa-miR-4699-5p Weak MIRT177147
ARL5B hsa-miR-3591-5p Weak MIRT177149
ARL5B hsa-miR-3653-3p Weak MIRT177154
ARL5B hsa-miR-30b-3p Weak MIRT177156
ARL5B hsa-miR-149-3p Weak MIRT177157
ARL5B hsa-miR-512-3p Weak MIRT177158
ARL5B hsa-miR-504-3p Weak MIRT177159
ARL5B hsa-miR-887-5p Weak MIRT177160
ARL5B hsa-miR-1249-5p Weak MIRT177161
ARL5B hsa-miR-3689a-3p Weak MIRT177164
ARL5B hsa-miR-3689b-3p Weak MIRT177165
ARL5B hsa-miR-4419a Weak MIRT177166
ARL5B hsa-miR-3689c Weak MIRT177167
ARL5B hsa-miR-4510 Weak MIRT177168
ARL5B hsa-miR-4728-5p Weak MIRT177169
ARL5B hsa-miR-6127 Weak MIRT177172
ARL5B hsa-miR-6129 Weak MIRT177173
ARL5B hsa-miR-6130 Weak MIRT177174
ARL5B hsa-miR-6131 Weak MIRT177175
ARL5B hsa-miR-6133 Weak MIRT177176
ARL5B hsa-miR-6779-5p Weak MIRT177178
ARL5B hsa-miR-6780a-5p Weak MIRT177179
ARL5B hsa-miR-6785-5p Weak MIRT177180
ARL5B hsa-miR-6797-5p Weak MIRT177181
ARL5B hsa-miR-6883-5p Weak MIRT177182
ARL5B hsa-miR-1273h-5p Weak MIRT177183
ARL5B hsa-miR-4425 Weak MIRT262039
ARL5B hsa-miR-92a-1-5p Weak MIRT330244
ARL5B hsa-miR-299-5p Weak MIRT330246
ARL5B hsa-miR-124-3p Weak MIRT404495
ARL5B hsa-miR-4517 Weak MIRT404498
ARL5B hsa-miR-548an Weak MIRT404499
ARL5B hsa-miR-4275 Weak MIRT441736
ARL5B hsa-miR-892c-5p Weak MIRT443222
ARL5B hsa-miR-1179 Weak MIRT443223
ARL5B hsa-miR-590-3p Weak MIRT443224
ARL5B hsa-miR-548ay-3p Weak MIRT443225
ARL5B hsa-miR-548at-3p Weak MIRT443226
ARL5B hsa-miR-548as-3p Weak MIRT443227
ARL5B hsa-miR-548t-3p Weak MIRT443228
ARL5B hsa-miR-548ap-3p Weak MIRT443229
ARL5B hsa-miR-548aa Weak MIRT443230
ARL5B hsa-miR-3134 Weak MIRT481525
ARL5B hsa-miR-8082 Weak MIRT481526
ARL5B hsa-miR-4534 Weak MIRT481527
ARL5B hsa-miR-6884-3p Weak MIRT481528
ARL5B hsa-miR-3688-3p Weak MIRT481529
ARL5B hsa-miR-7151-5p Weak MIRT481530
ARL5B hsa-miR-6074 Weak MIRT481531
ARL5B hsa-miR-144-3p Weak MIRT481532
ARL5B hsa-miR-1277-5p Weak MIRT481533
ARL5B hsa-miR-5581-5p Weak MIRT481534
ARL5B hsa-miR-3180-5p Weak MIRT481535
ARL5B hsa-miR-548aw Weak MIRT481536
ARL5B hsa-miR-376a-2-5p Weak MIRT481537
ARL5B hsa-miR-3935 Weak MIRT481538
ARL5B hsa-miR-4768-3p Weak MIRT481539
ARL5B hsa-miR-665 Weak MIRT481540
ARL5B hsa-miR-5680 Weak MIRT481541
ARL5B hsa-miR-4330 Weak MIRT481542
