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MicroRNA Gene Evidence category miRTarBase ID
hsa-miR-375 TIMM8A Strong MIRT000053
hsa-miR-375 MTPN Strong MIRT000054
hsa-miR-375 PDK1 Strong MIRT000055
hsa-miR-375 USP1 Strong MIRT001747
hsa-miR-375 JAK2 Strong MIRT001749
hsa-miR-375 ADIPOR2 Strong MIRT001750
hsa-miR-375 C1QBP Strong MIRT001752
hsa-miR-375 PLAG1 Strong MIRT003057
hsa-miR-375 RASD1 Strong MIRT004439
hsa-miR-375 YY1AP1 Strong MIRT004478
hsa-miR-375 ELAVL4 Strong MIRT005543
hsa-miR-375 YAP1 Strong MIRT006154
hsa-miR-375 MTDH Strong MIRT006207
hsa-miR-375 SP1 Strong MIRT006775
hsa-miR-375 MAP3K8 Strong MIRT007200
hsa-miR-375 FZD8 Strong MIRT007255
hsa-miR-375 BCL2L11 Strong MIRT019675
hsa-miR-375 RAB10 Strong MIRT019696
hsa-miR-375 PARP1 Strong MIRT019791
hsa-miR-375 CAB39 Strong MIRT019792
hsa-miR-375 LDHB Strong MIRT019875
hsa-miR-375 DLG4 Strong MIRT019881
hsa-miR-375 ITGB1 Strong MIRT019882
hsa-miR-375 SETD8 Strong MIRT019883
hsa-miR-375 CASP3 Strong MIRT019884
hsa-miR-375 CDC42 Strong MIRT019885
hsa-miR-375 YWHAZ Strong MIRT019886
hsa-miR-375 KIAA1524 Strong MIRT019973
hsa-miR-375 EIF2AK2 Strong MIRT019974
hsa-miR-375 BCL2 Strong MIRT019975
hsa-miR-375 NCAM1 Strong MIRT019976
hsa-miR-375 RHOA Strong MIRT019977
hsa-miR-375 LEPROTL1 Strong MIRT020070
hsa-miR-375 KCNQ2 Strong MIRT020071
hsa-miR-375 TP53 Strong MIRT053533
hsa-miR-375 ERBB2 Strong MIRT053780
hsa-miR-375 IGF1R Strong MIRT054558
hsa-miR-375 PIK3CA Strong MIRT054839
hsa-miR-375 PHLPP1 Strong MIRT438164
hsa-miR-375 RRAGB Weak MIRT019667
hsa-miR-375 TAF3 Weak MIRT019668
hsa-miR-375 TPRG1L Weak MIRT019669
hsa-miR-375 USP10 Weak MIRT019670
hsa-miR-375 EXO1 Weak MIRT019671
hsa-miR-375 KLK10 Weak MIRT019672
hsa-miR-375 DNAJC8 Weak MIRT019673
hsa-miR-375 GALM Weak MIRT019674
hsa-miR-375 IFI6 Weak MIRT019676
hsa-miR-375 GKAP1 Weak MIRT019677
hsa-miR-375 ESPNL Weak MIRT019678
hsa-miR-375 BSN Weak MIRT019679
hsa-miR-375 APH1B Weak MIRT019680
hsa-miR-375 ZBTB8A Weak MIRT019681
hsa-miR-375 TNPO3 Weak MIRT019682
hsa-miR-375 TBC1D5 Weak MIRT019683
hsa-miR-375 SYNCRIP Weak MIRT019684
hsa-miR-375 C14orf159 Weak MIRT019685
hsa-miR-375 PHLDA1 Weak MIRT019686
hsa-miR-375 TRMT10A Weak MIRT019687
hsa-miR-375 NIN Weak MIRT019688
hsa-miR-375 MED8 Weak MIRT019689
hsa-miR-375 SAMD11 Weak MIRT019690
hsa-miR-375 GATA6 Weak MIRT019691
hsa-miR-375 CTGF Weak MIRT019692
hsa-miR-375 ZFP91 Weak MIRT019693
hsa-miR-375 ENAH Weak MIRT019694
