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MicroRNA Gene Evidence category miRTarBase ID
hsa-miR-7641 PIM3 Weak MIRT088272
hsa-miR-7641 ETNK1 Weak MIRT271434
hsa-miR-7641 ARID1A Weak MIRT405484
hsa-miR-7641 PPP1R15B Weak MIRT441871
hsa-miR-7641 ARL10 Weak MIRT442161
hsa-miR-7641 TFDP2 Weak MIRT442921
hsa-miR-7641 ZNF256 Weak MIRT443907
hsa-miR-7641 TMEM251 Weak MIRT444791
hsa-miR-7641 TMEM215 Weak MIRT446491
hsa-miR-7641 PLSCR1 Weak MIRT446512
hsa-miR-7641 MFSD8 Weak MIRT447157
hsa-miR-7641 P2RY10 Weak MIRT448146
hsa-miR-7641 ZSCAN9 Weak MIRT449115
hsa-miR-7641 CC2D1B Weak MIRT449637
hsa-miR-7641 IGF1 Weak MIRT449943
hsa-miR-7641 BANK1 Weak MIRT452488
hsa-miR-7641 CABP4 Weak MIRT452981
hsa-miR-7641 CDKL1 Weak MIRT454341
hsa-miR-7641 TRIP4 Weak MIRT461186
hsa-miR-7641 TNFSF14 Weak MIRT461930
hsa-miR-7641 ZNF451 Weak MIRT463122
hsa-miR-7641 TAOK1 Weak MIRT466636
hsa-miR-7641 REL Weak MIRT469451
hsa-miR-7641 PAQR5 Weak MIRT471588
hsa-miR-7641 ARL5C Weak MIRT481504
hsa-miR-7641 ZNF845 Weak MIRT482908
hsa-miR-7641 GTF2H5 Weak MIRT497069
hsa-miR-7641 EPGN Weak MIRT497166
hsa-miR-7641 DRP2 Weak MIRT497194
hsa-miR-7641 TMEFF2 Weak MIRT497310
hsa-miR-7641 GOT1 Weak MIRT497413
hsa-miR-7641 XBP1P1 Weak MIRT497972
hsa-miR-7641 PPWD1 Weak MIRT510076
hsa-miR-7641 SHISA9 Weak MIRT514516
hsa-miR-7641 COX20 Weak MIRT515222
hsa-miR-7641 SLC30A4 Weak MIRT521039
hsa-miR-7641 TLK2 Weak MIRT525258
hsa-miR-7641 STARD4 Weak MIRT526242
hsa-miR-7641 CYTIP Weak MIRT531783
hsa-miR-7641 CEP170 Weak MIRT538542
hsa-miR-7641 WDR26 Weak MIRT546006
hsa-miR-7641 SAR1A Weak MIRT546569
hsa-miR-7641 GOLGA7B Weak MIRT560434
hsa-miR-7641 CHSY1 Weak MIRT568047
hsa-miR-7641 UFM1 Weak MIRT573295
hsa-miR-7641 BTN3A2 Weak MIRT607649
hsa-miR-7641 PHLDA3 Weak MIRT607837
hsa-miR-7641 ANG Weak MIRT607923
hsa-miR-7641 SYAP1 Weak MIRT608138
hsa-miR-7641 SIX1 Weak MIRT612149
hsa-miR-7641 ZNF677 Weak MIRT617052
hsa-miR-7641 MTO1 Weak MIRT617546
hsa-miR-7641 RNF122 Weak MIRT621140
hsa-miR-7641 YIPF4 Weak MIRT621314
hsa-miR-7641 EIF4E Weak MIRT624055
hsa-miR-7641 DGKE Weak MIRT624159
hsa-miR-7641 SERF2 Weak MIRT624951
hsa-miR-7641 RAB11FIP1 Weak MIRT627783
hsa-miR-7641 FAM180B Weak MIRT629568
hsa-miR-7641 USP1 Weak MIRT629664
hsa-miR-7641 RTTN Weak MIRT629994
hsa-miR-7641 DNAJC22 Weak MIRT631015
hsa-miR-7641 TSPAN14 Weak MIRT631186
hsa-miR-7641 YIPF5 Weak MIRT631965
hsa-miR-7641 GINM1 Weak MIRT632886
hsa-miR-7641 GNPNAT1 Weak MIRT636014
hsa-miR-7641 CDK4 Weak MIRT636647
hsa-miR-7641 HINFP Weak MIRT637375
hsa-miR-7641 EXO5 Weak MIRT637725
hsa-miR-7641 HIF1AN Weak MIRT638610
hsa-miR-7641 HEYL Weak MIRT640793
hsa-miR-7641 PWWP2A Weak MIRT641963
hsa-miR-7641 CDKN3 Weak MIRT642619
hsa-miR-7641 FAM71F2 Weak MIRT643122