ARL5B hsa-miR-4668-5p Weak MIRT494673
ARL5B hsa-miR-142-3p Weak MIRT494674
ARL5B hsa-miR-3152-3p Weak MIRT494675
ARL5B hsa-miR-27b-3p Weak MIRT503149
ARL5B hsa-miR-27a-3p Weak MIRT503150
ARL5B hsa-miR-513a-5p Weak MIRT503151
ARL5B hsa-miR-3681-3p Weak MIRT503152
ARL5B hsa-miR-216a-3p Weak MIRT503153
ARL5B hsa-miR-128-3p Weak MIRT503154
ARL5B hsa-miR-3163 Weak MIRT508060
ARL5B hsa-miR-624-3p Weak MIRT508061
ARL5B hsa-miR-6788-5p Weak MIRT524852
ARL5B hsa-miR-30c-2-3p Weak MIRT524853
ARL5B hsa-miR-30c-1-3p Weak MIRT524854
ARL5B hsa-miR-488-3p Weak MIRT524855
ARL5B hsa-miR-3191-5p Weak MIRT524856
ARL5B hsa-miR-6799-5p Weak MIRT524857
ARL5B hsa-miR-7106-5p Weak MIRT524858
ARL5B hsa-miR-138-5p Weak MIRT524859
ARL5B hsa-miR-133a-5p Weak MIRT524860
ARL5B hsa-miR-29b-1-5p Weak MIRT524861
ARL5B hsa-miR-6824-3p Weak MIRT524862
ARL5B hsa-miR-6764-3p Weak MIRT524863
ARL5B hsa-miR-330-5p Weak MIRT524864
ARL5B hsa-miR-326 Weak MIRT524865
ARL5B hsa-miR-518c-5p Weak MIRT524866
ARL5B hsa-miR-5571-5p Weak MIRT524867
ARL5B hsa-miR-4536-5p Weak MIRT549294
ARL5B hsa-miR-190a-3p Weak MIRT559487
ARL5B hsa-miR-5589-3p Weak MIRT559488
ARL5B hsa-miR-607 Weak MIRT568479
ARL5B hsa-miR-524-5p Weak MIRT568480
ARL5B hsa-miR-8063 Weak MIRT568481
ARL5B hsa-miR-520d-5p Weak MIRT568482
ARL5B hsa-miR-205-3p Weak MIRT568483
ARL5B hsa-miR-6768-3p Weak MIRT568484
ARL5B hsa-miR-4484 Weak MIRT568485
ARL5B hsa-miR-6738-3p Weak MIRT669478
ARL5B hsa-miR-544a Weak MIRT669479
ARL5B hsa-miR-6828-3p Weak MIRT669480
ARL5B hsa-miR-6071 Weak MIRT669481
ARL5B hsa-miR-34a-3p Prediction N/A
ARL5B hsa-miR-1-5p Prediction N/A
ARL5B hsa-miR-489-3p Prediction N/A
ARL5B hsa-miR-432-5p Prediction N/A
ARL5B hsa-miR-567 Prediction N/A
ARL5B hsa-miR-1208 Prediction N/A
ARL5B hsa-miR-3692-5p Prediction N/A
ARL5B hsa-miR-4476 Prediction N/A
ARL5B hsa-miR-4716-3p Prediction N/A
ARL5B hsa-miR-5010-5p Prediction N/A
ARL5B hsa-miR-5703 Prediction N/A
ARL5B hsa-miR-6511a-5p Prediction N/A
ARL5B hsa-miR-6715a-3p Prediction N/A
ARL5B hsa-miR-6511b-5p Prediction N/A
ARL5B hsa-miR-6750-5p Prediction N/A
ARL5B hsa-miR-6802-5p Prediction N/A
ARL5B hsa-miR-7848-3p Prediction N/A
ARL5B hsa-miR-8485 Prediction N/A

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