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Gene MicroRNA Evidence category miRTarBase ID
PTBP1 hsa-miR-1-3p Strong MIRT001345
PTBP1 hsa-miR-124-3p Strong MIRT002647
PTBP1 hsa-miR-340-5p Strong MIRT054397
PTBP1 hsa-miR-615-3p Weak MIRT039680
PTBP1 hsa-miR-92b-3p Weak MIRT040624
PTBP1 hsa-miR-378a-3p Weak MIRT043938
PTBP1 hsa-miR-15b-5p Weak MIRT046541
PTBP1 hsa-miR-92a-3p Weak MIRT049413
PTBP1 hsa-miR-30a-5p Weak MIRT049932
PTBP1 hsa-miR-17-3p Weak MIRT050776
PTBP1 hsa-miR-17-5p Weak MIRT050898
PTBP1 hsa-miR-374a-5p Weak MIRT083018
PTBP1 hsa-miR-559 Weak MIRT083020
PTBP1 hsa-miR-548b-5p Weak MIRT083021
PTBP1 hsa-miR-548a-5p Weak MIRT083022
PTBP1 hsa-miR-548c-5p Weak MIRT083023
PTBP1 hsa-miR-548d-5p Weak MIRT083025
PTBP1 hsa-miR-548j-5p Weak MIRT083028
PTBP1 hsa-miR-548h-5p Weak MIRT083031
PTBP1 hsa-miR-548i Weak MIRT083032
PTBP1 hsa-miR-548w Weak MIRT083033
PTBP1 hsa-miR-548y Weak MIRT083036
PTBP1 hsa-miR-548o-5p Weak MIRT083038
PTBP1 hsa-miR-548ab Weak MIRT083039
PTBP1 hsa-miR-548ad-5p Weak MIRT083040
PTBP1 hsa-miR-548ae-5p Weak MIRT083041
PTBP1 hsa-miR-548ak Weak MIRT083042
PTBP1 hsa-miR-548am-5p Weak MIRT083043
PTBP1 hsa-miR-548ap-5p Weak MIRT083046
PTBP1 hsa-miR-548aq-5p Weak MIRT083047
PTBP1 hsa-miR-548ar-5p Weak MIRT083048
PTBP1 hsa-miR-548as-5p Weak MIRT083049
PTBP1 hsa-miR-548au-5p Weak MIRT083050
PTBP1 hsa-miR-548ay-5p Weak MIRT083052
PTBP1 hsa-miR-548bb-5p Weak MIRT083055
PTBP1 hsa-miR-5582-5p Weak MIRT152408
PTBP1 hsa-miR-548n Weak MIRT295092
PTBP1 hsa-miR-548t-5p Weak MIRT295093
PTBP1 hsa-miR-4476 Weak MIRT295094
PTBP1 hsa-miR-548az-5p Weak MIRT295097
PTBP1 hsa-miR-6830-5p Weak MIRT295098
PTBP1 hsa-miR-6876-5p Weak MIRT295099
PTBP1 hsa-miR-194-5p Weak MIRT295101
PTBP1 hsa-miR-624-3p Weak MIRT295104
PTBP1 hsa-miR-802 Weak MIRT295105
PTBP1 hsa-miR-3163 Weak MIRT295108
PTBP1 hsa-miR-4457 Weak MIRT349266
PTBP1 hsa-miR-329-5p Weak MIRT406908
PTBP1 hsa-miR-506-3p Weak MIRT406909
PTBP1 hsa-miR-605-3p Weak MIRT406910
PTBP1 hsa-miR-657 Weak MIRT406911
PTBP1 hsa-miR-940 Weak MIRT406912
PTBP1 hsa-miR-3714 Weak MIRT406915
PTBP1 hsa-miR-4736 Weak MIRT406917
PTBP1 hsa-miR-6808-5p Weak MIRT406920
PTBP1 hsa-miR-6893-5p Weak MIRT406921
PTBP1 hsa-miR-7856-5p Weak MIRT406922
PTBP1 hsa-miR-4477b Weak MIRT566246
PTBP1 hsa-miR-647 Weak MIRT566247
PTBP1 hsa-miR-6762-3p Weak MIRT566248
PTBP1 hsa-miR-4440 Weak MIRT566249
PTBP1 hsa-miR-604 Weak MIRT566250
PTBP1 hsa-miR-671-5p Weak MIRT566251
PTBP1 hsa-miR-4480 Weak MIRT566252
PTBP1 hsa-miR-4722-5p Weak MIRT566253
PTBP1 hsa-miR-1286 Weak MIRT566254
PTBP1 hsa-miR-873-5p Weak MIRT566255
PTBP1 hsa-miR-4786-3p Weak MIRT566256
PTBP1 hsa-miR-1205 Weak MIRT566257
PTBP1 hsa-miR-3691-3p Weak MIRT566258
PTBP1 hsa-miR-3910 Weak MIRT566259
PTBP1 hsa-miR-659-5p Weak MIRT700551
PTBP1 hsa-miR-127-5p Weak MIRT700552
PTBP1 hsa-miR-670-5p Weak MIRT700553
PTBP1 hsa-miR-4467 Weak MIRT700554
PTBP1 hsa-miR-1273a Weak MIRT700555
PTBP1 hsa-miR-3934-3p Weak MIRT700556
PTBP1 hsa-miR-4707-3p Weak MIRT700557
PTBP1 hsa-miR-6087 Weak MIRT700558
PTBP1 hsa-miR-6806-3p Weak MIRT700559
PTBP1 hsa-miR-3928-5p Weak MIRT700560
PTBP1 hsa-miR-4518 Weak MIRT700561
PTBP1 hsa-miR-1266-5p Weak MIRT700562
PTBP1 hsa-miR-6734-3p Weak MIRT700563
PTBP1 hsa-miR-4319 Weak MIRT700564
PTBP1 hsa-miR-125b-5p Weak MIRT700565
PTBP1 hsa-miR-125a-5p Weak MIRT700566
PTBP1 hsa-miR-4732-3p Weak MIRT700567
PTBP1 hsa-miR-7108-3p Weak MIRT700568
PTBP1 hsa-miR-6756-3p Weak MIRT700569
PTBP1 hsa-miR-3127-3p Weak MIRT700570
PTBP1 hsa-miR-6798-5p Weak MIRT700571
PTBP1 hsa-miR-6854-5p Weak MIRT700572
PTBP1 hsa-miR-197-5p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-200b-3p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-338-3p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-345-3p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-518c-5p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-92b-5p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-597-3p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-615-5p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-762 Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-298 Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-874-5p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-939-5p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-1182 Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-1183 Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-1237-5p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-1203 Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-1292-3p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-1908-3p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-1914-5p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-2861 Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-3154 Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-3173-5p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-3183 Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-4298 Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-3663-5p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-4474-3p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-4527 Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-4632-3p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-4706 Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-4711-5p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-4738-3p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-4749-5p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-5189-5p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-5571-3p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-1199-3p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-6722-3p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-6734-5p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-6737-5p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-6747-3p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-6754-5p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-6777-5p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-6784-5p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-6791-5p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-6801-3p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-6805-5p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-6824-3p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-6840-5p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-6840-3p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-6851-5p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-6855-5p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-6867-5p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-6873-3p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-6886-5p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-6889-5p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-7106-3p Prediction N/A
PTBP1 hsa-miR-7113-3p Prediction N/A

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