hsa-miR-375 UBLCP1 Weak MIRT019695
hsa-miR-375 SNAPC1 Weak MIRT019697
hsa-miR-375 DNAJC2 Weak MIRT019698
hsa-miR-375 GSC Weak MIRT019699
hsa-miR-375 CCDC88A Weak MIRT019700
hsa-miR-375 KLHDC8B Weak MIRT019701
hsa-miR-375 UCHL3 Weak MIRT019702
hsa-miR-375 JAG1 Weak MIRT019703
hsa-miR-375 PIGB Weak MIRT019704
hsa-miR-375 EXOC6 Weak MIRT019705
hsa-miR-375 DESI1 Weak MIRT019706
hsa-miR-375 ASAP2 Weak MIRT019707
hsa-miR-375 TGFB2 Weak MIRT019708
hsa-miR-375 MRE11A Weak MIRT019709
hsa-miR-375 TGM2 Weak MIRT019710
hsa-miR-375 TNFSF13 Weak MIRT019711
hsa-miR-375 CPOX Weak MIRT019712
hsa-miR-375 IGFBP3 Weak MIRT019713
hsa-miR-375 BAK1 Weak MIRT019714
hsa-miR-375 AQP11 Weak MIRT019715
hsa-miR-375 WTAP Weak MIRT019716
hsa-miR-375 NAGPA Weak MIRT019717
hsa-miR-375 TMEM25 Weak MIRT019718
hsa-miR-375 EIF4EBP2 Weak MIRT019719
hsa-miR-375 HRSP12 Weak MIRT019720
hsa-miR-375 GTPBP4 Weak MIRT019721
hsa-miR-375 SP110 Weak MIRT019722
hsa-miR-375 RIMS3 Weak MIRT019723
hsa-miR-375 GPR157 Weak MIRT019724
hsa-miR-375 SGOL2 Weak MIRT019725
hsa-miR-375 SYT15 Weak MIRT019726
hsa-miR-375 RRAGC Weak MIRT019727
hsa-miR-375 STPG1 Weak MIRT019728
hsa-miR-375 LMAN2 Weak MIRT019729
hsa-miR-375 HOXB13 Weak MIRT019730
hsa-miR-375 PRDX3 Weak MIRT019731
hsa-miR-375 GFM2 Weak MIRT019732
hsa-miR-375 RPN2 Weak MIRT019733
hsa-miR-375 ZBED1 Weak MIRT019734
hsa-miR-375 FKBP1B Weak MIRT019735
hsa-miR-375 KIAA0232 Weak MIRT019736
hsa-miR-375 ANKRD46 Weak MIRT019737
hsa-miR-375 NAT10 Weak MIRT019738
hsa-miR-375 CCDC59 Weak MIRT019739
hsa-miR-375 C1GALT1 Weak MIRT019740
hsa-miR-375 METTL2B Weak MIRT019741
hsa-miR-375 STX6 Weak MIRT019742
hsa-miR-375 ENOPH1 Weak MIRT019743
hsa-miR-375 CNN3 Weak MIRT019744
hsa-miR-375 SNX25 Weak MIRT019745
hsa-miR-375 VGLL4 Weak MIRT019746
hsa-miR-375 OGFOD1 Weak MIRT019747
hsa-miR-375 GATAD1 Weak MIRT019748
hsa-miR-375 TMEM55A Weak MIRT019749
hsa-miR-375 EBAG9 Weak MIRT019750
hsa-miR-375 CKAP2 Weak MIRT019751
hsa-miR-375 NSFL1C Weak MIRT019752
hsa-miR-375 PTPMT1 Weak MIRT019753
hsa-miR-375 DGKD Weak MIRT019754
hsa-miR-375 TNS3 Weak MIRT019755
hsa-miR-375 MAP2K4 Weak MIRT019756
hsa-miR-375 AZI2 Weak MIRT019757
hsa-miR-375 PDGFC Weak MIRT019758
hsa-miR-375 OPA1 Weak MIRT019759
hsa-miR-375 OSBPL8 Weak MIRT019760
hsa-miR-375 CYP20A1 Weak MIRT019761
hsa-miR-375 NUPL1 Weak MIRT019762
hsa-miR-375 HEY1 Weak MIRT019763
hsa-miR-375 RHOQ Weak MIRT019764
hsa-miR-375 KDSR Weak MIRT019765
hsa-miR-375 RAB3B Weak MIRT019766