hsa-miR-7641 TRIM10 Weak MIRT643349
hsa-miR-7641 ZNF799 Weak MIRT643758
hsa-miR-7641 PPP5D1 Weak MIRT643837
hsa-miR-7641 TSPAN6 Weak MIRT645610
hsa-miR-7641 NPTXR Weak MIRT647205
hsa-miR-7641 IGSF6 Weak MIRT649298
hsa-miR-7641 KLB Weak MIRT650005
hsa-miR-7641 ZNF652 Weak MIRT651033
hsa-miR-7641 UEVLD Weak MIRT651904
hsa-miR-7641 TRIM66 Weak MIRT652156
hsa-miR-7641 SIM2 Weak MIRT653816
hsa-miR-7641 RNF115 Weak MIRT654236
hsa-miR-7641 MTMR10 Weak MIRT656061
hsa-miR-7641 HSPA4L Weak MIRT657257
hsa-miR-7641 CIAO1 Weak MIRT659502
hsa-miR-7641 MYLK3 Weak MIRT662331
hsa-miR-7641 LRRC3C Weak MIRT662727
hsa-miR-7641 JPH2 Weak MIRT662949
hsa-miR-7641 ZNF786 Weak MIRT663967
hsa-miR-7641 MYOZ2 Weak MIRT664176
hsa-miR-7641 USP14 Weak MIRT665522
hsa-miR-7641 TGIF2 Weak MIRT665881
hsa-miR-7641 DIP2A Weak MIRT668720
hsa-miR-7641 ALG14 Weak MIRT669542
hsa-miR-7641 TECPR1 Weak MIRT670011
hsa-miR-7641 ZNF665 Weak MIRT671097
hsa-miR-7641 FLYWCH2 Weak MIRT671472
hsa-miR-7641 KRBA2 Weak MIRT672896
hsa-miR-7641 SNTB2 Weak MIRT675096
hsa-miR-7641 FSD2 Weak MIRT675119
hsa-miR-7641 GSTM3 Weak MIRT676186
hsa-miR-7641 POC1A Weak MIRT677341
hsa-miR-7641 C19orf52 Weak MIRT677544
hsa-miR-7641 SCO1 Weak MIRT677684
hsa-miR-7641 UGGT1 Weak MIRT679569
hsa-miR-7641 GNE Weak MIRT688032
hsa-miR-7641 AKAP6 Weak MIRT689612
hsa-miR-7641 FKBP14 Weak MIRT703550
hsa-miR-7641 CHD9 Weak MIRT704713
hsa-miR-7641 GLG1 Weak MIRT709130
hsa-miR-7641 QRFPR Weak MIRT709387
hsa-miR-7641 SLC7A14 Weak MIRT711948
hsa-miR-7641 ADCYAP1 Weak MIRT712588
hsa-miR-7641 NUDT7 Weak MIRT712683
hsa-miR-7641 IL6R Weak MIRT714005
hsa-miR-7641 CMBL Weak MIRT714588
hsa-miR-7641 SOCS5 Weak MIRT715429
hsa-miR-7641 SCN7A Weak MIRT716713
hsa-miR-7641 PYGO1 Weak MIRT718812
hsa-miR-7641 MAPK1 Weak MIRT719976
hsa-miR-7641 KIF1B Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7641 UBE3C Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7641 PTPN14 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7641 C12orf5 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7641 APBB2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7641 GNB4 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7641 TBC1D25 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7641 TFAP2C Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7641 AK4 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7641 OSGEPL1 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7641 TBC1D22A Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7641 HINT3 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7641 CHRNA5 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7641 LPIN2 Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-7641 ITPRIPL2 Prediction N/A

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