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IMOTA is an interactive multi-omics-tissue atlas that helps you to find out more about relationships between microRNAs, protein and mRNA by using charts as filters.

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V. Palmieri, C. Backes, N. Ludwig, T. Fehlmann, F. Kern, E. Meese, A. Keller; IMOTA: an interactive multi-omics tissue atlas for the analysis of human miRNA–target interactions. Nucleic Acids Res 2018 gkx701, doi: 10.1093/nar/gkx701

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Current biomedical research projects frequently rely on multiple high-throughput data sets. These include genes, proteins, microRNAs or other molecular data. For so-called omics data that are often used, databases containing tissue based profiles have been generated with very high diligence. IMOTA, a comprehensive multi-omics-tissue atlas aims at combining these different sources and providing additional value to researchers. All relevant queries are offered in an intuitive manner. For example all miRNAs, genes and proteins expressed to a high degree in the brain and the heart can be obtained in a few seconds. Likewise, the tissues where a specific miRNA, gene or protein is expressed can be extracted. Even specific combinations of miRNAs and genes can be searched, e.g. highlighting tissues where this miRNA and the target gene are jointly expressed.

To provide such analyses is only possible by integrating the valuable work of many research groups worldwide. As such IMOTA is not meant to replace the existing miRNA, mRNA or protein atlases, but rather to aggregate them and provide additional information. To this end IMOTA currently integrates the human miRNA tissue atlas, human protein atlas, miRTarBase and TargetScanHuman, see also the sources.



The human miRNA tissue atlas provides data about 1997 miRNAs in 61 human tissues.


Protein information is extracted from the human protein atlas (version 16). It includes information about all proteins that occur in the human body and covers 48 human tissues.


The miRNA target gene data was extracted from the miRTarBase (release 6.0)site for the strong and weak evidence levels and from the TargetScanHuman (release 7.1)site for the predicted evidence level.


The mRNA data was gathered form the human protein atlas. It contains mRNA data for a subset of 32 tissues and 45 cell types.