hsa-miR-375 C11orf54 Weak MIRT019767
hsa-miR-375 CLDN1 Weak MIRT019768
hsa-miR-375 SERTAD2 Weak MIRT019769
hsa-miR-375 PTPN12 Weak MIRT019770
hsa-miR-375 BIRC3 Weak MIRT019771
hsa-miR-375 NUS1 Weak MIRT019772
hsa-miR-375 PSIP1 Weak MIRT019773
hsa-miR-375 CHSY1 Weak MIRT019774
hsa-miR-375 FAM63B Weak MIRT019775
hsa-miR-375 UNC13B Weak MIRT019776
hsa-miR-375 SLC35B4 Weak MIRT019777
hsa-miR-375 EIF2S1 Weak MIRT019778
hsa-miR-375 TSC22D2 Weak MIRT019779
hsa-miR-375 SUZ12 Weak MIRT019780
hsa-miR-375 RASSF8 Weak MIRT019781
hsa-miR-375 AGTPBP1 Weak MIRT019782
hsa-miR-375 PAPD4 Weak MIRT019783
hsa-miR-375 CSTF2 Weak MIRT019784
hsa-miR-375 RBPJ Weak MIRT019785
hsa-miR-375 IFT80 Weak MIRT019786
hsa-miR-375 ZFP36L2 Weak MIRT019787
hsa-miR-375 LSM12 Weak MIRT019788
hsa-miR-375 RLF Weak MIRT019789
hsa-miR-375 EIF4G3 Weak MIRT019790
hsa-miR-375 MIR17HG Weak MIRT019793
hsa-miR-375 IFT46 Weak MIRT019794
hsa-miR-375 PBXIP1 Weak MIRT019795
hsa-miR-375 FAM89A Weak MIRT019796
hsa-miR-375 GRPEL2 Weak MIRT019797
hsa-miR-375 AXL Weak MIRT019798
hsa-miR-375 SEC24C Weak MIRT019799
hsa-miR-375 CRABP2 Weak MIRT019800
hsa-miR-375 MKRN1 Weak MIRT019801
hsa-miR-375 PAQR8 Weak MIRT019802
hsa-miR-375 NPPB Weak MIRT019803
hsa-miR-375 CTDSP2 Weak MIRT019804
hsa-miR-375 PAFAH2 Weak MIRT019805
hsa-miR-375 TBX19 Weak MIRT019806
hsa-miR-375 KHK Weak MIRT019807
hsa-miR-375 SLC39A11 Weak MIRT019808
hsa-miR-375 SUB1 Weak MIRT019809
hsa-miR-375 DOK7 Weak MIRT019810
hsa-miR-375 CYP2U1 Weak MIRT019811
hsa-miR-375 FBXO8 Weak MIRT019812
hsa-miR-375 ABHD4 Weak MIRT019813
hsa-miR-375 ARNTL2 Weak MIRT019814
hsa-miR-375 ERP44 Weak MIRT019815
hsa-miR-375 ZNF614 Weak MIRT019816
hsa-miR-375 SNRPA1 Weak MIRT019817
hsa-miR-375 DUT Weak MIRT019818
hsa-miR-375 CFL2 Weak MIRT019819
hsa-miR-375 BATF2 Weak MIRT019820
hsa-miR-375 RBBP8 Weak MIRT019821
hsa-miR-375 MOSPD3 Weak MIRT019822
hsa-miR-375 TMEM74B Weak MIRT019823
hsa-miR-375 ZNF404 Weak MIRT019824
hsa-miR-375 PEX11B Weak MIRT019825
hsa-miR-375 FAM3C Weak MIRT019826
hsa-miR-375 STAP2 Weak MIRT019827
hsa-miR-375 PEBP1 Weak MIRT019828
hsa-miR-375 TMEM170A Weak MIRT019829
hsa-miR-375 SESN1 Weak MIRT019830
hsa-miR-375 IQCE Weak MIRT019831
hsa-miR-375 SET Weak MIRT019832
hsa-miR-375 CMTM4 Weak MIRT019833
hsa-miR-375 TMTC4 Weak MIRT019834
hsa-miR-375 MNS1 Weak MIRT019835
hsa-miR-375 PRDX1 Weak MIRT019836
hsa-miR-375 MR1 Weak MIRT019837
hsa-miR-375 CEP44 Weak MIRT019838
hsa-miR-375 COX20 Weak MIRT019839
hsa-miR-375 CENPF Weak MIRT019840
hsa-miR-375 TIMM17A Weak MIRT019841
hsa-miR-375 BAZ1A Weak MIRT019842
hsa-miR-375 DNAH11 Weak MIRT019843
hsa-miR-375 KLHL7 Weak MIRT019844
hsa-miR-375 GOLGA4 Weak MIRT019845
hsa-miR-375 LHFPL2 Weak MIRT019846
hsa-miR-375 SENP1 Weak MIRT019847
hsa-miR-375 AKAP7 Weak MIRT019848
hsa-miR-375 GAS8 Weak MIRT019849
hsa-miR-375 CDCA7L Weak MIRT019850
hsa-miR-375 USP46 Weak MIRT019851
hsa-miR-375 PPP2R3C Weak MIRT019852
hsa-miR-375 ZC3HAV1 Weak MIRT019853
hsa-miR-375 KCTD10 Weak MIRT019854
hsa-miR-375 RAP2C Weak MIRT019855
hsa-miR-375 VEZT Weak MIRT019856
hsa-miR-375 ZFHX2 Weak MIRT019857
hsa-miR-375 SLC35A3 Weak MIRT019858
hsa-miR-375 NOLC1 Weak MIRT019859
hsa-miR-375 UBE3A Weak MIRT019860
hsa-miR-375 STRBP Weak MIRT019861
hsa-miR-375 NXT2 Weak MIRT019862
hsa-miR-375 RPGRIP1L Weak MIRT019863
hsa-miR-375 CBWD3 Weak MIRT019864
hsa-miR-375 SGMS2 Weak MIRT019865
hsa-miR-375 SAMD4A Weak MIRT019866
hsa-miR-375 PRKX Weak MIRT019867
hsa-miR-375 XPR1 Weak MIRT019868
hsa-miR-375 INSIG2 Weak MIRT019869
hsa-miR-375 MBD2 Weak MIRT019870
hsa-miR-375 AHCYL1 Weak MIRT019871
hsa-miR-375 TMEM106B Weak MIRT019872
hsa-miR-375 AEBP2 Weak MIRT019873
hsa-miR-375 ACSL3 Weak MIRT019874
hsa-miR-375 SPAG9 Weak MIRT019876
hsa-miR-375 PLEKHA3 Weak MIRT019877
hsa-miR-375 C12orf29 Weak MIRT019878
hsa-miR-375 POC1B Weak MIRT019879
hsa-miR-375 PTP4A2 Weak MIRT019880
hsa-miR-375 MAPKAP1 Weak MIRT019887
hsa-miR-375 PGM2 Weak MIRT019888
hsa-miR-375 RMDN3 Weak MIRT019889
hsa-miR-375 CARD8 Weak MIRT019890
hsa-miR-375 SKA2 Weak MIRT019891
hsa-miR-375 CMAS Weak MIRT019892
hsa-miR-375 NRBP1 Weak MIRT019893
hsa-miR-375 EFTUD2 Weak MIRT019894
hsa-miR-375 FOLR1 Weak MIRT019895
hsa-miR-375 MLEC Weak MIRT019896
hsa-miR-375 DNMT3B Weak MIRT019897
hsa-miR-375 APPL2 Weak MIRT019898
hsa-miR-375 RTN2 Weak MIRT019899
hsa-miR-375 BOD1L1 Weak MIRT019900
hsa-miR-375 ITIH4 Weak MIRT019901
hsa-miR-375 THRA Weak MIRT019902
hsa-miR-375 SFT2D2 Weak MIRT019903
hsa-miR-375 PPCS Weak MIRT019904
hsa-miR-375 SH3D19 Weak MIRT019905
hsa-miR-375 IDNK Weak MIRT019906
hsa-miR-375 CHPT1 Weak MIRT019907
hsa-miR-375 CHPF Weak MIRT019908
hsa-miR-375 SLC25A42 Weak MIRT019909
hsa-miR-375 KIAA0513 Weak MIRT019910
hsa-miR-375 CREB3 Weak MIRT019911
hsa-miR-375 LYPD5 Weak MIRT019912
hsa-miR-375 FKBP1A Weak MIRT019913
hsa-miR-375 HK2 Weak MIRT019914
hsa-miR-375 AGPAT5 Weak MIRT019915
hsa-miR-375 TMEM145 Weak MIRT019916
hsa-miR-375 FAM96A Weak MIRT019917
hsa-miR-375 ZNF540 Weak MIRT019918
hsa-miR-375 PROCR Weak MIRT019919
hsa-miR-375 SNPH Weak MIRT019920
hsa-miR-375 LITAF Weak MIRT019921
hsa-miR-375 CHGB Weak MIRT019922
hsa-miR-375 PCGF5 Weak MIRT019923
hsa-miR-375 FAH Weak MIRT019924
hsa-miR-375 PRRT3 Weak MIRT019925
hsa-miR-375 SERP1 Weak MIRT019926
hsa-miR-375 F3 Weak MIRT019927
hsa-miR-375 ZDHHC11 Weak MIRT019928
hsa-miR-375 ZNF571 Weak MIRT019929
hsa-miR-375 CEP19 Weak MIRT019930
hsa-miR-375 ANKRD1 Weak MIRT019931
hsa-miR-375 HOMER2 Weak MIRT019932
hsa-miR-375 CBWD2 Weak MIRT019933
hsa-miR-375 PSME4 Weak MIRT019934
hsa-miR-375 CORO1C Weak MIRT019935
hsa-miR-375 PHTF2 Weak MIRT019936
hsa-miR-375 DPY19L1 Weak MIRT019937
hsa-miR-375 HERPUD1 Weak MIRT019938
hsa-miR-375 PTPN1 Weak MIRT019939
hsa-miR-375 RCN2 Weak MIRT019940
hsa-miR-375 SEMA3C Weak MIRT019941
hsa-miR-375 HDHD1 Weak MIRT019942
hsa-miR-375 STX3 Weak MIRT019943
hsa-miR-375 KPNA4 Weak MIRT019944
hsa-miR-375 MAT2B Weak MIRT019945
hsa-miR-375 RAB28 Weak MIRT019946
hsa-miR-375 RPUSD4 Weak MIRT019947
hsa-miR-375 AMMECR1 Weak MIRT019948
hsa-miR-375 VASN Weak MIRT019949
hsa-miR-375 CDR2 Weak MIRT019950
hsa-miR-375 DCUN1D4 Weak MIRT019951
hsa-miR-375 WWC1 Weak MIRT019952
hsa-miR-375 NLE1 Weak MIRT019953
hsa-miR-375 MPP5 Weak MIRT019954
hsa-miR-375 CDKN2B Weak MIRT019955
hsa-miR-375 UXS1 Weak MIRT019956
hsa-miR-375 CTSC Weak MIRT019957
hsa-miR-375 SH3BP4 Weak MIRT019958
hsa-miR-375 FYTTD1 Weak MIRT019959
hsa-miR-375 ABI2 Weak MIRT019960
hsa-miR-375 TMED5 Weak MIRT019961
hsa-miR-375 B3GALNT1 Weak MIRT019962
hsa-miR-375 CUL5 Weak MIRT019963
hsa-miR-375 STK38L Weak MIRT019964
hsa-miR-375 FZD4 Weak MIRT019965
hsa-miR-375 RAB6A Weak MIRT019966
hsa-miR-375 SPRED1 Weak MIRT019967
hsa-miR-375 BCL10 Weak MIRT019968
hsa-miR-375 EMC3 Weak MIRT019969
hsa-miR-375 TCF12 Weak MIRT019970
hsa-miR-375 PHF3 Weak MIRT019971
hsa-miR-375 DIP2C Weak MIRT019972
hsa-miR-375 CALU Weak MIRT019978
hsa-miR-375 RPGR Weak MIRT019979
hsa-miR-375 PPP1R2 Weak MIRT019980
hsa-miR-375 CCDC88B Weak MIRT019981
hsa-miR-375 TMED8 Weak MIRT019982
hsa-miR-375 CRLF1 Weak MIRT019983
hsa-miR-375 EMP1 Weak MIRT019984
hsa-miR-375 WDR1 Weak MIRT019985
hsa-miR-375 FSTL3 Weak MIRT019986
hsa-miR-375 SIPA1L3 Weak MIRT019987
hsa-miR-375 SLC4A1AP Weak MIRT019988
hsa-miR-375 NDST1 Weak MIRT019989
hsa-miR-375 C15orf57 Weak MIRT019990
hsa-miR-375 IL17RA Weak MIRT019991
hsa-miR-375 BDH2 Weak MIRT019992
hsa-miR-375 RAPGEF1 Weak MIRT019993
hsa-miR-375 KCNN4 Weak MIRT019994
hsa-miR-375 KRT8 Weak MIRT019995
hsa-miR-375 ARHGAP11A Weak MIRT019996
hsa-miR-375 ALMS1 Weak MIRT019997
hsa-miR-375 SDC1 Weak MIRT019998
hsa-miR-375 CRLF3 Weak MIRT019999
hsa-miR-375 VPS37D Weak MIRT020000
hsa-miR-375 LIMD2 Weak MIRT020001
hsa-miR-375 SLC25A15 Weak MIRT020002
hsa-miR-375 RAB3D Weak MIRT020003
hsa-miR-375 TNNI3 Weak MIRT020004
hsa-miR-375 DR1 Weak MIRT020005
hsa-miR-375 LPCAT1 Weak MIRT020006
hsa-miR-375 DCTN5 Weak MIRT020007
hsa-miR-375 ZNF785 Weak MIRT020008
hsa-miR-375 COL12A1 Weak MIRT020009
hsa-miR-375 TMX3 Weak MIRT020010
hsa-miR-375 PIK3IP1 Weak MIRT020011
hsa-miR-375 OXNAD1 Weak MIRT020012
hsa-miR-375 IFIT1 Weak MIRT020013
hsa-miR-375 MREG Weak MIRT020014
hsa-miR-375 ARL2BP Weak MIRT020015
hsa-miR-375 REEP3 Weak MIRT020016
hsa-miR-375 SCLY Weak MIRT020017
hsa-miR-375 DISP2 Weak MIRT020018
hsa-miR-375 NELFCD Weak MIRT020019
hsa-miR-375 METTL2A Weak MIRT020020
hsa-miR-375 FAM126B Weak MIRT020021
hsa-miR-375 NUDT21 Weak MIRT020022
hsa-miR-375 RDH11 Weak MIRT020023
hsa-miR-375 CEP70 Weak MIRT020024
hsa-miR-375 NETO2 Weak MIRT020025
hsa-miR-375 SLC7A6 Weak MIRT020026
hsa-miR-375 GDAP1 Weak MIRT020027
hsa-miR-375 CEP128 Weak MIRT020028
hsa-miR-375 ELL2 Weak MIRT020029
hsa-miR-375 SLC6A6 Weak MIRT020030
hsa-miR-375 EFNB2 Weak MIRT020031
hsa-miR-375 DUSP6 Weak MIRT020032
hsa-miR-375 KIAA1191 Weak MIRT020033
hsa-miR-375 ATG7 Weak MIRT020034
hsa-miR-375 WHSC1L1 Weak MIRT020035
hsa-miR-375 DAZAP2 Weak MIRT020036
hsa-miR-375 COG2 Weak MIRT020037
hsa-miR-375 EBPL Weak MIRT020038
hsa-miR-375 TTC7B Weak MIRT020039
hsa-miR-375 CRIM1 Weak MIRT020040
hsa-miR-375 MYBL1 Weak MIRT020041
hsa-miR-375 ODF2 Weak MIRT020042
hsa-miR-375 PHF20L1 Weak MIRT020043
hsa-miR-375 CEP57L1 Weak MIRT020044
hsa-miR-375 PRKCA Weak MIRT020045
hsa-miR-375 USP31 Weak MIRT020046
hsa-miR-375 NUMB Weak MIRT020047
hsa-miR-375 SETD7 Weak MIRT020048
hsa-miR-375 EEA1 Weak MIRT020049
hsa-miR-375 CELF2 Weak MIRT020050
hsa-miR-375 PAFAH1B1 Weak MIRT020051
hsa-miR-375 EXT1 Weak MIRT020052
hsa-miR-375 UGCG Weak MIRT020053
hsa-miR-375 TPR Weak MIRT020054
hsa-miR-375 HN1 Weak MIRT020055
hsa-miR-375 TOR1AIP2 Weak MIRT020056
hsa-miR-375 OTX1 Weak MIRT020057
hsa-miR-375 IL1RAP Weak MIRT020058
hsa-miR-375 DPYSL3 Weak MIRT020059
hsa-miR-375 ACSL4 Weak MIRT020060
hsa-miR-375 CXADR Weak MIRT020061
hsa-miR-375 SEC23A Weak MIRT020062
hsa-miR-375 HSP90AA1 Weak MIRT020063
hsa-miR-375 WWC2 Weak MIRT020064
hsa-miR-375 NT5C2 Weak MIRT020065
hsa-miR-375 NCOA7 Weak MIRT020066
hsa-miR-375 C15orf41 Weak MIRT020067
hsa-miR-375 RPN1 Weak MIRT020068
hsa-miR-375 RB1CC1 Weak MIRT020069
hsa-miR-375 MYC Weak MIRT439093
hsa-miR-375 TRIM66 Weak MIRT450239
hsa-miR-375 CCDC115 Weak MIRT452999
hsa-miR-375 UBN2 Weak MIRT464582
hsa-miR-375 SLC7A1 Weak MIRT467646
hsa-miR-375 NUFIP2 Weak MIRT471877
hsa-miR-375 G2E3 Weak MIRT476638
hsa-miR-375 NUP54 Weak MIRT506335
hsa-miR-375 PHACTR2 Weak MIRT535329
hsa-miR-375 ADAT2 Weak MIRT539445
hsa-miR-375 HOXB3 Weak MIRT547898
hsa-miR-375 ELAVL2 Weak MIRT558167
hsa-miR-375 CBX3 Weak MIRT562577
hsa-miR-375 BBS10 Weak MIRT563274
hsa-miR-375 SDCCAG3 Weak MIRT565806
hsa-miR-375 KIAA1804 Weak MIRT566778
hsa-miR-375 DEK Weak MIRT567791
hsa-miR-375 TRPS1 Weak MIRT621706
hsa-miR-375 MAL2 Weak MIRT642046
hsa-miR-375 SPOP Weak MIRT644551
hsa-miR-375 ICOSLG Weak MIRT657248
hsa-miR-375 XIAP Weak MIRT665368
hsa-miR-375 TFRC Weak MIRT698534
hsa-miR-375 SEC24A Weak MIRT699787
hsa-miR-375 ZNF799 Weak MIRT709142
hsa-miR-375 FAM196B Weak MIRT709716
hsa-miR-375 NCAPG2 Weak MIRT712716
hsa-miR-375 FAM200B Weak MIRT721161
hsa-miR-375 TAF2 Weak MIRT722007
hsa-miR-375 BCAS2 Weak MIRT722397
hsa-miR-375 ZNF470 Weak MIRT723363
hsa-miR-375 AP3B1 Weak MIRT724593
hsa-miR-375 TNS1 Weak MIRT724967
hsa-miR-375 PLEC Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-375 SH3PXD2A Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-375 EIF3A Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-375 HSPA12A Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-375 ARL4C Prediction N/A
hsa-miR-375 GUF1 Prediction N/A

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Perform Over-representation analysis with GeneTrail2, a tool for statistical analysis of molecular signatures that was developed in the Chair for Bioinformatics at the University of Saarland.

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The length of the edges is an extra indicator for the type of evidence that supports the interaction. The center node (brown) depicts the query microRNA or gene, the nodes closest to the query node (green) depict interactions that are backed up by strong experimental evidence such as Reporter Gene Assay. Second (blue) are the intereactions that are backed up by weaker experimental evidence such as Microarray. The outer most nodes (yellow) depict intereactions are backed up only by prediction algorithms.